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Farm Boy

By Eric Shun

submitted March 12, 1999

Categories: Sex On The Ranch, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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It was late on a Saturday evening/Sunday morning and I was sitting in a gay bar finishing my last bottle of beer. There were only 3 of us in the bar and we had been chatting, talking about this and that. The bartender had issued the last call for a drink when the door opened and in walked a knock-out good looking fellow. He had a big grin on his face and was dressed in a pair of dark levis and a dark tee shirt that clung closely to his well shaped body. He was about 6 feet 4 inches tall, about 230 pounds and had jet black hair that was cut very close, and a well trimmed dark beard. I made the assumption that he was straight and had just stumbled into the bar looking for one more drink. The bar does not have the appearance of some gay bars, with no obvious indications that it caters to the gay crowd. He did not appear to be drunk at all, in fact just the opposite.

He walked up to the bar and stood beside me and smiled. We introduced ourselves and he immediately ordered a bottle of beer. We exchanged the usual small talk: where are you from, what kind of work do you do, etc. He was 27 years old, from a farm in the mid-west, and was working locally as a welder at a job that might last several months. I knew he was a manual laborer because his hands were large, strong, and had a coarse feel to them. I said nothing about it however, and we continued to talk small talk.

The bartender at this point turned on the lights and announced that he was closing. The two of us stepped out of the bar and as we lit a cigarette, we continued our small talk. I could tell by his slightly uneasy speech that something here was not quite what I had initially assumed it was. He tended to repeat himself somewhat and looked around at the buildings never quite looking at me directly. I reached into my pocket and removed the keys to my car, and continued to talk. After a few seconds, I asked if he had his own vehicle or could I offer to drive him somewhere. "Sure" was his answer and we walked the few yards to my car.

As we drove, he gave me directions to his boarding house. He explained that he was sharing a room with another workman at the boarding house, and would probably wake him when he returned. As he spoke, he nervously cleared his throat. I sensed that he was making unspoken suggestions about what he would really like to do. I hesitated for a moment, thinking that what I was about to offer him could get me in trouble. But there was something about his nervous, awkward manner that convinced me that he was what he said he was: a in a big city for the first time.

I allowed my right hand to rest on the seat between us and lightly brush his thigh. He made no effort to move his leg and I applied a firmer pressure. He stared straight ahead and cleared his throat. I then put my hand on his leg and said that he could come to my place where we could get comfortable and enjoy each other's company. His answer was a nervous "OK". After a few seconds, he explained that he had never done anything like this before.

I stated that he need not be worried, that we didn't have to do anything that he didn't feel comfortable with. He then offered the information that he "really liked girls", but just wanted to try sex with another man to see what it was all about. At this point, satisfied that he would not be a threat to me, I reached over and felt of his crotch. He pressed his back into the car seat and exhaled. After only a short few seconds, he reached over and put his hand on my hard dick.

I unzipped my pants as I drove and he quickly began to feel of my penis. I asked him to open his fly which he did. His penis was a small one considering the size of his body, but I had years ago learned that there is absolutely no correspondence between the size of a man's body and the size of his equipment. I made a course correction in my driving and headed to my house. We got out of the car and he followed me inside.

I offered him something to drink which he refused, and so I suggested we walk to the bedroom. I began to remove my shirt, but he hesitated for a moment. I said, "Here let me help you." and pulled his tee shirt over his head. "Sit on the bed and I'll remove your shoes." He followed my instructions without saying a word. I unlaced his shoes, and removed them. Then I asked him to stand and I unbuckled his Levi’s and pulled them to his ankles. He stepped out of his pants wearing only his jockeys. I pulled them down to his feet and exposed his penis which stood straight out from his body. It was probably no more than 5 inches long, and not very big in circumference. A nice growth of hair across his pecs and a relatively small patch of hair above his dick was clearly seen in the dim light of the bedroom. "Lie down?" was my next statement, and he followed my suggestion.

