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Dad, Show Me Your Dick!

By Rob Bie

submitted April 1, 1999

Categories: Family Fun

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When I was 5 my parents got divorced and I’ve lived in my mom’s house since then. Although Dad lives in the same city I only stay with him two weekends every month. I love these days! I have a very good relationship with him, because he’s very easy-going and friendly. Furthermore, my Dad is a very handsome man in his early forties, great body and a cock.... that I saw yesterday for the first time in my life.

It’s been one of my dreams coming true. It all started during puberty. I noticed that my body was developing and I wanted to compare the size of my dick with other boys. That’s why I loved Mondays, PE day, when everybody hit the showers. I was always very nervous and anxious to see cocks and more cocks. The fact was that my cock was small when I compared to others. I measured my dick every day but it didn’t grow as much as my friends. While I had a tiny 1 inch cock everybody reached three inches. Naturally, I was worried and suddenly I realized that I could ask my dad some questions about it. Two days later I was staying with my dad but I couldn’t find the proper words so I forgot the plan. What I really wanted was having a glance at his dick!. Almost every boy in school had seen his dad naked and when they asked me I always said that he had a five inch flaccid cock.

My dad always showered twice a day, following the same schedule. Every morning he woke up and picked some boxers and a T-shirt, entered the bathroom and locked the door. When he was out, he had his T-shirt and underwear on and I was never able to take a quick glimpse of his package. He repeated the same things when he came home from work, never letting me seeing his pecker so I abandoned all my plans and tried not to think in his dick. Although my dick was very small I didn’t worry about it until last week, when a boy laughed at my tiny frozen dick in the showers of my tennis club. I felt inadequate and my childish memories came again. I started having dreams of my father in the shower. I decided it was time to have a look at the cock that had made me, I wanted to know if he was uncut as me, if he was big... The only way to see him naked was going to his house a weekday, when he didn't expect me to come. I had never gone home without calling him before, so he couldn’t suspect I was coming.

I had made copies of the house without him knowing, cause he seemed reluctant to give me the door keys. I arrived at his place when I was sure he wouldn’t be home and waited silently. Half an hour later I heard him parking the car and opening the door of the house. I hid below his bed, waiting for his shower. I heard his footsteps coming to the room. He opened the lights and took off his shoes. Afterwards he opened the bathroom door and I was able to hear the water running. My heart was racing!!! He was now undressing. He took off his jeans, shirt and socks but he still had his T-shirt and underwear on. When I was sure he was showering I got up, sighed and opened the bathroom door silently. Luckily it wasn’t locked. The first thing that I saw were his clothes on the floor. I shouted "Hi Dad" and opened the bath curtain. There he was, naked and surprised to see me. He didn’t try to hide himself, I suppose because he was too shocked. Oh my god, his cock was small!! He had a two-inch flaccid uncut cock, just like me, but mine was thicker. I quickly told him that mum’s house had the pipes spoilt and I had to shower there. "Do you mind if we showered together?" I asked him and he nodded. I started undressing and I noticed that he was looking at me. When I had my underwear off he looked at it and noticed that we were both small, and he smiled. We showered together but we didn’t face each other until my cock reached his 4.5 maximum length and I needed to masturbate. Suddenly I turned around and watched his cock. He was hard and was stroking his 5-inch dick. In a flash I had his dick in my mouth and two minutes later his cum was in my mouth. He also blowjobed me and afterwards we commented the small size of our cocks.

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