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Dad's Cock

By Ron

submitted December 24, 1999

Categories: Family Fun

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Jake Steele threw his books in his locker and grabbed his gym bag after deciding to skip his last class Friday afternoon. Since he was a senior and graduation was only a few days away, nobody would care much. There was a glory hole in the rest room of a park near his house and for some reason Friday afternoons were the busiest time there. Jake got into his car in the high school parking lot and, seeing no one was around, decided to change into his favorite gym shorts before going to the park. He liked the shorts because Coach David Farrell had fucked him in them.

Jake had been making subtle passes at Coach Farrell in the locker room after football practice for several weeks with no results. Jake worked out there daily and had a good body. He had dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Girls were crazy about him, but Jake lusted after Coach Farrell. His coach had beautiful blue eyes, a thick moustache, and a muscular hairy chest. Actually, Coach reminded him a lot of his Dad, except that the coach was circumcised, a real disappointment to Jake. His father still had HIS foreskin.

Jake craved to have sex with his Dad. He had for a long time, but believed that that was something that could never happen. That's why he lusted after Coach. Jake usually stayed late after practice because sometimes he got to see the coach walking naked down to the showers. After the other guys had left, Jake would take his jock strap off and then put his gym shorts back on, hoping that Coach Farrell would notice his cock as he tried to help him with whatever needed doing.

One afternoon, Jake had removed his shirt and was bending over to untie his shoelaces. He was facing his locker when he felt a hand on his butt. Startled, he turned around to see his coach wearing nothing but a grin. Coach Farrell's dick was already half hard. Jake got an immediate hard-on, which showed plainly through the gym shorts. The coach reached around and slipped his hand up Jake's shorts and pressed a big finger up against Jake's asshole. "Good, it's tight", the coach said when his finger didn't go in. Coach Farrell stuck his finger in his mouth and then pushed the wet finger up into Jake's ass. "Ahhh..,"Jake said at the incredible feeling. While the coach finger fucked him, Jake reached out and stroked Coach David Farrell's muscular chest. It was covered in fine, brown hair. He then reached down to the coach's dick, which was now fully stiff. His cock was about 6 inches long and it was fat. Jake thought it was one of the most beautiful things he'd ever seen in his life. He wrapped his hand around it and started to pump it. The coach then told him to bend over and touch his toes. Jake still hadn't removed his shoes or gym shorts and he started to protest that he needed to finish undressing. Coach Farrell said, "Don't. I've been wanting to fuck you in those shorts for a long time". Upside down, through his legs, Jake watched as his coach picked up a bottle of lube from the bench and squirted some onto his hard-on. He stroked his cock several times until it glistened from the lube. The coach then slid a slippery finger up Jake's ass. When it went in easily, he pulled it out and then inserted two fingers. He began sliding the fingers in and out of Jake's hole. Jake groaned, beginning to stroke his uncut dick, which was sticking out from under the leg of his shorts. After a few seconds, Jake felt the coach's prick pressing up against his willing asshole. More than anything, he wanted Coach Farrell to fuck him. At first, the coach's big cock wouldn't go in, but Jake pressed back into it, and while he winced at the pain, it slid in. The coach grabbed at Jake's hips and thrust rapidly into Jake's tight ass. He fucked him doggy style for several minutes and then pulled Jake up until he was standing. As the coach continued to fuck him, he reached around and grabbed and twisted one of Jake's nipples. That, combined with the feel of his coach's penis inside him, and coach's sweaty, hairy chest pressed against his back was too much for him. He groaned as he shot his load. Jake's cum hit one of the locker doors about three feet away. Coach Farrell stopped fucking him and pulled his prick out of Jake's butt. He laughed and pointed at the locker; "I guess that means you liked it", the coach said. He then walked over to the locker door and wiped some of Jake's wad off it with his finger. He stuck the cum-covered finger in Jake's mouth. Jake sucked his semen off the coach's finger and would have continued sucking but the coach then grabbed his arm and pulled him into his office. When they got there, the coach told him to lie on his back on the desk. Coach Farrell spread Jake's legs apart and pushed the leg of his gym shorts aside, exposing Jake's ass. "Oh yeah, fuck me", Jake cried as the coach pushed his cock back home. As he fucked him, the coach reached down and pulled Jake's half-hard dick out of his gym shorts and began to stroke it.

