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Humping Hartnett

By Josh's Lover

submitted January 16, 2002

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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***The following is a work of fiction***

It had been a hectic evening. The calls for room service had been heavy and it was all due to the premiere of the movie "Black Hawk Down.” Many of the cast and crew had reserved rooms, and had retired to their rooms after the gala party they had in the main ballroom. I was about to go off duty when I took one last call: Josh Hartnett was calling down for a sandwich. I told him it would be about 10 minutes. He said he'd leave the door unlocked, as he was ready to take a shower.

Hartnett, or 'Hot-nett' as I see him, referred to on the Internet and in magazines, had been on the scene now for a couple of years. I never had paid much attention to him. Even though his looks were enticing, he seemed like a bit of a dimwit and not all that well put together. At 6'3" and 175 pounds, he was just an average kind of guy.

I arrived with his food about 10 minutes later, as promised, and figured I should knock. I barely tapped the door when it flew open and there he was, dripping wet with just a white hotel towel wrapped around his slender hips and cell phone in hand. He motioned to me to set the food down. I did and moved toward the door to leave, but Josh signaled for me to stay. In a minute he got off the phone and said, "Damn agent, never leaves me alone. Thanks for staying. I had just jumped in the shower when he called. Can you do me a favor? I was having trouble adjusting the showerhead, can never figure those things out."

Why didn't this surprise me? The guy comes across as really just another pretty face on interviews. He did look sexy however with his hair all wet and dripping. His skin was smooth and the only real body hair I noticed was the dark trail that began under his navel and led down to the bulge that his towel covered. He had big feet but small hands with thick digits, so I figured he'd be about a 7-incher but pretty thick.

"You play football?" he asked.

"Yeah, small college, tight end...never could keep weight on much more than 230 on this 6'5" frame, so none of the big schools were interested in me. I still play on a semi-pro team here in town...keeps me in shape."

"I played before my knee got injured in high school. That's when I took to acting."

"Let's take a look at that showerhead for you, and then I'll be on my way."

"Mind if I watch over your shoulder? That way the next time I'll know what to do. I'm not so good at figuring stuff out, and I have a hard time with learning lines. I'm not real smart; just been lucky."

"Hey it's no big deal," I began to see what made him so attractive. He had an innocence about him, a shyness that makes you want to get inside him and find out who this guy is.

As I fiddled with the showerhead, he leaned over and rested his hand on my shoulder and his head was just about next to mine. He said he couldn't see any other way as my broad shoulders were blocking his line of sight. His touch ran a tingling sensation through me. I could feel and smell his sweet warm breath on the back of my neck. It was then I knew I was going to have to fuck Josh Hartnett.

I turned around. We were face to face. I put my arms around him, ripped the towel off of him, grabbed his butt and pulled him into me. I pressed my open mouth onto his neck, right in the area of his most notable feature, a mole, nibbled it for a second and then planted my open mouth on his. In an instant our tongues were mixing it up, and his warm spit tasted so good. I could not believe I was so hot for this guy, a guy my physical inferior, yet having a vulnerability about him that turned me on.

We left the bathroom, and he put the 'do not disturb' sign on and locked the door. I started to take my shirt off, but he wanted to disrobe me, so I let him have his way...for now. He was already in the buff and I took my first real look at his package. It was bigger than I imagined, and even though he was slender and his muscles not well defined, I could picture fucking him all night long. I wanted to control him and make him cum till he begged me to stop.

"Why are you doing this? Everything I have ever read about you says you are a chick magnet, and no indications that you are into guys?"

"I'm not. But my agent, the guy on the phone when you came in? He’s always telling me it’s a side of Hollywood that you have to experience if you are ever going to be truly comfortable. I have managed to avoid any kind of relationship with a guy ‘cause I can spot a gay boy a mile away. I knew you were as soon as you came in. You are much too good looking to be straight. I hope you are a good teacher. I am slow to catch on sometimes, so if you have to do things over, it will be OK."

"I'm sure we will do things many times, Josh boy. Just remember if it feels good, keep on doing it. If something hurts at first let me know and I'll try to be more gentle."

