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Dorm Shower Buddies

By Don

submitted February 28, 2002

Categories: College Days

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While attending the University of Minnesota, I chose to live in the dorm. Pioneer Hall was co-ed, but there were separate buildings for men and women. Each building was divided into small sections or “houses,” and each floor of about ten rooms had its own bathroom and single shower stall. This was unlike the all-man dorm next door with its large gang showers; I had lived in the all-man dorm my freshman year and a story about my experiences there appears as well.

I missed the morning showers with ten to fifteen other naked college guys that I enjoyed in the all-male dorm, but some of my floor-mates in Pioneer Hall made it well worth the view, too. The only problem was that you only got a quick peek as a buddy would drop his shorts before entering the shower stall. The entrance was covered with a heavy canvas curtain. I often wished there was a clear plastic curtain. And then you’d get a feast again as they exited and dried off.

Two exceptions were the twin brothers, Jack and Joe. Their room was directly across from the entrance to the bathroom and neither bothered to wear anything during their morning ritual. While one was taking a shower, the other was at a sink, naked, shaving and all. Joe was the dark haired, muscular one with a hairy butt you couldn’t take your eyes off of. When he’d bend over to spit out the toothpaste, his furry ass crack just begged to be stroked or otherwise invaded. He had an average cock dangling from a thick forest of black pubes.

But Jack was the one with the monster cock. They obviously weren’t identical twins. His body was fuller and less muscular. He had nice thick fur covering his pecs. As he’d stand at the sink, he’d reach down and lift his tool over the edge of the sink and let it hang into the bowl. The edge also provided a shelf for his big balls. You couldn’t help but look at his crank hanging at least 8” into the sink. And he didn’t mind the rest of us checking it out, either. But nothing else ever happened.

But Michael was a different story. He was a freshman who lived alone in a single room. A guy with an athletic body, nice full pecs with large silver-dollar nipples, a sexy deep belly button with a lush trail of fur leading down to a very thick bush that was home to a big, fat cock. It hung about 6” and was about the thickness of a nice juicy bratwurst. When he’d pull down his gym shorts, he’d spend a few extra seconds facing you to give you a good view before flashing a wide grin and heading into the stall.

One afternoon I decided to take a shower, but found it occupied and it looked like Michael’s shorts hanging on the hook. So I just waited. After a couple of minutes, the water shut off and the curtain pulled open. Michael stepped out with a raging hard on! That fucker was at least 8” and pointing up at a 45-degree angle. And what a smile! It was almost as if he’d known I was there. I nervously pulled down my shorts next to him and entered the shower, as my dick was starting to harden. As soon as I got the water on, I started to soap up my dick while thinking about what I’d just seen. When all of a sudden, the curtain pulls open and Michael steps in saying that he hadn’t rinsed all of the soap out of his hair.

His tool was still raging. I had to back up against the wall to get out of his way as he stepped under the water. He turned and rubbed his chubby against me. As he leaned backwards into the water, his hips thrust out against me. I decided not to protest, but instead to enjoy the contact. He stepped forward and put his hands on the wall on each side of my head and strummed his crank back and forth across mine. He asked me if I was hard because of him. All I could do was smile and rub back.

He drizzled some shampoo down into our crotches and asked if he could just hump me. I wrapped my arms around him and buried my head in his neck and sucked on his ear lobe. The pleasure of rubbing my cock in his soapy pubes and against his rock solid giant was intense. I came first, while he continued to build up momentum pressing me against the wall, all the while keeping his arms planted on the wall beside my head. His final thrusts shot his jism into the shampoo lather.

We rinsed off and dried off together. Michael asked me if I wanted to come back to his room. We spent the afternoon in his bed. I didn’t go hungry that evening after several helpings of chowing down on Michael’s bratwurst. Afternoons became our shower time.

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