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Father Catches Son

By Thinwhiteduke

submitted May 9, 2002

Categories: Family Fun

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When I was 19 and still living at home, there was a newlywed couple that had just moved in next door. Mark and Cindy were their names and both of them were very, very hot. Mark was 22, well built from playing soccer and working out everyday; Cindy was 21, thin with shoulder-length blonde hair. They quickly became good friends with my parents and looked to them for guidance and help. So it was only natural that when they went away for vacation, they looked to me to look after their dog while they were away.

They gave me the keys to their house and expected me to feed and walk him everyday. The first day they left I went over to their house immediately. I took care of the dog first and then began my snooping. I just knew that being a new couple they were extremely sexual, in fact I heard them doing it a couple of times they were so loud. I searched through their closets, under their bed for something, anything. Finally I found a videocassette in a drawer next to the bed buried beneath straight porno magazines and what appeared to be Mark's "special" underwear, a leopard-spotted thong. The tape was unmarked so I quickly put it in the VCR to find out what was on it.

At first there was just a black screen, then a picture came up: it was Cindy, sitting on the bed taking off her clothes. Mark was operating the camera, telling her what to do. It got to the point where she began masturbating, and I got bored. I fast forwarded until I saw they had switched and Mark was in front of the camera instead.

Cindy told him to take off his clothes and he did, but slowly. He unzipped his pants, pushed them to his ankles and rubbed his hardened cock under the leopard print underwear. I put it on pause and went and put the leopard underwear on. I then started the video again. As I watched Mark caress his body, I did the same to mine. I followed his movements: rubbed my chest, played with my balls, and then finally unleashed my dick from its container like Mark did.

His cock was at least 8 inches with a huge throbbing mushroom head. He started stroking his dick, all the while staring into the camera. It was like he was staring at me and I jacked off with him at the same speed. As he got faster he started moaning; so did I. He got faster and said, "You ready to see me shoot, baby? Ready for me to shoot my load?"

"Oh God! Yes, Mark!" I replied, "Let me see you spurt your juice!"

And just then he came with a loud, thunderous groan. I came at the same time. I rewound the tape back to the head and put everything back in its rightful place. When I got home, my dad yelled for me to come upstairs. I went to his room and saw him standing at the window. He was looking out of it and I realized that he could've seen me through the window in the neighbor's house.

"I saw you, son."

"What are you talking about?" I tried to play it off.

"Don't play dumb with me! I just saw you jerk off to our neighbor's sex tape!"

I said nothing.

"Not only that, but you don't even cum watching Cindy, but Mark! So, not only are you a sick fuck, but a gay sick fuck!"

"But Dad…"

"Shut the FUCK UP! If you want a cock, then I'll give you a cock!"

With that he spun around, came towards me and pinned me against the wall. I struggled and tried to break free, but his muscles prevented me from doing so. He reached around to the front of my jeans, ripped them open and shoved my pants down, revealing my butt to him.

He then pressed himself against me. I could feel his bulge from beneath his jeans rub my backside. He ran his tongue by me ear, and then put his hand in my hair and then pulled it back making me wince in pain.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you're never gonna want another cock up your ass as long as you live!"

He then opened up his pants, pulled out his monster cock, and rammed it in. I shuddered in pain, I wanted to break free, I wanted to turn around and punch him in his face, but I also wanted him to continue, to see how it would feel to have my father fuck me. He rammed me again, and again, and again, each time feeling less painful, more pleasurable.

"So how does if feel? Huh? To have Daddy shove his big dick up your ass?"

"Ohhhhh, it feels sooooooo good!"

"It feels good?!! Well, then I guess I'll just have to fuck you harder, and deeper!" He started shoving his dick inside me farther with each thrust, and harder too.

"Take your father's cock! That's it, be a man!"

"Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me! God, I love your fucking cock inside my ass! Feeling the tool that made me inside me!"

"You’re making daddy’s balls feel so good, son! Let me return the favor." With that, he reached around and grabbed my cock and started pumping. He ran his finger along my shaft and spread my pre-cum around my mushroomed head.

"You've got a nice big cock just like your daddy’s, you know that?"

"You're proud of my dick, Dad?"

"I sure am, son! That's one nice piece of meat you got there. I must say my cock did a nice job. Speaking of doing a nice job, mine's getting ready! Is yours?"

"Yes daddy. I want us to cum together!"

"All right, my balls are tingling, I can feel my cum rising!"

"I'm about to shoot, Daddy!"

"I'm gonna shoot too, son!"


"Take your daddy’s cum up your ass, BITCH! UUGHHHHHH!!"

He shoved his cock up my ass so far when he came I thought he was going to burst through me. After he came, he just let his manly sweaty body rest on mine for a while.

We've had some fun, my Dad and me, ever since.