Jake's foreskin was covering about half of his glands, and pre-cum flowed out of the slit in the head. Jake's Dad had made sure that his son did not get circumcised like the majority of the babies born in the U.S., and Jake was glad that his Dad had had the last say over his mother's objections. Dad knew what having foreskin was like and wanted his son to have that advantage. Coach Farrell liked the way Jake's cock felt in his hand, as he jacked off his now favorite pupil. The coach's hand was slick with Jake's hot, clear pre-cum that oozed from under his foreskin. The coach then bent down and stuck his tongue under the folds of skin that covered Jake's leaking dick-head. He sucked the pre-cum, then took Jake's stiff prick into his mouth, swallowing all of Jake's seven inches in one gulp, burying his nose in Jake's pubic hair. He sucked for nearly a minute, feeling how Jake's cock pulsated in his throat. He pulled his mouth off the hard prick, and grabbed it with his hand again, masturbating the stiff penis toward orgasm. Jake began pulling on the coach's hairy nipples. Sweat was pouring down Coach Farrell's chest as he pumped away at Jake's butt. Jake began moaning even more when he felt he was about to come again. Then the coach threw his head back and moaned. He stopped thrusting and suddenly drove his cock all the way up into Jake's ass. He whimpered as he blasted his semen up Jake's hole. Jake then shot his wad again into the coach's fist. With a look of satisfaction and exhaustion, Coach Farrell slowly pulled his cock out of Jake's ass. He licked some of Jake's semen off his hand, smearing the rest on his dick. Then he led Jake to the showers. Jake's cock got hard thinking about Coach Farrell. They'd had a lot of fun together since then. He kicked his shoes off and then slid his jeans and briefs off. He pulled the gym shorts out of his gym bag and put them on. More than once, men had followed him into the rest rooms after seeing him walk from his car in the short gym shorts. He also usually wore a tight tee shirt on Fridays that showed off his muscular chest and arms. The shorts also let him easily get to his cock to jack off when the action got heavy. When he got to the park, Jake reached under the car seat for the bottle of lube he kept there. He put it in his gym bag. As he walked towards the rest rooms carrying his gym bag, he noticed the usual small number of people doing various (legal) park things. There was a couple walking briskly away down the sidewalk away from him. Some kids were at the opposite end of the park on swings. He walked into the bathroom. There were two stalls; Jake could see a pair of black leather boots below the door of one. He entered the other stall. He dropped his gym bag on the floor and then lifted the toilet seat and pissed. He flushed, then sat down on the toilet, bending over to cautiously look through the hole in the wall to his right. The first thing he saw was that the guy was jacking off. No need to be cautious anymore he thought. He got down on his knees to look through. He grinned as he realized how lucky he was today. This stud was one hot man! This was going to be fun even if he only got to watch him beat off. The man was leaning back, seated on the toilet with his head tilted back. His plaid, short-sleeved shirt was open, and hung down around the sides of the toilet. The hunk stud's chest was muscular, covered with silky, black hair. Jake's mouth watered at the thought of sucking on those nipples. His stomach was rippled and flat, and a thin line of black hair ran down it to his pubic bush. But the best part was this guy's cock. It was at least 7 inches long and was uncut. His foreskin was long and full, just like Jake liked it. Precum oozed freely out of the slit in the guy's cockhead, flowing over and greasing his stiff pole. Jake wanted to lick every inch of this dude's body. The stud was gently pulling on his balls with one hand while pulling on his prick with the other. Just as Jake was wondering if he'd get a chance to suck on that beautiful cock, the man quickly stood up and walked over to the hole. All Jake could see was that incredible penis, about two inches on the other side of the hole. The man's cock was hanging down a little, and the foreskin was covering about half the head. Jake reached into the hole and wrapped his hand around the dick. He heard a soft moan from the guy. The man stepped forward, pushing his cock through the hole to him. Jake leaned back on his heels to admire the man's beautiful prick. A drop of clear pre-cum began forming at the tip of the reddish-pink cock head. The long shaft of the cock was heavily veined. Jake leaned forward and licked the pre-cum off. He then grabbed the shaft of the prick and pushed his mouth against the head, forcing the foreskin back a little more. He licked