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Dad Shows Me In The Cornfield!

By R E

submitted August 28, 1997

Categories: Family Fun

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One day when I was alone in my room stroking my cock and thinking about how hot my Junior College Coach looks in his sweats for gym class. Imagining him standing in front of me wearing nothing but his puffy, round, bulging jockstrap. Man he's hot! I had my eyes closed picturing him with his Marlboro Man face, a bushy mustache and sexy grin. I sensed something different and opened my eyes. There stood my DAD! His eyes twinkling as he looked me up and down pausing at my hard cock in my pumping fist. "Aw fuck!" I yelped. Forgetting he and I were alone in the house I was caught red-handed. His mustached lips slanted in a grin, he chuckled and said, "Hey, come on. We gotta go check those fences." As he turned he glanced down at my free-standing cock and turned his head and nodded in admiration. "Can take care of that later, Pup." As I scrambled up to cover myself, he reached down and groped the bulge of his faded jeans, and gave it a subtle shake. I could hear his deep laugh as he went down the stairs. "Damn." I thought as I quickly dressed.

Dad met me outside and suggested we walk, "not that far," he said. "But, ain't it hot!" I replied. Looking at me under the brim of his curled baseball hat, he said, "Yup, sure is." We started out in the thick growth of corn, sweating under the hot sun. A while later we came upon a clearing in the middle of the field. "How did this get here?" I asked. "UFO crop circle," he mumbled. As we looked around and examined it closely. Dad told me how he and his father found one years ago when he was my age. As I watched him tell the story, Dad stood in the middle of the clearing with his legs spread wide, and started to unbutton his jeans to reach inside to take a piss. I turned around and tried not to think about my Dad's cock being just a few feet away, fully exposed.

"You gotta go?" he growled. I shrugged my shoulders and proceeded to take a whiz. Looking down at myself, I could hear Dad walk up and stand next to me with his pecker out, pissing away. I tried to act nonchalant about it, but snuck a peek at it anyway. Both of us were silent as we stood there next to each other. "You been taking care of business with that ok?" he murmured. I shrugged and nodded. "Looks like it." he grinned. I looked up in his eyes and he winked. I slowly noticed that he had stopped peeing and was just standing there silently. Confused I cautiously looked down and was surprised to see Dad holding his shaft with two fingers. Slowly pulling on it. "Shit" I thought, what's going on? I gaped at it as it slowly started to swell up. I snapped my head up and looked in his face. "Fucking feels good don't it son?" he said. As he made eye contact I saw his sharp blue eyes look straight down at my growing hard on. Dad pursed his lips and nodded his head in appreciation.

"Looking good son!" Still shocked at what was happening, and thrilled at the same time. "Gonna see my 'ol man's pecker!" I thought to myself. He then casually pulled his beefy hand up to his mouth and coughed up a good wad of spit, never breaking eye contact. My eyes got wider as I followed his muscled forearm reach down to his thickening cock. Smearing the slick juice all over his cock, he grunted and bent his legs at the knees a little. My hand was pumping at a good steady pace as I watched my 42 year old father proceed to jack off right in front of me. Taking his cue, I turned to faced him and paused as he unbuckled his belt, and let his pants drop down to his ankles. "That was the first time my Dad showed me his pecker that day we discovered that crop circle too." he said. "Man oh man Dad! Is this cool?" I asked. "Why not? There's nothing wrong with a growing son getting a good look at his full grown Dad showing off a little, and pump a good load of cum. Gives me a chance to help out my boy, and see how my Dad felt the first time he showed me his big cock blow a load." "Grandpa?" I blurted. "Oh yeah, you should see it. Dad has a real monster of a cock." he said.

