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Father And Son At Hunting Camp

By q12@hotmail.com

submitted March 10, 1998

Categories: Family Fun

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My father and I had decided to go hunting last weekend but we never thought we would end up having the most bizarre time that it ended up being.

We got to our hunting camp on Friday night. It was just the two of us in a small camp in the woods and we had to build a fire in the fireplace to keep warm. Once the fire got going really well the camp heated up fast and soon we had to take off our winter coats and hats and we could just sit around in our shorts and t-shirts.

My Dad and I have been coming here for years and nothing ever happened out of the ordinary. We usually just went hunting and went home. Not this time.

We were sitting around talking, sharing a bottle of vodka, and starting to get a little drunk when all of a sudden the door got kicked open and two guys came bursting in with shotguns in their hands. They looked around and saw us and pointed their guns at us and said, "Don't move or your both dead". We were both too stunned to move anyway. But my Dad yelled out, "What the fuck is going on!". One of the guys came over to my Dad and pointed the gun in his face and said, "Anything we want, get it?" My Dad nodded.

One of the guys told the other to tie us up and he grabbed some rope and came over and tied our hands behind our backs and sat us on the couch next to each other.

"Now you guys shut up and be quiet and everything will be alright. We just need to spend a day or so here and then we'll leave you alone. And we're hungry so I hope there's some food and some booze here."

I looked at my Dad and he kind of whispered, "be quiet".

The guys started drinking the vodka and ate some of our food. They finished the vodka and asked if there was more to drink and my Dad said there was some more in the cabinet. They started drinking some more and they were starting to get pretty drunk.

They had taken off most of their clothes because the camp was so hot from the fireplace. They sat down in some chairs across from the couch where my Dad and I were sitting.

"So what have we got here? Dad and his boy out for some fun in the woods?", the older guy asked.

They looked to be about in their late 30's. My Dad was in his 40's and I was 25. My Dad said,

"My son and I don't want any trouble we were just gonna do some hunting this weekend. Leave us alone and we won't tell anybody anything."

"Well, that's damn nice of you buddy but I think we will do just about anything we want with you cuz we have the guns, remember? I think your boy is a pretty good lookin kid Dad", the older guy said as he looked at me with drunken eyes. I had no idea what he was thinkin but I was gonna find out real soon.

"Its sure damn hot in here. Kid why don't you let Jack here take your shorts off so you won't be so hot, huh?" He looked over at the other guy who was watching me with a smile on his face and I started to figure out what they were thinking. I said I was fine the way I was.

"No, I think you're hot boy and we're gonna help you out and take those hot shorts off ya". The guy named Jack got up and started walking towards me and my Dad stuck out his leg to trip him and the guy fell right on top of me instead. I could smell the liquor on his breath as he looked right at me. He got up and went over to my Dad and punched him right in the face. "Don't ever try anything like that again mister or your gonna really get hurt. What's your problem anyway, we're not gonna hurt your boy are we Dick?, he said to the other guy. "No, as a matter of fact the kid might actually enjoy himself if he behaves."

"You see we just busted out of jail and we haven't had sex with anyone but other guys for the last few years and we kind of got used to it, ya know? We didn't have any nice young boys like your son here but I bet he has got a nice lookin cock on him doesn't he Dad? I bet you've seen it too haven't you? Up here in the woods all alone with your son, you probably been gettin it on with him for years."

"We're not fags you assholes!", my Dad yelled out. "What do you think kid, you ever tasted a man's cock?" I was shaking with fear and I stuttered a little and said, "never".

"Well, then how do you know you won't like it?, Dick said, as he started rubbing his crotch in front of my face. "Let Jack here help you out of your pants and you just relax and see what happens." Jack came over and reached down to my belt and started to loosen it and then he unsnapped my pants and unzipped them. As he did this his hands kept rubbing my cock through my cut-offs. I had never even thought of having sex with another man and I was too scared to get excited at this point but it did feel strange having his hands on my body. He told me lift up so he could pull off my shorts and I sort of lifted myself up off the couch. He slid my shorts down my legs and off and then threw them at my fathers face. Luckily I was wearing briefs under my shorts so I wasn't naked. But my briefs didn't leave much to the imagination either.

