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First Uncle Dave Then Dad

By J.W. Martins-Bazinet

submitted April 9, 1999

Categories: Family Fun

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I was only 18 when Mom died in an automobile accident. It was a cold, icy day and a truck skidded on ice, plowing head-on into her car. They came to get me at school and since it was the police, and my Dad is a cop, I was sure that something had happened to him. But no, when I got home there was Dad. He was crying, but he managed to tell me what had happened.

My whole world was turned upside down, but as bad as things were for me, it was even worse for Dad. He and Mom had been high school sweethearts and had gotten married when each was 18. He'd never loved anyone else, it was as if he'd died too, only his body was still walking around. He was only 33, but it seemed his life was over.

That's why I was glad when Dad's younger brother showed up bag and baggage about two weeks after the funeral. He'd come for the burial and seeing the way Dad was decided he'd better come and stay with us for awhile. Now Uncle Dave was only 31, but he'd already been married and divorced three times. He was a bouncer at a strip joint in Chicago, so it wasn't real hard for him to get time off. He was happy-go-lucky and had never really settled down, but it was just those qualities that Dad could use to bolster his spirits. Dave could always make him laugh no matter how bad things were. I was also glad for myself, because until he arrived you couldn't be with Dad without thinking of Mom and being real sad.

For the first few nights Uncle Dave would crack open a couple of six packs, getting both him and Dad just this side of drunk. Then he let Dad talk about Mom, how much he missed her, old memories, the good times, the bad. They talked and talked until there was nothing left to be said. It seemed to do some good, because while Dad wasn't happy, neither was he dragging like he had been.

The evening drinking and talking continued, but the conversations turned to other things. They talked about growing up together, about the future, about just things in general. I'll admit right now that I lay awake in bed straining to catch their conversations, it also helped me to feel better, but I usually drifted off to sleep long before they finished. There was one particular night's topic, which kept me awake long after they had gone off to bed. I'd gone to bed at 9:00 and Uncle Dave was bragging on Dad, how he'd been a really cool big brother, showing him the ropes, smoothing his way through adolescence.

"Remember the night you told me the facts of life?" Uncle Dave asked. Dad gave out a little chuckle, "not that I had planned to. A guy couldn't even beat his meat without his nosy little brother interrupting and scaring the shit out of him."

"Hey big brother, you're the one who assumed I was asleep when you decided to flog the log. Besides all I did was watch you in the moonlight until you started to groan and bounce up and down. I really thought something was wrong with you, that why I said something."

"And ruined a perfectly good orgasm. You managed to time it so that you spoke just as the first volley was shooting out."

"Yeah remember, you couldn't even talk and I was sure you'd hurt yourself. I almost called mom and dad."

"What I remember was that I never really got my nut that night. Sure I shot a load, but you ruined the effect, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, but I made it up to you the next year."


"I introduced you to Sully."

"Sully. I haven't thought about him in a long time. He moved to Chicago too, have you ever bumped into him there."

There was a long pause before Uncle Dave responded. "Yeah I have. I see him about once a month or so. . .at least when I'm not married or involved."

"What? You mean...? Are you telling me you still let him suck your dick?"

"Hey relax big brother, I'm not gay, but he does give the best blow job

I've ever had. So if I ain't gettin' much or at least enough I give Ole Sully a visit and he takes care of business. And he hasn't lost his touch, if anything he's gotten better at what he does. Last time I saw him he got me to pop twice. Shit most women can't make me cum with their mouths, this guy brings me off twice in an hour. So why not?"

There was another, even longer pause, before Dad responded. "I guess there's no reason, it's just that I never even thought about having sex with anybody else after I started going with Lisa. But, I guess if your not involved with somebody there's no harm. And I'll admit he gave one hell of a hum job. Not that I've had much experience in that area. Lisa wasn't very good at it, didn't really like doing it. She'd do it on special occasions, like my birthday and Christmas, but she was never as good as Sully, but even a bad blow job's not bad."

"Got that right, and I've had lots of experience, nothing I like better, and nobody does it better than our old school pal. He always asks about you. I know he'd like to get his lips around that big polish kebab of yours. If he didn't live 150 miles away I'd have him come over and take care of both of us, just like in the old days."

"I don't know about that. I'm not 16 any more. Letting a guy suck your cock doesn't seem as cool somehow. Not that I'm not horny."

