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I Sucked My Brother-In-Law's Cock

By Pine Weasel

submitted June 7, 2001

Categories: Family Fun

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The doorbell rang. When I opened the door I was surprised to see my brother-in-law, Greg. He was standing there in his work uniform and I could smell his sweaty musky scent.

"Hey. What's up?" I asked, holding the door open for him to come in. I knew that he must have driven the 50 miles here from work if he was still in his work clothes. I was confused.

"I just thought I'd drive up here and see how you're doing, you know?" he said as he sort of milled around.

"Sit down. You want something to drink?"

"Naw, can I use your shower first and clean up? I've got some clothes in the car."

"Sure. Help yourself." My heart raced. Once again he would be in my shower, naked with steamy water running over his muscular body. I wished I could see that.

Greg went out to his car and came back with a sport bag. I told him to use the shower in my bedroom since the front bathroom needed some plumbing work. I heard the door click shut and was frantic trying to think of a way to catch of glimpse of Greg's cock. The window was frosted and there's no way to peek in from anywhere else. I just sat and watched the evening news and listened to the water run.

A few minutes later Greg came down the hall.

"Man, that's a good shower head you've got. Where'd you get that?" My heart was pounding as Greg strolled in with one of my towels tucked snuggly around his waist and sat down opposite me on the couch.

"Wal-Mart. Where else?" We laughed. I couldn't help but glance at that towel - not quite big enough as he sat down - and it tugged open a little at the waist as the split fell open across his right thigh. I couldn't imagine why Greg hadn't gotten dressed, although he had never been a modest guy and was just as likely to scratch his crotch as shake your hand.

"Why didn't you get dressed, dude?" I asked.

"Don't you still wanta suck my dick?" he asked. And as he did he tugged at the towel and let it fall open and sat there with his legs splayed open and his small thick cock exposed and resting on his fat balls. I sat there dumbfounded but excited beyond belief.

"I figured after all that stroking and squeezing you did last year there was no way you were over it." And as he spoke his cock began to swell and lift slowly. I moved over to Greg and kneeled down between his muscular legs and, running my hands up his hairy legs, took his cock in my mouth. My heart was pounding in my ears as I sucked him. His dick grew to a thick seven inches with a fat, round head. I was sliding my mouth up and down his cock, deep-throating him as he moaned and held my head in his rough hands. He shifted in his seat and slid down spreading his legs further as I licked and sucked his balls and licked my way underneath to his ass.

"Yeah, lick my asshole," Greg growled as I tongued his puckered hole. It was so small and tight, that little pinkish brown bud. I licked at it, flickering my tongue back and forth over it as he moaned and his cock throbbed and slapped against his stomach. I knew he liked this because I remembered him telling me about a girlfriend he had who would lick his asshole when she sucked his cock. Hell, every guy likes having his asshole played with. It's just rare that you find a straight guy who'll let you down there.

“Come on, suck my dick,” Greg said holding out his thick shaft to me. I eagerly continued to suck him, working on the head of his dick trying to make him come. Greg was groaning and rubbing his hands over his chest while I sucked him. I could tell he was close as his balls began to tighten, and as I sucked hard on his cockhead he grabbed my head and held it tightly as he started to come.

“Uhhh, yeah, swallow my cum,” he grunted as thick salty bursts of his load filled my mouth. I drank it down and continued to suck as he came in my mouth. I sucked him until he shuddered and pushed me off his cock, unable to bear any more.

Within just a short time he had gotten up and dressed and gone home. And not a word has been spoken about it since.