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Getting Fucked By My Best Friend--In Two Ways

By Great Guy

submitted October 29, 1998

Categories: Best Friends

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Disclaimer: The names in this story have been changed for security purposes. This is a TRUE story. Read and Enjoy.

Well, my name in this story is Mark. My best friend's name will be Matt. We met each other about three years ago in High school, when I was a Junior, Matt a Sophomore. He was really hot, and I used to stare at him when we'd walk past each other in the hallways at school. I always wanted to get a chance to talk to him, but I guess I was too shy for things like that. I had been straight for my whole life, but when I started High School, I sorta had a thing for hot guys, although my desire for pussy was greater. I used to think about this guy while I'd jack of many times in a day. Matt was my idol, my dream, and my life, although I never talked to him.

One day, I saw him flirting with my girlfriend. He was shocked, and I was pissed off. I told him to watch it, and he listened. He then later spoke to me. At that point I was more pissed off than excited that I was actually talking to him. He then later gave me his email address and screen name to AOL. I was excited. We had agreed to meet each other online. That night, we were up till 1:30 AM on a school night.

The next day I saw him, he shook my hand, and it felt so good. Nice and firm grip. He didn't seem to let go after 3 seconds, and I was getting a little nervous at the fact that people would see us holding hands. I didn't want him to let go, but then again, I didn't want anyone to see us. By the end of the school week, I had talked to him for at least over 15 hours whether it be by phone, AOL, or in person. That Friday night, we were talking online. It was about 13:30 at night, and he asked me if he could spend the night at my house. I was shocked because you usually don't leave your house at 10:30 at night to spend the night somewhere else. I wanted him to be at my house, so I gave him the directions to my place. I was really happy that he was going to spend the night with me. No one was home, and I was fantasizing about having sex with him. He had the perfect body and the cutest smile for a freshman in High School. I was jealous a little. But he got to my house, and nothing happened that night. He slept on the floor, and I was on my bed.

As the school year went by, our relationship had progressed. We wrestled often, whenever we were in my room. It was great, and I had to hide my hardons. Matt never seemed to get any hardons. He introduced me to marijuana and all sorts of liquor that summer. I guess he wanted to get me trashed, then take advantage of me. I didn't mind at all. We got to the point where we would bite each other's nipples, give each other fake CPR, and punch or grab each other's nut sacks. It truly was a turn on. We would also cuddle with each other sarcastically for a minute or two, then separate. I wished we could cuddle longer. We got a job close by, and worked together.

Once at work, Matt would act as if he didn't know me. There were other hot guys at work. He always talked to them. I never talked to them until 1 month had passed working with them. While on break, I would sit by myself while Matt would be with the hot male employees. I myself, would always talk to this one hot chick. But that didn't please me enough, and I couldn't get Matt off my mind. I felt like I had been betrayed. Then he would ask me if anything was wrong. I would say that everything was fine, but inside I would feel so depressed.

One night after work, he spent the night at my place, and we were changing into our boxers. I saw the pink head of his dick sticking out of his boxers. I glanced for 1 second, then turned away, and didn't say a thing to him. We smoked up that night as usual. I had passed out on my bed, lying on my back. He had pass out on top of me. His face was against mine...it was great. I immediately started to get hard. So I managed to push him off me. I didn't want him to see or feel my hardon.

Another day that week, we had planned to take a week off of work to go camping with his relatives. I was so excited. The night before our planned trip we were supposed to leave, he told me that I couldn't go with him and his family. I was mad and depressed. I couldn't believe that he did this to me. I practically starved myself the whole time he was gone. As soon as 1 week had passed, he was back, and we went out. A week later, the both of us went out, but he brought along a friend this time. The 3 of us had a great talk on the way to the mall. As soon as we got into the mall, they had practically separated themselves from me.

We were at the mall for about 3-4 hours, and after the first 30 minutes, I wanted to go home. They had ignored me the whole time, and walked about 5 feet in back of me the whole time. I was really worried that maybe Matt didn't want to be my friend anymore. While we got some dinner, he asked me why I wasn't talking. I told him that He never said a word to me since we got in the mall. He said this his friend Jason had just got back home from vacation, and that he didn't want to not talk to him. I told Matt that he was doing that to me. I wanted him just to act like we were a group of three, not a group of 2 and 1. And at least to maybe walk next to me. I wanted to call my mom and have her pick me up at the mall. When the 3 of us decided to leave the mall, Matt asked me if he could go by my place. I said okay. He spent the night and nothing happened. No luck that summer.