"No fucking kidding? I thought that bulge in your sweat pants was a gun."

"OK," I heard my Dad say, "So I'm hornier than I thought, beating off just doesn't cut it. So maybe if Sully was here I'd do it. Are you happy now." "Well you were beginning to make me feel that because I still let him suck me off I was weird or something. But I do wish he was here, I'm as hard as you are. . .see."

At this point I wished I could see what was going on. My prick was also rock hard and my mind was reeling at the thought of some guy sucking on my Dad and my Uncle. I don't remember ever having been so turned on. You see I was just waking to the fact that I was attracted to guys and not girls. I'd already pulled down the front of my jockey shorts and taken my hard five inch cock into my fist intending to beat off a load when the conversation in the living room continued.

"Paul do you have any porno?"

"Sure do, want to watch some?"

"Put one in the VCR and let's both pull off like when we were kids."

"I don't know? What if Danny wakes up and comes out here while were doing it?"

"I see you're point. Let's go to your bedroom. Listen I have to ease the tension, and so do you, why not do it together for old times sake."

"OK let go. I have a great new video, I haven't even seen yet. Some blonde with big tits takes on 20 guys."

"Sound perfect, now get your ass down to the bedroom and let's take care of business."

I heard them going down the hall to Dad's room and beyond my hearing. I took care of business while they did the same.

Uncle Dave stayed another six weeks and by the time he left Dad wasn't back to normal, but he was at least better. Not that he'd gotten over Mom's loss, but he was living with the memory and functioning normally. Life was different, but we'd gotten into a routine.

Three years went by. Dad working and staying home. He didn't date, showed no interest in doing so. I was growing up and working hard not to let anyone know that I wanted to have sex with guys. I threw myself into studying and playing soccer, so everybody thought I was the perfect kid. Little did they know that all I wanted to do was suck cock and the cock I most fantasized about sucking was my Dad's. It didn't go any further than that. . .at 17 I was still a virgin. I guess that that was obvious because one evening Dad called me into the living room for a chat.

"Danny, look I know that Mom's death was tough on both of us, but it's not normal for a kid your age not to date."

I became instantly scared and defensive. "Well it's not normal for a guy your age not to date either."

"My case is different, I've had the love of my life, you're just starting out. You should date and explore that part of your life."

"I really don't want to Dad. I just don't have any interest, not yet anyway."

"Have you ever had sex?"

"What?" I'd heard him, but was stalling for time.

"Have you ever had sex?" He repeated.

I could feel the blood rushing to my face, my stomach did a little flip and I my palms were sweaty. "Well not really . . .I. . .er. . .masturbate. It's enough."

"No it's not."

"Yes it is. It's enough for you, isn't it?"

"My sex life is not at issue here, young man." He hadn't expected me to be so bold and was starting to get pissed, but he caught himself and softened his tone, "listen Danny, I'm only concerned that you're letting Mom's death deprive you of a very special part of your teenage years. I'm not saying you have to go out and get laid, I'm saying you need to gain some experience in dating, in exploring and understanding your needs. It's part of growing up and I hate to see you miss out."

"I'll be OK Dad. It just takes more time."

"Danny it's been three years."

"Three years. Not long enough. Not for you, not for me either."

That's what I told him, because I couldn't tell him that the real problem was that I wanted to have sex. That I wanted to suck dick, his in particular. Not something you can say to your Dad in polite conversation.

Fortunately for all of us Uncle Dave had just separated from his fourth wife. After three failures, you'd think he'd have learned that marrying a stripper wasn't the way to go. He needed to get out of town, his mob connected boss having taken the side of his star stripper rather than his bouncer. Dave decided to return to his hometown, at least until things cooled off. Of course he moved in with us. Dad got him a job as a security guard, which meant that he was gone most nights and home during the day.

He'd been living with us about a week and a half when there was a snow day, with all the schools closed. I'd gone back to bed after the school cancellation and Uncle Dave had come in from his shift and was in bed by the time I finally got up at 10:30. I surfed the web for a couple of hours and then ate lunch, trying not to make any noise so that Uncle Dave wasn't disturbed. At 2:00 Dad called to say he had to work a double shift due to the snowstorm. I told him we'd hold down the fort.

