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Frat Slut


submitted April 9, 1999

Categories: College Days, College Days

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This story is based on true experiences but fictionalized to protect the innocent. It is intended for reading only by adults. It took place before current crises, but only a fool today would have unprotected sex.

Attending a small liberal arts college in a rural Midwestern town far from the city is not a wise move for the young, gay male, but, unfortunately, I followed the scholarship and financial aid. Staying closeted seemed essential on a campus where everyone knew everything about everyone. After one fine experience with a senior roommate, my campus sexual experiences were limited to my own fantasies and a strong right hand.

It was one of those "dead" weekends when everyone with money goes home and I was stuck on campus alone and with nothing to do. I moped around the room all evening alone, had stripped down to my shorts, and was crawling into bed when there came a knock at the door. When I opened it, I couldn't believe what I saw standing there...it looked like a creature from a third rate horror movie. Then I saw that under the "goop" was Robbie, my landlord's son from early in my freshman year. We had been good friends even though he was the classic jock and I was a skinny nerd.

Robbie was nude...but not really, I guess. His naked body was covered with paint, glue, feathers, powders, oils, etc. His ass was bruised a bright red. He looked as if he were about to pass out. "I was initiated into the Kappas tonight, "he said. " I can't go home like this; my old lady would kill me. Can you help me? Can I stay here?"

Of course he could! I helped him into the room and he flopped down on my bed. My roommate was an art student so we had all sorts of solvents in the room. I began to work on Robbie's once beautiful body. He was over six feet tall and had the equipment of a lazy athlete: beautiful natural build that didn't show the definition of a gym rat. His hair was a sandy blond; his eyes a pale blue and his dick an absolute marvel: it looked like the tight virginal meat of a young boy but everyone knew that he had fucked every girl in town even before starting college.

I worked for several hours cleaning the mess off of him, and it was 2:00 A.M. when I finally led him into the gang showers down the hall. He was still pretty drunk from the alcohol they had forced him to drink and didn't seem to notice my erection as I eagerly washed every square inch of his body. I was so happy that I had been able to save the triangle of hair in the center of his chest that he was so proud of and that his abundant pubic hair was soft and glue free. I was so excited at the touch of him that I had reached a climax before we left the shower. I put him to bed and he slept immediately.

It was early on Saturday morning when I awakened. He was lying on his back sound asleep. A sheet covered him from the waist down. I sat up in my roommate's bed and looked lustfully at his long, beautiful body. As I yearned to touch it, I thought I saw a tenting under the sheet. I slipped as silently as possible from my bed and knelt beside his. The outline of that amazing penis was obvious under the sheet and it most certainly was erect. A morning piss hard-on, no doubt.

My heart was pounding as I deftly slipped my hand under the sheet looking constantly at his face for a sign of wakefulness. My fingers reached his hairy thigh. I hesitated for a moment and then moved very slowly higher. Soon my whole hand was on his golf-ball sized testicles. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but having gone this far, I had to complete the mission. I raised my hand to the now fully erect and throbbing cock.

I had been focused for several minutes on the progress of my subterranean hand, so when I looked at his face again and saw him grinning ear to ear, his blue eyes sparkling with laughter, I panicked.

"Hey, professor, it's okay," he chuckled. "Hell, I've known you were queer from the first day we met. Can't let a little cocksucking come between old buddies. Go ahead and play with it if you like it. It's about the only part of me that doesn't hurt this morning."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing but my own brains were in my cock that morning too. I lifted the sheet and began to very gently caress the length of his strong body. I ran my fingers over his erect nipples, his firm stomach muscles and down to his cock, which fully erect was so much longer and thicker and tightly circumcised than I had ever imagined. I fondled him all over for such a long time drunk with the sheer ecstasy of something I never thought could happen.

"Look, professor. We're gonna need to get some breakfast before long. I've never done this before, and what you're doing feels great, but I hear tell you guys are pretty good with your mouths too."

I began to kiss him gently around the neck and chest and when I had reached the throbbing mushroom-sized head, I licked it like an all day sucker. He moaned and began to thrust from the pelvis. I licked the length of the shaft and then his balls until he was thrusting with his whole body and crying, "Eat me, kid. Eat me"

I took his entire manhood into my mouth and throat and let him fuck my face with everything he had. When he came, I thought I would drown in the delicious man milk that spurted down my throat.

As I lay with my face on his thigh, he ran his fingers through my hair. "How about going out and getting us some food?" he said. "I ain't got no clothes, but I don't think I'll need any if I spend the rest of the weekend here. You want me to leave?"

We had a great weekend. I fed and bathed him. I made mad passionate love to everything on his body. Eventually I found some sweats that he could wear home and he and I had made a pact. He was dating a girl who attended another school and drove there every other week. In between, he needed "relief" and thought that we could make a great "team." However, since he couldn't think of any reason to be seen with me, we would have to engage in a little subterfuge. The story was only beginning. Neither of us realize how far it would go!

* * * * *

Our clandestine meetings the next few months are funny now that I recall them. He would pass me on campus and mutter something like: "Meet me at Oak and Pine at nine tonight."

