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Gay Super Hero Fantasies 3 : Punk Superheroes

By frans

submitted December 14, 2000

Categories: Super Heroes

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A twelve episodes long story, the follow-up of "Captain Invulnerable" and "Too much to handle"

The involvement of other superheroes is spreading out and the super villains are becoming more dangerous every day.

Punk Super Heroes, part 1

Skeleton decided to go to the Metropolis Wrestling Arena himself without the help of the Hero-destroyer. He had taken an improved power pill and he had the Kryptonite-rope with him. He was sure he could beat that punk super hero. Only minutes before midnight he reached the main hall and the square circle where Captain Invulnerable had found out he wasn't as invulnerable as he had always thought.

Skeleton hid the ropes in a small lead box, not to be X-rayed by Superboy. Now he only had to wait for him. He was sure Superboy was no match for him. He was too clever for this boy.

Fifteen minutes later still no Superboy around. At one o'clock Skeleton was mad as hell. What was this Superboy thinking? Skeleton surely hated someone to not keep ones promises. And this Superboy surely had not.

Already figuring out plans to make Superboy pay dearly for this, he left the building again to go back to their main hideout.

While Skeleton waited for Superboy to arrive at the Arena he didn't know that he was not alone. The Cobra, another super villain had decided to go there at midnight too. He slowly slipped through the dark skylight of the wrestling arena. As he slowly emerged down from the darkened ceiling of the auditorium in his skintight blue and black costume, he soon became aware that the match between the Hero-destroyer and the punk hero Superboy was cancelled. He was surprised not to see the Hero-destroyer there, but his aid Dr Skeleton. Not knowing what was going on, he was angered a lot. He had intended to enjoy seeing the blue and red spandex-clad superhero be totally humiliated and defeated by the Hero-destroyer. And of course, he would be ready to quickly step through the ropes if Superboy somehow got the upper hand on the Big Hero-destroyer.

"To sink my fangs into the Boy's cocky red tights would have injected the Superboy with a lethal dose of Kryptonite laced venom, totally paralyzing him in seconds. Well next time", the Cobra thought to himself.

As he left the auditorium through the locker room a photographer quickly managed to get the first ever shot of the Cobra without his mask. Only the next day the Cobra found out his picture had been taken without him wearing the mask when a message appeared in the daily newspaper announcing the next message:





The same night when Skeleton went to the Arena, The Hero-destroyer was ready to make an end to the career of the Hunter. The superhero however had been able to escape the claws of the Hero-destroyer and was now facing three super powered villains. .

The almost naked young man only clad in pink briefs decided to make a run for it although he still thought himself to be a superhero. He had been too long in these shackles. He feels a bit weak. A fight against three super powered henchmen would surely be a very brave but foolish decision. But as he made his first move for a hasty retreat, it was the Hero-destroyer himself who reacted. He had grabbed a whip from the wall and with it he lashed it across the room, wrapping around the Hunters legs and knocking him to the floor.

"Leaving so soon? I don't think so! "

While saying that he started pulling in the whip and in doing so causing the body of the Hunter to be dragged towards him like a fish on dry land. It was an extreme sexual sight to see this squirming hero only clad in his tight pink briefs to be towed across the floor. The Destroyer got a hard one again. The Hunter thinks quickly however and realizes he has to count on his heightened speed and agility to try and escape both the whip and the beholder of this whip, the Destroyer. He only has one chance, because when these three henchmen get their hands on him, he is definitely outnumbered still being a bit weakened.

In a flash Hunter grabs the part of the whip close to his ankles. He gives a yank as hard as he can. This sudden move makes the Destroyer loose his grip on the whip. Hunter jumps up and frees himself from it. Then by outmaneuvering the three henchmen like a football-player on the field he reaches the door, speeds through it and heads for the exit. The villains go after him but the Hunter's speed is supernatural, not quite like that of the Flash, but fast enough to be able to get out of the building and into the night. The Destroyer is left behind in the door opening cursing everyone around him. For minutes he is mad beyond belief.

Skeleton reached the lair about an hour after he had left the Wrestling Arena. Still mad about the fact he couldn't get his hands on that damned Supershit he got behind his computer right away and sent out a message for Superboy demanding an answer for why he had failed to appear, especially after he himself had picked out the place and time for them to meet.

It was only the next morning Skeleton found out what had happened between the Hunter and the Hero-destroyer. He knew it was the Destroyer's fetish for sexual contacts with fallen superheroes in spandex; the Hunter could have gotten away. He also heard from the explosive escape from the Tempest. All that together with the not showing up of Superboy and Superlycra, Skeleton, with good reason, concluded it hadn't been a too great night for them.

Early next morning the Hero-destroyer received a message from a new villain. This one called himself the Cobra. He proposed to help the Destroyer in defeating all Super-Punk Heroes in spandex. He writes his most powerful weapons are his venomous fangs: "One bite through super spandex into muscle will cancel out any superhero's powers. " The Hero-destroyer gladly accepts this help. In doing so however he doesn't know he joins forces with a villain who was even prepared to get rid of the Destroyer himself, if needed. Only Skeleton had his doubts. For now he also accepted the Cobra's presence.

Punk Super Heroes, part 2

The Cobra has joined the gang of the Hero-destroyer in defeating all Super-Punk Heroes in spandex. His most powerful weapon are his venomous fangs: "One bite through super spandex and into muscle will cancel out any superhero's powers. " The Hero-destroyer gladly accepts this help, only Skeleton had his doubts. For now he also accepts the Cobra's presence. He knows this figure can't be trusted for even a second. From now on he has to watch his back constantly.

It's been a few days now.

After not showing up at the fight in the Arena nobody has heard of Superboy since. Has something happened to the boy? Is he still alive? Nobody knows. The Cobra, having joined the Destroyer's gang, only to get his revenge on Superboy or the Tempest, gets more frustrated as days pass by. He needs to get his fangs into a superhero soon or he will go mad

The Hunter also looks to be vanished from the streets. After his humiliating escape from the Destroyer's lair only clad in pinks trunks the Hunter searched his way home avoiding every contact. Only hours later he reached his save flat. It was time for reflection. Never before had he been beaten so completely. He knew he was on the verge of becoming a grown-up superhero and with that came greater super villains. Did the Hunter have the power to stand up against the likes of the Hero-destroyer, Dr Skeleton, the Naked Villain and the Cobra? He even did not have his beloved green costume anymore in which he gladly watched and touched himself in a mirror. Did he have to force the Destroyer to give up HIS costume? But then, how...? Or, did he have to make himself another costume?

Although both Superboy and the Hunter had disappeared Garry Christopher alias Superlycra had been doing a lot of investigations. The night the fight at the Arena had to take place, he himself was at the Arena too. Staying in the dark, he watched Skeleton wait for the Boy of Steel to appear. After being there a while he saw something move at the other side of the hall. It was a blue and dark clad figure.

"The Cobra! What is he doing here?" Superlycra asked himself.

He decided to stay and watch the things that were about to happen. He knew the powers of this Cobra. Whenever these two villains would outnumber Superboy, he himself would jump into the ring to give aid to his friend.

Nothing happened though and after Skeleton decided to leave the building Superlycra followed the man hoping he would get back to the lair of the Hero-destroyer. He was lucky. Knowing the place of their hideout he could plan a surprise attack to stop these two before they could do real harm. They already had devastated his apartment. They had to be stopped.

So, a few days later Superlycra decided it was time to end the careers of both HD and Skeleton.

