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Highway Patrol, Part 1

By islander@onramp.net

submitted December 22, 1997

Categories: S/M

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Highway Patrol, Part I

He had always had a nose for trouble, and was rarely wrong. This time, it involved the man sitting across the room from him at a booth near the door to the restroom. He was dark-haired, late-twenties, probably around 180#, and looked to be about 6' tall, pretty close to Mike's own dimensions. Mike topped 6' by just a fraction, and was all of 31 years old for two weeks now. The main differences were length of hair, the "problem" had average length hair that nearly reached the collar, while Mike's was a crew cut and in compliance with the State Highway Patrol regulations. The "problem" also had a mustache and a days growth of stubble, but still appeared neat, clean and well-groomed. "Must be drugs" thought Mike, seeing as how this part of Texas was nearly on the Mexican border. Anyway, he'd keep an eye on him and see what he could find out.

He was officially "off-duty" and on vacation for a week as of 7:00 p.m., but had kept his uniform on as the road-side diners usually gave law enforcement officials a break on prices, and while he made O.K. money, he wasn't going to turn down a discount! He, too, was nearly finished eating his chicken fried steak dinner, and watched as the "problem" paid his check and headed into the restroom. He quickly finished, laid a $5. on the table and followed him into the john. It was a double-hung urinal and the stranger was already finishing up his business by the time Mike arrived. He caught a fast glimpse of a 3" dick being tucked away, as he pulled his own comparable equipment out and began to piss. The other man seemed to be having difficulty getting his dick re-arranged in his pants as he didn't immediately leave the urinal. Mike was almost sure he saw him look over and check him out. Maybe it wasn't drugs, maybe he was gay. Oh well, trouble was trouble, and he was going to find out one way or another. The stranger finally got himself together, washed and left. Mike was a few seconds later, and watched as he got into the late-model pick-up with the closed trailer out front and drive away to the west.

Mike went out and got into his patrol car and headed the same direction; keeping a good distance between them. He knew this highway, and there was nothing much between here and Mexico except a few ranches and no-account towns, so if it looked like he was going to run for the border, he would nail him first!

Mike liked working for the Highway Patrol a whole lot better than working as a regular police officer in Dallas. For one thing, the pay was better. He also didn't have to fuck around with a "partner". He much preferred working solo. He could take more chances that way, and most crooks were so dumb that he could bully confessions out of them before they knew what was happening. He was always real careful to make sure he followed the letter of the law, but he pushed it as far as he could. His arrest and conviction rate had soared after he became a Highway Patrolman and could do it alone. He also was glad to be away from Dallas.

There was still a big gap in his memory after that one night here. He and his partner had been chasing three perps who had vanished into an abandoned warehouse. And that was the last thing he remembered until he awoke in a hospital and found out that two and a half weeks had passed since he had been found unconscious in the basement of that building.

No one would much tell him what had happened other than that he was pretty banged up and needed to rest for a month or two. He did, and during that time, decided it was time to move on to better things. He applied for the state Highway Patrol and, with a recommendation from his supervisor, was taken on immediately. He had no ties and no family to speak of, a brother somewhere back east, and a cousin in Australia, so picking up and moving on short notice was no problem for him. His partner in Dallas was the closest thing to a real friend that he had, but even he wasn't very close. They'd share a few beers now and then, but not much else. His partner had also acted sort of strange after the warehouse incident, but never would discuss it. Oh well, that was history now, and he had a new "problem" to solve.

Even though he was off-duty, he had a strong enough feeling about this guy to take his own free-time to follow up on his hunch. Whatever it was, it seemed to be "big-time". He followed about 15 minutes or so, then was surprised then the other man turned off the highway onto a dirt/gravel road leading off into the country. Most unexpected! He cut his lights off and turned at the same road, following in the near darkness, using the light of the full moon and the tail-lights of the trailer to navigate the road, which was fairly straight anyway. The truck slowed after a couple of miles and then came to a complete stop. "Well, he must see me" thought Mike as he turned on his lights and flashers and pulled up quickly behind the trailer. He cut his engine, leaving his headlights on, positioned so that they were aimed up the left side of the truck/trailer combo. He put on his Stetson and got out. He approached the driver's door, carefully watching for any signs of sudden activity. However, the driver remained seated and waited calmly.

