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I Sucked My Own Cock

By Adam

submitted May 22, 2001

Categories: True Stories, First Time

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(This story is completely true, no embellishments)

A few years ago I started thinking about men's bodies for the first time. I had only thought about girls before: I had several girlfriends, whom I used to kiss and fondle ('heavy petting') and, of course, I had been wanking madly since I was nine years old. I had a stack of girlie magazines that I used to jack off to. They also featured small pictures of men, in the advertisements for porno films, etc. As the months passed I started getting hard looking at the pictures of the men as well as the girls in the layouts.

At this point, though, I definitely did not think of myself as being 'gay'; I didn't really know what homosexuality was. I had an idea: so that I didn't have to keep flicking backwards and forwards to find my favourite pictures in my girlie magazines, I thought I would cut them out and paste them onto an art board. I made a kind of porno montage, with my playboy centerfolds and naked guys, and positioned it at the side of my bed so that I could look at it while I stroked my cock. I was well endowed for a small guy (5'6"), about seven inches and quite thick. When I jacked off I used to imagine myself licking and eating the pussies of the women on the pages of my girlie magazines - that was my major turn-on at this point. By the time I created my naked wall frieze, with its pictures of sexy, muscular guys alongside the female models that got me most worked up, I started thinking about what it would be like to lick and suck a man's cock, especially feeling him shoot into my mouth. This went on for weeks through the summer, me wanking several times a day, with my naughty wall frieze at my bedside. Then, on one hot July day, I thought that if I could suck my own cock I would get an idea of what it would be like. Of course, as soon as I thought of it, the idea drove me crazy. I was fit, and supple from my gymnastics training, so I thought that I could probably manage getting my dick into my mouth without much difficulty.

I lay on my bed and lifted myself up, so that my legs were over my head, using my arms to support my lower back. In this position I saw my cock throbbing in front of my face and I wasn't even touching it. Then I tilted my head forward and took the head of my cock into my mouth; the feeling was incredible: when my tongue reached my cock, I felt as though electricity was passing through my body. I licked up all the precum that I was producing, and found that I really enjoyed the taste; it made me even hornier and my dick even harder as I sucked it. After a few minutes I took a few more inches of my cock into my mouth, sucking more greedily at it, my dickhead swelling from the intense pleasure of my sucking. It was easier than I imagined. I felt no discomfort at all from twisting my body around; my only problem was stopping myself from gagging, so eager was I to swallow as much of my cock as I could.

Within twenty minutes I had almost the entire length of my rock hard cock down my throat, loving every second. All the time I was getting more and more worked up, wanting to come, and becoming dizzy with the intensity of the feelings I was experiencing (I remember feeling guilty but incredibly horny at the same time). Although I really wanted to shoot my load down my throat, loving the feeling of my tongue and mouth on my dick, I sensed that I couldn't come like this. Reluctantly, I took my cock from my mouth and jerked it over my face. After only a few strokes I came violently, shooting a huge load of spunk into my open mouth and all over my face and hair. It didn't taste that great (after coming) but I still swallowed all that I could. Afterwards I lay panting, coated in sweat.

Through practice, within about a year, I could come while sucking myself off, shooting directly into my mouth, swallowing every drop without any mess. That was really cool, I loved swallowing my load. But after another year I got bored with sucking my cock and went back to jacking myself off, only sucking myself off a few more times afterwards. But the idea still really turns me on when I think about it. One of my friends, who was straight, even sucked himself off in front of me. But that's another story.


p.s. if you want to send me any comments, write to me at: adamd74@yahoo.co.uk

…I would really like to hear from any (honest) guys with similar experiences, who have/can sucked their own cock, especially if you live in England…

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