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Hairy Family, Part 1

By Story Teller

submitted May 7, 1999

Categories: Family Fun

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HAIRY FAMILY (part one)

Granddad and I are walking in the park of his Company's headquarters. He's the big boss here, along with his son, my father. While we walk he unbuttons the pants of his elegant gray three piece suit and fishes out his huge soft cock. It dangles heavily in front of him. The thick foreskin covers two thirds of the head, outlining the ridge of his knob and leaving the area around the piss slit uncovered.

"Granddad, why did you do that? Aren't you afraid that somebody might see you?"

"I'm the boss here, and they know when I walk here it's because I need to be left in peace. Nobody will walk around here uninvited."

"Yes, but why did you take out your cock?"

He winks, "hey boy, who taught you to talk like that?"

"Dad says I'm big enough to talk like a man. I know what a cock is, and balls, and ass, and nips, and fucking..."

Granddad laughs, "I should have known, on the other hand I did the same with him: I thought it's better for a boy to learn it all from his father rather than getting it wrong from somebody else."

He tugs at his huge meat absent-mindedly and continues.

"A man' cock needs to catch some air from time to time, especially when it's been imprisoned in a jockstrap for hours like mine."

"Do you wear a jockstrap like father does because it helps you keep it compressed so it won't swing halfway down your thigh and show through your pants in your business meetings?"

"Yes, that, and also because I like it. Having a jockstrap on reminds you have a cock all the time and your Granddad likes his cock."

"So you're not angry at Dad for teaching me about men and sex?"

"No, boy, your father has done the right thing as I did with him teaching him personally what a man's cock and balls and ass and nips are about, and helping him grow into the big strong man he has become."

Granddad, I like to talk about these things with you and it makes me feel so comfortable that you feel free to air your cock in my presence."

"It's your eighteenth birthday and about time you're being treated as an adult. Isn't it a nice coincidence that it is also my sixty eighth birthday, we should celebrate and get more accustomed to each other. I let your education entirely in the hand of your father in the past years, I hadn't even noticed your coming of age."

He looks at me as if seeing me for the first time: "Why don't you show me your cock, Billy, did you inherit the family big genes?"

"I'm glad you asked me Granddad because was beginning to feel uncomfortable in my jockstrap but I didn't know what you'd think if I got it out..."

"Nonsense boy! Let's establish a rule: from now on when we're alone we are free to get our cock out and be comfortable, is that alright with you?"

As an answer to that my cock and balls are out of my pants in second. A nice equipment if you ask me but not as huge as Granddad’s. He looks appreciatively: "Just like your father when he was your age, and nice balls too... now let me take mine out of prison too... here."

His beautiful cock now flops on top of his hairy low hangers. I look at my Granddad's huge genitals bouncing while we walk together, he scrutinizes mine without embarrassment and smiles. "You remind me so much of your dad, Billy... he looks more like me every day now."

"And I love it Granddad. Since I was a child he used to walk around in his jockstrap when mom was not there. I would stare at his big hairy powerlifter's body and I liked the fur covered masculine gut he was putting on and the trimmed beard he had grown since he started losing hair on top of his head. He would pose for me to show me his biceps and strong thighs. How I enjoyed looking at the forest of hair covering his body from the neck down, and I loved seeing it was even thicker under his armpits when he lifted his arms to flex his biceps for me.

"When father showed off his powerful muscles for me the pouch of his jockstrap would swell and stretch the fabric and he walked around with this huge bulge perfectly outlining the contour of his cock and balls. After a while there would be a wet spot that made the fabric around his cockhead, almost a see-through.

"I always told him how much I liked his hairiness and that I wanted to grow big and hairy as he was and that I hoped his body hair would keep growing as he grew older, and that I would become as hairy as he was.

"Unfortunately I don't seem to grow any hair though, although I get almost as much treatment as he does."

As I talk Granddad’s cock seems to stir and slowly grow bigger, he raises his brow: "And what would that treatment exactly be?" he asks.

