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Forest Ranger

By Crest Austin

submitted March 5, 1999

Categories: Men At Work

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It was the summer between my second and third years of college. My father was getting ready to run for the US senate and his political connections had gotten me a job with the Forest Service. I was something called the Headquarters Guard which meant I drove around in a Forest Service pick-up doing chores while waiting for a fire to break out. That's where the real money was.

My boss, Mr. Anderson, told me to go up the old river road and check that no one was using the closed campgrounds. Fire danger had dictated that all of them be closed. It was hot that August day, and my mind was on a million topics. It had been two weeks since I had been home and I missed my girlfriend, even though things were not going well between us.

I had been trying to get her to give me head, I really wanted to know what it would feel like to have my cock sucked. She was disgusted by the idea and won't even let me fuck her that whole weekend. Jerking off had done nothing for me and I was hard just thinking about it. The first three campgrounds were fine but as I approached the fourth I could see a van was parked just outside the closed barricade. I parked the pick-up and started to walk into the campground. As I came through the trees I couldn't believe what I saw. There was guy dressed in those black leather pants bikers wear, the ones without a crouch, only he had nothing on except the leather.

I could see his ass and it was moving back and forth. In front of him kneeling on the ground was another guy with a leather collar around his neck. I realized he was other guy's dick. "What's going on here?" My question made them stop and look at me. The leather guy turned around and started to walk toward me. We met at the picnic table which had a bunch of staff on it, like a big black dildo, some whips, half a case of beer, and a plastic bag which was obviously pot and some pipes.

"Hi, Rangerman," the leather guy said in the most normal of voices. "Just a couple of guys out in the woods having sex. Is that a problem?"

"This campground is closed. You shouldn't be here."

"My name's The Count. And I know this place is closed, but I think that what we are doing wouldn't go over too well in those open campgrounds, now would it?" As he walked toward me I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. It was the biggest thing I had ever seen, the sun glistening off the spit still on it from the other guys mouth. Above his balls was a wide black strap that forced them down, they were big and deep red, almost purple. At the base of his cock was a black ring and this was tied to some chains and leather straps that went up over his chest. I had never seen anything like it. He picked up a pipe from he table and lit it, taking a long slow hit. "You really just want to let us finish our time here, Rangerman, and then we will be on our way. That's probably best don't you think?"

There was way he said things that made him the one in charge. I felt like he was telling me not asking me, and I knew I would agree with whatever he wanted. "I guess that's OK."

"For your trouble, Rangerman, I really think you deserve a little hit of this weed. It's really good stuff and looking at you I have a feeling you've enjoyed it before." He was standing right in front of me now, just a foot away. I really do like pot, but how he knew that I wasn't sure. I hesitated for a minute and he blew smoke in my direction. Then he took the pipe and placed it in my mouth. "Suck deep, Rangerman, enjoy that weed."

As he said this his hand moved down to my belt. "Your cock looks like it likes what it sees. You've got one hell of a hardon. You should do something about that, letting hardons last without release will kill ya." I hadn't realized that my cock was standing straight out. I took a hit from the pipe and it was truly good dope, best I ever had. I could feel the effect right away and the bulge in my pants got even bigger.

The count grabbed my rod and rolled it in his fingers. "I think you ought to let the kid here give you a blow job. I wouldn't want you driving with that thing between your legs. Besides, he gives great head." I turned to look at the figure on the ground. He was young, younger than me, but with a tattoo on his chest and one on his arm. His cock and balls where tied together and there was a leather strap attached to them lying on the ground.

"Let me suck your cock, Rangerman, please let me suck you. I'm one hell of a cocksucker. Please Rangerman." His voice was almost childlike, but deep. The Count had put his arm around my should and move me in front of the boy on the ground. I hesitated again. I knew it shouldn't, but I wanted it so damn much.