"Slow down a little son. Lets see whatcha got?" Turning red I let him get a look and pulled my hand away from my stiff dick. Dad further shocked me as he casually reached over and wrapped his slick hand around my dry, hot pecker. "Oh no!" I breathed. Pop chuckled out loud and quickly let go. "Ok, ok I know how it is." he murmured. Gripping my hard on I felt Dad's spit make my cock feel incredible! Within a few strokes I could feel it turn a little dry again. So I pulled my hand up to my mouth and watched Dad's reaction as I spit into my fist. "That's it son! Get it real slick. Spit'll make a man out of you." he panted. "Try this." he said, as I watched him slowly lick his whole palm... twice. As I mirrored his actions, he nodded encouragingly. "That's it! Fuckin tastes good too, don't it son?" Surprised, I nodded affirmatively. "Yeah, real fleshy," I said. "Wait till you see what else I gotta show ya," he hissed.

Gripping his thick 9" at the the base, Dad gently shook it back and forth and then up and down. Watching my reaction. "Yeah, you like yer Daddy's cock, huh?" Putting his hands to his side he jutted his hips out towards me and offered it to me. "How 'bout it son? Wanna get yer hands on your 'ol man's meat?" Thrilled at the honor Dad was offering me, I tentatively reached out and wrapped my hot fist around the bulbous head of my own Father's cock." "Ohhhh, yeah! That's it son, get a good grip on it," he moaned. Pulling away quickly, "Man oh man. Let's take it easy," Dad said. Reaching down to his pants balled up around his ankles. Dad pulled out a little tub of vaseline. "Wait till you get a load of this," he said with a smile. "When your Uncle and Grandpa first showed me this. I thought I died and gone to heaven," he narrated. Putting a hefty gob in his fist, Dad worked it around a little in his hand. Placed his sweaty hand on the back of my shoulder and leaned into me, putting his weathered face right next to mine. Both of us looking down at my throbbing cock, Dad proceeded to smear hot grease on my anxious dick.

"Take it easy son. I know. I know. Yeah, making my son feel good, huh? That get you off? Your 'ol man greasing yer dick for ya? Oh that's hot watching my fist pump yer dick. Frigging my own boy!" he breathed.

Oozing hot juice out of the head of my dick. Dad must have felt me getting close. So he pulled his greasy hand away, and held out the tub of lube for me. "What do ya say pup? Wanna help your 'ol man out, and grease up this monster? As Dad looked down at me. There's a light in his eyes I've never seen before, and my heart almost explodes with love. Dad nods. "Go ahead son. We both been wanting this for a long time, huh? Feels good to have a father give his son a chance to pump his meat for him. Yyyaaahhh, fuckin good. You like gitting yer hands on it? Huh? Big fuckin cock ain't it? Wait until you see yer grandpa's and yer uncle's. I can hardly wait til you and I get a chance to take turns suckin on my Dad. He's been thinking about it too. Yeah, that's hot! A father and his own son taking turns slurping on his 'ol man. Ohh fuck yeah! That git you hot son? Huh? Think you'd like to join me and get down on my own Father's meat? Huh? Think you'd like to see your Dad's mustache slurping up and down your big, thick, Grandfather's cock? You'll like it too. Dad took me out to the cornfield one day and started taking a piss. Next thing I know he's asking what I got? So he hauls his meat out and shows it to me. He held it up to a ear of corn and compared 'em together.