Mike arrived at the window, which the other man had lowered, and asked for identification. He shined his flashlight carefully around the interior of the truck and saw no weapons. He also saw that the man was very nervous. "Yes, this guy's up to something big!" he thought. He read the name on the license, John Davis, with an address in Harlingen. Looked legitimate. It was then that John asked "Is there a problem, officer? Did I do something wrong? Why have you stopped me?"

"I didn't stop you, you stopped yourself. This is just a routine check-up. There's a lot of drug-trafficking going on in these parts, and we sometimes stop people randomly just to make sure there's nothing funny going on. What do you have in the trailer?"

"Just some saddles and other junk I picked up at an auction this afternoon. I really don't have anything to hide, but I would like to get on home now, if it's all right with you."

"Home isn't this way, boy. Why did you turn off the highway back there? There's nothing out in these parts except rocks and sand. What's up? You'd better tell me straight before I have to haul you in for resisting arrest."

"Resisting arrest!! I haven't done anything! This is illegal! You're stopping me for no reason at all. I'm calling my lawyer!"

"Get out of the truck now, boy. I'm going to frisk you for weapons, and then I'm hauling you in to jail."

John looked resigned and reached for the door handle. Suddenly, he pushed with all his strength, slamming the door into the unsuspecting body of Mike who reeled backward with the force. Mike hit the ground with enough force to knock the wind out of him and send his Stetson rolling away from his head. John leaped out of the cab and attacked Mike's prostrate form. Mike was regaining awareness and was quickly reaching for his gun. As he drew it from the holster, John kicked his hand and the gun broke loose and skittered off into the darkness. His hand screamed in pain from the kick and throbbed violently. Fortunately, nothing seemed to be broken, just hurt! Mike was silently cursing himself. He knew he should have called in his position and plans to the dispatcher, but had gotten so caught up in the chase and anticipation of a big bust that he neglected to do so. Anyway, he'd been in fights with perps before, so this wouldn't be much different. He rolled away as John bore down on him, narrowly missing being landed on by John's full body weight.

John hit the ground with a thud and began scrambling toward Mike who was turning to face him in a crouch position. John lunged and caught Mike in the stomach, pushing his breath out with a whoosh. His fists began punching the exposed abdomen, while Mike tightened up his stomach and began pummeling John's back and shoulders. He hadn't worked out at the gym all these years for nothing. His stomach was rock-hard when he tightened it, and John's blows, while strong, were mostly ineffectual. He, however, was beginning to see signs that John was weakening. Yes, another wuss! He couldn't fight worth a shit. Mike began to work him over even harder. Suddenly, he felt a new sensation. John had stopped punching him and had wrapped his left arm around Mike's waist, holding him tightly. His right hand was fumbling at Mike's crotch, and even as he became aware of what was happening, the other man's fingers found the zipper and pulled it down.

John's hand immediately worked its way through the open fly and started probing. Mike tried to back up but was firmly held in place. John had buried his face in Mike's stomach, so it couldn't be hit, and while Mike continued to pound his back and sides, he forced his hand further into the pants. Finally, he found the fly to Mike's boxers, and his fingers wormed their way through. Again, Mike bucked, but John fisted his hand and it was too large to go back through the opening. His fingers snaked through the Mike's tangled pubic hair, working past the dick. His destination was lower down. Where were the damn things! He figured this cop would have a nice set of balls, and they ought to be easy enough to find. Finally, one finger found one of Mike's big balls. Quickly, he hooked his finger around behind it, pulling it forward. Mike cried in surprise as he felt one of his nuts get captured. He re-doubled his efforts, but John was taking his blows and still coming on. He worked his hand further into the dense forest of hair, searching for the other ball. He pressed deeper and was rewarded with the prize.

