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Father and Son's Nude Vacation

By Father's Son

submitted October 14, 1999

Categories: Family Fun

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True Story

I had been away at college for what seems like forever so I decided to take a semester off and go home to my parents. My dad wanted to spend some time with me so we went up in the mountains and camped there for two weeks.

My dad is still rather young, after having me when he was 15. He has a great golden tanned body as he works outside a lot with no shirt on. I enjoyed sleeping in the tent with him because it got hot at night and we would sleep together naked. I had to sleep on my stomach because whenever I would think about him I got a hard on.

One morning we were up fixing breakfast, I was still naked and didn't notice the snake that had crawled in our camp grounds. My dad got a little too close to the snake and he bent down to pick something up and the snake bit him right in the ass.

For my dad it hurt but for me it was hilarious. The snake quickly slithered away and we didn't know if it was poisonous or not. But my dad knew what to do. He quickly pulled down his pants and told me I had to suck on the bite in case there was any poison. I loved the chance to suck on my dad's ass!

I did as he told me and sucked on the bite. While I was doing that I placed both hands on his cheeks and lightly caressing them.

After that was done, my dad went in the tent to lay down. He took off all his clothes and laid on his stomach. He told me to take another look and see how it looked.

Again, I placed both hands on his ass. I told him it looked fine and that it was just a small bite but I didn't take my hands off. I began caressing his ass cheeks and sliding my fingers in between his cheeks. My cock got really hard and was dripping with pre-cum.

I told my dad it shouldn't hurt if he rolled on his back and he did. He saw me with my wet hard on and he told me that it felt good when I touched him.

I grabbed my cock and began to jack off in front of my father. He didn't look at all surprised. He sat up and put his hand behind my neck. He told me I have beautiful eyes and he wanted to taste my lips.

He pulled me closer and kissed me. His tongue slid in and out of my mouth. We stopped kissing and went outside to talk for a while. After about 45 min. my dad said that I never finished jacking off in the tent. I asked him if he would like to watch me and he said yes. My cock was soft again but it quickly got hard. It didn't take me long to cum when I saw my dad stroking his hard cock. I shot long and hard and made a loud shout of enjoyment.

That night we sat under the stars. We were very close and he had his arm around me. Our nude bodies were pressed together but sex wasn't on our minds...yet. We were talking about school and work and stuff like that.

He told me I had a nice chest and began to feel my nipples. For the next half hour my dad explored my body. He told me how proud he was to have brought up such a good looking son. We kissed again. We made out for about 5 min this time before my dad took my hand and led me to the tent.

I laid down and he crawled on top of me. He licked all over my chest. He bit my nipples and slid his tongue in my naval. He moved down and put my cock in his mouth. Just the thought of my dad giving me a blow job was enough to make me cum within a matter of seconds. He drank every sip of it.

He then lifted my legs up in the air. I knew what was coming. He pressed his cock on my hole and made circular motions with it, spreading his pre-cum over it. He then slid it slowly inside.

It didn't hurt. I guess all the years of jacking off as a teen with my fingers up my butt had me prepared for this. I watched my dad pumping inside me. His eyes were on me as he moaned. He closed his eyes tightly when he was about to cum and began jamming his cock in me harder. I felt his cum squirting inside my ass.

My dad calmed down and laid on top of me. We kissed until we fell asleep. The next day we did some more kissing, more hugging, cuddling, and this time I got to go up his ass.

For the rest of the vacation we were inseparable. We were either holding hands or holding cocks. It was very romantic and we fell in love.