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Kennel Boy

By Nathan Harvey

submitted April 13, 1999

Categories: Bondage

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It was going to be an early Fall. I could see by the few scraggly leaves left on our trees that winter was not far off. Setting there on the porch of that rundown shack of a farmhouse, all there was to do was watch those dust devils whirling across the landscape. I hated the fucking State of Texas from the day I was sent here. I knew from experience that we were in for two more unbearable hot dry months before we could get any relief. I felt like hell today--because of the howling of those stupid dogs in Ross’ kennels. They had barked and whined all night keeping me awake. I was in a piss poor mood. Ross McGuire, the guy I lived with, owned this house and ran a kennel. He raised Dobermans and Great Danes for guard dogs as well as a crew of male dogs for breeding. He was now doing more business in boarding large dogs for people and that just added to the racket--and my work. His best customers were the local police departments in and around South Texas. Because of this, he was on good terms with the law--he got my ass out of a hell of a lot of jams.

I hated his business and all those stinking dogs and this last month had really been the pits. I’d just graduated from this hick little high school and was glad that I would be eighteen Friday and I could soon be getting out of here. I would soon be finished with my probation period and the courts would then let me move. I was going to get as far away from this Texas hellhole as I could. Ross had tried to get me interested in the kennel many times and finally gave up, accusing me of having a chip on my shoulder. He had tried at first to be a father to me, when that didn’t work he tried to be a friend. Finally, he was just my warden. The courts had sent me to live with Ross McGuire because his place was out in the middle of nowhere and really, he was the only one that would take a chance on me. He always kept telling me I could be anything wanted to be--but what did he know about anything, he was just a dumb dog breeder.

They had warned me I was at the last step before being sent to juvenile hall and after I was eighteen, if I fucked up--it would be the state pen. For now my life was in the hands of the local sheriff and I knew he hated me and would do anything to get rid of me. The courts let him have free reign over what happened to me. Now Ross was my guardian was all right, just a little too straight for my tastes. When the hounds started wailing again, I told him that with those Texas winters coming, his only problem was to keep his stud dogs happy until spring when people wanted to breed their dogs with his stock again. What he needed for his kennel was a fine sterile bitch to let them fuck their stupid little hearts out.

I dreaded the work because the one thing he always did was make me clean out the kennels. I hated that job. I first had to shoo the dog to the other kennel. Then after hosing it out, crawl in there on my hands and knees then scrub it down with Lysol and a brush. Then I would hose it down again. I hated that job because those bitching dogs were always sneaking back into the kennel I was working in and sticking their noses up my ass! It gave me the creeps. Ross always laughed, saying for some reason they liked me and thought I was a bitch. They all seemed to want to fuck me. He usually came down just before lunch, when I was about finished, to inspect my job. He always laughed like hell when I had to fight the dogs off my ass. There was this one big black Great Dane he called Rex who never seemed to take “no” for an answer. I always thought he made me clean out the kennels just to see me squirm and fight off that dog.

One night a week I managed to squeeze a few bucks out of McGuire and he let me go to town. This week I adding it to the money I’d been lifting out of his wallet a little bit at a time when he was showering. I had been stashing a few dollars a week and now I had enough money tonight for a real 18th birthday blast on the town. I guess I was considered the town thug by just about everyone in this hick town but Ross. I do know this, the local cops and bartenders would do anything short of murdering me to get me out of circulation, but Ross always came to my defense. It was just because I like to drink a lot. When I was on booze, I always seemed to get into a fight. Most of the bartenders and even the cops said I was a teenage alcoholic and a bully. I simply liked pushing people around because it made me feel like a big shit.

By now I had been brought home many times by most of the local cops and I was even on a first name basis with them, but the names they had for me weren’t a bit nice. It had been Murray that had given me my last warning. He said for the first time everyone in the department agreed on one thing, which was the next time I fucked up, I was getting locked up permanently in the pen before I got drunk and killed someone. I dreaded spending any more time than I had to with Ross because he was so damn square. I was hell bent on celebrating my 18 birthday with a blast. I watched as he backed out of the drive to go to town for the afternoon for shopping for supplies. I supposed he would stop for a drink on the way back and maybe even find a whore to fuck. With any luck he might be out all night.

As it got later, I decided it was my time to slip into town and have a few. I figured I could just hot-wire his new truck in the barn and he would never miss it if I were careful. That was where I made my first big mistake. That night I really got tanked up and had gotten into a nasty fight. They guy had a knife, but he was the one that got pretty well cut up. Well, to make the story short, Murray the cop warned me to get my ass out of the bar and get home. Giving him the finger and mooning him, I stormed out of that fucking bar and climbed into my truck. Murray followed me in his patrol car all the way home. It was dark and late when I pulled into our gravel drive. I let the truck creep into the drive real slow--trying to slip in with out making any noise. Coming to a stop, I made it to the barn doors coasting.

When Murphy’s police car pulled into our drive, he had his red light flashing and his siren blaring. Ross came running out of the house. Pulling into the barn, I left the truck just standing there waiting for him to explode. That was when Murray pulled up, and getting out, told Ross he was arresting me and taking me in for driving drunk and brawling--as well as indecent exposure--and this time I was going to prison! Ross hurried over to Murray and putting their heads together they talked for a long while. Then Murray broke away and kept shaking his head, and saying “no”. Walking over and getting into his squad car, he sat there talking to the boys at the station, nodding and finally hanging up.

