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Doctor and Patient

By Oscar P

submitted October 13, 1997

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Ever since my yearly school physicals, I have been turned on by doctors and examinations.

I remember as a kid queuing up outside the nurses office with my fellow students, in our vest and briefs, waiting to be seen and finding something erotic about the fact we were wearing so little.

One boy always got my attention because his mum made him wear a string vest and briefs so you could make out his little body underneath. He also wore the shortest shorts around school. At that age I put my feelings down to being envious of his fashion, but I now know those feelings were desire as it has stuck in my memory from being a 10yr old boy, to now 29yrs old.

The anticipation of what went on behind those closed doors also got me excited and I frequently had to turn my mind to other things to stop from getting a hardon.

This turned to fascination with my body and soon I was playing "Doctors and Patients" with the other kids. I have noticed a lot of guys have done this in their youth but few go into detail as to what actually went on.

I had my first dry orgasm playing this game with friends. It started in the playground with running behind the games hut to play "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours"

It progressed to going round my friends house to play and one of us would feign an injury (nearly always in the groin) and the other would check it out. I remember the musky, sexy smell in the air as one of us would decide to be the doctor and get the other to undress to their vest and briefs, while the other stayed fully clothed and watch their friends vulnerability as they lay before them.

In the early memories of this no direct contact was made with cocks and balls. We would tell the other to lay still and lift his vest and tap his chest, feel under his armpits and then feel his legs.

The anticipation of these actions before getting to the crotch area always caused both of us to throw boners in our briefs( which at that age were generally standard white Y fronts).

The next step was usually to lower the waistband at the front so it just came to the base of the cock. The person playing the doctor would then place his flattened hand on the stomach and then abdomen of the other and gently prod, all the while watching the covered hard flesh which was rucked under the material for signs of movement. Most of the time it would cause the patients cock to jerk under the loosened material and tent his briefs.

We would then lift the leg bands as high up the body as the crotch would allow, gathering the patients balls up tight into a mould and prod again with a flattened hand around their crotch, sometimes brushing the sides of their balls. If the erect cock was in the way ( and I always made sure it was) it was then legitimate to hold it through the material and move it to one side. This always sent shivers of excitement through my body, both as the recipient and administrator. It would continue for as long as time would allow.

As these sessions progressed the briefs would be lowered below the bum and just clung to to root at the front. More moving of the cock took place, blowing on the exposed skin and stroking too.

One guy who was an expert doctor was a boy called "David" He was very athletic and very popular at school. He also had matured earlier than the rest of us. He had a shed at the bottom of his garden which was very private and allowed us a lot of time to explore.

He was also very sure of what he wanted and always took total control. He would be the one to remove my clothes and get me to lay on the work bench. Before I was even touched I had a boner throbbing in my briefs. As he felt my chest he would them remove my vest and slide his hands over my upper body and into the waistband of my briefs (just short of touching my cock). When he lowered my waistband he would always move it lower than other friends would so the very root of my cock was showing making my cock point downwards. He would then move the material between my legs down so that my leg holes were loose and the band of material in the middle would be just wide enough to cover my throbbing cock but expose my balls to him. He would then blow air through these gaps, causing my cock to jump in it's confines. By this time I would be moaning and feel desperate for a pee, but he would keep me still until the urge subsided then continue by moving my cock from side to side, up and down within the thin strip of cotton.

This would eventually make me grab his arm to stop and he would then grab my cock very firmly through the cotton and I would spasm, thrusting through his grip. This was bliss but one day got better.

I was with David in his shed and we had just got to the point where I wanted to pee. He stopped and told me to sit up (I knew this was a departure from the norm). He then told me to raise my butt off the table and started to pull my briefs off. I kind of protested (I was so stupid then) so he told me if he turned round I was to take my briefs off and then lay back down on the bench with my briefs covering my cock. I thought this was a good compromise and did as he requested.

He now started feeling my sides and after drawing my knees up, he felt the backs of my legs up to my butt, brushing my balls along the way. This was sensational and I felt myself wanting to pee but didn't want this to stop. He lowered my knees again and spread my legs wide off the bench. My briefs were just balanced over my throbbing cock and I was sure my tightened balls were exposed.

He placed his hands on the fronts of my legs and very firmly and slowly drew them up towards my crotch. He continued inward and just pushed the briefs out of the way with his motion and replaced them with his hands around my cock. I did not resist, but moaned and thrust into his hands whereapon I shuddered and a dribble of clear fluid escaped my cock slit which he massaged over the head of my cock. We repeated this many times.

WOW. It's amazing how clear some memories can be. I wrote this as I remembered it and apologise if it rambles. I would be interested to hear of others "Doctor, Patient"

stories at opd69@hotmail.co

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