I guess the phone ringing woke Uncle Dave, because a couple minutes after I'd hung up I heard him call. "Danny are you home?"

"Yeah," I answered.

"Come on in here," he called from the bedroom.

"That was Dad," I said as I went through the door of his room, "he has to work a double."

"Figures. Well that just leaves you and me to get into trouble. I'm glad cause I have the night off."

"Great," I really liked him, he could make the dullest day interesting, "what do you have in mind?" I asked as I sat on the edge of the bed.

"I think we should raise as much hell as two guys can raise in one house. It'll be just like when me and your dad were home alone as kids."

I laughed, he was 17 years older than me, but still thought of himself as a kid. "OK what do you want to do?"

"Ever been stoned?"

"Stoned? What?"

"Like smoking pot, stoned."

"Are you shittin' me. Dad would cut my balls off."

"Mine too, if he knew I was doing this, but answer the question, you ever been stoned?"

"No way."

"Well its high time you did, pun intended. And I've got some killer weed, which will get the job done fine. Besides your father smoked more than his share of pot before he went and got all righteous and turned into a cop."

"You're kidding," it never even entered my mind that my Dad would've smoked dope.

"Would I lie? Shit the stud was a real head, he turned me on for the first time, one of the two best things he taught me." He gave a low chuckle. I didn't ask what the other was, I already knew. "So how 'bout it?"

"Sure why not. I've always wondered what it was like and if you're with me I guess it will be safe enough."

"Good man." With that he hopped out of bed and went over to his closet. I was stunned. He was totally naked and acting like it was the most natural thing in the world. Thankfully he was busy getting his stash and couldn't see the expression on my face or guess my thoughts.

You see my Uncle Dave is just a younger, slightly smaller version of my Dad. Dad is 6'2" and weighs 210, while Dave is 6' and weighs 190. They both have curly black hair and bright blue eyes. Their bodies are tight and defined, well proportioned with killer pecs and washboard stomachs. I'd never seen Dad's dick but, if like everything else, it was bigger than Dave's it had to be a beast. Dave's, which was totally limp, hung a good six inches over a pair of hefty balls. It was as big around as a knockwurst with a large meaty head. I could feel the blush in my cheeks and I averted my gaze from his groin when Dave turned around from the closet and got back in bed with a small tin box.

Once the sheets and blanket covered his lower half I looked at what he was doing. He cleaned a small amount of pot and then deftly rolled a small cigarette. He lit it, inhaled deeply and then handed it to me. I followed his example. We passed the joint back and forth, as he explained what I should expect, as he rolled three more. An hour and a half later we were still talking and laughing about everything and nothing. Then the conversation took a turn to the serious.

"So tell me the truth?" Dave asked, "how are you and your dad really doing?"

"I don't know. Things look OK, but I think he's still pretty depressed. And he's worried about how I'm doing. He's even worried because I'm still a virgin."

"You are?"


"How did that happen? Or should I say, not happen."

I don't know why I said it, it just short of blurted out. "I think it's because I might be gay."

I think those words shocked me more than they did Uncle Dave.

"Really? Are you sure?"

"No, but I think so. At least I fantasize about being with another guy."

"You mean you've never been with another guy, never sucked a cock?"

"No, never."

"Then how can you say you're gay?"

"Cause that's what I want to do."

"You could be bisexual . . .uh . . .like me."

"You! You're gay?"

"Not gay, bisexual. I love sex, all kinds, don't matter if it's a woman or a man. I prefer women, but if there's only a guy available when the need arises, I don't see any reason to deny yourself the pleasure. Hell for me the very best is a three way with a guy and a girl. There's nothing better than fucking a pussy while your swallowing your buddy's hog or vice-versa. You get the best of both worlds. Does your old man know how you feel?"

"Are you kidding. He'd die."

Dave laughed. "Don't be so sure. Your dad had his cock sucked by a few guys back when we were both teenagers. He may have never sucked one himself, but he's blown his load in at least three male mouths that I know of. . . including mine." "What? Tell me about it."

"Not much to tell, but we were both kinda sex crazy as teenagers and I found a couple of gay guys at school who like to do the nasty. Either one or the other of them would suck your father and me off, three or four time week for over a year. Then Paul met Lisa and they had to settle for me alone."

"Yeah, but when did you suck Dad off, tell me about that."

