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First Time In Adult Theatre

By Bill

submitted February 20, 2002

Categories: First Time

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On a recent trip to Biloxi, Mississippi, I had a few beers, lost a little money but wasn’t quite ready for bed, so I decided to take a drive. I passed an adult theatre that had private booths and thought I would stop in.

Never having been in a place like this I didn’t really know what to expect, but I paid my 8 dollars and went to my booth. They told me to lock the door, but I didn’t.

Moments after getting seated and looking at the 8 screens in front of me, I noticed that both sides of the booth had small peepholes. Being an exhibitionist, I knew I would have some fun.

About 5 minutes later the booth door opened and in walked a very good-looking guy around 30 years old. He welcomed me to the place and asked me what I liked. I told him that I was new to the whole thing but was bi curious. He asked If I minded if he got a little more comfortable and I told him no, go ahead. He removed all of his clothes and I was greeted with a very large and thick cock.

After a few minutes of stroking his cock he asked if I liked the view. I did and I told him I enjoyed the show. He undid my pants and reached for my now hard cock. I have to admit that I was very turned on by all that was happening. After stroking each other’s cocks he knelt down and began to suck me: I thought I was going to explode. After a few minutes he stood up and asked me to press my hard cock against his ass while I stroked him from behind. Rubbing my cock in the crack of his ass I knew I would cum soon, so I began stroking him faster and faster. Within minutes I blew my load all over his back and he shot a huge load into the wall.

Ever since that night I cant wait to get back to Biloxi!

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