That evening when Skeleton checked his electronic mail he thought it was important enough to call HD.

"Look here, Scrumm. I have received two messages from superheroes we haven't encountered yet."

"Let me see. Who are they ? ", HD eagerly reacted.

"He calls himself Wonderman. Look what he writes : "

"I am coming after you Destroyer to take you down once and for all. I am a superhero and I will bring you to justice. You can't defeat me ! "

"That word "coming", is that a slip of his finger or is it a slip of his twisted mind", the Destroyer asked with glowing eyes.

Skeleton didn't answer. He knew what Scrumm was thinking about. He really liked this attitude of his friend. He himself was more a voyeur than an actor himself.

"What do you know about this guy", the Destroyer asked.

"Well, his costume consists of red knee high shiny leather boots and he wears a a mask like that of Captain America. The top of his body is covered in red spandex with a yellow "W" across both his chest and lower extremities. He wears star spangled briefs similar to the one Wonder Woman wears."

"Oh, that's a bummer! ", Scrumm reacted a bit disappointed. "That has to go!!! "

"He also wears a golden belt. "

"How can I get him where I want him? "

"I know he has ONE weakness. When he is spread-eagle and forced to cum his powers are drained. When this cumming happens several times within an hour it may even kill him. "

"Only once before Wonderman has been nearly killed. It was against The Sperminator about half a year ago.

She had defeated him with a poisoned spray. I've heard he came at least for or five times within the hour. It must have been awesome and only because of the interference of Captain Marvel he survived this woman. "

"A woman?! This Superhero beaten by a woman! "

"And what about the second message! "

"Robin has answered us! "

"WHOOOOHAHAHAHAA ", Yelled the Hero-destroyer. The Boy Wonder was one of his favorite superheroes. He had always dreamt of playing with that gorgeous young body. He already dreamt about caressing his body all over, his neck, his chest and his buttocks covered in that shiny spandex. Superboy AND Robin together tight up. His cock began to grow rapidly. He imagined the two boys tight up back-to-back squirming to get themselves free, what -of course- would turn out to be impossible for them to do.

Skeleton proceeded: "He wrote: This is the Boy Wonder. Did someone challenge me? Let me pull up my tights and hop on my cycle - who wants a piece of me? "

"I do, I do, "HD yelled a bit out of control. "Answer him and lure him into a trap, soon. I will finish him off myself quickly "

At that same moment a figure entered the room behind them without making a sound. When he saw both the Hero-destroyer and Dr Skeleton bent over the computer he slammed the door. Both men jumped up, turned around and stood face-to-face to the superhero Superlycra.

"WHAT.... WHERE..... What are...... ", The Destroyer tried to speak out.

"Your days are numbered! ", Superlycra said in a tranquil voice.

As soon as the Hero-destroyer had regained his words he replied: "Do you really think you can beat me on my own terrain, do you?."

"I already did with all your henchmen squirming around here "

"The Hero-destroyer is another league, Superlycra. You won't be leaving this room anymore, I tell you that? "

Barely having spoken out these words the Hero-destroyer jumps forward and with a high kick surprises their spandex-clad guest. Superlycra stumbles backwards and hits the wall hard.

Punk Super Heroes, part 3

The Hero-destroyer has two new superheroes on his list for causing their ultimate downfall: Wonderman and Robin. Especially Robin, the Boy wonder, is high on the Destroyer's list. At that moment however, Superlycra entered the hide-out of the Destroyer. Soon after a fight between the superhero and the Destroyer begins.

After having barely spoken out these words the Hero-destroyer jumped forward and with a high kick surprised their spandex-clad guest. Superlycra stumbled backwards and hit the wall hard. He fortunately regained his wits quickly, but this surprise attack made his confidence crumbles a bit. This Hero-destroyer was more powerful then he ever had expected. He had to trust on his own superpowers to battle this out. He attacked and hit the Destroyer on both head and stomach. The villain bent over giving Superlycra the chance to hit the man with his left knee.

"Don't you think all superheroes fight fair ", Superlycra stated while grabbing the Destroyer between his legs and so lifting him up from the floor making him defenseless. A few seconds later the green spandex-clad super villain lay between a pile of dirt.

"... and I see you're wearing something that doesn't belong to you !"

The Destroyer got on his feet again.

"Yes and the former owner has ceased to exist."

Superlycra attacked again but this time the Destroyer was too quickly for him. The man ducked underneath the attacker and with a huge kick between his shoulders, the hero flew across the room losing his balance and hitting the corner side of a big iron rack with his shoulder. Superlycra thought he heard something snap. The pain was almost unbearable and his left arm became numb. The Destroyer, a skilled fighter, didn't stop for a second and grabbed the hurt arm of Superlycra. The man screamed it out. And only HD was enjoying the fight at this moment. Bending the hero's arm over and over again, he didn't give him a second to recuperate. The powerful hero lay on his stomach on the floor with the Destroyer on top of him bending the hurt arm backwards.

In spite of the pain Superlycra realised that his position in the fight was far from save with that Skeleton figure nearby. The danger of a quick and fatal attack on him was more then a possibility. He had to break free. With all of his superpowers he turned around underneath the villain, tearing loose his arm and knocking the Destroyer off of him. He managed to get on his feet again.

While this fight got on it was the Cobra who was roaming the alleys near the harbour again. He hoped to find a trace of Superboy or the Tempest. At first there was nothing he could discover. There where a few minor criminals on the loose but that didn't interest the villain much. This situation would change quickly when in a flash a red and blue figure fell from the sky: Superboy. It was clear the boy was after these small criminals. The boxes they were loading contained heavy weapons. Within two minutes the six men were tight up while the Boy of Steel destroyed the weapons.

"So! And now you guys are going to make a social visit with the police! ", Superboy stated. While Superboy was preparing for the flight to the policestation the Cobra decided to step forward.

"Hello, Superboy! "

Superboy turned around quickly. Ten meters from him stood a blue and black figure he had never seen before.

"Who are you? ", he asked.

"I am the Cobra! "

"What do you want from me?" the boy asked. He wanted to leave with his captives. Didn't like to talk for a long time.

"I have been looking for you the last few days! Where the hell have you been hiding so long! "

"Had some business out of town. But why do you want to know? "

"I hoped to meet you in the Arena, about five days ago. You were not there!"

"Yes. I remember but even I can't be in two places at the same time"

"I know you had arranged a fight with the Hero-destroyer. You chickened out!"

"No! I didn't. I explained to you I ...."

"Words! Only words! In my circles men are judged by their actions, not by there words."

Superboy felt anger coming up.

"I will make a new deal with you, tomorrow night same time, same place. Be there! "

Before Superboy could react the Cobra already had vanished into the dark again. The superhero had no interest to follow the dark figure. His main goal now was to get rid of the six criminals.

During this first encounter between the Cobra and Superboy the fight between the Destroyer and Superlycra had taken a bad turn for the villain. Superlycra tossed around with the bruised Destroyer. But again the Destroyer showed his enormous recovering ability. The now confident Superlycra wanted to end the fight by tying up the Destroyer. While he was searching for some rope, he didn't watch Skeleton who still was in the room somewhere. In an inattentive moment Skeleton came into action. He snatched the small device from a table and pressed the large red button on it. Within a split second Superlycra was surrounded by a large piece of dark blue lycra cloth and before he even realised it, the lycra started shrinking around his muscular body. He desperately tried to outmaneuver the cloth but he was too late already. The lycra formed a body bag around Superlycra's body, every second shrinking even more, making it even harder for Superlycra to make a move.

