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Forced To Suck

By Omnibus10

submitted December 21, 2000

Categories: True Stories

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I am now a gay male and love it but I haven't always been that way. I remember as a student in school I would catch myself comparing the different sizes of cocks in our locker room after basketball practice and marveling at the variations. I didn't realize it then but I would someday be getting a very close look at a lot of different cocks and learning how terrific it felt to wrap my hot lips around them as they buried them in my throat. In my opinion, feeling a big hot, turgid throbbing prick sliding in and out of my mouth is the greatest feeling in the world. I am what my friends call a "Cock Slut" and "Size Queen". The bigger they are the better I like them!! My well-stretched asshole can accommodate just about any size object after several years of being fisted and fucked by anyone who wanted a piece of fuck toy ass. This story is true and it tells about my beginning as a pure whore and a receptacle for many men's sperm.

I grew up without a father and was raised by my mother and three sisters. Two were older and one was younger. Being the only boy I was spoiled rotten and usually had my way over my sisters. I think my mother felt sorry for me because I had no dad. I was very small like my mother but I was cocky and often arrogant and was always fighting larger boys and coming home dirty and beat-up. My mother would soothe my wounds and clean me up and tell me I shouldn't be fighting all the time. She did punish me a few times. One of the ways she punished me was to dress me in my sister's clothes and make me wear them around the house all day, telling me if I acted like a girl she would make me look like one. She would strip me down and put little cotton panties and a pinafore on me with one of my sister's dresses or skirts. I would also wear their shoes. My hair was very long and she would put a ribbon in it and pull it up in ponytail. I hated it as my sisters unmercifully kidded me all the time I was dressed. One day she did this and one of my friends came by to play. I tried to hide but she made me invite him in. When he saw my outfit he burst out laughing and I chased him out the door. Later all the kids started calling me "sissy boy" as well as other names. I put up with the kidding for a long time and by the time I graduated from high school I was ready to leave that small town and get away from the bad memories. I decided to enter the military.

It was peacetime and the services were being very selective about who they enlisted. The guy at the marine recruiting station told me I was too small at five foot six inches. I was finally entered the Army, they were being less picky.

I said all my goodbyes and a few hours later I was climbing down from a plane at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. We had boarded an old DC 7 that the army kept for that purpose as it could land on the small field there. I finished eight weeks of basic training in an infantry unit and was sent to artillery school for advance training. The second period went by fast. After a thirty-day leave, I boarded a ship to Germany where I was assigned to my permanent unit.

I hated every minute of the ocean crossing and had my first experience with seasickness. Seventeen days later I could have kissed the ground when we arrived at Bremerhaven, Germany. I did enjoy the long train ride through the beautiful countryside. I thought I was going to like being stationed there.

I was assigned to an artillery outfit near Frankfort and I was soon assigned to S2, which is the Intelligence section. I was elated that I was going to miss all the hard work of being a cannoneer and would be working in an office each day. I was happy and soon settled in with my first weekend pass in my hand. I had taken a liking to one of the guys and he offered to show me around the small town not far from our base. The next weekend we headed that way. I was impressed with the scenery and as our cab pulled up in front of a giant bar and dance hall I heard the loud polka music coming from within. We paid the cabbie and headed inside.

The place was packed with GI's as well as German civilians, and there were some good-looking girls there too. My friend immediately started to flirt with one sitting at the next table. I had never consumed much beer and when the waitress sat the giant frosty mug before me I couldn't believe how much beer it contained and soon I was feeling a little fuzzy. My friend was dancing with any girl who would let him but I just sat and watched the action all around me. Some guys were just guzzling beer and others were trying to pick up girls. I got up to go to the "john" and as I walked around the edge of the huge dance floor all hell broke loose. I saw a German guy swing at a soldier and that started the wild melee. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned and a civilian swung at me. My small size helped as I ducked under the punch and swung at him with all my might. I am small but pretty strong. I connected with him just behind his ear and he dropped to the floor like a rock. It almost broke my fist and my hand throbbed.

My indoctrination instructor had told me that I should be wary of the German police as they loved to beat on soldiers and hated our guts because we kicked their asses in the war. It was only minutes before the gray-coated gendarmes arrived. They were carrying nightsticks and using them mostly on soldiers who resisted their efforts to arrest them. I had been told the German jails were no place for an American so I tried to get to the door through the mass confusion. I had not seen my friend in several minutes. I assumed he had made it out.

