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Hanes Classic Briefs

By Scotty

submitted August 9, 1998

Categories: Underwear Action

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I was 18 years old, and really wanted to have sex with a guy for the first time. There was a really cute 16 year old named Michael who I had been eyeing for quite some time. We both played on the same high school soccer team and were pretty good friends, but I knew it would never go any further than that.

Michael was a boxer boy, wearing jockey 28-30's plus he had a few pair of flannel boxers. He was awesome, thin, good looking and popped boners all the time. I had been masturbating, fantasizing about sucking his penis for quite some time, so I hung out with him whenever possible.

One road trip, for an out of town soccer match, Michael and I were paired up in the same motel room. We were going to share a bed, so I was pretty excited about sleeping next to the boy I loved. At bed time, I was treated to him undoing his pants, and revealing a brand new pair of Hanes Classic size 30 white briefs.

I was totally in awe, I really love white briefs on guys and here was the guy I loved, climbing in bed with me in white briefs. I didn't ever get any of his sweet penis, but for 5 straight nights, I masturbated to some incredible orgasms next to the sweetest brief babe you could imagine.

Michael had got 6 pairs of those Hanes Classic Briefs and has switched to briefs all the time, so I am turned on every time I catch a glimpse of that waistband, or a crotch shot of his cock and balls. Some day I hope to suck that awesome penis, but for now, I stole a pair of those underpants, and have some incredible masturbation sessions.

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