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Jordan Knight and JC of NSYNC

By JC's lover

submitted November 8, 1999

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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Every since their tour together: NSYNC and Jordan Knight, JC of NSYNC had always dreamed of making love to Jordan Knight of the former New Kids on The Block. JC is 22 while Jordan is 28 still make Jordan look sexy as ever for JC. JC loved it when Jordan sings his song, "Give it to You". It always gives him a huge hardon. Especially that pelvic trust that Jordan would always do when he sings. JC always wished that Jordan would be doing that while his huge cock is in JC ass hole. JC always wanted Jordan. They talked several times and JC considered Jordan kind of like an older brother type. They always talk by saying, hey big bro or hey little bro to each other.

Well one summer night after their concert, both members went to their separate rooms. They were paired up into two per room per bed. Since there is five members of NSYNC and one Jordan, JC and Jordan decided to share the room together. JC never imagined that he will be sleeping with this hot man.....neither did he realized that Jordan was thinking about the same idea.

Every time Jordan saw the picture of NSYNC, he would search JC image and he would fantasize about making love to him. He would stoke his dick and get horny for hours just thinking about JC.

So that night, they were both tired and went to bed. JC was wearing his red silk boxer while Jordan wore his tight black silk boxer. The moment each of them saw the other in the silk boxers made each of them horny and crazy with ecstacy. Soon they both had a raging hardon and two long poles tented out of each of their boxers. JC seeing Jordan's hard cock made him moan. Jordan couldn't take it anymore. He knows that JC wanted him and he wanted JC badly also. So he went up to JC, place his arms around him tightly and gave him a deep passionate kiss. They must of made out of hours, tongue exploring each others mouth, and hand roaming and rubbing all sorts of body parts.

Jordan broke the kiss and went down on JC. He took JC boxers off with his teeth and licked on JC's huge 10 dick.

He sucked and suck JC making him moan with pleasure. They both got down on the bed and JC was now on top of Jordan. JC love the feeling of Jordan's mouth and tongue pleasuring his meat. He also wantd to taste Jordans hard cock so he took of Jordan's boxers. Jordan's big 11 inch dick was hard as ever. JC licked and licked and licked. They were both sucking the other's cock for nearly hours. JC couldn't handle it any more and shot his load in Jordan's mouth. Jordan was about to cum also but JC told him to FUCK his hole. He has been dreaming about this for months now. So Jordan did what his little bro told him to do. He rammed his huge cock in JC's ass making JC moan once more. Jordan was moaning also because the feeling of JC nice tight asshole felt so good. Soon he exploded in JC's hole and both fell on the bed after the big dogie style fuck session. Jordan kissed JC on his lips and they fell asleep together flesh on top of bare flesh.

The End.

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