Both Skeleton and the Hero-destroyer were standing next to the still moving body bag. They already congratulated each other with this unsuspected catch. The movements of Superlycra in the body bag decreased. His super strength was fading away rapidly because of the effect of the blue lycra on his superpowers. The air entering the body bag was not enough to keep the man conscious. Five minutes after Skeleton had made his move the body of Superlycra didn't move anymore.

Punk Super Heroes, part 4

For the last few days, after having escaped from the clutches of the Hero-destroyer, the Hunter had been dazed.

He was looking for answers to questions he had never had before. The experience he had suffered had taken a severe mental effect on the young man. He had always been so proud of being the Hunter and with good reason. From the very first beginning the Hunter had always been on top of things. These criminals he fought had learned to respect the crime-fighter. Not once before he had been beaten, at least until he met the Hero-destroyer. He had made a big mistake thinking the Hero-destroyer was a small criminal like all the others. How wrong had he been! His self-confidence had made him a bit careless. He surely paid for it! His defeat and rape at the hands of the Hero-destroyer had been terrible and humiliating.

Now the time had come to make the ultimate decision. He had powers and he had sworn to use them in the defense of the innocents from villains like the Hero-destroyer and his new-found allies. Could he just give up now the going got though and things got roughed up a bit? The true answer wasn't that difficult. There was only one big problem. How could he fight without his costume? Not only did it conceal his identity, but the feel of the tight lycra enveloping his lithe frame had always made Hunter feel so confident, so virile. And now, now that costume was in the hands of the Hero-destroyer. That thought made Hunter sick. He would have to get the costume back from the villain, no matter what the cost. But how? Both Skeleton and the Hero-destroyer were standing next to the still moving body bag. They already congratulated each other with this unsuspected catch. The movements of Superlycra in the body bag decreased. His strength was fading away rapidly because of the effect of the blue lycra on his superpowers. The air entering the body bag was not enough to keep the man conscious. Five minutes after Skeleton had made his move the body of Superlycra didn't move anymore.

"Is he dead? ", the Destroyer asked while kicking the body bag.

"No! He is only unconscious but he will stay in that condition as long as he stays in that body bag. I knew his powers from my talks with the Masked Villain. They disappear when he wears blue spandex. I hoped it also would do the trick when it only covered him over his own spandex costume. "

"It certainly did! ", the Destroyer answered and he again kicked the not moving body of Superlycra.

"What are we going to do to him?", Skeleton asked

"I'm not sure yet. He was not in my plans yet. I think I will have the Masked Villain to come and get him. I'm sure he knows what to do with this guy. And when he realizes that I have beaten Superlycra easily while he had so much trouble with the man, he knows who's the one and only super villain in town. You must send him a message as soon as possible "

"Consider it done ! "

"In the meantime, put this Superlycra away somewhere! "

Ten minutes later an electronic message was sent to the Masked Villain, saying :

"I want to let you know I just captured Superlycra. He is powerless and trapped in my blue spandex body bag. I want you to have him and play with him. Let me know when you come to collect him. I surely want to know what your plans are with him "

A few hours after Skeleton had sent the message to the Masked Villain the Cobra entered the lair and told both men about his encounter with Superboy.

"I challenged him to come to the Arena tomorrow night and although he didn't say so, I think he will accept the challenge. So, the postponed fight will take place after all."

"You're a great ally, " the Destroyer said.

"I will leave now and you will only see me back again tomorrow evening at the Arena.", the Cobra responded. A minute later Skeleton and the Hero-destroyer were alone again.

"Thanks to Cobra we have a second chance defeating Superboy ", Skeleton started. "We only have to be careful with Cobra. I don't trust him "

"I think we CAN trust him. He also wants Superboy. As long as we have the same goal I don't think he will cause us any problems."

"Yes, but...."'Skeleton interfered.

".......... and when we don't need him anymore we will terminate his career with a big bang ! "

"Let's hope everything goes well tomorrow night! "

"Superboy stands no chance against me and the Cobra! ", the Hero-destroyer concluded.

Mickey Knox, the young photographer who had taken the picture of the Cobra without wearing his mask had heard from one of his own informers about the upcoming fight between the Cobra and Superboy . Because he still was eager to get to talk to the Cobra about some sort of "silencing money" he decided he would sneak into the Arena hoping to contact that Cobra. To make sure the Cobra would not kill him at the spot he placed the valuable picture, he had taken, on the Internet. He secured it with a password so only he could reach it. If, however, he would not start his own computer within three days again, that picture automatically would be sent to all newspapers in the country. If the Cobra wanted to keep his secret identity safe and Knox knew he wanted to, he HAD to agree with the terms Mickey Knox would state. The Cobra would be forced to obey him. It gave Mickey a shivering all over his body knowing he was about to be able to control one of those super villains.

In the meantime Superboy had gotten back to his Fortress of Solitude in the cold north. After his encounter with that blue-and-black figure of the Cobra this figure had not left his mind anymore. He had never before seen such a horrible creature. Where did the Cobra come from? From out of the water? He contacted Tempest but he also never had heard from the Cobra before. He promised he would get into it himself. And why would this creature want to fight him, Superboy, in the Arena while the Hero-destroyer also wanted to fight him there before? There had to be a connection between the two. It very much looked like a trap was set up for him. He COULD ignore the challenge. Unfortunately however he was not able NOT to take up a challenge.

Superboy searched his computer for every bit of information about the Hero-destroyer he could find: a strong guy with superpowers, nothing special. The most dangerous part was the always-present Dr Skeleton. Did they have the means to outmaneuver his own superpowers? Did Skeleton have some Kryptonite hidden somewhere? And what about that black spot of the Cobra? There was absolutely nothing he could find about the Cobra. Does the Cobra have superpowers of his own? Does he have an unknown trick up his sleeve I can't fight against?

The only way to get the answer to all these questions is to take up the challenge. Superboy decides to go to the Arena tomorrow at midnight although he is not sure about what will be the outcome of that encounter.

Punk Super Heroes, part 5

The only way to get the answer to all these questions is to take up the challenge. Superboy decides to go to the Arena tomorrow at midnight although he is not sure about what will be the outcome of that encounter.

The Hunter, after having decided to stay in the crime-fighting business, still had one problem left before he could come into action again. He needed a replacement costume for it was impossible to pursue the Hero-destroyer in his normal clothes. This problem could be solved easily though. Because of his fetish for lycra he had more than enough pieces of clothing that would both conceal his identity as it would give him that virile feeling, making him so lithe and confident. He started searching his lycra wardrobe. Some of the pieces had been used so often they were torn up and no use to be worn outside. Hunter however couldn't find the courage to throw them away. Torn up lycra also could give him a stiff one when he wore it. He searched his tights-collection and found a dark blue one, good enough to be worn while hunting down his own Hunter-costume. Over the dark blue tights he got himself a long-sleeved shirt of the same colour. A small black belt made it complete. Boots were no problem at all. He had more than enough of them. When admiring himself in the mirror he liked what he saw. He started caressing his crotch area, making his cock grow. He turned around a bit so he could admire his own buttocks. The fabric really stretched out over his two hills of delight. For a second he regretted there was no one around who would like to touch and caress him for his divine body. He really would like to be loved by another gorgeous man. Unfortunately, it was not to be (yet).