He now had both nuts partly surrounded. Just a little more effort, a little further push, and he had them! He circled the base of the nut-sack with his thumb and fore-finger, worked the balls into his palm, and began to squeeze. Mike cried out as he finally realized his predicament. He had let this man get his balls, and knew the fight would soon be over. And he would lose!! He tried to reach around and grab John's balls, but they were too far away. John increased his pressure, pulling firmly away from Mike's body, increasing the strain on the imprisoned orbs. Mike continued trying to escape, but his balls felt like they were in a vise.

John said "OK Cop. I've got your balls. If you want them to remain functional, stop hitting me." and he jerked them firmly. Mike cried in pain and said "OK, you win, let me go, I won't arrest you."

"You won't arrest me?! I'm sure you won't, you stupid fuck. Why did you have to come and follow me? You're going to regret this a lot!" Mike's gun had landed in the dirt an arm's length from where John was sitting. Holding the balls firmly, John stretched to pick up the weapon. He then pointed the gun at Mike and said, "Where are the keys to your hand-cuffs?"

"I'm not telling you! Let me go and we'll forget this all happened."

"Not a chance now, asshole, give me the keys!" He squeezed the balls again, enjoying the other man's obvious discomfort. Yes, these balls were just the right size. Nice, big and ripe, a good handful. They fit his palm perfectly and he knew he had complete control.

"On my key-chain, in my left pocket. I'll get them out, just put the gun down and we'll talk about this."

John told Mike to drop the keys on the ground and forced Mike to let himself be cuffed with his own hand-cuffs. He then pulled his own belt out of his trousers and cinched it around Mike's ankles. He pulled his fist out of Mike's fly, bringing both balls with it. Only then did he release them. They now were trapped in place outside Mike's uniform pants, exposed to the night air. John had purposefully left Mike's dick inside. Only the balls were out. He gently tapped them, enjoying the look of dismay on Mike's face as his private parts were man-handled by this stranger. "You've got nice balls here buddy. Pretty big for a cop. What do you do with them! Fuck pussy? Fuck face? Fuck men? Fuck kids? Maybe sheep?? Now what am I gonna do with you? You've really fucked up big time now, man!" Next John unbuckled Mike's gun belt and removed it. He took it and dumped it on the front seat of the patrol car.

"Come on, just let me go, and we'll pretend none of this ever happened."

"Not a chance in Hell. I'm about to hit 'Easy Street' and you're not gonna be in my way."

With that, he got the flashlight off the ground and picked up Mike's keys. He found Mike's Stetson and placed it on his own head. He laughed and said "I like this hat. You know that you and everything about you is mine now, you stupid cop." He caressed the balls again, watching Mike squirm, trying to keep them out of reach. He grabbed them and pulled again. Mike yelled "Stop!"

"You're going for a ride now, buddy," and he grabbed Mike's shoulders pulled him up and then dragged him to the back seat of the patrol car. He got some rope from the front of the trailer and further bound Mike's arms and legs, making sure he couldn't escape. He then checked the area for his wallet, and any other items that might have come loose during the fight. Satisfied that everything was picked up and in order, he closed and locked the trailer, got in the driver's seat of the patrol car and drove on up the road with Mike secure in the patrol car's back seat..

He reached his rented ranch-house in about 5 minutes. He unloaded Mike into the basement of the house, placing him in the secret room he had constructed there, then he went out and backed the patrol car into the garage. He returned to the basement room and sat down to think. He had just come back from Mexico yesterday with over $5,000,000. worth of pure coke for distribution into San Antonio, Dallas and Houston and now this asshole trooper had nearly busted him. It was all in the trailer, carefully concealed in all the junk, but for whatever reason, this guy seemed to know something was up. Well, he figured he'd better let Don Carlos know what had happened. He'd find out soon enough anyway, and he hated surprises!