I undressed and got in the bed next to him. My hand went to his penis and my lips went to his nipples. He loudly sucked in air between his teeth to express his feelings. His hand felt of my own 6 inches and began to slowly stroke my dick. I moved my lips to his neck and he made no move to indicate that he didn't like it. I was thinking that if he had never made it with another man, he would want to have his dick sucked, but would not want a mouth to mouth kiss. I was wrong. He turned his head to mine and I placed my lips on his.

Our mouths pressed together, I felt his tongue press my own and we kissed for what seemed like minutes. All the while, my hand either stroked his dick or cupped his balls. His hand continued to stroke my own pole and both of us began to become more and more aroused. Our lips separated, and I asked if he felt comfortable with what we were doing. He replied that he was enjoying the feelings. He put his hand to my shoulder and gently pushed me to the bed and moved closer to the foot of the bed. Without a word he placed his lips over my cock.

Judging by the action of his mouth on my dick, he had told the truth about being inexperienced at man to man sex. Although it felt good, his teeth were somewhat irritating to my root. I said nothing, but allowed him to continue sucking. I felt his tongue exploring the head of my dick. He moved his tongue around the corona of my dick and I could feel the pressure begin to build in my abdomen. I told him that I felt that I was going to cum. I did so, knowing that some bisexual men don't particularly like to take another man's load in their mouth, and I wanted to give him the option.

He opted to remove his mouth from my dick and stroked my dick with his hand. I couldn't hold my load any longer and I let him know that it was on it's way. He stared at my dick, stroking and watched in fascination as my semen spurted out in several strong rushes. My load fell across my lower abdomen in big sticky blobs. He smiled as he watched and then looked up at my face. Holding my hands behind my head, I watched as he put his fingers in my semen. He picked up a gob, making a long string of white goo between his fingers and my stomach. He smelled of the semen and began to rub his fingers together, feeling the slippery wetness. He then used his palm and wiped his hand through the rest of my load and put his hand to his face and inhaled deeply.

I sat up and told him to lie down and allow me to finish him. He did as I asked and I began to give him oral pleasure. He seemed to be enjoying the blow job, but after some minutes, I sensed that it wasn't going anywhere too fast. I stopped and told him to lie still for a minute. I reached for my supply of condoms in the night stand and opened a foil package. I slipped the condom over his penis. His dick filled the condom, but not very tightly. I don't particularly like being fucked, but after seeing the moderate size of his equipment, I knew I could take it without any real effort.

I sat across his legs and began to ease his dick into my ass. There was almost no discomfort as I very slowly eased my hole over his dick. The expression on his face let me know that I had done the right thing. His mouth open, he inhaled and then groaned. I lowered my body even further over his dick, and began to move my ass in short movements. After only a few seconds, he said that he was "Going to blow it."

I told him to just let go and shoot his load. His hands moved quickly to my thighs and he pulled me gently down on his dick and uttered three loud moaning sounds. He then suddenly relaxed and took a deep breath. I eased off his dick and removed the condom from his now somewhat limp root. "Well.....that was different!", he said and smiled. He stretched, put his hands behind his head and said "Thanks".

We talked for a few minutes and I asked him if he felt guilty about what we had just done. He said that he was comfortable with it and it was just an experiment. I asked if he thought he might do something like this again. He said he wouldn't have a problem with it. At this point, I advised him in a brotherly way, that if he did, to make certain that a condom was used. He asked me if I had "AIDS or something".

I replied that I had been tested negative, but that had nothing to do with the risk level. "Always use a condom", I repeated. "No matter what your partner tells you, it isn't worth the risk." He grinned and said "Thanks".

We dressed and returned to my car and I drove him to his boarding house. Although I would like to have seen him again, I sensed that if I had asked to meet again, his answer would be "No thanks".

No matter..... I suspect he may return to the bar again, and if he does, we will probably enjoy each other's company again at some time in the near future.

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