At that same moment, the Hunter was dressing and caressing himself Skeleton has received a message from Wonderman. It said: "I see you received my message. I don't care what you have done to the other superheroes but I will not back down from you. Signed Wonderman "

Skeleton only could smile while reading this message. His knowledge of reading between the lines said more about the state of mind of Wonderman than this hero would like others to know. A quick answer would surely have it's effect on this Wonderman. Skeleton typed:

"I am glad you don't care about other superheroes. That only makes it easier for us to beat you all up one at a time. You only got away so far because you didn't make any move towards us. I can imagine you are a bit cautious, maybe even scared. ". With one click the message was sent back to Wonderman. Skeleton was sure he didn't have to wait very long for Wonderman to come into action again.

It had taken the Masked Villain some time to react but early that evening a message appeared on the screen coming from the Masked Villain.

"Great job catching SuperLycra...the Blue Spandex worked! Not sure you can trust that he is unconscious in that bag. he is known to fake it now and then.

Wouldn't it be nice to hang him in the ring, just prior to Superboy's entrance to the arena? It would be great to have Superboy see how powerful Cobra is by letting him humiliate SuperLycra as I take off his mask, revealing his true identity to the world on live camera. I know that he can be weakened and forced to do a villain's work if properly stimulated....... I leave that fun to Cobra and some devious invention of Dr. Skeleton...After I get that mask for my collection, he is yours to have fun with! "

"It's gonna be a bit crowded at the Arena tomorrow night. "

"I'm not sure we can trust everybody out there", Skeleton replied. "Both the Cobra and the Masked Villain have voluntarily offered their help to us. That's not a normal behavior for criminals. "

"Do you think one of them is out to get US ? "

"I still don't know. What we will do is go forth with the propositions the Masked Villain made. Superlycra is going to be in that ring too."

The Destroyer, enthusiastic as always, hardly could wait until the next evening. Together with the Cobra they would humiliate both Superlycra and Superboy at the same time.

"I will call Holleman to make sure a live broadcasting of the events will be arranged. ", said Skeleton. Only a few minutes later Holleman was informed about the upcoming event and he promised to be there with some cameras.

The Hunter now was ready for action again. For the time being the green had changed for the dark blue. There was only one problem left. His cloak and mask were still missing. The Hero-destroyer definitely did not possess the green cloak for he surely would have worn it while raping him. But who DID have his piece of cloth? How could he find out who the present owner of his cloak and mask was? Where to begin searching?

In the meantime he would need something else the cover up his face and his identity. Although his wardrobe bulked with lycra he did not own a second mask. It never had crossed his mind there was a possibility he could loose his mask. The only thing he could think of was creating a mask from a square piece of lycra. He made holes in the cloth for his eyes, then covering his head with it from the nose up. It was tied in his neck with a big knott. It looked nice enough but couldn't match the real thing.

The first thing the Hunter decided to do was to go back to the Destroyer's lair and try to find some clues inside his computer. For this he had to be extreme careful however. He didn't want to meet the Destroyer yet. He left his apartment long after dark and went back to the place where he was humiliated and raped only a few days ago. It made him nervous.

Almost one hour later the Hunter reached the entrance of the Destroyer's lair. On the outside everything looked quiet. No lights inside and with his super hearing he could not hear any sound. It was save to enter. Everything was dark, but he knew exactly where to go. Within minutes he reached the room where Skeleton's computer was installed. Computers had no secret for the Hunter and soon already he was inside it and all of Skeleton's secrets where wide open for the Hunter.

Completely surprised, the Hunter was knocked out of his chair and fell to the ground. He jumped up to see his opponent. He couldn't see because the lamp on the desk had fallen down and was broken. In almost complete darkness he saw a figure approach him. Not much later the two men wrestled each other rolling over the floor, each trying to outwrestle the other. The fight went on for minutes and minutes. Neither of them got any advantage.

Hunter almost desperately wanted to know who his attacker was. He was astonished to meet a man as quick as he was himself. Every move he made was counter attacked by this man. This man thought every thought of himself already. He HAD to find the light switch.

Only minutes later he got his chance to turning the knob. The sharp light turned on The Hunter froze instantly at the sight of his opponent.

" ROBIN!!!!! "

" HUNTER?????? "

Punk Super Heroes, part 6

Hunter almost desperately wanted to know who his attacker was. He HAD to find the light switch. Only minutes later he got his chance in turning the knob. The sharp light turned on. The Hunter froze instantly at the sight of his opponent.

" ROBIN!!!!! "

" HUNTER?????? "

The two boys were equally astonished when it turned out they had fought each other. Hunter had always been a great admirer of this heroic crime-fighter, Robin, the Boy Wonder, for years already a legend on his own, once the sidekick of Batman, now he acted on his own and with great success.

"What are you doing in here? ", the Hunter asked.

"I can ask you the same! ", Robin replied with a definitely annoyed voice. "If you ARE the Hunter then why are you wearing this ridiculous and amateuristic costume? "

Hunter was a bit ashamed to have to tell this HERO what had happened to him a few days ago. It would only make Robin look down on him even more as it appeared to be already. But his admiration for this young man made him overcome his shame and he told him the complete story starting with the fight in Central Park until his humiliating escape from this same building they were in now. Robin listened without saying anything. While the Hunter told his story Robin inspected the body of this young man. It looked very much like his own. He was well built and he definitely could see this young man had been working out a lot. When the Hunter reluctantly told about his rape Robin felt his own cock starting to come alive. He was afraid the Hunter would notice the growing bulge in his tight briefs. To avoid this to happen he moved himself behind a table trying to take control over both mind and cock again. He cursed himself asking that one question to this incredible looking crime fighter. He couldn't let anyone know he was gay and sensitive towards bondage and rape.

After Hunter had finished his story Robin walked up to him, lay his hands on his shoulder and said:

" I will help you find your cloak. My quest for the Hero-destroyer just has to wait for a while " As Robin told this to the Hunter he just couldn't take his eyes from the bulge between Robin's legs. Was that his normal size or had something happened with it in the last few minutes? The Hunter eagerly wanted to touch it, but he could resist the urge.

"I think you were on the right spot to find something more about your cloak. "

"Yes, I think so too. Just before you barged in, I had found an e-mail sent to the Destroyer coming from Superlycra. He had found my cloak"

"So what are we waiting for. Let's find Superlycra. I'm sure he will give you back your cloak "

The two young men now left the building as if they had been friends for years already. Robin even put his arm on Hunter's shoulder. The boy shivered when he felt Robin's touch. They disappeared into the dark night on Robin's motorcycle.

Very late that night the duo of Skeleton and the Destroyer arrived back at the lair from again another big job downtown where not even one superhero had shown his face. On their arrival a little light began to blink telling the two villains someone or something had entered their hideout during their absence.

"Who the fuck had the impudence to trespass in here? ", the Destroyer angrily shouted.

"We'll known it within minutes. ", Skeleton calmly replied. "At different places in here I have installed micro-camera's which start recording as soon as they register any movement. They can film without making any noise so the intruders never knew they were being filmed. "

"Show me! "

Not much later the fight between the Hunter and Robin is watched on screen and the events afterwards enjoyed with an increasing interest. On this film Robin's reaction to the Hunter's story is even filmed in close-up. The Destroyer is treated with exciting pictures of Robin's erection. It is absolutely clear to both men these two boys are sexually attracted to each other. It's also clear they both don't want the other one to know about it yet.

"I CAN USE THIS! ", the Destroyer reacted excited. " Time will come that everyone is going to know about the sexual preferences of our two superheroes. "

" ....... and I think I'm not very far from the truth when I say you already know the way it is going to be broadcasted on live television."