As my senior year was about to begin, I was getting excited, since we were going to be in a class or two together. We also did some other things on the side together. By the time November rolled around, we were starting to get things going. Sexually, that is. We were at my house, like usual. We were both in my bed, watching TV, under the covers, just in our boxers and shirts. He was scratching his balls, and I was enjoying the sounds of it. I asked him if e needed any help. He said no. I thought that I would be a nice guy and help him out. So I went into his boxers and cupped his balls. My heart was beating like crazy.

Matt didn't stop me. I was scratching his balls for him. This went on for about 2 minutes. Then he said to stop, but I didn't listen. In that period of 2 minutes, I'd occasionally stroke his 6.5 inch hard cock. Mine was the same size, but would've felt much better if he did the same to me. And so, he did. Then he laid on his back, while I was on top of him. We were in ecstasy. I asked him whether he wanted a blow job or a hand job. He didn't care. I wanted o suck his fat hard cock. I then asked him to help me, so he pushed my head down on his cock. He let out sighs and moans of sexual pleasure. I was happy to give him oral pleasure. After a few minutes of sucking, he asked me what I wanted in favor. I asked him to fuck me, and within heartbeat, he rammed his long hard cock into my tight hot virgin ass. It hurt like at hell at first, so I told him to take it easy. We used some lubrication which lessened the pain. We fucked until 5:30 the next morning. I lost track of how many times we got off.

We had gotten so much closer as friends and couldn't get any closer. It had gotten to a point where Matt and I would be tired of seeing each other so much. He was getting quite arrogant. Matt had lost respect for his best friend, Mark. I was disappointed. At times we would fight, and it would become very violent including blood. He almost had killed me. On the inside and on the outside. I remember at one of our fights, he wanted some oral pleasure followed by some sexual pleasure.

I didn't comply with his orders, so he then punched me in the eye, giving me my very first shiner. I was devastated and hurt. I didn't know what I was going to tell my friends. I know that I'd lose my reputation if they heard the real story. So I told them that I had a little accident. Ten minutes after this incident, Matt called up one of our friends, Randy, and tried to set up plans for the 3 of us. Matt asked me if I wanted to go with. I said no way, and that I would not go out in the public with a black eye.

He then laid down on top of me, crotch to crotch, and started kissing me. He then kissed my bruised eye several times. I pushed him off me. I couldn't understand why he could have so much anger towards me for one second, then so much passion for love with me ten minutes later. Every time he slept over, he wanted and begged for sex. I was generous to fulfill his wishes, most of the time, because I had always fantasized about this. We had become very intimate, and sexually active. Matt and I usually had sex every weekend, and maybe sometimes on the weekdays when possible. We were both happy with our lives and school.

One day, Matt came home telling me that this one girl liked him. He really didn't show much love for her, and I would've been pissed off if he said anything good about her. I wanted him all for myself. Yes, I was selfish about it. She wasn't even pretty at all. She had braces, dressed funny, and was a tiny bit on the chunky side. Her yearbook picture looked horrible. Unfortunately, Matt had started talking to her. They started to like each other, and soon I was out of Matt's picture.

It was just him and Sandy. I felt betrayed, and couldn't believe that she took him away from me. I couldn't sleep at night, nor could I concentrate in school. If only she could disappear from this universe. We rarely had sex anymore, but when we did, he'd act like it was great like old times. We both enjoyed sex with each other, but I wish we could've spent more time together.

Now he spends most of his time with her and I'm his 2nd priority. He makes all sorts of excuses why he doesn't spend a lot of time with me, and gets pissed off that I never call him. He is never home when I call, and when he calls me I am already out of the house, with my "real" friends. I have moved on, and live a happier life, with the best friends a teenage guy can have, while Matt on the other hand thinks that we're best friends still. Yeah, maybe if he acted like we were friends...if he would call me once in a while, or talk to me, or even say hi to me while we'd pass each other up in the halls. Well, he'll learn one of these days, that he just passed up a great friend that he would've been able to live with for the rest of his life. A friend that will be more valuable than a 3 month relationship with a girl who he will forget about in 2 days after they break up. If you're out there, Matt, I hope you know what you are passing up.

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