Before I could decide, The Count had unbuckled my belt, and pulled my pants down, including my underwear. The boy swallowed my whole rod in one motion. I couldn't believe the feeling. I loved it. He went back and forth, taking my dick out of his mouth, licking it all over then plunging it back deep into his throat. The Count was behind me with his arms moving over my shirt to find my nipples, and he began to rub them. The he undid the shirt and ran his hands up and down my front and back.

I could feel the leather on his legs up against me. His voice was soft but firm. "You like that don't you, Rangerman? You like the feel of a guy sucking your dick. Now pull it out and whip his face. He loves that. Yea, that's it, cock whip that little slut. You're having a good time, a very good time. Now let his suck it some more." The boy grabbed my ass cheeks and began to pull them apart and The Count rubbed up and down by back, lower and lower. I felt him rubbing his finger up my ass crack and then some moisture, some cream or lotion.

"What the hell? None of that."

"Just a finger fuck, Rangerman, just a finger fuck. It's a great turn on. Take another hit from the pipe, and enjoy." I felt one finger go in and then another. It was another strange sensation but I was so far gone I didn't care. I was ready to cum but each time I got there the boy sensed it and pulled off to suck my balls and lick my legs. Then I felt something else coming into my ass. The boy grabbed by ass cheeks and pulled them apart, swallowed my cock and held it with his mouth.

The Count rapped his arms around me held me. "No, damn it. Don't fuck me, you bastard, don't fuck me." "In for a penny, in for a pound, Rangerman. This is what you really want and The Count is going to give it to you. I'm going to fuck your cherry ass and make a real man out of you." I could feel the first thrust and knew his cock head was in. The pain was terrible but when he then pushed it all the way in I felt something else, a wave of pleasure came up from my ass all through my body. He pulled out and came in again and the movement was wonderful.

"Tell me you like it, Rangerman. Tell me how much you like being fucked."

"I . . . I like it."

"No, Rangerman, tell us both how much you like it. Say I loved being fucked, say it loud. Yell it, I love being fucked." I did as he told me.

I yelled it, "I love being fucked."

"Now yell, I want to be fucked again and again."

"I want to be fucked again and again."

Now yell, I'm gay and I want to suck and fuck for the rest of my life.

"I'm gay and I want to suck and fuck for the rest of my life."

He was moving fast inside me and I could feel his cock grow even bigger. The boy was moving faster and fast on my cock, and then we both came at the same minute. I could feel him shoot his load deep inside me, I loved it. And I came and came and came again, jet after jet of jism going deep into the boy's mouth and throat.

He started to pull out and then I could feel something else going up into my now vacant tunnel. "It's a butt plug, Rangerman. It will keep my cum deep inside you until get back to your station. And then you can use it to fuck yourself. And you will use it, because you like being fucked. You like being fucked more than anything you have ever done. You and I are going to see a lot more of each other, and I'm going to have your ass over and over again. And Rangerman, everything you yelled was true and you know it."

Then he turned around and said, "Did you get it all?" Another voice answered, "Every fuckin minute. You were great, Count. That's one of the best videos I've ever filmed." I turned to see another two guys, video cameras in hand, both dressed in leather as well.

"Video? What do you mean video?" I was thunderstruck. The Count smiled, "You're a gay porn star, Rangerman. You are the centerpiece of a new hot video, that will be seen by thousands of men. Just think of it, all those guys jerking off at the sight of your ass being fucked. You're a star."

"No, you can't do that. I'll buy it from you. How much do you want? Any amount? You can't show that video to anyone."

"Oh, I think we can. And with your dad running for senate, we may have to."

I couldn't believe it. "You know who I am. How?" The Count said my name. Then he added, "Now get the fuck out of here, Rangerman. You'll be hearing from me." I pulled on my pants and moved slowly to the truck. I was stoned from the pot, exhausted from the sex, and scared to death by the video. But I knew The Count was right about a couple of things. I would see him again, and everything I had yelled was true. What I didn't know was how much this day would change many, many lives.