"Oh it's a long story. When I was thirteen I learned about jacking off from my schoolmates. One day I was so heated up I didn't hear him, I thought he was downstairs and I was totally caught in the joy of discovering these new sensations, pulling at my cock and feeling my smooth body and touching my nipples. Wow, my friend Denny had touched my nipples once we were jacking off together and I thought it was the most electric and exciting sensation I ever experienced. Anyway, there I was alone and enjoying and there suddenly was dad on the door. "I saw him just a few seconds before coming, jeez I was so ashamed and confused my dick went limp in no time. And he was in his jockstraps as usual when mom wasn't around and even in my embarrassment for a second I felt a current of lust excitement passing between us, but I wanted to die. I really couldn't stand the shame of my dad had catching me doing those things. "To my surprise he wasn't mad at me, he had a rather mocking smile on his bearded face. He calmed me down and explained that masturbation is a normal thing 'for us guys' and said he would teach me everything... he said exactly the same words you used before 'better for a boy to learn it all from his father rather than getting it wrong from somebody else.'

"As he spoke he came closer to me, the bulge in his jockstrap was more swollen than usual and I could see a wet patch getting bigger as he spoke. 'You can watch me as I enjoy myself, son, that's the best way for you to learn how to pleasure yourself. Look at how my jockstrap is stretched to the limit, it's spread so thin you can see the pink of my meat, that's because your dad's cock is hard and needs relief. See that wet spot? That's called precum, it tells when you're really ready for pleasure and it leaks out of my cock right now because I'm ready...'But dad - I interrupted - I noticed you almost always have a wet spot on your jockstrap!'

"He smiled and winked at me. 'You see son, some men are always ready to play', and he laughed out loud grabbing his cock under the jockstrap and aiming it at me. Thrusting his hips forward just inches from my face: 'Back to the lesson now, just beating your meat like you did may be good for kids but a man likes to enjoy himself, all of himself, when he masturbates'.

"He spread his legs and thrust his hips up and down so that his cock would rub against the tight fabric that imprisoned him. His hands running through his body, finally twisting his big hard nipples between his fingers. 'Aaahh son, I could show you how I cum just playing with these fuckers without even touching my cock, but let's leave that for advanced lessons. Just don't forget what I teach you, your nipples play a very important in your pleasure - or the pleasure of others as you will learn when you grow older, or when you play with you jack-off buddies', he winked and left me once more shocked and relieved. Jack-off buddies. So Denny and I weren't the only freaks around after all.

'Time for you to see your dad real naked', he said, and he pulled down his jockstrap. 'Do you like what you see son? What do you think your naked dad showing you his big hairy cock. See how it grows bigger and harder even as I talk to you, how I make it bounce without touching it. You like that, Billy?'

'Oh dad, this is beautiful. It's like when you flex your big muscles for me, only better', I stared in awe admiring his huge balls and cock that seemed to grow and grow forever.

'Look', he said 'I'm almost fully hard now, the foreskin is completely pulled back.'

'Yes dad, and your cock is up against your hairy belly, throbbing just like mine. oops dad, I got hard again.'

'This is normal son, why don't you look at what I do and do the same, your dad's gonna teach you, come on Billy, beat that meat for dad'.

"His huge hairy arms moved through his chest, stroking and twisting his big hard nipples, his legs parted, his hips thrusting slowly up and down making his rock hard cock bounce, dripping precum from it's shiny head.

'Look at me son, look at your dad having fun with himself, watch how I stroke my meat long and slow, long and slow, no need to hurry son, long and slow, a man has to enjoy himself. I'm playing with the cock that made you Billy, do you like it as you like daddies muscles and his beer belly. Ooh boy, your dad is almost ready, these balls can't hold it any longer.'.

"For a long time he kept on like that, I was mesmerized but not enough that I couldn't beat my own meat to his rhythm that was now increasing, beating harder and faster till our hands became a blur. I came first, my first spurt landing on his cock. That triggered him, he used it as lubricant spreading it on his fat cockhead and suddenly he started growling like a bear, louder and louder.

'Yeah. growl . fuck. son . growl . I . am. jacking. off.. with. my son's cum on my coooock. yeah. grooowl.', a fountain of sperm erupted from dad's massive cock, long thick spurts landing on the forest of his chest and then just flowing out of his big piss slit down the shaft and onto his hand.

"He panted heavily and said nothing for a while, just smiling at me as I looked in awe, almost oblivious of my own orgasm, then he lifted his hand and licked the sperm out of it. Locked in his gaze I lifted my own hand and did the same with the two drops I'd managed to squirt. He then shoved me into the shower rather matter of factly and went to his room. I heard a sigh as deep as mine as he was leaving the room."

(end of part one)

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