"There, that's better isn't boy? You probably feel more comfortable already, don't ya? I think we would feel a bit more comfortable too if we didn't have so many clothes on." Jack and Dick started taking their shirts and pants off and all they had on was white boxers, prison issue I guess.

They both started rubbing their crotches while they stared at me and my father on the couch. My Dad was looking at me with worried eyes and I tried to tell him that I would be alright with my eyes. I figured if we were careful these guys might just leave us alone and then leave soon. I was wrong.

"What do you think kid? Have you ever thought about makin it with a guy? Have you ever fantasized makin it with your Dad here? Do you want to know what another guys cock feels like in your hands? Or in your mouth? Believe me it really feels good, better than I ever thought before I tried it. Jack and I have been sucking each others cocks for a couple years now. Right Jack"? "Yeah Dick, and I'm gettin kind of horny right now lookin at the kid in his little briefs and all". He was really starting to rub his crotch now and I could see the start of a hardon in his boxers. He walked over to Dick and got behind him as Dick was watchin me and rubbing himself. They both started walking towards me until they were about 3 feet away from me. "Stay away from him, please", my father said. "Shut up Dad and watch." Dick's crotch was right at eye level with me and I couldn't help looking at his hands rubbing his crotch through the thin cloth of the boxers. His boxers started to tent out because his cock was getting hard from his rubbing.

I was sitting with my legs together and my hands were tied behind my back. They kept looking at my body with lust filled eyes and I didn't know what to think or do. It was really weird with two men staring at me and rubbing their crotches thinking who knows what about me. Then Jack reached around Dick with his two hands and started rubbing Dicks crotch for him. Dick reached behind him and I could see his hands reach for Jacks crotch. They both started to moan softly. Jacks hands then went into the waist band of Dicks boxers and reached down until I could see he had his hands wrapped around Dicks cock and then started stroking it. Dick moaned again, "Oh Jack that feels good! Keep strokin my cock. Doesn't it look good kid? Wouldn't you like to feel some hot hands on your cock? Do you have a big cock kid? Does it get hard all the time thinking about having sex and cumming all over the place? Do you like to jack it off a lot? You'd probably get hard as a rock if you saw my hard cock wouldn't you kid? Are ya feelin kind horny seeing Jack jerk me off? Boy it feels damn good kid."

I had never heard such talk before, not from men anyway. And not to me, that's for sure. This was all too new to me and my mind didn't know what to do. But I couldn't help but stare at their hands stroking each other and all of a sudden I felt the first stirrings of life in my dick which until now had been shriveled up out of fear. But Dick's talk had started to get to me and I started envisioning his naked cock being stroked by Jack behind him and the blood started flowing into my dick and there was nothing I could do to stop it at this point. And there was nothing I could do to cover it up either because my hands were behind my back.

Then I saw Jack pull one of his hands out of the underpants of Dick slowly and when he pulled it out there was sticky pre-cum all over it. Dick's cock was obviously drooling precum and Jack started to smear it all over Dicks nipples while he started pinching them with his precum covered fingers and Dick really started to moan now. Then Jack reached down to the pant leg of Dick's boxers and slowly started raising it up while watching me stare at his hand. Slowly he kept inching the pants leg up until I could start to see the pubic hairs around Dick's crotch and then one of his hairy testicles came into view. His other hand inside the shorts reached down and grabbed the testicle and stretched it out down his leg until it was fully exposed to my view. Both of Jacks hands were rubbing the ball of Dick and Dick was moaning the whole time. Jack reached into the shorts again and I could see him grab Dicks hard cock and start to stroke it again then he pulled up the pants leg of the shorts really tight and pulled them over to the side to reveal Dick's hard throbbing cock while he was stroking it up and down. Precum was drooling out of the tip onto Jacks hands and he was rubbing the greasy stuff all over Dick's very hard and hot cock. Dick's hips were starting to move to the rhythm of Jacks stroking hands and it was a very hot sex scene going on right in front of my face. "Hey kid, this is starting to turn you on, huh?" He looked down at my crotch and I looked down at the same time to see my cock growing inside my briefs and moving up toward my belly button. If it kept growing to its full length I knew it would go right over the top of my briefs and be exposed for everyone to see. I was shocked. My cock was betraying me. It was getting excited looking at these guys engaged in gay sex. I had never seen another guys hard cock until now and with it being stroked by another guy and dripping precum all over his hands I was getting turned on!

