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Flashing In Hotel Rooms !!!

By Ajit

submitted May 6, 1998

Categories: True Stories

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I'm a 26 year old Gay. I'm 5' 9" in height and weigh about 65 Kgs. I'm dark and medium built with a beard. I have a 6" cock which is thick and uncut. I usually shave off the hair around my crotch leaving only a tuft above my prick. I masturbate often, sometimes even 3 - 5 times a day.

Some time back I had to stay in a hotel room alone, my profession takes me around frequently and I get to stay in different hotels. Again I had this urge to do something different... so I thought I'll expose my arse to the room boy, so I adjusted the dress around my waist, to reveal almost half of my arse hole and I laid down on my bed, pretending to read a book and I called the room boy in on an errand. When he came in he was shocked to see me exposing my arse, he kept looking at it, thinking that I was not aware of it. As I was talking to him itself I came... for I was far too excited. It was a great feeling. From then I have begun to flash in hotel rooms to the room boys in several different ways.

Henceforth, whenever I have been staying alone in hotel rooms, I have revealed my arse to several unsuspecting room boys. I always get a kick out of this. I have even revealed my arse to passing people in roads, late at nights, without their least suspicion, that I'm having a strange sexual kick out of it. I always think of this and masturbate later. Recently I have even gone to the extent of parading in the NUDE, in a hotel room, in front of a room boy, to his utter astonishment. I enjoyed this very much. Then to the boy's horror, I taught him how to masturbate my doing it to myself, as he watched with astonishment. I enjoyed revealing myself completely to him, in privacy.

When I used to stay at hotels, I sometimes used to wear a very transparent towel which exposes everything, till the hair around my prick, then I used to call the room boy in, on an errand and pose for him allowing him to see my prick, balls, arse etc. The boys used to look away, but I used to keep them in for a long time, thereby forcing them to see me.

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