I pushed him on to the king size bed and rolled him on his side. I told him just do what I do. I took his soft cock into my mouth and began to massage his balls, butt and body with my hands. Every once in a while I would grab his now semi-hard stick and wangle it back and forth. I was amazed at how the pre-cum was flowing from his dick. Never saw anything like that. Josh did the same to me and his warm mouth felt so fine on my cock.

After about 10 minutes of this side-to-side 69, I rolled over on top of him and this allowed me direct access to his cock and asshole. His legs were up in the air intertwined around my shoulders. I could feel his head bobbing up and down as he tried to continue to feed off my now hard 11-inch steel rod. I was pleased that he was a good 10 inches now, and he moaned furiously when I would swallow his entire length. His sweet pre-cum was mixing with my spit and offered a taste I really loved. His body reacted with a hip thrust when I fingered his virgin asshole. I slid my forefinger in and out a few times to begin to loosen it up. I purposely bypassed his hotspot, saving that bit of fun for later.

Once I felt he was secure in what we were doing, I rolled him over on top of me and let him have a go at being on top. Josh was a natural. He gagged and struggled a bit but eventually was able to swallow my entire cock down his magnificent mouth and throat. His thick forefinger found its way into my hot hole and unknowingly rubbed my prostate and I sent a load of my milk pouring into his mouth. He swallowed most of it and what dripped out of the corner of his mouth, he wiped up with his hand. I took his hand and put it to his mouth and he licked it off. I then kissed him and got him into the position for the first Humping of Hartnett.

I wanted to save fucking him face to face till last figuring I could do that for hours and get the pleasure of seeing his face react to the anal invasion. I propped him up on all fours and spread his cheeks. As my tongue licked and probed his asshole he moaned and groaned to let me know his pleasure. I coupled this rimming with inserting first one, then two and finally three fingers into his hot-Hartnett-hole. I spit on my hands, gathered some of his still flowing pre-cum and gave his butt hole one last lube. Finally, I gently inserted my mushroom head into his now eager ass. His sphincter seemed to suck it right in, and even though there was some discomfort in this, his first invasion, I rocked him and pumped him until he had my entire length inside him. His breathing was heavy and he kept repeating, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me, don't stop!"

I must have pounded and plowed his butt for a good 15 minutes before grabbing his dipstick and yanking it till his Josh-juice was flowing out into my hand. I rolled him on his side and rubbed his cream all over his chest, then licked him clean.

Next, while he was on his side, I entered his love canal again. His ass was dripping with his own juice; his lanky body was a perfect fuck machine. After rocking him into heaven again, I reached around, grabbed his now throbbing cock and drained him dry again. This time there was no need to rub his cum on him. I was able to direct his shot onto his stomach and chest. Again, he purred as I licked him clean.

Josh was exhausted but I wasn't nearly finished with this hot hunk. I laid him out on his back and elevated his legs over my shoulders and his hips rose up, making access to his hole easy. I slid my 12 inches back in him, and he let out a slow moan and then a deep gurgling sound began to come from deep inside him. As I rhythmically fucked him, his hips would buck up, and his chest would heave with each inward thrust from me. His head flailed back and forth and his mouth would open and his tongue would lick his lips.

I would lean forward every few minutes and kiss his handsome face and he would grab my shoulders and wrap his arms around me, pulling me as close as possible. I fucked him for over an hour, using sublimation to keep me from dumping my load in his volcanic ass too soon.

Four times during that hour I grabbed his tool and whacked him off. He was amazing at how he could replenish his cum supply, but I drained him each time. Finally on the 5th try all he had was dry heaves, so I pulled my cock out of him and inserted my finger. I pushed on his prostate hot spot and he gushed one last load of Josh-jism.

I told him I had to go. He said he was going to take that shower, but wanted me to bring him another sandwich in about 15 minutes. That went on all night. I must have fucked Josh for over 6 hours that night.

Josh decided to stay over another night and his call for a sandwich came very early the next evening.

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