"It was a snowy day, just like today, and we were home alone, mom and dad were at work. We were talking, smoking pot and drinking shots of your grandfather's scotch. Before long we were both high as kites with horny boners tenting our jeans. I suggested that we phone one of our friends and have him come over to suck us off. Your Dad thought that was a great idea and called both guys. Neither of their parents would let them leave the house so it seemed we were high and dry.

"I'm not sure if it was me or him, but one of us suggested jerking off, which we hadn't done often since we'd started getting blown. Well before you knew we were both stretched out on his bed, naked and pounding our puds. I guess it was because we were both high, but suddenly I knew I wanted to try sucking his cock. I knew if I asked he'd say no, so I didn't, I just scooted down and grabbed his hard dick with my hand. I guess he thought I wanted to jerk him off, we'd done it to each other lots of times, so he didn't fight me. But instead of beating his meat I swallowed it. Maybe it was because he was high and horny or maybe he was into it too, he just let me do it. It only lasted about 5 minutes before he spurted the biggest goddamn load of cum I've ever swallowed right down my throat. We never did it again and never even talked about it. It's like it never happened, but it did."

I wasn't aware of what I was doing, but Dave could plainly see that I was jerking my meat right through my jeans. "Looks like we've gotten ourselves both pretty worked up," he said as he pulled back the covers to reveal his now 8 inches of hard towering man cock. I just stared, transfixed by the sight.

"Why don't you get naked and lie down next to me," he said softly.

While I ripped out of my clothes he stretched himself out on top of the bed, his naked hard body fully revealed for me. Naked, I joined him, kneeling next to him, my hand inches from his rampant penis, which was pumping out strands of pre-cum slowly oozing down his thick shaft.

"Why don't we start by me just kicking back and letting you do whatever you want to me, then we'll move on to more complicated things."

I didn't need any more encouragement. I placed the open palms of my hands on his chest and began running them gently over his body, caressingly, sensing every inch of his warm skin. His pecs, his stomach, his arms, his face. I moved down between his legs and continued my exploration on his legs and feet. I moved up to the tender insides of his thighs. A shiver ran through his entire body as my finger tips grazed his ballsac. I cupped the big globes with my left hand as my right wrapped itself around the steel hardness of his cock shaft. The slight stickiness of his love juice lubricated my hand as I started to pump him. I had him moaning softly, yelping out when I ran my thumb over the tender head. I owned him at that moment and didn't want to wait any longer to claim him totally. Kneeling between his legs, as if in worship, I bent forward, opened my mouth and engulfed him.

It must be instinctive, because once I became accustomed to the girth of the invader, I began sucking him as though I'd done it for years. I was a natural, making love with my lips and tongue to every one of those eight inches. I must have been good, because before long Uncle Dave was writhing on the bed, holding the back of my head as he thrust his meat up and into my throat. I was in heaven, with no sense of time or place. Only the cock in my mouth was reality. I sensed its needs and fulfilled them, until I felt it swell in my mouth and with one last thrust felt it pumping out a thick rich load of my uncle's hot spunk. I swallowed as if it was a gift of sweet nectar to a starving babe. I continued sucking long past the point where there was anything left. Dave finally had to force my head off him. He laid back, breathing deeply and not moving. I collapsed back next to him, grasped my needy dick and began pounding away. I was moments from shooting the biggest load of my life when Dave grabbed my arm, stopping me.

"That's my job. Just give me a minute to come back down to earth. Then I'll return the favor. I owe you, that was one hell of a blow job for a first timer."

I was dying for release, but the thought of what might be coming was enough to control my all but overwhelming need. I just lay there trying not to allow my hand to move from my side. Dave took one last deep breath and got on his knees next to me.

"Your turn," was all he said as he began to devour me. His mouth and tongue explore every inch and crevice of my body. Inside my ears, between my toes, the crotch of my legs, the tender area under my balls, and then my ass. I nearly levitated off the fucking bed. Never had I felt or even imagined a sensation like he was sending through my body while munching on the tender meat of my hole. I thanked God that I'd showered that morning, but I don't think it would have mattered to him. He was feasting on my ass. The point of his tongue was probing me as deeply as it would go, I was afraid of shooting my wad much too early or of just passing out from an excess of sensuous pleasure. If my legs hadn't been up and wrapped around his neck, thereby keeping a supply of blood flowing to my head, I might have.