He called the secret number to Carlos' villa in Acapulco, which was promptly answered by the Don himself. "Si" was the way Carlos always answered this special phone. It was guaranteed secure by his "friends" at the phone company, so there was no need for formalities.

"I've got a slight problem here," said John. "A dumb fuck trooper stopped me for no good reason and was ready to look in the trailer. I've got him tied up here in the basement right now, and nobody knows I've got him. I was real careful to be on a deserted back-road when he finally decided to turn on his lights. I don't want to have to kill him. Got any suggestions?"

Mike broke into a cold sweat when he heard this conversation. Yes, he'd really fucked up this one. His hunch was right on the money! It was a big-time operation here. His inner senses had been correct again. He'd just gotten carried away while off-duty. Now he might get killed for it! He listened closely to the conversation, only hearing John's part of it, hoping against hope that there would be a way out for him. John asked "Who knows where you were going, cop, and be real careful and clear how you answer. Your life may depend on what you say."

Mike answered quickly "No one knows. I'm on vacation now for a week and was just getting off duty. I don't have plans or anything. I'm not meeting anybody, so you can just let me go and I'll get lost until next Monday, and I'll have forgotten all about you. OK?"

John relayed this information to Carlos and then listened. It seemed to Mike that Carlos was asking a series of questions. All he could hear was John's responses, but it soon became clear that he was still the center of discussion. He heard John say

"Yeah, I guess so. I mean, it's hard for me to tell. I don't know exactly what you like. .... Yes, he's got dark hair... No, no mustache or beard..... Looks like he works out regularly.... Probably about 6', 180 lbs..... I don't know for Christ's sake! What do you want me to do?..... All right, I'll look..."

He pushed back Mike's Stetson he was wearing and approached Mike who was lying on his back. He began unbuttoning his shirt. He left the regulation tie on, just loosening it enough to get the top button undone. When finished, he pulled open the shirt and pulled up Mike's T-shirt; exposing his chest. He returned to the phone and brought it over near Mike.

"Yeah, he must work out. He's got a well defined chest and abs.... No, not a lot of hair, but some, what there is mostly in the middle... What?!?! .... OK, I'll see..."

And he reached over and pinched each nipple hard, pulling them firmly between his thumb and forefinger. "Yeah, they stood up all right.... No, they're not as big as pesos! Probably about the size of quarters.... No, there's no hair on them, I told you, it's mostly just in the middle, with a little fanning up over his pecs, and a little trail towards his naval..... I don't know!! ..... I couldn't tell I beat him by grabbing his balls!.... Yes.... Yes..... They're out right now. After I got a hold of them, I pulled them out of his pants and left them out, just in case I needed to get fast control again..... Yeah, they're big enough. Wish mine were as big..... Come on, man, I don't wanna do that..... OK, I'll see..."

"Let's see how big your dick is here, asshole. Somebody wants to know."

"No, please don't. I swear, I'll forget all about this, just let me get the fuck outta here!"

"No can do, man. The boss says 'NO', and I do what he tells me."

He undid Mike's uniform trousers and pulled them down to his knees, then went for the boxers. Mike wriggled away but couldn't really move very well. John easily grabbed the elastic waistband and pulled them down, finally exposing Mike's balls and cock. It was shriveled somewhat with fear and embarrassment. John returned to the phone.

"It's sorta shrunk looking..... I can't tell, you want me to get a ruler, or what.... OK, for you, whatever you want." He left the room and returned shortly with a ruler. He grabbed Mike's dick and pulled it up and laid the ruler next to it, then returned to the phone....."About 2-1/2 inches right now, but I think he's scared, so let's just say 3".... NO WAY, MAN... What if it won't get hard?..... You're outta your mind!.... I'll see if I can find out..."

He again left the room and returned with a jar of lotion. He poured some on to Mike's dick and began to work it with his right hand, cradling the phone on his left shoulder, continuing his conversation.... "OK, I'm working it now.... it's not getting hard.... I AM pulling it!.... No, I'm not gonna suck it...., Wait a minute, it seems to be getting bigger now...."

