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Fucking My Little Brother

By Mr. Stiff

submitted February 17, 1998

Categories: Family Fun

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I am your typical looking guy, 6'1", 190lbs, dirty blonde hair with blue eyes. Others would label me bisexual because I fuck both sexes. I look at it this way. I don't label myself. It is simple. I love sex and when I'm horny, I fuck. I fuck men, woman, or myself, if no one is available. If I'm horny and there is a queer fucker around, he gets fucked. If there is a horny woman around, she gets the cock. If neither, a good fist fuck is in order.

I have been eyeing Tony, my little brother Joe's friend for sometime. He does for me what few have done for me. The first time I saw him I was horny and I wanted his bubble but right away. He is a cute Italian boy, 19 years old and about 6'- 180lbs, black hair, brown eyes, and a nice bubble but. The kind that would suck my cock up into it. As far as I know, he is into chicks, but he I wanted his but, and I usually get the ass I want.

My little brother Joe and him hang out all the time. Joe is very cute, black hair, 6'175lbs. Joe has a great body, but he is my brother. We fooled around in our early teens but never fucked.

I decided I would make the move on Tony this weekend. My parents were going out of town. I set it up with Joe and Tony to have a party, the three of us. Beer and porno flicks. They were into it.

Friday came and we did the drinking thing and I worked up the beer on Tony real good. Joe was drinking, but not as fast as I would like. Finally, Joe suggested we hit the pool to cool off, but Tony wanted to watch the flick. I decided to stay with Tony. When I hear Joe splash in the pool and I decided to go for it. Tony had a good package of alcohol in him, so I could deny it if he was into it. I said to him "Tony, you got a great body, and your ass has to be the greatest I've seen in a long time, would you mind if I fucked it"?

I was surprised when he responded, "no problem, but your brother Can't find out, he will get pissed at me if I fuck around on him".

I was shocked, Tony was ? Sure was. I said to Tony, "Come to my room tonight when Joey goes to sleep". Tony agreed but he told me he would have to fuck little brother first. That was cool.

We went to bed at about midnight, and around 1:10 AM, Tony came in, nude. I was hard before he reached my bed. He went down on me and began to suck my dick. I told him in simple terms :Tony, you going suck, then I going to fuck you bubble but". He moaned and sucked on.

After a minute or two, I was ready to move on his hole. I turned on his face on my bed, pulled he but up in the air and buried my mouth on his hole. I rimmed him to the point he was moaning like a cheap whore. He begged me to fuck him, so I accommodated his need.

I pushed the head of my 8" dick against his hole, then I grabbed him near his waist and thigh and pushed hard, I was in. He tried with all his strength the get away from my meat to ease the pain, but I am a pro at preventing escape from the initial pain. I feel the best when I let my fuck boys know who is in charge. He begged me "easy it hurts, let me take some out". I told him "Not a chance bubble butt, my meat is only going deeper".

Just then, little brother turned on my bedroom light. he yelled at Tony "get the fuck up you bitch".

I told Joey "look bro, I'm sorry about fucking your hole but I had to ". Joe was pissed but he changed his tune when I asked him to help. He said what ? "I said grab his arms, he is trying to get away some, but lets let your little tight bubble butt know who's house he is in". Joe got hard, and he helped. We fucked Tony hard. I finished, pumping a serious load into his ass. Then Joe jumped on. Joe liked to fuck him slow, but I would get his goat up by reminding him of what I was doing to his tight ass Tony, then he would pound his 7' prick into him. Tony was hurting but I could tell, he wasn't sorry about being there.

Joe let his load go into Tony, I said to Tony "There boy, you got brotherly love in you". Then to my surprise, Joe flipped into the doggie position and said, "Hey big brother, how bout filling little bro with some meat"?

For a second I felt NO No No !, then as usual, my cock did the thinking and I was on Joey like a cat on a mouse. I fucked him with brotherly love. Not the way I filled Tony's hole, I was firm with my kid brother, but gentle enough to show him my love. For the first time in my life, I was fucking someone I loved, my little brother.

"Do big bro, I love it, fill me with your meat".

I did, then it was juice time. I asked Joey if he wanted my load and he said "No not in me, on my back". Just then I decided little brother needed to know big brother was calling the shots. I firmed my grip up on him and told him "Joey, your taking my load in the ass". he tried to squirm, no luck, I dropped my load. When I was finished I got this guilty feeling inside, I rolled over and went to sleep.

When I woke the next morning, Tony was gone, but Joey was sleeping next to me. I didn't know what to say to him when he woke, I still felt guilty, but that soon when away when Joey grabbed my meat and began to suck it. From that point on, Joey and I fucked the weekend away. Tony called and stopped over but we didn't let him join in on our family love affair.

Joey and I now fuck every chance I get. Don't worry, Tony gets a piece now and then.