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How I Became a A Slut For Black Cock

By Dick Teaser

submitted March 23, 1999

Categories: Interracial

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I am 18 a senior in high school. I am 5'6" tall, Bear type. I once was a straight white stud, but someone had other plans.... It was my Freshman year of high school, I was new to the area in NC. The school I was enrolled in was basically all black, I was one of the few whites there. So the first day like all freshman I suffered all the jokes from the seniors. It was fourth period and I had Gym I was the only WHITE freshman in the class.

"Go to the locker room and get dressed out" said the beefy black coach. So off to the locker room I go, as I look around the room I see all the big black cocks around me, then I heard "Look at that white boy wit the lil dick" everyone started laughing... So we go out and everyone plays basketball but me. This is the last period of the day so i just watched the big black teens play ball. "Hit the showers fellas" said the coach.

Since I didn’t play I just put on my cloths while the others showered. When I was done and about to leave, I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Hey faggot where you goin", It was Curtis the big quarterback. Curtis was about 6" tall, dark skinned and very buff. He was standing there in total nakedness, and was wearing a big hard on. I said "hey man I ain’t down wit that gay shit." I felt a fist hit my face I was down and was surrounded by a gang of black studs with there dicks dangling in my face.

Curtis said " Look at this lil white slut yo, I bet he give good head" from that point he shoved his big black dick down my throat I struggled and he just keep sayin "You stupid faggot milk my black dick"

Then I felt my legs lifted up and my virgin ass was violently entered by the dick of one of the other black thugs. I felt Curtis shoot his load down my throat I was in tears crying like a baby. He then moved from over my face and the others took turns in my mouth while my ass was still being raped, I could not move but I felt the thug shoot his load deep in me. He pulled out and my ass was soon filled again, it seemed like hours, when the coach walked in I was on the floor cum covered, I thought he would help, but he just pulled out his dick and forced it down my throat. I was so fucking sore, now that I am a senior I am known for my ass and head giving the coach is my pimp and I service every jock I can , we split the profits 50/50.

Now I am a bonified slut for black cocks.