Mike had been fighting the sensations, but finally his body began to respond against his will. John was wanking his dick nice and slow, just like he usually liked it, and it was beginning to like the feelings John was creating. The lotion seemed to be warming up and getting slicker with each stroke, but he couldn't seem to get it good and hard.

"It's not working, man..... You think so?.... Well, I'll try it...." and he began to pinch Mike's nipples while stroking the semi-erect shaft. Mike gasped and felt his dick jerk upward. "Yeah, that seems to help..... No, not real hairy, normal amounts I guess..... Yeah, it's getting hard now..... Yeah, it's beginning to leak that stuff, too.... I'm NOT tasting it.... Yeah, it's really leaking now.... he's breathing nice and deep..... OK, I'll try that...." He released the nipples and gripped the ball-sack and began to massage them, pulling them away from Mike's body. Mike moaned as his dick leapt to its full hard length, oozing pre-cum out his slit in a slimy trail. He couldn't believe another man was doing this to him and that his dick was betraying him by getting real excited. "I think he's finally hard now..... Let's see, looks like 8", maybe a little more.... Yeah, he seems to be getting close.... OK, I'll do that..." he trapped the head of Mike's cock between his thumbs and forefingers and began firmly massaging the glans. Mike gasped and his dick oozed even more pre-cum, enjoying the pressure of John's fingers, the spongy tissue further engorging itself. His dick-head was hot and glowing now and he began thrusting his hips to get the friction further up and down his shaft.

"Yeah, he really likes that..... OK, I guess he's probably about ready...." and he straddled Mike's chest, facing his dick, and began double fisting it, running his hands up and down in unison, slamming his left hand into Mike's pubic bone on the down-stroke, squeezing the head with his right hand on the up-stroke. Mike felt his load building, and was helpless to stop it from coming. John kept working the trapped dick, stroke/squeeze/slam, stroke/squeeze/slam, faster and harder until he felt Mike buck beneath him. Before the first volley shot out, John grabbed Mike's balls with his left hand and clamped down. Mike immediately began cumming, hitting John in the face with the first to blasts, then the remaining ones created sticky strands over John's shirt and his own belly, as his orgasm faded into darkness.

"Holy shit, Carlos, he shot into my face! I was at least 2 feet away! I bet he could shoot further than that. What a mess! He must not have cum for a week!..... Yeah, buckets, .. it's all over the place.... Yeah, cut..... No, slight curve to the left, but same diameter the whole length of it....Head is about the same as the cock itself, just slightly larger .... Very sensitive ridge around the crown, he really twitches when I touch it.... No, his legs aren't real hairy either.... Let me see..." as he turned Mike over "No, ass isn't hairy either....Let me see.... (he pulled Mike's eyelids up)... they're dark blue.... No, he's got all his head-hair, sort of wavy, not curly, more on the straight side, ......Teeth are straight, white, look nice............How am I gonna do that?..."

Mike heard John listen for several minutes, only saying "Yes" and "I understand", and "Again please?" He seemed to be receiving some kind of instructions. Finally, the conversation ended and John hung up the phone. "Well dick head, it's your lucky day after all! It seems Carlos has a hankering to meet you now that I've described your equipment and capabilities. Seems he likes white dudes just about like you, with a big dick and a big load. The fact you're a cop made it even better for him. I could hear him jerking off while I was doing you. He seems real interested. So, you get a free trip to Mexico. Sorry it's only a one-way ticket though. I don't expect you'll be back here ever. So, you just rest easy for a while, I've got some things to attend to before we head out. It must be real nice to have a dick and set of balls like yours!"

Those words!! "It must be real nice to have a dick and set of balls like yours!" Those words triggered his lost memory! It all came back in a blinding flash! The "leader" of the three black dudes he had chased into the warehouse in Dallas had said those exact words in a nasty, sarcastic voice just before it happened! He began to re-live that nightmare again...

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