"Look Jack the kid is getting a hardon watching us play with our hard cocks. Lets get naked in front of him and really give him a show". I looked over at my Dad and he was looking at my crotch too to see the effect it had on me. I couldn't look him in the eye right now. He looked like he was unfazed by the whole man to man sex show going on in front of us. Was I queer and didn't know it. Did I really want to have sex with these lowlife guys? I was all mixed up, but my dick just kept getting harder.

Jack then pulled his hands out of the shorts of Dick and put them in the waist band and started to slowly inch them down Dicks waist.. He had to push out the front of the shorts to get them past Dicks rock hard cock and when he did he then just pushed them down all the way to the floor and Dick's hard cock was sticking straight out toward my face with precum dripping down to the floor. His hard cock was about 8 inches long and 3 inches thick. He was cut and his head was shiny and purple and veins were bulging out on the sides of his greasy cock. It was kind of throbbing up and down as he stood there. Then Jack reached around him again and started really jacking his cock towards me. They took another step towards me and Dick kicked my feet apart so he could get between my legs. My legs involuntarily spread open and my thighs started to relax as they opened up. My cock was full hard now and the head was slipping past the waistband of my briefs and heading towards my navel. I looked down and saw a small bead of precum forming at the hole in the tip of my cock and I knew then that my dick wouldn't be satisfied until it came.

"Man, you have got a nice cock there kid. It must be 9 inches long. Is it getting hot? Are you getting horny watching us play with our horny cocks in front of you? I know what its like kid. I was the same way my first time in the joint when I saw some guys fucking each other. I never thought I could get into man to man sex but my cock got hard just like yours and I had to make it cum or it would have exploded. Get into it kid. Look at this hard cock of mine. Its just droolin precum because its excited while watching your big cock get bigger and bigger."

My father looked over again and I saw him look at my hard cock growing under my briefs and revealing itself for the three of them to see. I couldn't hide it. But I didn't want to anymore it seemed. I was starting to feel proud and horny. My cock was turning these guys on and it was feeling good somehow to me in a taboo sort of way. I think my father was a little surprised at the size of my hard dick the way he was staring at it.

"What do ya think Dad? Nice cock there on your son, huh? Does it turn you on too? What's the matter are you too proud to show your lust and horniness? I bet your getting turned on too, aren't ya? Look at that cock of your son's. Its getting bigger and bigger and now its starting to leak precum all over his belly. That cock is going to have to get stroked or its gonna blow all by itself. Why don't you give your son a hand Dad? He really needs to cum". "Fuck you, my Dad said. "I'm no pervert".

"I think you're gonna jack your son off or your gonna get hurt by Jack here, you understand"? Jack, go untie Dads hands and tie them up in front of him so he can get a hold of that hot cock of his sons and make him cum.

Jack went toward my father and my father spit at him and Jack slapped him across the face really hard. My father moaned. Jack untied his hands and then tied them around the wrists in front of my Dad. Then he pushed him over towards me on the couch until he was right next to me. I was embarrassed as hell with my Dad right next to me while my hard cock was leaking all over my belly as the result of watching these guys jerk each other off in front of me.

"Now pull your son's shorts down, Dick yelled at my Dad. I said, "please don't make him do this". "Shut up kid, you know you have got to have that cock stroked or you're gonna go crazy. I'm sure your Dad knows how to stroke a cock. He probably strokes his own all the time, don't you Dad"?