Just as I was about to enter the hallway exit I felt someone grab me. My reflex action was to turn and swing and as I did I saw that it was a German cop. My fist connected with his head and I knew I was in trouble. As I tried to move away I felt a blow to my head from behind. It knocked me to my knees, almost putting me out. I was vaguely aware of being dragged across the floor by two or three men. I was dumped roughly into the back of a police wagon with several other guys, mostly soldiers. I heard the engine start and we bumped roughly across the cobblestone streets toward the jail. My first weekend in town and I was on my way to jail already! The ride to jail gave me time to clear my head a little. When I was pulled from the van I looked up at the dreary gray bricks of the jail and my spirits sank to their lowest in a long time. The buildings in Germany are drab and all the cars are painted either black or gray or white. The only thing cheerful was the landscape and flowers that bloomed everywhere.

These cops looked like something out of WWII movie. They had high leather boots with long leather coats. I was ushered down a hall towards the processing desk. The cops were speaking in German so I had no idea what was going on. One of the cops was talking to the desk sergeant and as I walked in he pointed toward me and rubbed his jaw. I realized he was the one I had hit in the scuffle. The desk sergeant just grinned and motioned me to the desk. I gave him my wallet and my watch and he put them in a bag and locked them in a cabinet behind him. I was then taken to a room and forced to strip to my shorts and tee shirt. They handed me a pair of pants that looked like jogging pants with a drawstring in them and I slipped them on. My head was beginning to really ache from the blow to my head and I was feeling terrible and all I wanted to do was lay down.

We then walked down a long hall past several cells with other prisoners. I heard the whistles and catcalls as the long interned men looked at my small body. I had heard what happened to young guys in jail and a shiver went up my spine. I was not feeling my cocky, confident self at that moment.

He stopped and opened the barred door and I was roughly shoved into the cell. I stood for a moment looking at my surroundings. Against one wall there were six army-style bunks. They were double decked into three sections. There were military footlockers at the end of each one. As the men on them began to rise up from their sleep and look around one of them pointed toward a mattress lying on the floor. In broken English he said, “That’s where you sleep pretty boy". I was glad someone in there spoke my language.

I heard the guard at the door again and he shoved a green military blanket into the cell and pointed toward the mattress. I grabbed the blanket and dropped to the pad. I was exhausted by now and soon dropped into welcomed sleep. I slept the sleep of the dead until after midnight when I felt my ordeal begin. When I awoke slowly from my slumber I couldn't remember where I was and someone had my arms pulled out in front of me with their knees holding them down. I heard a couple of the men speaking in German and as my head cleared I realized my blanket had been pulled from my body. I could smell the men around me with their un-bathed bodies and their cigarette coated breath. Strong hands held my legs down and I could not move. My shorts and pants were pulled down to my ankles in one powerful jerk.

My friend who spoke a little English put his head next to my ear and said, “We haven't had a woman in a long time and tonight you will be our little ‘machen’, or girl."

I shuddered as I realized I was about to be used just like a female by these six, sex-starved animals. My first attacker fondled and rubbed my fresh young virgin ass and felt something that later proved to be butter shoved painfully into my tight ring. They were greasing me up like a fresh young whore. After this night I knew that I would never be the same. I felt my first violator move between my legs. For a moment I felt the large knob at the opening of my butthole, then he rammed me like a bull on a cow. I felt pain like I had never experienced before as the huge muscle breached my impossibly tight ass. He showed no mercy as one of them forced a dirty rag into my mouth, quieting my screams. I almost passed out as the burning and the pain increased with each slamming thrust. It felt like someone had rammed his fist up my ass. As he sped up, his long thick invader hit bottom with a painful motion and I knew I had been impaled to the hilt. Many things ran through my mind as I was pounded in and out. I knew the guard whom I had hit had set this entire scene up to get even.

After several excruciating minutes I was flipped over on my back and re-entered again as my knees were raised to my chest. This enabled another prisoner to straddle my face holding my nose until my mouth opened to breathe. A smelly, stiff cock was forced down my throat as I was impaled like a pig on a barbecue spit. I was sawed back and forth and both men were commenting to each other in German as they made me their jailhouse whore. The dick in my mouth was very long and I gagged as it hit the back of my throat. Just the head found it's way down my throat and I almost choked before he pulled out letting me get air. On the next stroke I felt it pass my tonsils and lodge like a hot, pulsing sausage while he grunted with satisfaction. I had almost forgotten the man who was brutally ripping into my blood-smeared ass as I tried to get enough air into my lungs. I gasped for air like a fish out of water each time the dripping shaft was pulled from my stretched throat. I barely had time to breathe before it was forced back in, each time going deeper and deeper until I felt his hairy sperm laden balls against my chin.

