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Dot.com Cum Slave

By no2hair

submitted April 10, 2002

Categories: Bondage

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I work for a dot.com company. Over the years, I've learned there are lots of hot boys amongst the cubicles that service the Internet. Some of those young men can't resist their private carnal urges.

I had eyed Steve since his first day on the job. 23 years old with a slim figure and short spiky blonde hair. He turned many heads as he walked through the office. Little did I know how submissive this pretty young man was. Nor, did I realize how much he needed to learn. Steve was to prove an apt pupil.

I left work early last Tuesday and invited Steve over to the house for beers and a movie. He followed in his car to my house. We selected a movie and cracked a few beers. As the movie played, the conversation soon turned to sex. Our talk revealed that the office hottie is a submissive bottom looking to learn about the rougher aspects of hot sex play.

As he told of his fantasies, I plotted the perfect seduction.

I explained to Steve that I've been a top for years and had amassed an impressive array of sexual toys & devices. My sinister plan was about to be set in motion.

We went to my room to examine my massive collection of leather gear and toys. I opened the chest and his eyes grew wide as saucers. Never had he seen so much gear in one place. He never imagined that I was to become his master.

Steve was clearly getting aroused.

I asked if he'd like to try on a leather chest harness. He simply nodded, "Yes."

We pulled off his shirt and the harness slipped over his slim shoulders. I snapped it around his smooth torso. Quickly I pinched his tiny nipples between my fingers. He needed them clamped. So, I reached for a pair of adjustable clips. I carefully screwed the jaws of each clamp onto his flat brown nipples and tugged at the chain between them. Steve hissed as his nips were gently tortured.

I could easily see the huge tent in his chinos. So, I squeezed it. He was getting very hard. I pushed Steve back onto the bed and peeled off his socks. His sexy feet curled with excitement. I couldn't resist the temptation and began to suck his toes. He only closed his pretty eyes and groaned. He was all mine.

I leaned over and wiggled my tongue in his tight little belly button. My hands reached to his waist and began to work the buttons open. He lifted his ass so I could peel the chinos & plaid boxers off his legs. This kid was damn sexy. Nice 7-inch boner and clipped body hair.

He was begging for domination. First came a latex cock ring. Together we worked it over his straining hard-on and snuggly into place. Next, I pulled a leather thong from the pile of toys. Steve gazed down as the leather cord was wound around his balls. I wound tighter & lower, stretching those balls into painful bondage. He was loving it.

I asked, "Does my boy need a spanking?"

"Yes, Sir," came the breathy reply.

"Turn over, son," I ordered.

Like a good boy, he complied immediately. His tight untanned ass begged to be abused. He pointed his ass up into the air. His cheeks parted, exposing the pinkness of his asshole. I couldn't resist. Licking my lips, I leaned down and started to kiss this sweet, sweet ass. My tongue swabbed up and down his crack. He tasted clean with just a touch of young butt funk. Yummy.

At last, I raised my open palm and began to swat those pale ass cheeks.

"Oh, please spank me, Daddy," was little Steve's reply. He was slowly sinking into a state of total depravity.

"Harder?" I asked.

"Harder, spank me harder," was the muffled moan. Steve had buried his face into the pillows. With each open-palmed strike, Steve's sweet ass grew more rosy. He was ready for more. I could tell by the way his back arched, as if begging for more abuse.

But, it was time for more bondage. I invitingly held a pair of shiny handcuffs in his view. He nodded assent. Steve was truly ready to submit. His wrists were quickly secured at the small of his back.

I reached for a suede cat-o-nine-tails. Its soft texture is perfect for first-time spankings. I brought the cat firmly down on his left butt mound, then his right. Finally, I slammed the tail right on to the pucker of his ass cunt; it puckered and winked. The sound of agonized groans filled the room. Faster & faster the cat descended onto my slave’s quivering butt. Every third stroke was applied squarely on his sphincter.

I took a quick break and ran my hands over his red boy butt. My fingers teased at the wrinkled opening of his asshole. I told Steve that our next lesson would include lots of anal action. We would douche his hot pussy with multiple enemas. His hole would be stretched around ever-bigger dildoes & butt plugs. His ass was going to get an unforgettable workout.

I glanced at the clock. The hour was late. It was time to make my new slave-boy cum and then send him home. I uncuffed Steve's right wrist and ordered him to roll onto his back. Without pause, the open cuff was cinched around his engorged cock & balls. I ordered Steve to start stroking his straining erection. I lay between his muscular legs and engulfed his balls in my warm mouth. My tongue slathered his shiny nuts; my lips wrapped around the leather binding his pained testes.

Steve closed his eyes. His fist began to travel up & down his blood-filled organ. Each stroke brought him closer to orgasm. I was hungry for his boy-cum. Mumbling around the balls stuffed in my mouth, I ordered Steve to aim his cock towards my face just before shooting. He nodded and began to jack-off even faster.

I could tell he getting close. I could see his flat belly rise with each fractured breath. At last, he pushed his cock down towards me. I didn't hesitate to work my mouth onto his swollen knob and swabbed my anxious tongue over the cockhead. Steve's legs squeezed my body as he spewed his load: each throb sent more boy-cum down my suctioning throat. His cum tasted sweet and fresh.

His cock twitched while I ran my tongue up down his sated cock. This kid was happy. My mouth nuzzled his steaming crotch and kissed away the last drops of his load.

Slowly we both emerged from our sexual stupor. One by one each bondage item was removed from Steve's sweaty body. He hissed as the long leather thong was unwound from his tightly restrained scrotum.

Reaching for Steve's hand, I helped pull him up into my arms. Our mouths met for thankful kisses. I knew he would be back for more action very soon. He was going to be a very good student; I could tell.

Naked he padded to the bathroom and began to pee. I stood at the door. Pointing to the golden stream, I said, "We're gonna play with that next time, too."

"You mean my piss?" Steve questioned.

"Yes," came my one word reply.

Steven's clothes were scattered amongst the leather toys. Together we found each item and he was slowly transformed back into the sweet blonde boy I knew at the office.

After he was completely dressed, I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Steve across my naked lap. I landed a dozen firm slaps to his clenched ass. He yelped, "Thank you, sir," after each stinging swat. It was a good-bye spanking from his new daddy.

Steve is a quite a trophy: beautiful, submissive & eager.

He's become my .