and sucked the cock head for several minutes before finally pausing briefly. He leaned back again to admire the cock. "This is definitely the nicest cock I've ever seen", Jake thought. He pulled the foreskin back over the cock-head and slid his tongue in under it. As he ran his tongue around under the foreskin he heard the guy moan. Jake could taste more of the stud's pre-cum. Jake's hand and lips worked together to push the man's foreskin clear off of his cock-head. The guy's cock had a good buildup of smegma at the base of his frenulum, too. Jake was in heaven as he licked up all it. As he paused again to admire the dick, his ass started tingling at the thought of getting fucked by it. Next time, he thought; this time he wanted to taste as much of this stud as he could. More pre-cum oozed out and a thin line of it dangled from the end of the cock. Jake lapped it up and then began to lick the veined underside of the man's shaft. As his tongue licked and rubbed against it, the penis pulsed upwards twice and more pre-cum oozed out. Jake started thinking how if this guy was to fuck him, he wouldn't need the lube he'd brought in his gym bag. Jake reached in the hole and pulled the guy's balls through. Then he started cock sucking in earnest. With one hand he jacked his own cock, while he pulled on the other guy's balls with the other. After sucking for several minutes, he was able to get the man's stiff prick entirely into his mouth. When his lips pressed against the guy's pubes, he could smell his masculine scent. Jake was in heaven. This was, without doubt, the most exciting sex he'd ever had. Jake began sucking on the man's balls while slowly stroking his dick. Thinking how hard the guy had been pulling on his balls, Jake started pulling hard on them. He heard a "Yeah", from the other side of the wall, which spurred him on. He began to suck furiously on the man's cock. The guy began groaning and after a couple of minutes, shot a hot jet of cum down Jake's throat. The guy pulled his cock out of Jake's mouth and began jacking it off through the hole. A big wad of his semen hit Jake in the face on the side of his nose. Then Jake shot his own load against the wall of the stall. Another wad of cum hit Jake on his lips as the first load began to run down his face. The intensity of his own orgasm, combined with the taste of this man's semen, the sight of the man's uncut penis, and the feel of the sperm dripping down his face was so overpowering that Jake started to lose his balance. He had to grab the toilet to keep from falling over. He heard the other guy say softly that was the best blowjob he'd ever had. Jake froze. He'd heard that voice before. A lot. Usually saying to his mom something like "that was the best pot roast I ever had". He couldn't believe it could be his Dad, but cautiously, again he looked through the hole. The fellow was standing up, buttoning his shirt, and looking ahead as if distracted. Yes! It was definitely his own Dad. His handsome, mustached face was unmistakable. He had sucked off HIS OWN FATHER! Jake felt scared, but then remembered how incredible it had been. This made him feel worried, but then he mumbled to himself, "I didn't KNOW he was my father when I sucked him off". Jake tried not to think about it, but excitement began to build as he came to realize that he really had really enjoyed the incest, sucking his own Dad's great uncut cock and swallowing his cum, his own Dad's hot, creamy, musky semen. When he looked back through the hole, he realized that even though his father had pulled his Levi's 501's back up, his cock was still sticking out, half-hard. Looking at his Dad's huge penis, Jake thought how good it looked, even while feeling guilty for looking again. Also, his own dick was hard again. Jake had sat back down on the toilet when he heard softly from the other stall, "Next week, same time?". Jake said, "Definitely", by reflex before realizing that, as usual, his dick was doing the thinking for him. He heard the other stall door close. Deep in thought, he absent-mindedly sucked his Dad's cum dripping down his upper lip into his mouth. He leaned back and began jacking off. He tried to think about Coach Farrell, but all he could think about was his Dad's penis while tasting the warm sperm from his father's balls. Jake's Dad Nick left the rest room in a daze. After he'd shot his wad, he'd bent over to pick up his wallet, which had fallen on the floor. Under the wall of the stall he saw Jake's gym bag. It was obviously Jake's; Jake's name was written along the bottom in huge letters. Nick was shocked - he'd thought Jake was straight. Ever since Nick had divorced Jake's mom a few months earlier, Jake had been living alone with Nick. He hadn't seen any sign that Jake might like men. He'd even found a straight porno magazine in Jake's