"Watch this, son." he breathed. He starts rolling his hips around just looking at me. Then his pecker started to fill up real nice like. Next thing I know my own Father is pumping his pecker right in front of me. Letting me watch. I just gawked at him. "Whatch ya think son? Big ain't it? Betcha can hardly wait to git yer hands on it, huh? I just slowly nodded at him, staring at his thick meat. Reaching in his back coverall pocket and pulling it off, just letting it drop to his ankles. He showed me he had a little tub of vaseline too. "Here, use this. Makes a man's cock feel real good." I frantically reached for a good dab of grease, eager to get my hands on my 'ol man's pecker. After working it in my fist, I looked up at him while he grinned down at me. As I slowly worked my greasy fist all around his hard cock. He closed his eyes and moaned real deep like. "Oooohhhhhhhyyyeaeeaaaahh! Man that feels so good son! Good boy! You like working on your own father's cock, huh? That's so hot! Watching you do it for me!" I loved how hard it felt, throbbing in my greasy fist. The bulbous head almost purple, leaking hot, milky cum as I slowly swirled my pumping hand all over the head and down his thick shaft to his hairy bush. "Yeah, feel Daddy's cock all over son. go ahead and play with my nuts too. They're real full and as hot as an old chevy sitting in the sun all day." he said, real taughtly. Concentrating on not blowing his load too soon. He hissed, "Oh man, let go for a second son, lets make it last a little." There he stood, looking up with his eyes closed tight, chest heaving and his muscled arms curled down next to his bare hips. Flexing tightly, the veins popping out on his arms and neck. Sweat, glistening in the hot sun. "Did I do good, Dad?" I panted. Can I feel it some more?" After a moment he relaxed a little and looked down at me beaming. "Oh yeah Pup, you can get yer hands on Daddy's pecker any time you want!" With that I reached back for my father's cock and with my other hand I curled my fingers around his hefty balls and gently pulled them straight down. Stroking his steel rod, I lovingly pumped up and down and swirled my greasy fist around my Dad's thick, juicy cock. "OH FUCK! Where didja learn to do that? OH THAT's HOT! YEAH SON! ATTA BOY, GET DOWN ON IT. With his eyes closed tight, he opened them up, and they were red and brimming he curled his arms up in a body builder pose, making his muscles pop up like a big softball on each arm. His armpits were dark, hairy and sweaty. "Ya wanna see it son? Your making yer Dad feel real, good! OH MAN! Here we go son." Anticipating my father's load, I got a real good grip on both his balls and full grown cock. Giving my Dad the best hand job I could. Feeling so proud that I can make him feel good. His deep red, bulbous cockhead just seemed to get real, real hard for a second and then he exploded. "OH yyyyyyaaaaahhhh! Lookit that son! Making yer Dad cum! Oh FUCK! Look at all that juice." Spurt after spurt of my father's hot, creamy load arched out several feet in front of him. Dripping all over my pumping hands, on my face and shirt. Thick, hot ropes of Daddy-cum were dripping down on my shoes and pants. "Yeah look at it all." His hips gently swiveling around, I looked up and he was looking down at my handiwork, a big grin on his weathered face. "That was the BEST son! Think you would like to help me out like that again sometime? I can show ya lots of fun stuff." He put his hammy paw on my shoulder's and looked in my eyes and then down to my hard crotch. "Looks like you need some help there son. Let your 'ol man at it, and I'll show ya something real good." He quickly pulled my pants open and down my ankles like his were.

