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High School Hunk's Worst Day! Part 1

By The Master

submitted September 4, 1998

Categories: S/M

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Jeff had always been quite the ladies man in high school. He was 6 feet, black hair, goatee, muscular etc. But he had no idea he was gay bait. Tony was an in the closet gay senior at the same high school, who always fantasized about him and Jeff. He knew he never stood a chance in hell of fucking this red hot stud, but what Tony wanted, Tony got! So, Tony got the hang of Jeff's daily routine at school, and began to plot. Next week, Tony was gonna fuck this stud, even if it meant raping him.

The weekend slowly drifted by and then came Monday, back to school. Tony had packed more than lunch that day. He packed rope, duct tape, blindfold, and handcuffs. Tony was determined. After football practice that afternoon, Jeff had injured his left shoulder, and decided to stay later than everyone else and soak in the whirlpool to relax.

Tony thought this was easier than planned. Jeff had soaked for about 20 minutes and got out and dressed. Tony slowly opened the locker room door and crept in. Jeff had just pulled on a sweatshirt when Tony came up behind him. Tony pulled the rope around Jeff's throat and tugged. Jeff struggled to get free, but couldn't. Tony got pissed at the struggling and reached up and pulled open a locker, slamming it into Jeff's head, knocking him out. Tony handcuffed and blindfolded this stud before he regained consciousness. Tony carried Jeff to the massage table, and tied him to it. He now belonged to Tony!

Tony decided to wait until Jeff came to before he sucked and fucked, so he could enjoy his moans and screams. Jeff began to wake noticing his restraint to the table . He struggled to get free, but couldn't. Tony grinned watching the helpless hunk squirm and cry for help. Finally, Tony walked over to the table and ran his hands under Jeff's sweatshirt feeling the soft gentle hair.

Tony bent over and licked Jeff's nipples. Jeff had tears running from the blindfold. Tony licked his way down to the navel, and dove his tongue in. Jeff surprisingly, moaned. Tony's pants were drenched with pre-cum. Finally, Tony started to unbutton Jeff's tight jeans. As Tony tugged them down, he noticed a cut cock peeking out of Jeff's boxers opening. Tony pulled down the boxers, and licked the hairy balls. Jeff begged for mercy, but Tony wanted cum!

Then, Tony inhaled all nine inches of this stud. Jeff screamed in ecstasy! When Tony released his cock, he took off his own pants.