Soon I felt the cock in my new "pussy" swell to greater proportions as he gave a moan and deposited his load deep inside my guts. He bucked and shoved and I felt every pulse of his huge ass wrecker as he strived to get all the sensation he could from my tender opening. I could feel my ring clutch his massive member as he slowly pulled it out and I heard that familiar "plop" that a dick makes as it leaves the tight ring. He rolled off and as the man at my head continued to fuck my mouth I felt the next man move into place as he prepared to split me again. My ass was numb and burning but the sperm from the first man helped as an even larger cock ripped its way into my bowels. He reached and pulled my tits painfully as he pounded me up to his balls.

I was sucking now just to get the guy off so I could relax my aching jaws a little and I guess I did a good job as he started to fill my mouth with more sperm than it could handle. It ran down the sides of my mouth and dripped onto the mat. I swallowed as much as possible of the thick, salty fluid. As soon as he pulled his softening meat from my freshly violated mouth, another man moved to invade my throat. I was fucked and until the wee hours of the morning when the desire for sleep finally overcame their desire for my young "pussy" and suctioning lips. After I felt the last man pull his cockmeat from my forever stretched leaking hole I fell back on the mat and tried to think about all that had happened. Sperm was in my close-cropped hair and dried all over my face, even in my ears. My young "pussy" had been brutalized until it hung open now and dried blood coated my legs and ass. I could hardly draw it up when I flexed my muscles. I knew I would have a hard time having a bowel movement because a lot of the elasticity was gone from the once tiny ring. It had changed from a tight rosebud-like opening to a gash now that would only get bigger as they continuously fucked me over and over through the weekend. It was only Saturday morning and I had a long time to go before Monday when I would be allowed to leave.

When the young guard brought the lousy breakfast of some kind of grit-like mush I didn't even eat it, as I could hardly walk to get it. He just grinned knowingly and set it just inside the bars only to be eaten by one of the other animal-like men staying there. After awhile one of the men helped me to my feet and supported me while I took painful steps toward the rusty looking toilet and sink in the corner of the cell. I sat on the stool and let what seemed like a gallon of sperm drain from my over stretched hole. When I finally stood up I could see the traces of blood in the water. My mouth tasted and smelled like cum and I cupped my hands under the water as I attempted to remove the taste. My shirt had dried cum all over it as well as my legs and stomach but I left it there as I painfully struggled back to my mat. I finally dozed off and got a little sleep.

The pussy-starved men did not let me sleep long. As I attempted to get the sleep from my eyes I was dragged to one of the bunks and tied face down with shoelaces. I thought they had done just about all they could but I was wrong. More butter was shoved into my gaping, stretched hole I felt three fingers shoved painfully inside me. The pain was excruciating and I blacked out for a moment only to return to painful reality as I felt an entire fist pass into my gut. The intruder shoved his arm into me almost to the elbow. This went on for what seemed like hours as I drifted in and out of consciousness. When the MP's finally came to get me Monday they just shook their heads and called a military ambulance. I was taken to the hospital on base where I was examined and tested for various sexually transmitted diseases. I was told this was a common occurrence at this jail but the base commander had been stymied because of diplomatic reasons and had not been able to stop it. I spent a week in the in the infirmary as my wrecked ass tried to heal. The surgeon told me he could stitch me up and tighten the ring but I was afraid of the pain. I told I just wanted out of the hospital and get back to duty ASAP.

A few months later my homosexual feelings rose to the surface and I found myself in the private room of one of our non-commissioned personnel. As I slowly dropped my knees I remembered that time in jail and took his massive cock between my lips and started to suck him aggressively. I knew the next step would be the breaching of my now pussy-like ass and I wondered if I would still feel the pain. We rested after I swallowed what would prove to be many loads of his abundant sperm and soon I was sucking his prick lovingly back to life. He greased me up and I felt the huge knob slip easily into my hungry hole. I knew I would have no trouble with the many, many pricks that I would be receiving there, thanks to six over-sexed men who had opened my ass up like a tunnel.