"YES! I do! "

"I hope you can wait a while with it because first things first. We have a busy night tomorrow! "

"I know! I'm enjoying it already knowing about the preparations we already made this night. "

Tempest never had heard from the Cobra before. Only after Superboy had tried to get some information from him , he got interested in that figure himself. From the description Superboy gave him about the Cobra, Tempest was sure the origin of this man lay in or close near the waterfront. Tempest started inquiring in the ocean world. Not a single soul had ever heard from the Cobra before. Even his old friend Aquaman knew nothing about Cobra. There was only one solution left : Tempest had to track down the Cobra himself. He hoped the Cobra would show himself already somewhere in the upcoming night. He thought that by watching the waterside he would find this Cobra. Tempest was so much involved with finding the Cobra he never noticed a man dressed in strange clothing followed him for hours already..

Tempest never felt the danger that was hanging in the air while he was looking around for the Cobra. The Dehydrator was an expert in almost anything and surely Tempest could never have noticed the presence of this extreme dangerous villain.

Punk Super Heroes, part 7

Tempest never felt the danger that was hanging in the air while he was looking around for the Cobra. The Dehydrator was an expert in almost anything and surely Tempest could never have noticed the presence of this extreme dangerous villain.

The Dehydrator was patient and followed his potential victim for a long time before he decided to come into action. It was in a small ally between to high buildings when Tempest suddenly heard a strange sound behind him. He turned around but could not see anything. He waited a minute. Nothing! He went on again. Two seconds later he was attacked from behind. He felt a great pressure on both sides of his head as if they were in a metal headlock. It was his attacker, wearing metal gloves connected with tubes to a small metal drum on his back, which had locked himself at both temples of Tempest. Vigorously Tempest tried to free him. It had no effect. The pain in his head grew to extreme heights. At that same time some kind of liquid began flowing from the gloves of the Dehydrator into the drum on his back. The liquid was colourless, like water. Tempest felt as if his head was about to explode. Thinking became difficult if not impossible. What was happening to him? Even more liquid kept on flowing from his head into the drum. The flow even increased. Tempest cried out from unbearable pains.

Within five minutes more than two gallons of water were collected in the Dehydrator's drum. And all of this water was extracted from Tempest's body. At that time Tempest already lay down on the ground, only spasming a bit.

The Dehydrator had literally dehydrated his victim. Tempest had lost almost ten litres of liquid within five minutes. A normal person never could have survived this. Tempest although defeated was still alive. He lay out cold on the floor. The effect on his body was enormous. Losing about twenty pounds of weight surely had it's devastating effect on him. His well developed muscular body had decreased in size and his mouth was dried out to the extreme. His lips were cracked, even bleeding a bit. His skin's colour was off white.

"So, this was the famous Tempest. ", the Dehydrator said out loud. "You are never going to be a pain in the ass anymore for us villains."

While saying this he picked up the dehydrated body of Tempest and carried it over his shoulder while disappearing into the dark ally.

Late next morning Skeleton discovered a new message on his computer. It was from Wonderman. Skeleton read :

"I am not afraid of you Destroyer or your gang, but I'm not interested in your GANG. I figure that if I get rid of you your gang will crumble. I will meet you anywhere at any time and I will defeat you and turn you over to the proper authorities"

The message continued with a lot of big words about how he was in a tremendous physical shape and how he had trained himself to withstand certain tortures that someone might use to break him. "

"That narcistic fool. ", Skeleton thought. "This man really has a high opinion of himself. He needs to be taught a lesson in humiliation. But how and when? "

It crossed his mind to trick Wonderman in coming to the Arena too this night though a bit earlier then Superboy would. Having two of his crime-fighting colleagues dangling in the air being tied up from the ceiling would be an even greater pleasure for them to enjoy when they could watch Superboy's face going blanc.

It was a sharp ray of sunlight in his eyes that made Tempest regain his consciousness. He felt awful. Never before in his life had he felt this kind of almost unbearable pains. Every muscle in his body felt as if it was ripped apart. It definitely made him unable to move even a bit. The rope that tied his hands behind his back however also had it's part in Tempest's fixation.

The room he was in was clear and seemed to be some kind of laboratory. The tables were more or less filled with several types of machineries and different kinds of glass vessels filled with mostly green and reddish liquids. Next to the wall were large panels with light bulbs flashing. In the far corner was a huge aquarium filled with all kinds of small fish like sardines and herring. He even saw two turtles floating by. He tried to make contact with these creatures. He couldn’t! His mind had been affected too much after the brutal attack last night. He just couldn't understand what had happened to him for he never had the chance of seeing his assailant that night. Because of the position he was in now, Tempest was unable to see the state his body was in. It seemed to be shrunk even more since last night.

For hours already Tempest was lying there, alone and unable to move a muscle: utterly helpless. The only thing he could do was work his mind but even that exhausted him after a short while. In the end, he was only lying there, waiting for things to come. He knew he was beaten good this time. He also knew he had to figure out a plan of escape soon, but thinking was hard, too hard. Thinking became almost impossible.

It was way past eight o'clock that evening when Alexander came back home from his daytime job. He was in a rush. All day he had been running around being excited about what was going to be that night. Being home at last he had to change into his Hunter costume quickly. Last night, after he and Robin had left the hideout of the Destroyer they had found out about the Destroyer's capture of Superlycra. One of the Destroyer's gang members had talked too much after too much alcohol. He told them Superlycra was going to be a bait for Superboy. It was all going to happen in the Arena tomorrow at midnight. Both crime-fighters, being incognito, now knew enough. They knew what had to be done the coming night for regaining Hunter's cloak. Robin and Hunter agreed to go there together. After a motorcycle ride Robin dropped the Hunter off at his place and they agreed Robin would get to him at nine o'clock tomorrow. The answer to finding Hunter's cloak was in that Arena.

So now Hunter dressed up again in his dark blue substitute and hoped Robin would be there a bit early. You could never know what else might happen. Alexander's hopes were in vain. Robin even came a bit late and soon after they vanished into the dark, into a definitely action packed night

Punk Super Heroes, part 8

After Hunter had changed in his dark blue substitute again he hoped Robin would be there a bit early. You could never know what else might happen. Alexander's hopes were in vain. Robin even came very late and soon after they vanished into the dark night on their way to the Arena.

Tempest could not tell how long he had been lying there when at last the door in the far corner of the laboratory opened and a man dressed in a mostly silver colored leather suit came in. At first, the man acted as if Tempest wasn't there at all. The fallen and helpless black-and-red superhero, not able to say a word, followed the man with his eyes only, while he was busy gathering several things from different tables. After that he began building up a large device with the collected pieces of machinery. All that time he never looked towards the incapacitated hero. After about ten minutes the man seemed to be ready and only now he turned his attention to Tempest.

"I know you can see and hear me, Tempest, so I will tell you who I am and what my plans are with you."

Tempest in vain tried to open his mouth.

"I call myself the Dehydrator. You may never have heard from me before. That's possible because I'm new in this line of work. I'm an inventor who got discharged from a large company because the Department of the Environment had ordered the factory to close it's laboratory because it spilled to much waste into the river. They just dumped me, because a little poison flowed into a huge river. "

The Dehydrator now sat down next to Tempest's body and he tapped him a few times on his midsection.

