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Hot Senior Citizen Next Door

By Dicky Licker

submitted January 28, 2002

Categories: Older/younger

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I had been divorced for nearly l5 years and was in what I called a loving relationship for the past 5 years with marriage a real possibility. My girlfriend and I had often wondered about the house next door to hers because of its size and haunted appearance. It was made of large stone and was two-stories and quite large for that particular section of town.

It was during the summer and we were in the backyard having a drink when we noticed activity at the house, which had been vacant - or should I say not lived in - for nearly 2 years. It appeared that someone was moving in. To our surprise we heard a “hello” from the other side of the hedge and replied with a hello of our own. He asked if we wanted to come over and have drinks with him as he was just moving in and wanted to get to know his neighbors. We thought this friendly enough and slipped through the hedge into his backyard.

Standing in front of us was a most handsome man of about 65 with snow-white hair, a deep tan, and a broad smile. He introduced himself to us as Tim, said he was a retired florist and schoolteacher and had inherited the house from a cousin who had passed away several years ago. The estate had been in a shambles, but things were settled and he was there for good.

He was delightful in his manner and it seemed that the liquor had loosened him up quite a bit. Before the evening was through we knew Tim very well, as he loved to talk about himself and all his worldly travels. I remarked that he was well tanned and asked if he had been on a cruise or at the beach. He laughed and replied that the only place he had been for the tan was the local tanning salon.

That night as my girl and I talked in bed about the evening and how much we both liked Tim, she mentioned that she thought he was gay. I was surprised and asked he what made her think that and she replied she thought some of his mannerisms were a give-away, and with the alcohol loosening him up, he did a couple of things that made her come to that conclusion. I found that most interesting, since most of my life I had felt attraction towards some men and chalked it off to curiosity, as it always seemed to pass. I had to admit that I had found Tim very attractive and was quite taken by his charm as well.

During the evening my girlfriend had left her glasses behind, so the next day we called about them and Tim told us to come on over and get them before he left for the day. I decided that I had to know about Tim and whether he was gay or not. I could not figure out this strong attraction I had for him. I wrote my phone number on a small piece of paper and asked him to call me at my home, as I lived in another town and was only at my girlfriend’s for the weekend, and was usually there every weekend.

When we went to retrieve the glasses, I asked Tim if I could use his bathroom and used that opportunity to slip into his bedroom just off the bathroom and placed the note under his covers on his pillow.

Later that night after arriving home, around midnight, the phone rang: it was Tim. He was laughing and told me that he was surprised to find a note from me but was curious as to why I had left it the way I did. I told him that I had to be honest with him and related what my girlfriend had said about him being gay.

There was silence for a moment and I thought I had really done it now: offended him and really ruined it for myself forever. He then asked me why I wanted to know and I told him that I hoped he was; that I was attracted to him, found him to be very handsome and appealing and could not help it, but needed to tell him how I felt and knew I was taking a chance and did not want to offend him in any way. He told me that it was ok; that yes, he was gay and that he hoped that we could still be friends.

I told Tim that I had something more in mind and asked him how he felt about it. He told me that he was delightfully surprised, and that he would love to see me whenever I could get free. I thanked him for his understanding and hung up, telling him that I would try to see him that next weekend when I came over to my girlfriend’s.

As usual, I arrived at my girlfriend’s house that Friday night and, as luck would have it, Saturday morning arrived and I was thrilled to hear that she had a lot of shopping to do. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind my just staying at the house.

She was gone about l5 minutes and when I was sure she wouldn't come back, I phoned Tim and asked if he was alone. He told me to come on down, that he was alone and waiting for me. I was shaking all over in anticipation and didn't have a clue as to what to do or how to do it.

Tim met me at the door wearing a silk robe and slippers and greeted me with that broad smile on that most handsome face. He asked me to follow him and we went to his bedroom. He had music playing and shut the door behind me in his dimly lit bedroom. He walked to the side of the bed and motioned for me to come closer. As I stepped forward Tim met me. He reached up and took my face in his hands as if framing it, and then leaned into me and kissed me ever so gently and tenderly.