Just when I thought nothing could feel any better, he unwrapped my legs, lowered my legs from his shoulders and dove down on my gushing seven incher. My head was reeling and then he upped the ante. Gently he slid an index finger up my well eaten shoot. Before I could react to that sensation he touched that magic spot and my body convulsed as I unleashed a torrent of sperm into his greedily slurping mouth. This time it was I who had to beg to be let go. I knew any more physical ecstasy would drain the life away from me.

"How was that?"

"No words to describe it."

"Glad you liked it. Now you're not a virgin. Next you and me are gonna share a babe."

"I don't know about that. I love sucking and getting sucked, but I'm not too sure about doing it with a woman."

"We'll try. The worst thing that can happen is that I do both of you, while both of you do me. That's cool. But you never know you might try something you'll like. Don't deprive yourself the right to explore."

"Uncle Dave, can I ask you something?"

"Danny, we just swallowed each other's cum, what could you not ask?"

I laughed, but turned serious to ask, "Is it wrong for a guy to lust for his own dad?"

Dave let out a long whistle, "So that's what this is all about. You have the hots for your old man.

Can't say that I blame you, he is one hell of a good-looking stud, even if I'm better looking. But seriously, I can see your problem. Not that I think it would be wrong. I don't think sex is wrong between people who want to get it on. I don't think there should be any taboos, except maybe for fucking around with a kid or somebody whose retarded. Kids should fool around with other kids, if they want to fool around. Aside from that, I say anything goes. But in your case, it's very difficult, I mean how the hell do you ask your straight father if he wants a blow job. But I don't think it's hopeless. He's had his cock sucked dozens of times by guys, even if it was 20 years ago; he's also engaged in incest when he let his brother suck him off, even if it was only once and 20 years ago. It won't be easy, but I think it could happen. What we need is a plan. For now, get over here and suck on this big dick," he waved his reawakened meat at me, "while I think about it."


At 18, I was more than willingly seduced by my studly, 34 years old, bisexual Uncle Dave. On a snowy afternoon we'd found ourselves alone and horny. He introduced me to the thrill of taking a man with your mouth, controlling him with the pleasure your lips and tongue give him, swallowing his masculinity, drinking down his essence; he then showed me the path to ecstasy as he worshipped my manhood orally.

We shared each other in the most intimate ways, physically and spiritually. In so many ways it seemed we'd become one flesh. That afternoon he confessed that he'd had my father; in turn I revealed that I lusted to do the same. Instead of discouraging the idea Uncle Dave agreed to help me seduce my Dad.

The next few months were devoted to the expansion of my sex life. With Uncle Dave's careful guidance I became what he called a Blue Ribbon Cock Sucker. I learned to deep throat, to bring a guy to the brink and then back off, over and over until he begged for release. He introduced me to the wonders of butt fucking. At first I was reluctant to let something as big as Dave's schlong anywhere near my very little, very tight, virgin hole, but he's not a sex master for nothing. He let me pound him whenever I wanted (which, after the first time, was often) and I'd blow him afterward. Then early one Saturday morning he came into my room while I was still asleep. I woke to his munching on my rock-hard. I can't say I put up much of a fight as his tongue made love to my shaft, proceeded down to lave my balls and then on down. Suddenly my legs were hugging his head, his tongue stabbing in and out of my tender hole. I was enraptured, my hole demanded more and sensing this Dave lowered me, taking my shaft deep down his throat, sliding a finger up my shoot. As he sucked me he fingered my hole, lightly grazing my prostate, making me yell out for more. Then he removed his finger and I felt hollow.

"Don't stop, keep doing it, I need it!" I was nearly screaming. He took mercy and I was filled again, only now it was two finger. He took me to the brink repeatedly, but always preventing me from going over.

"Please, please let me cum," I whimpered.

He stared up at me and again removed his fingers freeing my dick at the same time. He pulled my legs up again and moved in with his face eating me like I'd never been eaten. He fucked me with his tongue until I was delirious. He let me down a little, my legs hooked over his shoulders. He looked at me through my crouch. We were eye to eye.

"It's time."

I knew what he meant, what he wanted. What I wanted too.

"Fuck me, please fuck me," was all I said. I learned it was as blissful to receive as to give.