"Come on, get those shorts off him, I want to see this kids big balls". My Dad reached down towards my briefs and looked at me and said, "I'm sorry son". I said, "its OK Dad". He started to pull down my briefs from the top over my hard cock and his hands grazed over the tip and some of my precum stuck to his hands as he started to lower them over the rest of my cock. I automatically lifted my ass of the couch almost like I wanted the briefs off and he slipped them past my hips and on down towards my knees. I lifted each leg and he slipped them completely off. He leaned back and looked at me with apologetic eyes. I looked down and saw my hard cock displayed for everyone to see and my thighs just started to spread open. My cock was dripping a steady flow of precum now and I was really feeling horny. I had to have my cock stroked or I was going to go crazy just like Dick said.

"Now grab that big hard cock with both hands and start strokin Dad. We want to see you make your boy cum all over his chest. How far can you shoot boy? You think you can hit your face with your cum"? I was thinking that at this point I'm so horny it will probably shoot past my face and hit the wall behind me! Someone just please jerk me off! Jack had moved next to Dick again and they both reached out to the others cock and started jackin each other off. I couldn't stop watching them." Jerk him off Dad", Dick yelled. Dad started reaching for my hard cock with his bound hands and, when he touched it, it jerked in his hands and let out a big glob of precum which dripped onto his fingers. He started slowly stroking my cock up and down with both hands. His hands felt fantastic on my hard cock. My hips started pushing up toward his hands every time they would stroke down my cock. I let out a moan and my Dad looked at me kind of strangely. I kept watching Dick and Jack stroking themselves and then I watched my Dads hands start to stroke a little faster. I looked at my Dad but he was now watching the other guys too! I could feel his hands grip a little tighter now and his stroking was getting faster and faster. Then my Dad squeezed my hard cock and a bunch of precum came out the head and he smeared it all over my cock which was now slippery and greasy while he jacked me off. He was watching the other guys now as intently as I was and my cock was really starting to get hot.

"Hey Dad, you look like you are really getting into stroking your son's hot cock, huh. Is this turnin you on finally? How does that cock feel in your hands all greasy with his precum? Are you getting horny Dad? What's that wet spot in your pants I see"? I looked down at my fathers crotch and could see a big wet spot forming in his shorts where the head of his dick was leaking precum. My Dad was getting turned on, too!

"Why don't you take out your dick too Dad?, Jack said to him. "It looks really hard and uncomfortable in there. Why don't you take it out so we can all see your big hard cock. Its drooling precum so its gonna want to cum too". My Dad looked down at his crotch and saw his hardon showing. But he wouldn't stop stroking my hard cock. Jack reached down to my fathers lap and undid his belt and unzipped his shorts. My father lifted his ass off the couch himself and Jack pulled his shorts and underwear down off his legs at the same time. My fathers cock was now in full view of everyone and it was at least 10 inches long and fatter than mine.

"Wow, Dad's got you beat boy. Look at that cock of his". My Dad's cock was dripping precum like a faucet. He must be really getting turned on by all this action too.

He again started stroking my cock and then Jack reached down and started jacking my fathers cock for him. My father let out a low moan and spread his thighs wide open. Jack's hands were covered with my fathers precum in no time. He smeared it all over my fathers cock and really started stroking.

"OK, now lets all cum together now that we have everything out in the open boys. Start stroking those cocks hard"! Dick was stroking Jacks cock, Jack was stroking Dicks and my fathers cock at the same time and my father was stroking my cock with both of his greased up hands. We were all moaning now and I was pumping my hips up into Dads hands like crazy. I couldn't hold out any longer and I yelled, "I'm cumming". Dad squeezed my cock hard and stroked it fast. My first spurts flew out of my cock head and hit the wall behind the couch and the rest landed all over my face, chest and Dads hands. When Dad saw and felt my cock spurting his cock started spurting huge globs of cum all over himself and Jack's jerking hands. Dad yelled out as he came. Dick's cock was next to cum and he spurted all over Jack's belly as Jacks cock erupted at the same time and landed all over Dicks chest and arms. There was man cum everywhere.

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