"Nice body! It will be a pity! "

The Dehydrator continued:

"After that I started to grow an enormous dislike to all good do-ers in this world. Especially to those spandex-clad figures who thought they needed to save the world. Just before my discharge I had invented a device that could extract water from fruits and vegetables within minutes. It had no use anymore after I had been sacked but I swore I would get even with everybody standing in my way. And for this I could use that last invention. I rebuilt it in such a way I even could extract water from small fish, from a piece of meat and after many experiments I succeed in dehydrating complete human bodies. "

Tempest's eyes were the only part of his body to be able to react to this story. They opened wide. He now realised what had happened to him last night. He was shocked and fear rose from his eyes.

"You are going to be the first superhero victim of this new device and for good reason, because I think of you being the most powerful man living in these waters. When I beat you I can beat all creatures in the ocean.............

Wait a minute. I will show you the result of my dehydrating device. "

The Dehydrator stood up and took a mirror from the table. With this he made Tempest able to see his own body.

The effect was shocking for Tempest. He just couldn’t believe what he saw. Was this really his body? How was this possible? It had become the body of a teenager, no more the body of the muscular and full-grown man he used to be. He now needed all his strength to stay sane.

"I have sucked about 10 litres of liquid out of your body. You see it has shrunk a lot already. I was surprised you were still alive. The people I used in my experiments all died before I had reached this level of dehydration. But I haven't finished yet. In my lab here I have the equipment to go even further with your dehydration, in theory I can proceed until all your water has left your body. And because people are made up of at least 70% of water there won't be much left anymore. I even think your body contains about 90 % of water being an ocean creature. If I really succeed to suck all water out of your pitiful body only about fifteen maybe twenty pounds of Tempest will be left. If I succeed there will be no way back for you anymore. You will be as DEAD as can be, being turned into a shrunken leather like dummy."

Time definitely ran out for Tempest. The Dehydrator carried the numb body of Tempest towards the device the Dehydrator had just been working on. The black-and-red body of the defeated hero was laid down on a metal table.

It was about ten o'clock that night when the Hero-destroyer and Skeleton reached the Arena in their van. They entered the building and posted their gang men at every entrance to make sure no person would or could enter this place. They did not want to be disturbed while exterminating the superhero family this night. Out of the van came the dark blue body bag in which Superlycra was still held unconscious. They threw the body bag into the square circle and then removed the blue lycra. There he was: Superlycra's body flat on the canvas, helpless. Skeleton covered Superlycra's head with the blue lycra and both his arms and legs also were tied up with a piece of that same lycra.

After this, his arms were tied with a long chain and he was hoisted into the air until he was dangling between the spotlights so he couldn't be seen anymore from were the villains stood.

"Superboy will get a big surprise", Skeleton joyfully said to the Destroyer.

At that moment Holleman entered the place. He carried two cameras with him. He started working on installing his cameras.

"We also must be prepared to meet the other superheroes who will show themselves here. Next to Superboy I expect both Robin and the Hunter here tonight. There is even a big chance we will have the honour of meeting with Wonderman. I left some clues at different places, we would be at this Arena tonight. If Wonderman is clever enough he shows up here some time tonight."

" I only hope the Cobra will show up tonight and even the Masked Villain has promised to be here to help us destroying all heroes that show up tonight. ", the Destroyer replied.

"I have set up some traps inside the building earlier today. Maybe we might need them "

"We will see. I think it's gonna be a great night for us, Skeleton. "

"I'm sure it will. All these superheroes will stand no chance against the four of us "

Time progressed:

Eleven o’clock!


The Destroyer's watch said: twelve o'clock.


" IT'S SUPERBOY. HE CAME ...................................... "

Punk Super Heroes, part 9

Time progressed while Skeleton and the Hero-destroyer awaited the arrival of Superboy. They were full of confidence. Tonight Superboy would go down.

The Destroyer's watch said: twelve o'clock.


" IT'S SUPERBOY. HE CAME .................................... "

"Yes, I sure did come." Superboy responded. "I heard about your filthy tricks against some of the other heroes who I may call my friends. The only reason I came here was because I will put you there were you belong: behind bars "

The Hero-destroyer smiled while Superboy elegantly jumped over the top rope into the square circle. He looked incredibly powerful as ever. His body was encased in ever so tight lycra: black boots, red tights covering his manhood and a blue long-sleeved shirt with a black shoulder piece. The worldwide known -S- covered his chest. A sharp haircut.

The man and the boy carefully examined each other. Superboy knew the Destroyer had superpowers himself so it would not be an easy job taking the Destroyer. The Destroyer himself was a bit nervous; because everything depended on the trap they had set for Superboy to fall in. If that trap should work it definitely could turn out to become a great night for them.

"Before you ever succeed in putting me behind bars you have to beat me first. An I can say that will prove to be too difficult for you."

"You know I am Superboy ........ "

"YES! I know but that one fact makes it possible for me to set the terms for this fight. "

"What do you mean? ", Superboy asked a bit surprised.

The Destroyer didn't get the chance to answer that question anymore, because with a devastating noise an enormous cage came crashing down. The square circle was now completely surrounded by the metal cage. Superboy was utterly surprised and looked around in a flash to see there was no exit.

"You ... you liar! And you really think iron bars can stop me. "

"Go ahead and try! ", the Destroyer invited.

Superboy walked towards the cage and touched one of the bars. In a reflex his pulled back his arm.

"What ... what was that? ", he cried out.

"I had to be sure you couldn’t hide yourself when things will turn out a bit too rough for you, Boy. The bars have a minimum amount of Kryptonite in it. It will be impossible for you to break them."

"I thought we had agreed to battle an honest fight", Superboy bit towards his adversary. "You know, Kryptonite has a weakening effect on me"

"No, it doesn't. There is just too little of the metal present so if, no, WHEN I beat you, I beat you fare and square. "

"Whatever! I seem to have no choice. ", the hero answered. "Enough talking now, it's time to start what I came for: ending your criminal career! "

"Show me what you've got! "

The two spandex-clad heroes approached each other. Nothing could stop this battle anymore.

In the meantime Tempest was battling his last battle and he was loosing it. Tempest was shocked when he saw his reflection in the mirror the Dehydrator had held in front of him. Although his body was still nicely proportionate, it now was the size of a high school swim captain. It reminded him a bit of his days being Aqualad. Not always a pleasant time. He did not like how helpless he looked. The Dehydrator seemed large looming over him, especially with the hero's new smaller status. The Dehydrator easily picked him up and carried him across to another table with the dehydrating device on it.

Tempest knew he had to act quickly. He could not rely on his strength. He had to find himself some extra time. The Dehydrator however was busy starting up the device already now hanging over the shrunk body of Tempest. Within a minute a dark blue ray connected his body with the dehydrating machinery. Tempest began to gasp, and shudder within seconds after the ray started its work. Tempest's body fell into weak convulsions. Soon after he rolled his eyes backwards and lifted his neck back, hacking. He all of a sudden went still. No single movement could be detected anymore. There even wasn't any respiration anymore. The leather-clad villain looked on in clinical interest. He approached his foe and felt there was no breath and pulse. He laughed coldly and turned off the dehydrating machine.

I am kind of disappointed, guppy boy", the Dehydrator talked to the body of Tempest. "I was hoping for a few more hours of fun, seeing how much I could shrink you. I was even curious if I could get you down to the size of a Ken Doll. Well, you are DEAD now. So it appeared you already were close to death before we started here. I might as well take care of some business now. I will come back, chop you up and feed you to the fish later"

The Dehydrator threw a last quick glance at the body of the dead superhero before he left the laboratory.

"REST IN PEACE, Aqualad or whatever they once called you! ".