My insides were in a whirl. I felt so much passion in that kiss. We immediately embraced and fell onto Tim's bed, locked together in an embrace and kissing each other for what seemed to be hours. My cock was rock hard as Jim knelt beside the bed and unlaced my shoes and took my socks off. I was only wearing a tank top and shorts with no underwear and he stripped my tank top off and leaned into my chest and sucked on my nipples going from one to the other.

I was melting from the heat and the passion that this man was causing me to feel and wondering why and how this had all happened. It was too late for wondering, as he tugged my shorts down my hips allowing my cock to flop out. Tim knelt in front of me and ever so softly took only the head of my cock into his warm moist mouth. He tongued my entire cockhead and then plunged his mouth down the length of my raging hard-on, sucking and tonguing every inch. I could feel myself getting close and told him so.

He then stopped and stood again and again kissed me. Now I could taste my cock juices on his mouth and it drove me wild. He threw his robe off and I laid him back on the bed. I nibbled on his nipples like he had done mine and then kissed my way down his stomach to just below his belly button. I could feel his engorged cock thumping my chest as I worked my way down to it. I held his cock in front of me and noticed the crystal clear pre-cum oozing from his piss slit. I licked it off and it was sweet, which shocked me. It only made me hornier and I dove down on his cock and sucked it into my hungry mouth. I used my tongue on his cock in every way I could think of that would bring him pleasure, going down and licking his ball sac and sucking first one then the other nut into my mouth.

I couldn't stop there though. Tim smelled so fresh, so I knew he had just gotten out of the shower. I pushed his legs back into his chest and lifted his ass into the air, and I used my elbows to elevate and hold him in position. In front of me was his rosebud. I covered his entire asshole with my mouth and created suction to the entire area, and as I held it in my mouth, pushed my tongue just inside of his hole. This drove Tim wild and he began to moan and tell me how good it felt and not to stop. I lathered his hole for what seemed a very long time before working my way up and over his balls for a return trip to his dripping cock. Once again, I licked and sucked up the dripping precum and took his cock into my mouth and sucked him with a passion. It did not take long for Tim to shoot his thick creamy load into my waiting mouth.

As his cum cascaded across my tongue, I resisted swallowing so that I could savor the taste of his semen. When his orgasm finally subsided, I licked and cleaned his cock for him. He was breathing heavily and telling me how wonderful I had been. I told him that I had limited experience in this area, but found it to be very exciting and fulfilling. He asked me if I felt like licking and sucking his asshole again. I told him that I would love to and began administering to his needs.

My cock was hard as a rock and straining for release. Tim sensed all of that and he had a way of taking care of that need. After about five minutes he pulled me up on top of him and lifted his legs up to his chest, gripping them under his knees. When I got up on my knees and held onto his ankles, his asshole was positioned right in front of my throbbing cock. I used the build-up of pre-cum on my cockhead to lube his asshole some more before pressing the head of my cock to his hole. It offered little resistance and slipped just inside of him. He winced and asked me to hold it there until he got used to my girth. I only had about 6.5 inches, but it was big around, and Tim had to get used to the size.

In just a minute he began to move his ass against me, stimulating me to my own movement. As the pumping got faster, Tim wrapped his legs around my hips and held fast. He pulled me into him and began kissing me deeply, pushing his tongue in my mouth. I had never felt passion like this with anyone in my life. As I pumped his ass, he was making love to me like I had never had before in my life. I could feel my orgasm building and told him so. He grasped me tighter and began bucking against my thrusts. The feeling was out of this world as he brought me over the edge, experiencing an earth-shattering orgasm that seemed to never end. My cock was so sensitive, as it twitched inside his ass. Tim was squeezing his sphincter muscle around my cock and milking everything my balls could offer.

I collapsed first onto Tim and then rolled off to the side where he lathered my face and neck with light kisses before kissing me one more time on the mouth, long and passionately. I was spent from just having the best sex ever and it was from a man 65 years old who sure knew what he was doing.

Needless to say that was the beginning of a change of lifestyle for me. Over the next several months, Tim and I met every chance we could to have passionate sex. I could never understand how two men could ever possibly have that kind of love between them, until my first time with Tim. We remain close even to this day and that was over seven years ago.

As for my girlfriend and me: we broke it off. Not because of Tim, but then it makes you wonder. Sex with her was just never the same. I had found something new in Tim, and I liked what I had found. I’m still looking, even today.

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