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By Lukas Lover

submitted December 13, 2000

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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"the Snake" Plummer gets Plowed By Lukas Lover Click on the pictures to see the Video at MovieMountain.com

The following story is a work of pure fiction. Any comparison to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

Plummer had just gotten out of the shower and was reflecting back on the just completed exhibition game with the Denver Broncos in Mile High Stadium. Plummer was tired, bruised and beaten. He had been sacked six times during the game, four of them by the ‘man-ster,’ 6’4” 250 pound, Bill Romanowski. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but the Cardinals lost the game, due mainly to three touchdown passes, from Gus Frerotte to Ed McAffery. There was a knock on the hotel door, and secured the towel around his waist and went to answer it; probably the room service he ordered. To ’s surprise it was the three members of the Broncos that he had just been thinking about, wide receiver, Ed McAffery, new quarterback, Gus Frerotte, and defensive lineman, Bill Romanowski.

“Hey guys,” said , “You were pretty rough and pretty awesome out there today.”

“Yeah, , we just wanted to stop by to make sure you were OK. It got pretty intense for an exhibition game,” said Ed.

“No problem,” responded .

“Say , while we’re here, would you mind answering a question for us?” Ed asked.


“Well, it’s like this, we’ve heard a rumor around the league, that after three years, you’re ass is still virgin, and that is just so hard to believe. I mean, you with the nickname ‘ the Snake’, and your perfect ass and all. We can’t believe that no one has ever plowed your butt. So, what’s the truth here?” asked Ed.

“Hey, I’m not gay. I mean, I don’t go for that stuff,” said .

“You don’t need to be gay to enjoy a good ass plowing,” said Gus, grinning.

“Hey , we’re going to initiate you tonight into the Bronco Club. There ain’t a quarterback that can’t be rode and broken,” said Bill.

“Here is how it is going to be ,” said Ed. “Gus is going to warm you up with a little foreplay, then Bill is going to loosen up your tight butt, then I am going to fuck that beautiful ass of yours. You are long overdue, buddy.”

With that, Ed pushed onto the king size bed. As he fell onto the bed, Gus was able to get the towel off that has secured on his body. Frerotte, who was 2 inches taller than and about twenty pound heavier, had no trouble resting his body on top of the virgin Plummer. Ed and Bill each got on either side of the two, just in case had any thoughts of trying to leave. It was only a moment before Gus was deep inside ’s mouth with his tongue and didn’t put up a fight, as Gus’s tongue was obviously very experienced. responded by pushing his tongue into Gus’s mouth. Then Gus stuck his tongue in ’s left ear, and let out a moan of pleasure. Gus’s hips started to push and grind ever so slightly into ’s and the technique was working as he could feel s’ Snake starting to grow.

He whispered in ’s ear, “We’re going to 69, just you and me, right now.”

Like a pro, Gus swiveled his body and within seconds, he was licking the entire head of ’s growing tool. needed help on his end, so Ed worked Gus’s cock back and forth over ’s now eager mouth. could only get the words, “Hot Frerotte” out, and Ed stuffed Gus’s grand organ into ’s mouth. Gus took the advantage, and was on top of , slowly moving up and down, both with his own mouth and hips so that the two were deep throating each other in a very short time. was wild with this, and he took his long slender forefinger and began to finger fuck Frerotte. Both guys exploded, almost at the same time, shooting his wad first and then Gus. Gus made sure not to swallow all of ’s juice as he turned over and moved up towards ’s mouth. He shared ’s essence with him, so he would know how sweet it was.

Gus was done and now it was Romanowski’s turn. Gus rolled over and got in position to watch what happed next. Ed stayed very close to , just in case Bill needed assistance.

“Just relax ,” said Bill, “I got a little lubing to do.”

While Ed massaged and pinched ’s nipples, he also teased him by running his fingers over ’s erotic zones. Bill spit on his fingers and started to penetrate the virgin ass. As one finger was inserted into the tight ass, screamed, first in pain, then almost in pleasure. Bill explored and massaged ’s rectum until got used to one finger invading his heretofore-virgin area. Then, he did the same thing with two fingers, then three, then finally four. Tears were streaming from ’s eyes, but he didn’t want Bill to stop.

“C’mon, , this ain’t so bad. Boomer Esiason got so he could take my whole fist and forearm up to my elbow. You should be able to do that in time.”

“I can’t take anymore,” cried .

“Don’t worry, pretty boy, I ain’t going to fist you, at least not tonight,” said Bill. “Ed wants to make sure when he fucks you that your ass ain’t to stretched out, just loose enough so he can give you the ride of your life.”

As Bill continued to finger and massage his ‘sacked quarterback’, Gus stroked s’ snake and made cum. It spurted out in about three waves and landed on his belly and chest. All three of the guys then licked up the Snakes’ semen, and allowed to feed off of it. First Gus, who did it by planting a passionate kiss on , then Ed who let it drool out of his mouth in ’s and finally Bill who just spit it into the open, waiting cavity.

By this time, Ed had stripped down to nothing. As looked at the sleek, 6’5”, 215 pound frame of this wide receiver, he marveled at how beautiful he was; there wasn’t an ounce of anything on him that wasn’t well-defined muscle. McAffery was in unbelievable shape and promised that he would enjoy his first fuck. As Ed mounted , the feel of that beautiful body against his made moan and groan in pleasure. Ed’s tool was as sharp and well defined as the rest of his gorgeous body. Ed took some cool gel and lubed ’s waiting ass and teased him a bit with his finger. was breathing a bit heavy now, in anticipation of what was to come. Ed’s pecker was now totally hard and had grown to the 12 inches that he was famous for. It was almost three inches in diameter at the base. He started to penetrate ’s tight, virgin ass.

“Just push out like you are going to take a dump, and this will be easier,” Ed said in a low voice.

As followed instructions, Ed made the first penetration, and was inside the Boise Boy’s ass. felt the pain but didn’t scream. Ed started to rock, slowly at first, and then began the slow thrust of his hips, each time entering deeper and deeper into the inner rectum of the Snake. Finally, with his 12-incher all the way in, Ed started to plow the boys’ ass and could only yell out in pleasure.

“Aw fuck, fuck me Ed, don’t ever stop” The amazing Ed obliged, and fucked him for over an hour. loved having Ed inside of him and wrapped his legs around Ed’s waist, and then moved them up and down his stallion like legs. used his hands to touch every part of Ed's amazing body. Gus and Bill managed to make cum a few times during that span by stroking the Snake and after about and hour and fifteen minutes, Ed’s monster cock unloaded into ’s ass.

was a virgin, no more.

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