"Beautiful Cock, son!" He got down on his knees in front of me. His cock still bobbing up and down, hard as a two-by-four. He leaned in on it, closed his eyes and gently slurped his lips on it. "MMMMmmmmmmmmm," he hummed. As Dad gently munched his lips down my hot cock. I immediately gushed my load down my father's throat. "MMMMMMMMMMMM!" he hummed, louder this time as he felt his boy's cock blow off in his mouth. Dad's throat muscles lovingly milked my cock as he sucked my cum down. As my senses slowly cleared, my eyes opened, stinging blindly. I found myself holding Dad's head tightly on my cock, pumping it back and forth. With his mouth still holding on real good, he looked up at me. My face beaming, I looked down at my old man. Both of us reveling in the after-glow of hot father-son sex. He stood up in front of me, both of our cocks sticking straight out, still throbbing and bobbing. He jutted his hips out and bent his knees so he could get his thick cock closer to mine. I took the cue, excited at the prospect at rubbing cocks with my own father! "Look at 'em right next to each other son? Come on! You wanna rub our cocks together? Huh?" Slapping our hard on's against each other, seemed to make our puffy, greasy dicks find new life and grew rock hard again. "Yeah, son. This will make your pecker grow up real big and strong like your Daddy's. When a father and son rub their cocks together it makes the son's meat grow up real big, thick and hairy. Just like his Daddy did before him. Attaboy rub 'em together real good. Yeah, that's it. Don't' that feel good? Oh man, rubbing cocks with my own boy!" I couldn't help it as I reached up and started to explore my Dad's hard, hairy chest. My hands reaching everywhere at once. Squeezing his pec's, and drifting down the line of hair to Dad's thick bush and now-throbbing cock. Reaching underneath and cupping his big Daddy-Nuts. Dad was looking down at me rocking his hips gently around. His arms still pumped up in the body builder pose. Dad breathed, "You like your Dad's cock son? Huh? Yeah, that's it! Explore your Dad's body. Man, you got a hot touch!" Then he pulled an arm down and reached for my dripping cock. "Come on son, lets help each other out. Jerking each other off is something I been wanting to do for a long time!" Both of us were sweating and breathing hard, our foreheads touched as we both stared at the sight of our four greasy hands tugging, pumping and jerking each other's cock. Feeling an itchy heat building up in my pecker, I looked up and closed my eyes tightly. Loving the incredible feelings coursing through my 17 year old dick as my own father gently pumped up and down on it. "Ooohhh man Dad! Yer making it feel sooo good. Yer gonna make me cum Pop!" Oh man! My own Father is frigging on my cock. His mustache tickling my left ear as he whispered to me, "Yeah, feels good, don't it son? Yeah you like your Daddy's greasy fist pumping on your meat, huh? Oh Yeeeaaaah, atta boy! Cum for Daddy son. Blow your hot load all over me pup. Coat your Dad's pecker with your hot cum son. Come on. Get your boy-cum all over it." he panted as he pulled back a little to look down at his handiwork on my beat-red 7". Placing his full grown man cock right in front of my dripping rod. Finally I exploded hot cum in my Father's juicy fist. Spurting it out in great gobs...one....two....three....four, all over Dad's hot cock. Coating his thick, dark, hairy pubs. All the while, Dad was watching my pecker he moved his hips around, trying to get as much cum as he could spread around his hot groin. "Oh, yeah lookit that! Look at my boy cum all over his Daddy's ccccaaaaahhhccckkk! Oh man, your cum is fucking hot! It's boiling!" As my dick subsided, Dad reached down with one fist to his thoroughly coated pecker and started to slowly pump it. His fist swirling around the head as he stroked up.The look on his face was pure ecstacy. The other arm curling up next to his face flexing. He looked down at me, with his eyes wide and face dripping with sweat. He hissed, "Oh God son! You wanna help yer 'ol man? Just reach down and grab my balls like you did before. Yyeaaahh, that's it! Ohhhh man, pull on 'em. Not too hard son. Oh yeah, gonna make your Daddy cum real good. Christ, never felt so fucking hot! No wonder Dad was always asking me if I wanted to see his pecker. Letting me jerk on it. Getting my brother and I to take turns greasing his pecker up for him. While he leaned back and talked real dirty to us. Telling what good boys we were. Then we would take turns holding Dad's thick cock straight up. Then one at a time Dad would get us to take turns sucking on it. This is what he felt! HOT! Oh, it's gonna blow son. You want it? Huh, You want it all over yourself too? Just like your 'ol Man? Fuck! Cumming on my boy! Blowing a hot load all over my own hot son!" As Dad coated my chest with his thick cum. I continued to gently roll his big nuts around in my hand. With the other I reached up and started squeezing his pec's again. Exploring all over my Dad's big, hairy, hard-muscled, chest. Thrilled at getting the opportunity to feel his hot, full-grown mans body just as he's cumming all over me. I never felt anything so exciting and hard. As we both waned, Dad gently pulled me to him. Both of us rocking and swaying, rubbing our hot cum all over each other. This hot, rugged Marlboro man. My own father letting me juice all over him, Let me tell you, rubbing cocks together with your own father is incredibly hot. Both of us traded our loads for the rest of the afternoon. He gently taught me how to take his thick cock in my eager mouth. Both of us staring into each other's eyes as I tried to take as much of it in as I could. Murmuring to me about what a, "Good boy," I was. How glad he was that we can sneak out to the fields, or the barn and take turns sucking each other's cock.

"Wouldja like that son? Huh? Help each other out? I'll let my boy put his hot lips and munch down on my Daddy-cock anytime. Yeah, you'd like that huh? Yeah, you like sucking your own Father's thick, juicy cock?! Huh?"

..till next time!