At the exact moment of Tempest's death the duo of Robin and the Hunter arrived at the Arena. They had to fight themselves inside at the cost of several henchmen. When they at last entered the central court of the huge building they were witness of the first blows that were exchanged inside the steel cage.

Punk Super Heroes, part 10

The Dehydrator threw a last quick glance at the body of the dead superhero before he left the laboratory.

"REST IN PEACE, Aqualad or whatever they once called you ! ". At the exact moment of Tempest's death the two young crime-fighters Robin and the Hunter arrived at the Arena. They were witness of the first blows that were exchanged inside the steel cage and they couldn't do anything to prevent this to happen.

The two men grabbed each other by the shoulders and each tried to push the other one into a corner. Suddenly the Destroyer replaced his full weight making Superboy fall forward. With a hip toss, the boy landed on the canvas flat on his back. The Destroyer followed his move with a twisted arm lock. The Boy of Steel with all his might tried to outmaneuver this grip but without success. Quickly the Destroyer followed by grabbing the neck of Superboy and bending if forward to the max. The strain in his neck was enormous.

"You like that Superboy. You like your head gets twisted. "

HD grabs the boy's hair and forces him to his feet again, only to twist his left arm backwards so much the Boy is forced back to the canvas again, face down. While his arm is forced on his back again, HD grabs his head, lifts it up and bounces it back on the canvas.

"You shouldn't have come here, Boy "

With all his strength Superboy manages to get back on his feet. HD however grabs his arm, throws him into the ropes off with he bounces back. With a direct hit Superboy flies into the air and after a complete salto hits the canvas again. He is dazed, his pride affected already. Superboy realises this is not going the right way for him. This Destroyer definitely knows his moves while Superboy, inexperienced in hand-to-hand fighting only tries to get some space between himself and HD.

The tables get turned however when HD forces Superboy to his feet. While his head is still locked between HD's arm, Superboy lifts the man up and drops him back with his spine hitting his left knee. HD is hurt badly. He falls to the canvas crying out loud. He rolls over hoping this will ease the pain somewhat. Superboy jumps on him, grabs the legs and hooks them up, fixating them. Then he tries to grab the arms of HD to complete the package. HD keeps on screaming. The pain prevents him from making a counter move. HD is now locked between Superboy's powerful legs while he keeps on screaming in pain.

"Please! Please!", he cries out.

Superboy keeps on pounding his body. Suddenly HD grabs his chance and presses two fingers into Superboy's eyes. The Boy falls back in pain and has to release HD protecting his now burning eyes. He is forced up again by HD and thrown into the ropes. He keeps on hanging in there while HD pounds in on him time after time. He finishes it off with a devastating head-to-head collision. Not much later Superboy flies through the ring again, hits the canvas and remains there, bottoms up.

"Perhaps that tiny bit of Krypronite did do it's work on your strength after all, Superboy. Or is it really true that without your superpowers there is only a pitiful boy left, not capable of defending himself. "

The Boy of Steel tries to regain his wits while being down. The red spandex tights had forced itself in Superboy's butt-crack displaying his both butt-cheeks even better. This sight did not escape HD. His own cock began to grow. He grabbed his dick to give it a more comfortable position. Oh, how he liked beating up spandex-clad superheroes

"You like that, Superboy! You give up already! "

HD now turned the tables again with bending Superboy's legs backwards, fixating them. Superboy now cried out himself. Several direct hits on his leg muscles made them weak. So, when HD forced the Boy up again he could barely stand. He didn't have to very long. HD grabbed Superboy between his legs and lifted him above his head. The Boy landed flat on his back and lay motionless there for a few seconds. HD jumped up and landed with his full weight on Superboy's stomach.


"During the beginning of this fight the Hunter and Robin tried to find a way inside the steel cage. It was sealed off completely from the outside world. They realised Superboy was completely on his own inside that cage. Hunter especially disliked what he saw. The Hero-destroyer, still dressed in his own beloved spandex costume, at this stage of the fight was bashing in on Superboy. He felt a tear but he soon recovered, because there was more work to be done. If he wanted to whine and cry, he just had to wait until he was back home again.

In the meantime inside the cage HD tried to twist Superboy's arm out of it's socket. He began to loose control of his own body. The pain had become unbearable. Lying on his back, squirming to all sides, Superboy tried to get himself free from underneath HD. Then HD ends the grip himself, stands up and gets Superboy's head locked between his thighs. With a high jump again a devastating blow is inflicted to the head of the now semi-conscious hero. Superboy lies helpless and broken in the ring while HD prepares for his final move. He walk behind Superboy's body who is only waiting there on his stomach. HD grabs his head, pulls it backwards while sitting on Superboy's back . For a moment Superboy tries to prevent it from happening, but he was too far gone already. His back arches back into an unnatural position.

"You're DOOMED Superboy ! I'm gonna take you out of the crime-fighting business for good ! "

With a last powerful yank from the Destroyer , Superboy lets out a last high scream and passes out. HD drops him back to the canvas.

"I ... AM ....... NUMBER ONE! ", The Destroyer yelled out inside the cage while grabbing an arm of Superboy dragging him to the centre of the ring.

"You, you just were not good enough for me, Boy ", the Destroyer spoke out while pointing towards the motionless body. Then he grabbed the red tights of Superboy, which had gotten wet around his buttocks from sweat, and he yanked them up again, forcing the fabric even more into his butt-crack. After that the Destroyer began working on Superboy's blue-colored shirt.

"I WANT YOUR -S- boy, and your ASS "

Punk Super Heroes, part 11

"You just were not good enough for me, Boy ", the Destroyer spoke out while pointing towards the motionless body. Then he grabbed the red tights of Superboy, which had gotten wet around his buttocks from sweat, and he yanked them up again, forcing the fabric even more into his butt-crack.

"I WANT YOUR -S- boy, and your ASS "

During the progress of the fight both Robin and the Hunter were witnesses of it all, powerless to do anything against the defeat of Superboy. Now the Destroyer had done what he wanted to do, he gave a sign to someone in the dark and a few moments later the body of Superlycra was lowered until just above the steel cage. The two boys, although they already knew Superlycra was captured, stood there motionless looking up at the horrible sight of the dangling superhero and the beastly way they had treated Superlycra.


The Hunter was less shocked. He already knew what HD was capable off. He only hoped Superlycra didn't get the same treatment he had himself.

"We must get the man down here first.", Robin said to the Hunter and before he could react Robin already jumped his way up to Superlycra. He climbed the cage swiftly and in a matter of seconds he reached the top. Standing on the roof of the cage, he started untying the body of Superlycra.


"Several bright flashes and sparks lighted up the whole Arena. It was bright daylight while Robin was in the centre of that flashlight. He could not move a muscle. The Hunter couldn't do anything. A few seconds later Robin's now numb body lay on the top of the cage. Some smoke came from his clothing. There was a smell of burned flesh.

"YOU KILLED HIM! YOU ..................... ", the Hunter cried out in panic. "You electrocuted him! .... You fucking suns of a bitch! "

"He ain't dead, fool! The power just was enough to get him out of the way quickly.", HD answered inside the cage. "It was too tricky to fight this Robin man to man. He is too damned good and unpredictable for that. We had to lure him into this trap. Why else did you think we would give him a chance to free that other hero? "

The Hunter realised he now stood alone against the complete gang of the Hero-destroyer. All over the building there were too many gang member for him to defeat. On the other hand he didn't want to run away from the Destroyer again. One such humiliating experience was more than enough for the young crime-fighter. There was only one thing he could do: challenge HD into a fight. If he HAD to go down, then only with pride. A reaction of a true superhero.

