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Gang Bang The Leader!

By cicero

submitted April 21, 2000

Categories: Hypnosis

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This is a work of fiction and does not endorse unsafe or non consensual adult sexual encounters!


His name was Duarte and he was the leader of a Latino gang of gay bashers in the neighborhood. For the last two years he and ‘his boys’ had been running around the area beating up anyone who they felt was ‘less than a man’. Duarte was the worst, he would stroll along the blocks till he saw a prospect then, he would ‘cruise’ the guy to see if he got a reaction. Standing at 5’11’’ with 165 lbs of sculpted defined muscularity, honey toned skin that exuded sexual heat, a butt that curved tight round and firmly packed, a face so handsome it caused everyone to stare in lust, and set off by eyes that seemed to smolder--- he was hard to ignore. The poor guys he set his sights on always bit and usually ended up in some alley beaten up to a pulp by Duarte and too scared to press charges.

I overheard him bragging to his ‘boys’ about both the bashings and his sexual prowess one day while I was sitting in the next booth of the neighborhood diner.

“Got to try virgins guys,” he laughed, “nothing like feeling them cherries pop on you. Them bitches squirm when my 10 incher drives it home.” He boasted.

“ Nothing a bitch likes more than a real man riding her guys. And this guy is all man not like them punk faggots moaning like a whore for a guy. I make them pay all right for thinking they could get me to bend over for them!”

His ‘boys’ nodded in agreement.

I decided right then that someone had to teach this macho guy a needed lesson. I waited till one night when I knew that his ‘boys’ would be unavailable for a bit of time. I saw Duarte cruising for his ‘hunt’ and made sure he saw me walk by and give him a once-over. He flashed a grin that was seductive. I nodded back and signaled my interest and for him to meet me in the nearby alley. He smiled and followed me into the deserted alley.

Once we were there I turned to face him.

“You want it huh”, he whispered as he massaged his crotch suggestively.

He fixed me with a steady look, locking on his eyes on mine.

“Yeah you know you do. You faggots are all alike,” he smirked with all the arrogance that comes with being 22 years old and sure of his untouchable straight masculinity. He gazed at me trying to stare me down but, what he didn’t know, was that eye contact was what I needed! I kept my eyes firmly on his.

“What are you staring at faggot”, he growled in surprise as I refused to drop my eyes in humiliation.

“You look scared man”, I answered in a steady monotone while

I gazed deeper into his eyes. “Like you’re the one afraid to look me in the eyes?”

“What the fuck...”, he replied in confusion ; now he couldn’t be the first to break eye connection for fear he look weak.

“I can see it man,” I continued,” look deep in my eyes you can see the reflection of your fear.”

“Reflection...fear a pansy...” he responded driving his vision deeper into mine as I’d hope.

“Look deep man,” I repeatedly suggested over and over again as our eyes stayed riveted on each other . He gazed intently, the minutes passed, all the while my voice urging his ego on to keep eye contact. His smug self-assurance leading him into my trap. After a few more moments he felt it.

“What the fuck ...is happin..” , he slurred as his eyelids fluttered. I could feel him drifting into my hypnotic control.

“What’s the matter stud ,” I teased confidently now.

“Feeling funny...tats all...” he muttered.

“I’m slipping into your mind Duarte”, I stated.

“Slippen.... in...” he moaned . “ What are you doing to...meeeee...” his voiced trailing off.

“Relax stud its ok,” I chuckled. I could see him swaying now; his body relaxing ; his arms dropping to his sides. Almost there !

“Wath..goin....onnnnnn,” he mumbled helplessly. “Feelin.... tho....funny”.

“No, you feel so warm now right.” I encouraged as I walked up to him getting so close that I filled his vision with my eyes.

Duarte blinked while his pupils began to lose their focus.

“Breathe in and out and feel the relaxation fill your body”. I whispered.

Duarte began to deeply inhale and exhale in a steady pattern, his tightly muscled chest rising and falling gulping in air and overloading his brain with enough oxygen to induce a giddiness that would help me take control of this Latin homeboy. Duarte’s infamous ‘smoldering brown eyes’ were growing duller by the second. He was going under. I was taking him down!

“Now, close your eyes. You feel so sleepy now... Duarte !”

“Thleep...yeath ....tired..” his eyes gradually closed as he let out a sigh --- macho boy was drifting out of it .After a few seconds he was out like a light still sucking in air-- flooding his brain -- overdosing it with excess oxygen and making it susceptible for my work.

I stroked his cheek running my fingers along that finely cut jaw line , tracing his lips. He was a beauty all right.

“Lets see if you can kiss hombre” I chuckled as I bent over to taste him. “Show me how you do it huh”. Duarte’s mouth

opened ,our lips locked while his warm tongue probed my throat in a sensual display of heat. The faggot hater was deep throating his first guy real fine! I had won, this Latino stallion was under my total command.

I reluctantly broke off the embrace .As he stood before me I

planned my next moves. It was going to be a long night for this boy toy.

“Hear me stud?” I asked. He nodded.

“Now you’re going to do as I say got it!”

“Yeath ...do as you thay...” he murmured.

“Open your eyes asshole.” I commanded. Duarte’s eyes opened. His pupils were totally dilated. Yep this gang banger was zonked but good.

Time for some exploring .I reached over and slipped my hand

down his pants getting a nice grip on that 10 inches of prime Latin meat. It felt good, a nice thick tube that was uncut and, judging by my touch ,attached to a set of hefty Spanish nuts.

Plenty of time for that later I decided as I withdrew my hand and fondled the rest of Duarte’s soon to be deflowered physique. I lifted his shirt up, his chest was tight with hard, smooth, well developed pecs that were crowned by the most luscious pair of reddish brown nipples I had ever seen-- all tapering down to one fantastic six pack! I reached behind my zapped stud muffin to caress his bubble butt. It felt warm and inviting so I let my fingers probe between his cheeks till they found his cherry hole.

As I tickled that virginal chute Duarte’s body 'quaked' as a new zone of pleasure was being opened in his inner brain. Time to bring home my prize I decided!

“Follow me asshole ,” I barked as I let his shirt drop back down, “ I’ve got an apartment with teaching props all ready for you. Tonight a few lessons for the big tough straight gang leader. Oh yeah, as you walk put a little feminine sway in it ok”. He dully signaled his agreement.

I turned as he followed, his hips swaying in a girlish wiggle. I smiled to myself as we went to my apartment seeing the neighborhood denizens gasping at macho Duarte’s new walk. It was going to be a great night for some cherry picking!

to be continued.............?

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