As you can see I was getting broad experience in man to man sex. Still there was a hunger for that most forbidden of fruit. Uncle Dave kept saying that in time, left to him, it would happen. In the meanwhile I'll admit he kept me happy, busy and squirting.

He even arranged a bisexual encounter. He and this girl picked me up at school one afternoon. We went over to her place and got it on. It wasn't a total failure, we all got off, but it convinced me that I'm 100% homosexual. I sucked Dave off, while she sucked me off, then he fucked her, while I beat off. It worked, sort of, but Uncle Dave seemed to be the only one of the three of us who was fully satisfied. Any way I guess he figured it wasn't my thing because he never suggested it again. His cock was enough for now, at least until I got the larger family sized model.

July rolled around and I became very horny for my Dad. Half the times I'd get a hard-on when he touched me. If I saw him in his underwear I had to run someplace private to beat off a load. It was getting to be a problem.

Then Dad decided to rent a lakeside cabin for our vacation. Uncle Dave got the same two weeks off from his job, so the three of us were going to do the camping thing in style. After the plans were set, Uncle Dave pulled me aside. "This is it. The opportunity we've been waiting for. While we're out in the woods we're gonna seduce your old man. That's a promise and your Uncle Dave never breaks a promise."

I could hardly wait the three weeks before we left. I was so horned up that in addition to sex with Dave on nearly a daily basis, I was pulling the old pud at least two more times a day. I must have shot 3 or 4 gallons of spoonge in those weeks. Finally the Saturday morning of our departure rolled around.

Uncle Dave laid down some very specific orders for me. For the first two or three days I was to make myself scarce. "Go fishing, go hiking, go canoeing, go biking, but just go. Give me time to work on Paul. I'll let you know how it's going and what we'll do next."

I followed his instructions to the letter. Saturday afternoon I hiked almost 10 miles around the lake not returning until after 8:30, just as it was getting dark. The morning I left at 9:00 with a packed lunch, setting off on my bike. Again I returned as it was getting dark. I couldn't seem to get Dave alone, but before I headed to bed on Sunday he managed to give me a wink which said that things were going well.

Monday morning I was up at 6:30. I was planning to set off on a canoeing trip across the lake and then down a creek to a local fishing hole. During breakfast Uncle Dave suggested I drive with him to the local grocery store to pick up bread and milk. Of course I jumped at the chance. As we drove away from the cabin I could hardly contain myself.

"So? What's happening? Is it going to work?"

"I'll tell you everything, but first scoot down here and take care of your horny Uncle."

He ripped open the buttons of his denim cutoffs. He wasn't wearing underwear so his already steel hard rod popped straight up. As anxious as I was to learn what he had to say, the sight of his meaty pole sparked my desires. I dove on the object of my lust. Dave was as horny as me, se I'd only been sliding up and down on his cock a minute when it swelled and filled my mouth with the salty warm liquid of his seed. I sat up, running my tongue across my lips to clean away any remnants of his offering.

"So tell me."

He laughed. His cock was still up stiff and pulsing small gushes of cum. "Not until you've cleaned me up."

I went down on him again, staying with it until there was nothing left to bubble out and the blood had drained leaving the shaft limp.

"OK, talk."

"This much is true. Your old man is as horny as he's ever been in his life and jerking off isn't cutting it for him. We beat off together yesterday and I'm sure if I'd gone down on him he wouldn't have put up much of a fight. Much as I wanted him I restrained myself," he laughed again. My own cock was tenting my gym shorts.

"So what do we do next?"

"When we get back you head out on your fishing trip, saying that you won't be back until dark. Only get back at 6:00. If things are going as planned I'll leave my red bathing suit on the porch railing. If it's there, you come into the cabin as quietly as possible. The rest we'll have to play by ear, but if what I want to be happening is happening, then it shouldn't be too hard to go all the way."

I knew what he meant, but I asked, "how you gonna do it?"

"Booze, pot and sexy suggestions. Leave it to me, I'm the pro in this area."


We'd just pulled up to the small convenience store in a nearby town. I looked down to see that my shorts were still sticking out. "I can't go in like this."

"Stay here then," Dave laughed "and slide into the driver's seat. I'll take care of your problem on the ride home." He winked as he went into the store.