Of course, the Hero-destroyer gladly accepted the challenge. He ordered his men to lift the metal cage and then jumped out of the square circle on to the floor. Behind his back Skeleton appeared out of the dark who jumped onto the canvas with some Kryptonite-rope in his hands. Now the influence of the Kryptonite bars had gone, the Boy of Steel had to be tied up quickly. While HD prevented the Hunter from interfering in Skeleton's work, the doctor started to tie up Superboy. His wrists and ankles were firmly fixed with the rope. Around his neck he got a metal collar, also kryptonized. After this the defeated body of the still unconscious Superboy was tossed over Skeleton's shoulder. He then stepped out of the ring and vanished into the dark: exit Superboy ".

"This is the second time we meet, Hunter and I see you have purchased yourself a new outfit. "

The Destroyer laughed out loud.

"You just look silly in it ! The shop with real hero clothing must have been closed, I guess! "

"Oh, you just laugh, Destroyer. Maybe you could have tricked Superlycra, Superboy and even Robin but even though my spandex is not of the finest quality, I am still a hunter and it was only for the interference of Skeleton last time, you beat me. BUT NOT THIS TIME! "

A few minutes after the Dehydrator had left the room, Tempest opened his eyes. It had worked. He had tricked the Dehydrator in believing he was dead. He had learned from his people to slow his pulse and breath to almost nothing. It was now of the utmost importance to get away from here as soon as possible. Having the Dehydrator thinking Tempest was dead, gave the hero some extra time but still, in this condition every movement was an ordeal.

He knew his strength would not help him. His mind though had become clear again. He noticed the Dehydrator had placed him near the large aquarium. With all his might he tried to contact the sea life in the tank. The aquarium was filled completely with the water and there were a lot of small fish and other sea life in it. Slowly the animals started to react - swimming to the top of the basin and splashing as they surface.

Some water from the tank touches the Tempest's body. He still feels weak, but every bit of water makes him a little stronger. He slowly gets up from the table, but still he cannot break the ropes binding his wrists. He pushes a chair over to the tank, climbs up and manages to dive in. The water feels good, entering his lungs. Still the dehydration's effects were powerful and his strength is slow to return. He swims down to some coral and cuts the ropes binding his wrists. Normally he could have broken these bonds as if they were paper. He will just have to wait here a while and be patient. Suddenly however he hears a noise in the other room. He realizes he is still too weak to fight the Dehydrator. He pulls his wet body out of the tank and quickly exits the lab.

When reaching the streets again, Tempest feels dizzy. He knows he's not OK yet. He HAS to find large amounts of water to force a complete recovery. In the meantime however Tempest must not be seen by anybody. Chances are some punk crook will detect him, realizing the man that opposed them so many times, is unable to put up a serious defense and then it would all start over again for him.

In the Arena Skeleton was more than happy. So far everything worked out their way. Skeleton had just put the defeated Superboy inside their van. The electrocuted and now tied up body of Robin was about to join him there and Superlycra, the bait of this night, would be returned back into the van too. In the meantime the Hunter and the Destroyer were on the verge of their collision this night. If all went well inside that circle, within a short time even a fourth superhero would be at their mercy. A true extermination was at hand.

The Hunter and HD were circling each other inside the ring.

"I'm gonna fuck you up, man ", the Destroyer said to his opponent. "I've beaten you once and now I'm gonna put you away for good " While saying this he pushed the Hunter backwards. The Hunter reacted in a flash and kicked the Destroyer in the chest making him fall to the canvas. HD jumped up and tried a kick of his own. The Hunter could duck it but he lost his balance. He got up again but HD attacked with such force the Hunter landed underneath the villain. He had to accept several severe blows to the head before he could squirm his way out of HD's grip.

Now the Hunter hit the Destroyer hard, making him fall down. Blow after blow was delivered to HD's midsection. He cried out from pain. Then Hunter grabbed his arm and pulled it backwards while blocking the rest of his body. HD didn't know what happened to him. This boy was about to break his arm.


But with the skills of HD he succeeded to get out of the grip and now jumped towards the Hunter. Both men rolled over the canvas, not sure who would get the upper hand. It was Hunter. He kept on pounding in on the Destroyer. All his anger from the time he lost his spandex until the electrocution of Robin came out with these blows. He pushed the Destroyer into a corner and hit him several times with a high kick in his chest and on his head. When he stopped HD fell forward on the canvas and he stayed there, not beaten but to weak to get up again.

"...and now something I wanted to do for a long time already ! "

The Hunter finally got his chance to get his own beloved spandex costume back and the Hero-destroyer was unable to do anything against it. Within a minute HD was lying there, dressed in a tiny red thong while the Hunter got rid of the old tights he had to wear and at last he could feel the electrifying feeling of his rightfully possession again.

Now he only had to finish this fight quickly before Skeleton found out the Destroyer had been beaten. So he climbed on to the corners take of the square circle and was just about to make a high jump when…!


Punk Super Heroes, part 12

The Hunter finally got his chance to get his spandex costume back and the Hero-destroyer was unable to do anything against it. Within a few minutes the Hunter could feel the electrifying feeling of his rightfully possession again.

Now he only had to finish this fight quick so he climbed on to the corner stake of the square circle and was just about to make a high jump when ....!


Within a split second the complete square circle the Hunter and HD were in, was blown away. The complete hall was now filled with smoke. There was no sight anymore. The first seven or eight rows in the public area were completely destroyed. Windows, far away from the source of the explosion had been blown to pieces. Skeleton, busy preparing the captured superheroes for the drive back to their lair, was thrown off his feet even though he was in another part of the building.

As soon as he was back on his feet, he rushed to the centre of the building. His way was blocked with obstacles, fallen down from the ceiling. He passed two, maybe three gang member crushed underneath fallen pieces of concrete. There was nothing he could do for them anymore.

Slowly the smoke inside the building lifted. Visibility became somewhat clear again. When Skeleton reached the spot the square circle was once, he lost all hope for his friend HD. No person could ever have survived this bombing attack. A gap, three meters deep stretched out before him. It was clear to Skeleton a bomb had been hidden under the ringside.

"Scrumm, Scrumm, where are you? , Skeleton yelled while trying to find himself a way through the devastated place. Not a single sound to be heard.

"...........Skeleton.............please.................................help.........................................me ........... "

It was after several minutes Skeleton heard something. He jumped towards the voice he heard. After some more searching he saw a sight he had to turn away from for a second. There was Scrumm, naked and almost completely covered in blood. He was lying on his stomach. The wounded man tried to roll himself over towards Skeleton and stretched out his arms to him. Skeleton almost had to vomit. There were no hands on his arms anymore. Only in blood covered stumps stretched out to him in search for help.

"Oh, NOOOOO............. ", he cried. "What have they done to you? "

Scrumm couldn't talk but his eyes said enough.

Skeleton quickly came into action because in spite of everything, it was still his friend lying down there. He carried him to the van as quickly as he could. There the man's most severe wounds, his two stumps were dressed. Soon after, Skeleton was back on his way to their lair, already thinking about how he could help Scrumm back on his feet again.

What they left behind was complete wreckage and far away in a dark corner of that devastated building laid a figure dressed in green spandex. The figure didn't move and blood was flowing from his severe head wound.


Don't worry. The story will go on soon enough. It will be called " WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME "

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