I would show up at the appointed time and place with the hood on my parka providing a disguise. He'd appear in his beat up pick-up truck and off we'd go to a rural dirt road to park. At first he was very hesitant. He'd gingerly open his fly, whip out his dick and say, "Suck it quick." But before long he realized that this wasn't as satisfying as the first time had been. Soon his pants were down around his ankles and his shirt unbuttoned. He loved the attention my mouth gave to his whole body. He even got daring enough to strip completely there in the truck. The more he had, the more he wanted. Sex was absolutely the driving force in his life. Sometimes in his passion he'd call me Marianne, the girl at the private girl's college he was now pinned to.

Early the next fall on the second anniversary of the three day holiday weekend on which my freshman roommate and I had discovered each other's potential, I was once again spending a lonely weekend in the dorm. Suddenly the door opened and there stood Robbie drunk as a lord. We never met in the dorm because it was too dangerous, but very few students were there that weekend.

His pants tented out in front of him as he started immediately to pull his shirt over his head and kick out of his shoes. He dropped his pants on the floor and flopped onto the bed saying, "I was just having a few drinks when I got a hard-on; so naturally I thought of you."

I was so horny that I ripped off the sweat pants that were all I was wearing and all but flew between his legs. I ate my way down his body to where I could run my tongue around the rim of his cockhead and fluttered it over his piss slit. I licked the shaft only once when he was so hot that he grabbed my head, thrust his pelvis rhythmically forward and eagerly fucked my face as I reached around and worked my fingers into his asshole, something I found drove him crazy.

In just a couple of minutes the load of joy juice shot down my throat and he went limp, overcome by the booze. I was red hot. I got up my nerve and lifted his powerful thighs in the air anchoring his legs over my shoulders. I worked my fingers into his pucker and he began to thrust his pelvis again. I had only done this once before in my life, two years earlier. I eased my prick into his asshole and began to fuck him! It was sensational and I could not restrain myself. Too quickly I shot my wad in his ass.

As I withdrew and let him fall sleeping to the bed, I suddenly became aware that we were not alone in the room. I had forgotten to lock the door! The lights were turned on and I saw two guys in the doorway. My heart sank to my stomach and I felt that I was before a firing squad.

The two guys were Gene DiCarlo, president of Robbie's fraternity, and his sidekick Red Yessi, both football players. Gene was an extremely intelligent, talented but very macho Italian with black curly hair on his head arms and chest. Red was the only Italian I had ever met who had red hair on his head and almost none anywhere else. I had admired and lusted after both bodies many times in the gym. Red's eyes were wide and he was dancing around and holding on to his cock like a little kid who had to go to the bathroom.

Robbie was only half awake when Gene began talking and explained that the "brothers" felt that Robbie had been holding out on them and that no secrets where allowed in the fraternity. So they had been following him for weeks. Now it was time for "punishment."

"Can I do it now? Please? I can't hold back much longer," begged Red. Gene told him to go ahead. In seconds Red was standing before me naked. I looked at his beautiful, white, smooth skin. His cock wasn't large; it was a cut six inches at most...the kind I really liked to work on. (It's always nice to work on a penis that's big enough to know you've got a man but small enough that you can handle all of it easily.) I dropped to my knees and looked over at Gene, the boss.

"What are you waiting for? Let's see what you can do," he said as he leaned against the wall, macho hairy arms folded across his chest.

I was very eager, but I started slowly by caressing his thighs as I kissed his dickhead. Then I licked his balls as he screamed, "Suck it. Suck it! I gotta come!" I took his meat in my mouth and as I swallowed it in whipped my tongue all over it which drove him wild. Soon his pelvis was gyrating as I grabbed the beautiful cheeks of his ass and worked my fingers around to his butthole. By the time I had reached his prostate he was thrusting and moaning like a madman. Seven spurts of milky liquid man flowed down my throat and he said, "Do me some more. I want some more."

"Come on, Red," said Gene,"it's only a blow job. You couldn't have been that horny."

"No girl ever sucked my dick like that," he said. "I don't think any of them really knew how it could feel. That was the greatest. Get Robbie out of that bed. I'm moving in for the night."

"Well, maybe I should sample his technique before I pronounce my punishment," Gene said as he ran his hand over his basket. He checked the lock on the door and then, while still leaning his body against the door opened his fly and pulled his flaccid but truly ample meat from its confinement. I knelt before him and took the gorgeous cut prick into my mouth. I love the feel of a man getting hard in my mouth. I ran my tongue under his foreskin and quickly whipped my tongue around his huge cockhead as it swelled in my mouth. As I started to suck him, I ran my hands up and down his legs and over his butt. Soon he started to thrust and I knew I had him. I deftly unfastened his pants and let them fall around his ankles. Slowly I pulled his briefs down timing their passage past his cock to coincide with my withdrawing to lean in to suck on his balls. Soon I had my hands all over his hairy chest and ass and felt myself coming involuntarily on the floor. This was getting to be a habit!

When he had climaxed, he swiftly pulled himself together and announced that the brothers couldn't blame Robbie for "getting a little" between dates but only for not sharing. He said that from now on unless I wanted them to advertise what I had done here tonight all over the campus I would have to be the fraternity slut. I would be allowed to service no one but the Kappas but I had to service any brother any time they asked and in any way they asked.

This was said sternly and with lots of macho growls and hoots. But all three Kappas had seconds that night before they left and I fought back jumping with joy. I wonder if they knew that telling me I would have to service all the guys at the Kappa house was like telling a kid that his punishment was to be locked in a candy store and had to eat his way out! My last two years of college were a cocksucker's fantasy come true as I reveled in being the !

I can be reached at jimteacher@hotmail.com

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