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JTT's Sexual Adventures

By j.b.

submitted November 8, 1999

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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JTT arrived at Zach Ty Bryan's party late. Zach opened the door dressed only in his boxers. Jon noticed that Zach had a bugle in his boxers.

"I'm glad you showed up," said Zach.

"I wouldn't miss for the world," said Jon.

Jon entered the house and Zach closed the door. Jon then stripped down to his boxers. Zach lead Jon to a bedroom and closed the door. Jon knelt down in front of Zach and pulled out Zach 8 and ½ inch cock.

"Take it all cause I know that's what you want," stated Zach.

Jon gave Zach his killer smile and took Zach's piece into his mouth. Zach watched has Jon went back and forth on the huge cock. Zach moaned with delight has Jon moved. Jon felt Zach grab the back of his head. Within minutes Zach shot several loads of cum into Jon's mouth. Jon took all of Zach's cum.

Jon let Zach's cock out of his mouth. He looked up at Zach. "I want you to fuck me with that cock," said Jon. "It will be my pleasure," comeback Zach. Zach helped Jon to his feet. They both then took off their boxers. Jon then laid on his back on the bed. He then spread his legs and Zach got between Jon's legs. Jon let out a groan has Zach entered him. Zach propped himself over Jon and started to pump up and down, Jon grabbed a hold of Zach's back and started to moan. Zach didn't stop until he came into Jon.

Zach then got off of Jon and laid on his back. Jon surprised Zach by mounting Zach and rode him hard and fast. When they finished they laid in each others arms. "You are one of the best fuck I ever had," stated Jon.

"You weren't bad yourself. I would love to do you again."said Zach."Well we have all" comeback Jon. Zach gave him a smile. Jon stayed the night and they made several more times.

End of Part 1.