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Family Camping Trip

By family man paul

submitted October 5, 2001

Categories: Family Fun

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When I took my two teenage sons on our latest camping trip I never thought I would be writing about our sexploits.

We decided to go to a spot we hadn't been to for a while. My two boys, Marco and Mario, loved camping and having some fun with me. After we set up camp, the boys went canoeing and I had a quick nap. There were only about six other tents in our camping site, so things were fairly quiet. I decided to go for a shower while waiting for the boys.

Before taking my shower I went to the toilet and was surprised to find all this sex writing on the walls along with the biggest glory hole I have ever seen. Being a truck driver, I have traveled a lot and have experienced quite a few glory holes. There's nothing more I enjoy than a hot mouth or arse on the end of my cock through a glory hole. The rush of adrenalin is incredible. My cock was rock hard reading all the sex talk and my mind was racing with plans about getting my cock sucked every day we were here.

I heard someone come in so I sat down. Yes! I thought, this might be a chance. The door to the other cubicle closed and the other guy sat down. I moved my head away so they couldn't see my face and started stroking my hard 10-inch dick. Sure enough, two fingers appeared at the hole beckoning me to shove my cock through. I was up and through in two seconds. Fuck, that guy's hot mouth just slobbered straight down my cock. He wasted no time, licking and slurping my pole. His tongue was magic and he had so much heat in his mouth. He was making little whimpering noises as he swirled his tongue around my cock head and then slammed his mouth down my length. I had my hips pressed against the wall and started fucking his mouth. I knew I was close to cumming and I just wanted to experience the joy of blasting off in his mouth. His fingers were working my balls through the hole and I felt his mouth move off my cock and start licking my balls. This drives me crazy and my cum started to boil in my balls. I grunted and let him know I was close to cumming. He stopped altogether as though something was wrong. I waited for about thirty seconds and then told him to get back on my cock, that I wanted to blow my load down his throat. He still hesitated so I started to pull my cock back through the hole. That seemed to spark him and I felt his tongue back on my cock. I pushed my cock back through the hole and we were off! His tongue started weaving its magic and before long I felt the familiar cum rush. I shouted, "I'm going to blow my load, get ready, I'm going to give you a four day load. I'm cumming!" I get really vocal when I shoot. The noise turns me on even more. I clenched my arse and shot my load into his hot mouth. That guy just held on and swallowed everything I had to give him. His mouth worked overtime sucking up my juice and he didn't want to give me back my cock. Eventually I had to pull my cock back. I sat back and got my breath.

I signaled for him to put his cock through the hole as I figured the least I could do was return the favour. Once again he hesitated but then his cock appeared. It was a fucking beauty, as long and as thick as mine. I attacked it with vigour and had just started sinking my mouth down when he groaned and shot his load. I slurped it all up. He quickly pulled his cock back through the hole and sat down. I pulled my shorts up and walked out of the cubicle.

Because I was having a shower, I went around the corner to the shower area. As I got there I heard someone else go into the cubicle I had left. In the shower area I discovered there was a long seat against the wall you could stand on and look over to the toilet cubicles. I wanted to check my cocksucker out. I was real quiet and looked over the edge. My gut just turned completely inside out: there was my son, Marco, swinging on another cock. My son was my cocksucker! I found I couldn't turn away from what I was watching. No wonder he had hesitated when I had first told him I was cumming, he must have recognized my voice. That hadn't stopped him from finishing off the job, though.

Despite my shock I was incredibly turned on and my cock was rock hard again. I continued to watch as Marco worked his magic on this other cock. He kept deep-throating the big fucker and I could hear the other guy groaning. Marco was stroking his own cock, the cock I had just taken a load from. This spun me out even more. I heard the other guy groan loudly and Marco hungrily swallowed the load he had to offer. I watched as the cock disappeared through the hole and the guy left the cubicle.

My cock was still hard and I wanted more of my son. I walked back around to the cubicle and shoved my cock back through the hole. Marco didn't hesitate this time; he just went straight down my hard cock and sucked up a storm. I knew I would not last as long and before I knew it was shouting again that I was cumming. Marco just worked his mouth and throat and greedily took my cum. "Thanks son, that was fantastic,” I said. "Come and join me in the shower, okay?"

I walked around the corner and before long Marco joined me. "You're not angry with me, Dad?" "Fuck no, son. I've enjoyed gay sex since your uncle Franco showed me how good it could be when we were teenagers. It's part of growing up."

Marco smiled and started sliding his hands over my body. My cock was hard again. I had already blown two loads and was still rock hard and ready to blow again. Marco started kissing me hard, spilling my own cum into my mouth. I greedily took my load. I have always loved the taste of my own cum. I felt Marco's hard cock pushing into my legs. I grabbed it and started to stroke while we kissed. This was so fucking hot I was getting close to blowing. Marco sensed this and pulled away. He looked at me and said, "I want you to fuck me, okay?" I groaned loudly. Too fucking hot, I had to stop stroking my cock. I was leaking pre-cum everywhere. I swirled my hand around my cock head and licked my juice up. I spat in my hand and greased my cock up with spit and my own cum.

Marco positioned himself on the seat with one leg up and presenting his hot, tight jock butt. "Can you handle me, son?"

Marco hesitated and then said, "I'm sorry Dad, but I'm no virgin." "That's okay son, just along as you can handle my cock. I like to fuck hard and fast. So get ready, boy." Marco laughed and said, "That's just what I want."

I plunged my cock into his tight arse. It was so hot, I almost shot my load right then. Slow it down I told myself and think of something else. Too hard to do, my son's arse was tight and hot and sucking my cock in. His arse could teach a magician a few tricks. I reached around and flicked his hard nipples before reaching for his cock. "Dad, I'm gonna cum real quick, I need you to fuck me harder, harder, okay?" By now we were both groaning pretty hard. "I can't hold out much longer myself, Marco." I fucked him harder, really pounding his arse until I felt an incredible rush in my balls: time for blast off! I screamed out loud I was cumming. Marco decided to get vocal as well and we both blew together. His arse just sucked the cum right out of my cock. It was incredible. My hand was covered in his cum which I licked off, giving me another rush. Marco grabbed my hand and licked my fingers. This was too much. Eventually we pulled apart. His load had splattered his chest so I quickly licked the remnants up and shared them with him.

After a while, Marco said, "I think we better get showered and back to the tents. Mario will be wondering where we are."

"I intend to have you all weekend son, so we need to plan something now."

"It's cool dad, Mario can join in. We fuck and suck all the time."

I looked at my son in disbelief.

"Yeah, he introduced me to sex a couple of years ago and we've been waiting a long time to get you involved. Guess I was the lucky one!"

Our camping trips were never the same. Let me know if you would like to hear more of my adventures with my two sons.

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