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Father & Son Go Cruising on Nude Beach

By Bod The Dad

submitted April 14, 1999

Categories: Sex On The Beach

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It was only yesterday that my 18 year old son Mark discovered his father sucking off a stranger in our hotel room. I had taken Mark to check out his university campus near San Diego's famous Black's Beach. While he was on campus, I decided to do some nude sun bathing (something Mark and I often did after his mother left me, given my nudist life style). Anyway, I meet this buff dude on the beach and invited him up to the room, believing I had several hours of safety to surf his body.

Mark had no idea that I loved sex with men and I thought Mark was straight. When Mark returned early to find my mouth full of cock, what could I say but "What the fuck, your dad is gay." Mark just smiled and got naked. My son with the great body and hard cock also enjoyed the same sexual things as good old dad. The three of us sucked and fucked for a while and then our stranger left. We spent the rest of the evening naked, fondling and talking about how exciting this venture had become. We decided to hit the beach together in the morning.

The following morning was a bright warm Saturday. I packed some beers in a napsack and we headed back to Black's Beach. Mark knew just where to go ... past the snack shop toward the gay end of the beach. We made our way down the cliff walk way. Once at the bottom, Mark immediately took off his shirt and pants. My son obviously liked to show off his cock also. I followed his lead and got naked.

As we walked along the shore, it was obvious that a lot of guys were interested in our bodies. They are firm and we both have identical large cocks and tight asses. It is also obvious we were father and son. One guy got immediately hard as he looked as us. In appreciation, we stopped and talked to his guy so he could really get an eye full. However, we were looking for some really hot action, so we continued to stroll along the beach.

We soon came across a group of four college aged guys who were also checking us out.

"Mark, I sure would like to suck those cocks," I said.

Mark responded "Dad, you are fucking amazing. Yesterday, you were just my straight father that liked to be nude. Now we are both lusting after the same cock. Let's fucking go for it."

Mark and I were both semi-hard as we approached. The biggest of the guys welcomed us by saying "Hi! I am Bill ... that’s John, Dave, Scott. You guys related and from around here?"

"Ya, this is my dad and we’re from Colorado. But I’m going to start school here next month. What about you?,' Mark responded.

'No shit, your dad ... he looks like your older brother. You don't see fathers and sons much especially up here in the gay beach area. You do know this is a gay part of the beach, so don't freak out," Scott stated.

"So you boys are into sucking cock and butt fucking," I said almost mockingly.

The boys obviously got a little defensive until I broken into a laugh and told them cock sucking is my favorite event and about our father/son fuck session the previous night. I could see that both David and Bill getting excited as they rolled over to hide their growing hard-ons. I told them not to worry, because a hard on is a great thing. With that, I offered them a beer and they all accepted.

Those beers were consumed rapidly and the sun was getting unbearable. So I suggested we make a liquor store run and go back to the hotel. The guys said “why not”. So we all packed up and the six of us walked naked along the shore getting a lot stares. Just being naked with those young studs got me going.

A half an hour later we enjoying more beers in the hotel room. I stepped into the bathroom for a piss and emerged naked and hard.

"Shit Mark, you old man sure knows what he wants," said Bill.

The other guys we all naked within seconds. I said, "One of the price for the beers is that I get to be the first to taste each of your cocks, and you're first Mark." I sat on the edge of bed and started sucking his cock. The other guys were going crazing watching a father do his son.

After getting Mark going, I stopped sucking and asked for the next cock. Bill stepped forward and I began on him. Now hard as a rock, I said, “You and Mark go have some fun”. I then sucked Dave and Scott ... then sent then away to get each other off.

I saved John for myself. He was hung and beautiful. I sucked his cock until he came. About that time, I looked over at my son who was now fucking Bill and just smiled with cum still dripping from my lips. We broke into a joyous laughter.

The six of continued this orgy until dawn the following morning. We then all went back to the beach for some more sun and surf.

As it turned out, all these guys were Juniors at the university and in the same department as Mark. I felt really fatherly knowing that Mark would have such friends as he entered his college life. Whenever I visit Mark, I know that I wouldn't go cock hungry.