I headed out in the canoe as soon as we returned, but I never did go fishing. I was so excited I just paddled around for about 7 hours. I stopped twice; once to eat lunch and jerk off and another to take a piss and jerk off. It was almost 6:00 as I approached the dock in front of the cabin, but even before I reached it I could see the bright red swimming trunks on the porch rail. My heart was beating loud enough to hear. I was actually trembling, I was so nervous. It was as if I was moving through a dream.

As I approached the cabin I was so afraid of making noise I was hardly breathing. My hand shook as I reached for the handle on the screen door. I could hear a soft moaning coming from the right side of the cabin where I knew the seating area was located. I inhaled deeply, pulled back the door and entered quickly, almost in a single move.

My eyes riveted to the sight of my Dad in a big wicker chair, facing in my direction, naked, with his legs stretched out straight in front of him. An equally naked Uncle Dave was between the legs with his head buried in Dad's crotch. Dad, who'd had his head thrown back with his eyes shut was raising up, his eyes opening in response to the slight noise my entrance had made.


I just stood there staring. He jumped up, his stiff nine inches popping out of Dave's mouth as he was sent sprawling back on the floor.

Time froze. Nobody moved, nobody said anything else. We just looked at one another. Finally Uncle Dave broke the awkward silence.

"OK the cat's out of the bag. Danny come sit on the couch. Paul sit down." He pushed my father back into the chair as I moved across the room. He got up and sat on the couch next to me. They were both naked and he noted that.

"Danny we're at a disadvantage here. Why don't you take off your clothes so that we're all equal."

My Dad looked both stunned and surprised as I complied with Dave's suggestion, but he said nothing. He looked even more surprised when I revealed a cock equal in hardness to his, if about two inches smaller. Dad seemed lost and desperate to have some answers.

"What's going on here?" He asked.

Dave responded. "Appears we have three very horny dudes who have been needlessly depriving themselves of some pleasure they could be providing each other. I say we solve that problem right now. What do you say Danny?"

"I say it sounds good to me."

"What?" It was my Dad. "I don't understand."

"Paul we all have needs and we can take care of those needs among ourselves. It's very simple if somewhat unusual. Just relax and let me handle the situation. Now where were we? Oh I remember."

Dad's cock hadn't lost any of its hardness through all this, a testament to how really hard up he was. Dave slid off the couch and was between Dad's legs before the old man could react. He looked like he might have been ready to protest when Dave did something with his mouth which drove away all of Dad's resistance. He closed his eyes, threw back his head and gave into the needs of the moment. Dave waved me over next to him. I moved from the couch and knelt right next to him. I leaned in to watch as his mouth slid up and down on Dad's throbbing meat. Dave moved off the pole and worked his mouth on the side of the shaft. He pulled me in closer until both of us were lapping on either side of Dad's piece. Then Dave backed off and let me have it all. I moved up and over the engorged head and plunged down on it until it filled my throat and my nose was buried in Dad's thick bush of black pubes. I think he sensed more than realized what was happening. With his cock fully buried in my mouth and throat I raised my eyes to his face. He's lifted his head up a little and was just opening his eyes. His eyes widened with the sight of his only child pleasuring him in the most intimate way. The look of surprise was quickly replaced with one of pure love. He raised his head completely and placed his hands over the back of my head as he began to gently thrust himself into me.

"You really like it! Good then. Take me, take it all. I love you Danny, I love you more than anything. You're making me feel like I've never felt before. Oh that's it. It feels so good. I don't think I can last much longer. I love you. Oh God. Take it baby. Drink my milk. Eat your daddy's cum. Oh, here it is. AGRRRRRRRRR, YES, TAKE IT, UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH."

Spurt after thick, hot spurt exploded down my throat. I pulled back so I could capture some of the volleys on my tongue, to fully taste the richness of the nectar, which had created me. I drank every drop, became intoxicated by it. There could never be enough to satisfy my craving. I had to be dragged away by Uncle Dave, who pushed me back onto the floor and then took me for his own. It took only seconds before I'd rewarded him with my own offering. After swallowing all I had he climbed on top of me and gave my face a showering of his cum. Dad just sat there staring in dazed amazement. Two hours later we were grilling steaks and planning the evening's activities. I'll tell you this, nobody went to sleep horny that night, or any other night after that. But that's another story.