room, but he remembered thinking at the time how hunky the men in it were. Nick had been trying to decide whether to tell Jake he liked men, whether to let him know about having sex with his father and brother, but he kept putting it off. His ex-wife had left him and moved back to her old hometown when she found out he was cheating on her. If she'd known he was fooling around with other men, there was no way she would have let Jake stay with him to finish his senior year there. Especially if she had found out the men he was having sex with were his own father, Blake, and Nick's twin brother, Rick. Sex was something Blake, Nick, and Rick had shared since the boys were about seventeen years old. Their father was a cop, Sergeant Blake Steele, a veteran of eighteen years on the force, a rugged, masculine man. He looked HOT in his uniform. It fit him like a second skin, emphasizing the powerful body he maintained by working out at the Police Gymnasium. Nick remembered all the times he had had sex with HIS father. He hadn't had sex with his brother for nearly a year now, but he and his Dad got together whenever they could get away from their wives. Now his wife was not a problem anymore. As Nick walked back home he thought about the blow job Jake had given him. He didn't feel guilty about what had happened at the rest room; he didn't know it was his son Jake until it was over. Curiously, just this morning he'd been thinking how hot Jake had looked when he left for school. He had felt really guilty for fantasizing about fucking Jake. Now it looked like he'd get a chance to do it next week if he really wanted to. He'd asked about next week in the rest room before he found out it was Jake. But if Jake liked men, Nick thought, there wasn't much reason to feel guilty. At least not if Jake knew who he had been fooling around with. Thinking about it now, he realized he wanted to suck and fuck Jake more than just about anything else. He also wanted another one of Jake's blowjobs! Jake had obviously had a lot of practice. Nick wondered if he'd done all his practicing at that same glory hole. It certainly would have been convenient. Nick decided he would bring the matter up, somehow, when Jake got home. Nothing was going to happen the next week unless his son Jake knew the score and was still willing anyway. Unfortunately, Nick thought, there was probably not much chance of that. As he walked into the house he didn't have a clue as to what he would say. Jake walked in the house and saw his dad sitting on the couch in the living room. Dad had kicked off his boots and was relaxing. Dad had the top buttons of his fly opened as he usually did when relaxing. He looked at his Dad's face, so handsome and masculine, his features emphasized by his black mustache and his green eyes. His Dad's manly handsomeness was so striking that Jake started getting a hard-on again. Jake said hi, but he felt very uncomfortable. He wanted his again, but he didn't know how to let his Dad know what had happened. He thought his Dad would freak out if he found out what had occurred. He was pretty sure his Dad thought he was straight. But come to think of it, he'd been assuming his Dad was straight too. He didn't have a clue as to what to say to his father. Nick saw Jake walk into the living room and stop. Nick said, "I saw you in the park rest room, Jake,", thinking that then he'd ask what Jake had been doing there. Jake stood with his mouth open. His Dad knew! Startled, Jake said "uh.., Dad, I didn't know it was you until after it was over. I'm really sorry". Nick wanted to laugh; he'd been assuming Jake didn't know. Since he saw that Jake had a roaring hard-on in his gym shorts, Nick figured he wasn't too upset. He said "You really don't have to say you're sorry on my account if you aren't, son". Jake went to set down on the sofa next to his Dad. He looked down at his prick making a large bulge in his gym shorts. Then he laughed, relieved that this was going so much better than he had thought it would. "I guess it's pretty clear that he's not too sorry", he said, pointing to his hard-on. "Dad, when did you figure out it was me?", Jake asked. Then he noticed the growing bulge in his Dad's Levi's. His Dad was getting a hard-on too! Dad said, "After it was over, son. I saw your gym bag on the floor". Jake said tentatively, "Was that before or after the offer for more sex next week?" Nick told him it was after, but grinning at him, said, "but the offer's still good, Jake." Jake sighed, and with a gleam in his eyes said, "So, why wait for next week? I've wanted to have sex with you for a long time, Dad, a real long time." He reached over and put his hand on his Dad's warm crotch, feeling his father's stiffening prick. As he rubbed his Dad's growing cock through his jeans, his father pulled Jake's dick out from under his