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Jeff Timmons & Bill Davey...Part 1...the Meeting

By Jeff's Juicer

submitted January 19, 2001

Categories: S/M

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"Hey Bri.... Jeff here, and I was trying to catch you on your cell phone.....I'll just leave a message and you can get back to me....just want to say thanks to you and Kev for arranging the meeting with Bill Davey. I did some research on the Internet and this guy seems awesome....he has just the bodybuilding and maintenance program I'm looking for. Not too shabby.....a former Mr. America and seems like a decent guy.....I'll let you know how things turn out....hey, Bri, I miss you and can't wait to see my only fuck buddy real soon...."

As he approached Bill's home, Jeff was really excited at the thought of having an extremely qualified trainer. Being on tour, Jeff doesn't get to work out as much as he'd like, and his usually hunky chest and arms could use some work. Jeff couldn't wait to see this perfect physical specimen in the flesh. 48" chest, 33" waist and 18" arms along with 28" quads on a 6-foot, 210-pound frame seemed unbelievable.

Jeff knocked on the door and it wasn't long before standing in front of him in just a pair of jean cutoffs was the magnificent Bill Davey. He was even better looking than his pictures with killer green eyes and dark black hair. His body was also more impressive than anything Jeff had ever seen.

"Hey Jeff, how ya doin...I've been expecting you and have everything ready" said Bill with a cheerful smile on his model-good looks face.

Although his body was no match, Jeff was easily as handsome or even better looking than Bill. Jeff's chiseled chest and well-developed arms didn't quite have the same definition and his abs looked flat next to the Mr. America build of Bill Davey. Still Jeff was not intimidated and knew he could work out with the best of them, or so he thought.

"Come on in to my training and workout room.....can I get you anything?"

"No thanks, Bill.....I'm wearing my workout clothes and brought some Gatorade....let's get started."

Jeff could not believe this room....it must have had every piece of Nautilus and Olympic equipment and more. It even had some stuff along the walls that Jeff had never seen.

"Normally, I only like my clients to work on one or two parts of their body each day, but seeing as you are just passing through, why don't we concentrate on you arms, chest and abs today.... see how much you can take...OK"

"Sure" replied Jeff.

"For your abs, we're going to do crunches and "hanging leg lifts"...here let me show you"

With that, Bill swung up and wrapped his legs over a bar, hung upside down and began doing ‘sit ups’ from that position....it looked easy enough. When he was done demonstrating, he flipped down and help Jeff get into position on the bar. Being very agile, Jeff got right into the hanging position. Jeff thought he caught Bill glancing at his package, which even though his shorts were a bit baggy still revealed Jeff was very well endowed. Jeff tried doing the sit-ups but it was a struggle to get one clean, much less a repetition of them.

"That's OK little buddy.... I’ll get you there in no time."

Bill then got on the floor and demonstrated how to do crunches properly, and again assisted Jeff as he did a few, this time more successfully. As he helped Jeff up off his back, he said to Jeff.

"I just gotta find out how much your abs can take."

Out of nowhere, he landed a blow from his left and then an even more powerful one from right, landing in Jeff's mid-section both times. It not only caught Jeff by surprise, took his breath away, but moved him a good five or six feet back. Before he could know what was going on, Bill slammed Jeff's body back into the wall, right where one of the pieces of equipment that Jeff had not recognized was. In an instant Jeff's wrists were bound in two clamps that positioned his arms directly above his head. Bill had no trouble locking Jeff's ankles against the wall.

“Bill, what the fuck are you doing?” Jeff barely got out, still feeling the effects of the blows to his stomach.

“Shut up pretty boy…I’m going to work you over, so that Brian will never want to be with your sorry ass again.”

Bill then laid a blow to Jeff’s left pec that sent a shock wave through his entire body. Jeff winced but didn’t yell. Jeff remembered the night he had asked the bouncer that had taken him home to ‘punish’ him physically, and that was quite a turn on, but the strength and force that Bill had was more than anything he had ever felt. Before he could try to say anything, Bill cupped his left hand under Jeff’s right pec and delivered an even more powerful hit to it with his right fist. It felt like a sledgehammer coming down on him. Jeff nearly passed out from the pain.

“Oh my God…w-what are you doing? screamed Jeff, now in considerable pain.

“All Brian could talk about when he came in for training was how great you were. He wouldn’t shut up about how fantastic you are. Brian is such a hot guy…I wanted to do him, but he said that he only fucked for you…that as long as he and you were fuck buddies, I wasn’t going to get anywhere with him…so, this was ideal when he said you needed a trainer too…I’m going to beat you silly, then mess up that pretty face of yours, you’re going to feel my forearm all the way up you ass, and when you can’t take any more, I’m going to bust your nuts and make it so you’ll never fuck Backstreet Brian again…”

Bill then grabbed Jeff by the balls and gently fondled them and began to stroke Jeff’s soft dick. Jeff tried to stay soft, but Bill’s muscular hands soon began to make Jeff’s tool grow.

“Brian said you were a full 11 inches, guess he was right, for now at least.”

All of a sudden Bill squeezed Jeff’s scrotum with all his strength…Jeff let out a cry of agony….and then Bill followed it with two more well aimed punches to Jeff’s mid-section, a blow to the chest and a slap across the face.

“God, Bill, please don’t do this to me, don’t hit me anymore, I can’t take this…I’ll do anything you want…. just don’t ruin me and my singing career….all I have is my voice and my looks, please Bill, I’m begging you….you can have Brian, I was bored with him anyway”

“You are such a wimp, you sorry little whore…I’ll let you go, but you are going to call Brian right now and tell him you are through with him and that you don’t want to see him anymore?” asked Bill.

“Yes, anything you want,” said Jeff.

Bill slapped Jeff upside the head and just chuckled as he said to Jeff,

“You weren’t so tough to crack after all” and he began to undo the locks holding Jeff captive.


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