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How To Take It Up The Ass

By D. Katz

submitted November 7, 1997

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I would like to share this tutorial with other authors of this section of Men on the Net. I will write a lesson on anal sex and would be delighted if you contribute with your accounts about your experiences in this mode of sex.

I usually do more oral and manual (caressing, touching, wanking my partner) sex than anal. A guy has to be really gorgeous or really close to me affectionately in order to accept his cock into my ass or to fuck him. Therefore, you may know much more about anal sex than I, but I would recommend the following points:

The fucker, i.e. the active partner, must be really sexually aroused. Unlike oral sex (where allowing a cock to grow hard into your mouth is the most exquisite pleasure), there is nothing nastier and more unpleasant than a soft limp cock trying to enter Uranus (I mean, your anus). An advice: never let an old man (50+) to try anal sex with you. Choose young fuckers, strong stallions full of energy, with rock hard penises and big balls to support erection. If the active partner is not that hard, engage in foreplay beforehand.

Lubricate thoroughly. I like to use KY gel or baby oil. Ass rimming is not my bag, I do not think that tongue-ass contact is something sexy, or healthy, and I don't do it and don't allow anyone to do it to me. But, that's up to you. I'd rather have my ass (or the one of my passive partner) lubricated with oil or gel. Or, better, don't lubricate the hole, but the cock, and here the best option is sucking. Try oral sex first, suck or get sucked and the cock will be wonderfully lubricated with the saliva-precum mixture. If you like pain, then it's up to you. I have been fucked without lubrication on several occasions, and it can be a turn on, in spite of the excruciating pain, especially if your fucker is a gorgeous big stud with a foot long cock and a muscular body to dive into you with energy. But I'd rather have no pain. And if you are fucked without lubrication, it is better if you didn't eat any chili pepper and your partner didn't eat it either.

When you start being penetrated, help, push your ass towards the cock, and caress your partner's body. If you are being fucked doggy style, reach his bum with your hands and caress it, knead it; if you are on your back, then caress his chest, lick and bite his nipples, lick his stomach; and if you are on top of him, then impale yourself, let your own weight push you onto the cock and it into you, but be careful and guide the cock with your hand since if it is not straight and touches hard parts and bends, it can be a put off or it can cause premature ejaculation.

Do not try to close your ass muscles, unless you have a lot of experience with that partner and you learned how to do it properly, otherwise you will cause him to come, and your pleasure will end before starting.

Enjoy every second of your fuck, and once that the cock was taken all in, then let your fucker take it out almost completely, slowly, and then insert it all in again quickly, and if you can, help him. For instance, if you are on top, being fucked, steady yourself properly on your feet so you can push up and then go down again. If you are on your back, move your hips in a circle. The in-out movement will give you a lot of pleasure, but the sideways movement is more exciting, especially if you try to feel the tip of his cock inside you.

Make your fucker use a condom and come into it, it feels quite sexy, and does not interfere with your enjoyment. If your partner is healthy and you too, and there is no risk of infection, then let him come directly into you, and it's wonderful. Try to close your muscles to avoid the sperm running out; keep it in and you'll feel the warmth of the semen and its smoothness into your body. Or if he comes out of you, there is more pleasure if you see him coming than if he comes behind you. If you see him coming, surely you will come at the same time too.

Well, this is my lesson. Can you contribute with your lessons? I want to learn more ways of enjoying anal sex.

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