shorts and started slowly stroking it. "Wow! Nice cock, kid", his Dad said, feeling Jake's slick, wet foreskin. "I wonder who you inherited it from?" "Hmm", Jake said, fumbling to open his father's button-fly Levi’s, "I know I saw one like it recently". His fingers pulled the buttons open and began searching for Dad's hot, hard manmeat. The fly finally yielded and he pulled the stiff, uncut dick out of his Dad's jeans and bent over to begin sucking on it, stroking the foreskin back and forth over the sensitive cockhead. His father sighed approvingly. His Dad got up and stood in front of him. "Here, son, do it this way", he said, pulling Jake's head toward his stiff cock. Jake wrapped his mouth around his father's hard penis. "Sitting on the sofa's a lot more comfortable than squatting on a dirty bathroom floor." Jake took Dad's stiff, pulsating prick fully into his mouth, licking Nick's foreskin and cock-head, mumbling through his mouthful of dick that he'd be willing to work his father's cock over for him anywhere, anytime he wanted. His Dad thrust his meat in and out of Jake's hot, willing mouth. Jake reached up and began unbuttoning his Dad's shirt. When he got the buttons open and began rubbing his father's hairy chest, his Dad began moaning. "Ohh, Suck it. Suck my cock, son", he said. Jake sucked his father's cock deep into his throat, wanting to give him all the pleasure he could give. He sucked that stiff prick, wanting his Dad's semen to flood his throat. Feeling like he was about to cum, Nick quickly pulled his dick out of Jake's mouth. Jake lunged to get it back but his father held his head away from it. He said to Jake, "Is there anything else you want me to do?" Jake looked at Dad's beautiful stiff prick and said "Yeah, fuck me with that thing, Dad". "We'll get to that, ace", his Dad laughed, "because I want to fuck your ass more than you want me to. But first, I've just got to suck on that beautiful cock of yours, son. God, I need to have your stiff prick in my mouth, down my throat, Jake. Give it to me, son."

Nick dropped to his knees between Jake's legs and began to pull his son's gym shorts off. Jake's hard cock was leaking pre-cum, the clear warm fluid nearly flowing from his dick-slit. Nick put his tongue out to lick up his son's juice, savoring the slight salty flavor of Jake's fluids. He licked at the sensitive slit, making his son sigh. "Ahh.., Dad, I can't believe this is really happening. It's so good." Nick responded by sucking his son's stiff, pulsing cock deep into his throat, clear down to the pubic hair, his nose nestled at Jake's balls. "Oh, God, Dad, suck my cock, suck it, " Jake murmured and leaned back, closing his eyes, his dick deep in his Dad's throat. Nick thought about what he was doing, his son's penis filling his mouth. He wanted Jake's semen to flood his throat, to taste his son's sperm. He thought about all the times he and his Dad had done this same thing with each other, remembering how he had lusted to have sex with HIS father, as he and Jake were doing now. He wanted to remember this first time, how his son's cock felt in his mouth, how his foreskin slid back and forth on his stiff shaft, how Jake's pre-cum flowed and lubricated his cock-head, tasting the fluid that oozed from his son. He began to lick Jake's glans, his tongue flicking around the corona, then he sucked his son's foreskin back over the swollen head. His hand grasped the slick, stiff shaft, then lightly jacked on his son's cock. He squeezed Jake's pulsating penis lightly, reveling in the incestuous sex that they were sharing, sucking his SON's cock for the first time. Jake reveled in the fact that HIS FATHER was giving him a blow-job, and began to slowly fuck his cock in and out of his Dad's mouth, loving the feeling that his Dad was causing in his genitals. He sighed again and slowly pushed his fully hard dick down Dad's throat, and withdrew it till only the swollen glans remained in his mouth. Nick sucked on it and swirled his tongue around the helmet-like glans of his son's cock. His right hand cupped Jake's tight ball-sack, caressing his testicles, feeling the kinky pubic hair on them. Jake sighed again, "Oh, yeah, Dad. That feels so good." Jake opened his eyes and looked at his Dad's face, now pressed into his crotch again. He saw Dad's mustache frame his swollen cock as his head bobbed up and down, taking his dick into his gullet again and again. He looked at Dad's hairy chest and firm pecs, and was struck again by his Dad's beautiful masculinity, by his father's hunky, muscular, manly body. He suddenly needed to have his father's penis in his mouth again, an insatiable desire. He pulled his cock from Dad's mouth, slowly. Nick looked into Jake's face questioningly. "Stand up, Dad. I'm going to strip your clothes off of you. I've got to see you naked and