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Grandson Surprises Grandpa!

By Dicky Licker

submitted April 12, 2002

Categories: Family Fun

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It was the spring of the year and my grandson had called to tell me that his prom was being held in a nearby city and since it was closer to my place, did I mind if he crashed there after the prom.

Aaron was a solid kid, 18 and ready to set the world on fire. I had no idea what he would do for me. I was a closet case and had managed to keep my desire for men from my family all of my life. I had been divorced for over 20 years and had found that the sex I enjoyed with my male friends as a teen was just as good now that I was in my 50's.

Anyhow, since I worried that he may have had a few drinks, I sat up until I knew he was safely at my place. He came in with a big grin on his face and began telling me about all the girls he danced with and how horny it made him. I thought he was just talking the talk, so to speak, because it was prom night and he might have scored. He then told me that all the dancing did was make him horny as hell and that he needed a shower and bed.

I went on into my room as he began his shower and dozed off on my bed. Since the nights were warm, I lay on top of the covers and always slept in the nude. I was sort of in that twilight zone when I heard my bedroom door open very slowly. Aaron called out to see if I was asleep. Being tired, I feigned sleep, thinking he would go on to bed and we could discuss his adventures in the morning. He couldn't tell that I was not fully asleep and crept quietly over to my bed.

He knelt on the floor beside my bed and I could feel the warmth of his breath near my groin area. Then I felt his finger touch my cock ever so lightly. I had no idea what he was up to, but decided to just lay quietly and see how far he would go. As he gently fondled my cock it began to stiffen. He was then able to wrap his hand around its girth and slowly he began to masturbate my now hard cock. I stirred slightly and he stopped.

Once he determined that I was still asleep, he began to move his hand up and down again, but this time I could feel his breath close to the head of my dripping cock. He took the head of my cock in his mouth and swirled his tongue around licking up all the pre-cum that had leaked out. I could not believe that he would be so bold as to try something like that with me and wondered what had gotten into him to take such a chance.

I decided to let him know that I was not asleep and as he sucked gently on my cock, I began to rub the top of his head and told him how good it felt. He did not seem surprised and asked if he could get in bed with me. I told him to slide in, which is exactly what he did.

This kid was built, he was about 6'2", 230 lbs, and had a big 9" uncut cock hanging between his legs. He began rubbing my stomach and sucking on my tits, going from one to the other. Then he hovered above me and brought his lips to mine. As he kissed me, my only thoughts were of how hot I was over what was happening and how bad I wanted to suck his cock, too.

We turned in the bed and got into a 69 position. I then pulled him on top of me as he sucked my cock and I sucked his. He must have been super-horny because his cock head flared and he pumped his cream into my hungry mouth. Being on the bottom, I swallowed every drop. His dick did not get soft but remained hard, as he now turned and began kissing me again, saying that he wanted to taste his cum in my mouth. His tongue shot into my mouth and he lapped at my mouth like he was in heat. He was so turned on and so was I.

I couldn't believe what was happening and told him so. He told me that he had figured that I liked men because he had found one of my gay videos on a previous visit and had watched it. He said that he then began to plan the night we were having. He asked me if he could fuck me and I told him where to find the KY. As he lay next to me he kissed my neck, tongued my ear and played with my hard cock. He then rolled me on my side and began to apply KY to my pulsating fuck hole.

Slowly he slid his finger into me and I clinched my asshole around his finger as he probed me slowly. Then a second finger and all the while this young stud continued to kiss and nibble on my neck as he applied KY to his throbbing cock. Lying on my side he now got up over me and pushed my leg up into my chest and straddled my other leg as he positioned his cockhead against my hole and began to slowly enter me. Even though his cock was huge, he took his time and slid into me with not much pain at all. Once he had his entire length in me, he withdrew to his cockhead and pushed it in me again. Slowly this kid began to work a rhythm of fucking my hole that had me squirming all over the bed. I had never felt such pleasure as his big cock plowed my manpussy and I told him so.

"Fuck me, son," I said to him and he increased his pace. He was sweating and so was I. He continued to pound me and then stopped. But that was only to roll me onto my back and lift my legs and grab me around the ankles. Now he had full control of his thrust and began to fuck me with a passion I had never experienced. His breathing was labored as he pumped his piston like cock in and out of me. As his cockhead kept hitting my prostate, I could feel an orgasm building and told him to fuck me faster and harder. He had no trouble with my request.

As my orgasm built, the feeling was incredible. I wasn't even touching myself and was starting to have an orgasm of mammoth proportions. My cock jerked and began spewing my load up and onto my chest and stomach. This must have triggered him as he began to moan and then shot his load into my hole as he pumped his cock in and out of my quivering asshole.

I was still tingling from my orgasm when he withdrew his cock and I felt his hot mouth clamp itself over my asshole and his tongue began probing my hole as he licked and sucked his cum from me. This kid was hotter than anything I had ever experienced. As we both collapsed in a heap and regained some of our composure, he told me that he had wanted to do that for such a long time, ever since finding my video, which had been over two years ago. I told him that I had always loved him because he was my grandson, but that now I loved him as a man, a lover, a sexual partner. He told me that it was fine with him as it gave him the best of both worlds.

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