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I Suck My Step Father

By Kevin

submitted March 10, 1998

Categories: Family Fun

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I'm 19 now. My mum divorced my dad when I was 6 and get married with this tall and handsome guy, Jim. Jim is 36, body well built, and the best part of his body, his butt.

I'm very close to my step father because he is a loving kid guy. He is my best daddy.

My mother is a senior journalist in a newspaper, so she often leaves home for a few days, a week, even months for chasing the news. So, I always left at home with Jim who become my best dad since something was happened between us. One day, mum had to chase some news in Japan, which takes months. So, here I am, getting around with Jim everyday.

Every nights, I sleeps with Jim. He was very protective of me. Till one night, when I woke up cause I was very thirsty. Jim was drunk that night. I told him to go to bed, but he came to my room.

There, Jim unzipped his white boxer and took out his gorgeous cock. It hung down about 7 inches and was real thick especially at the base. It was surrounded by a mass of pubic hair that covered his balls

I wasn't gay that time, I'm still an innocent boy who doesn't know anything. He put his cock into my mouth. He said suck this, and you'll got milk so u won't be thirsty anymore. Well, that time I was very thirsty, so without thinking anymore, I started to suck his uncut cock. He groaned, I bet it was feel good cause I sucked it very hard.

He started touch my body, and put his hand into my ass. I was shocked, stopped sucking, feeling a bit hurt in the ass. Jim said don't stop sucking his cock. I did as he told me. He began to play his hand in my ass. Not very long time, it was not hurt anymore, but it began to feel better, I like it.

After about 10 minutes I sucked his cock, he was ready to cum. He said get ready for your milk, son. He gasped and get orgasm. His white juicy sperm was cum into my mouth. The cum is so tasty, I said to Jim. Jim said this is the best milk you've ever drink son, so when u feel thirsty again at night, just unzipped my boxer and suck it hard.

I did and did it again the next day and the next and the next. And our relation ships is getting incredible. I was not just drinking his "milk", but he sucked my little smooth cock too. He began to fuck me with his 8" uncut cock, and I liked it very much. This relation ship always happened when mum goes to find the news.

My daddy is become my secret lover until now, and he always keep his little love affair with me from his wife.

If you like my story and would to know more, give comments or want to share your sex secret just e-mail me at: khunk@hotmail.com

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