hard right now," Jake said to Nick. Nick understood his son's desire, and stood up so Jake could remove his remaining clothes. Jake pushed Dad's unbuttoned shirt off his arms, letting it fall to the floor. He quickly bent down to lick the dripping pre-cum that was oozing from under Dad's foreskin, then pulled the Levi's 501's down over his Dad's hips. Nick stepped out of his jeans, standing fully naked and erect in front of his lusty son. Nick's cock pulsed up and down with passion, the pre-cum flowing heavily out of his penis. Jake stared with lust at his nude father's manly body and stiff, throbbing, uncut prick. "What a MAN my Dad is," he thought, then bent forward to suck in his father's oozing cock-head, dripping with pre-cum. Jake again drank all of it he could get, pushing his tongue under the foreskin that still partially covered his father's cock-head, then into the slit of the leaking glans. Nick sighed deeply again, "Oh, Jake, take it all, son. It's all yours, Jake, all yours, son, whenever you want it." Jake sucked on his , not wanting to ever give it up. Nick leaned down over his son on the couch, his hands lightly pushing Jake down onto the sofa. He moved over his son, again placing the head of his prick at Jake's lips, and turned so that he could take Jake's stiff cock into his mouth again. Father and son began a slow but passionate "69", taking each other's penises into their throats. They sucked each other for a long time, making up for lost opportunity, and, most importantly, they began to fall in love with one another. It wasn't just lust anymore. Nick sucked in his son's stiff phallus, licking it's swollen head and gathering all of Jake's flowing pre-cum from the slit of his cock. Jake licked Dad's penis and put his hand up to pull Dad's skin up so that he could push his tongue between the foreskin and the head of his Dad's prick. Nick pulled Jake's nuts firmly down, while he licked the swollen urethra on the bottom of his son's stiff dick. Cocksucking was all that either of them could think of or do. Nick stroked Jake's skin up and down, relishing the feeling of his son's cock in his hand. His son was adult now, or would be in just a month, when he turned eighteen. His boy-man might just decide to stay with him instead of leaving home. He sucked Jake's cock even deeper into his throat, feeling Jake's foreskin slide softly over his son's stiff prick, back and forth, covering and uncovering the swollen cock-head that would soon yield up his semen to his Dad for the first time. Nick decided that Jake's cum would be in his mouth and down his throat before anything else would happen, even before he would fuck his son's ass. Nick began to move his head up and down his son's stiff penis, covering and uncovering Jake's sensitive prick-head. He tongued Jake's frenulum, he licked the corona of the glans; he sucked out all of his son's pre-cum as it leaked from the slit of the cock. Jake was in ecstasy Dad's urgent cocksucking made him forget everything but the sex that he and his father were having. He renewed his efforts on his Dad's phallus, lovingly taking all of Dad's penis into his throat, pushing his nose into the pubic hair of his father's crotch, his left hand grasping Dad's nuts, his right hand roving over the hairy chest and muscular body of the man that he so admired. Jake felt his father's body stiffen as he prepared to climax. Dad was going to cum in his throat! Jake started thrusting his cock into his Dad so that he could orgasm at the same time that his father shot his semen into him. They both pushed their dicks into each other's throats at the same time and shot their semen again and again down the other's waiting gullets, sucking the life-plasma out, and devouring each other. Jake greedily drank his father's cum, while Nick swallowed all his son's semen, bolt after bolt of hot juice that Jake shot from his stiff dick into his father's mouth. Jake couldn't stop cumming, thinking about his own Dad sucking him off, his cum shooting out of his prick in rapid bursts. Nick was swallowing the huge load of semen that Jake's cock shot out. "MY GOD! I'M SUCKING MY SON OFF!", he thought. Jake's rich cum flooded his mouth, he tasted the hot, creamy, musky fluid drenching his tongue. He buried his nose in Jake's crotch, trying to get every drop of his boy's seed that burst from the stiff penis that pulsated in his throat. Jake's semen was the water of life to him at that moment, and he realized that he was in love with his son, a love far stronger and more lustful than any he had ever felt for Jake before. He wanted this moment to last forever. He sucked his son's penis even deeper into his throat, claiming Jake's genitals as his alone, claiming every last drop of his son's semen…..to be continued

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