Walking over to me, Murray stepped around cuffing my hands in front of me of me. Then giving Ross the keys, he told him he had just 60 days to turn me around and he would be back. If he decided I was still a troublemaker, he was shipping my ass off to the Texas State Pen. As he walked off he just shook his head saying he didn’t think anything or anyone would ever reach me. Ross pulled me into the barn pushing me into one of the empty stalls. Forcing my arms up, he hung me from one of the rafters. He kept hoisting me up until my toes were the only things that just barely touched the floor, then he lashed me tight. As I hung there, I called him “a no good sons of a bitch” and every other dirty name I could think of. I told Ross he liked his dogs better than he did me.

Coming towards my face, he was yelling that he loved those dumb animals and at least they loved him back for caring for them--and that was more than I was capable of doing. Now after fifteen years of trying to reach me, it was time for a little “tough love”. Reaching into a shelf, he picked up a large butcher knife and turning, walked over to me in just five big swipes. My clothes were cut from me and I was left hanging there naked. To make it even more complete, he cut the laces on my sneakers and took those too. Then taking up a whip, he beat the living shit out of my ass--telling me he should have done that when I was just a little kid. Turning to me he said I should just hang there and be thankful I wasn’t going to the State Pen--were I would get my ass fucked by the hard timers. Still yelling, he said he would just show my smart-ass what it was like being raped by some jailhouse stud. Dropping his jeans, he began beating off that enormous cock of his and when he was hard, he jammed it up my ass. Holding my hips, he swung me back and forth pummeling that monster cock up my ass again and again. With all the yelling and screaming I was doing, he never realized I was beginning to like how he felt up my ass.

Telling me to remember how it felt to be raped because if I went to the pen I would be getting it every night by a whole cell of studs and they didn’t use any damn KY, he just kept pummeling my ass. Finally he finished both the pummeling and the lecture and left me. Hanging there all night, at first I vowed I would get even with that son of a bitch Murphy. By dawn I was crying and begging for forgiveness, and by dawn I was ready to kiss his ass if Ross would let me down. My arms were numb by the time I heard the doors swing open and I began begging for him to let me down. I promised I would to do everything he ordered me to if he would just he let me down.

Sitting there naked on that pile of straw, I asked him for a drink of water. Walking over to the shelf, he pulled down a tin cup and dipping it into a near by bucket and held it to my lips. I was despondent so I just closed my eyes and drank. It was cool well water and it tasted better than any booze I’d ever drunk. I was so grateful to Ross--I was on my knees thanking him. Taking a whip and telling me he was going to give me a brand new life, he began beating the shit out of me again, until giant welts covered my body. When he began beating my ass, I began bawling like a baby.

I promised him anything if he would only stop. When he stopped beating me, he made me stand there. Then he came at me with a pair of dog clippers--and in fifteen minutes--I was hairless--he’d even shaved my eyebrows and my nuts! Now I really looked like a freak! I would never be able to go into town looking like that. Throwing me a ragged pair of torn coveralls, he told me to come with him to the house for breakfast. Scrambling into the coveralls, I was barefooted and my body was just barely covered. As I limped on the gravel driveway behind him, I struggled to keep up with him. I was too afraid to say anything and now realized how good I had really had it--I had just fucked up—again. Now, Ross was giving me one last chance and I promised I would do anything and everything to be worthy of his trust in me.

He told me to sit there and as he fixed our breakfast, he told me that from now on, I was to say nothing. If he ask me a question, I had to say “yes sir”, or “no sir”. He promised me a beating if I ever uttered a profanity or refused any of his orders. When he set breakfast down, it was just barely enough to keep me alive. When I complained about hunger, he would give me just enough to keep me from starving. I was loosing weight fast. Setting me down, he told me that if I wanted more food, it was up to me--the harder I worked the better he would treat me. I would have to work for everything I got. After the second week of doing chores, I was getting more than enough to eat. He was true to his word--the harder I worked, the better he treated me. I began to beg him to let me clean the kennels and groom the dogs!

I was grateful for his attentions now, and the harder I worked for him, the nicer he treated me. I was beginning to crave his approval like a drug. He patted my head, saying it was time now to let my hair grow back in. Joking and saying I was getting to be a real sleek looking bitch and a little slimmer, I would drive his dogs’ nuts for my ass. After a while I was grateful for any compliment he gave me--even the one of me looking like a “sleek bitch” dog. I now had no pride left and I would grovel and beg, thankful for anything he did for me, or let me do. My whole attitude was changing now that I found out what work could do for me. I had grown to love him these last few weeks. He had become the center of my life, and I began to wish he would screw me again. I found things were better if I simply didn’t think, but just obeyed his every command. After a while, I no longer thought, but waited for him to tell me what to think and what to do.

I knew was who I was now. I wanted to forget that ugly person I had been in the past. I was smart enough to know Ross was really my future. I had this chance to make something out of myself now because of Ross’ faith in me. I knew he’d saved me from being sent to the penitentiary, and for that I gratefully accepted all of his directions--unconditionally. I was now happier than I’d ever been in my life.

It was early one morning and I was going about my duties cleaning the kennels. I liked to get up early to do this chore, so I could be cleaned up and have breakfast with Ross. One of the things I’d figured out to do to save work was to leave my coveralls hanging on the gate. After hosing the kennel down, I would get on my hands and knees naked and crawl into the kennel to scrub it down with soap and Lysol water. I was about halfway through the kennel and I guess I was creating quite a stir among the dogs. Rex the biggest of them kept following me around, sniffing my ass.

I kept pushing him away and he would come around and playfully lick my face. We kept this up for a while and finally I began to remember what Ross had told me--the dog thought I was another bitch put in there for breading. It had been so long since I’d had any kind of sexual relationship other than when Ross had screwed me. Now even the dog’s attentions were making me horny. Now that I’d been fucked, I knew I liked it. It was really a spur of the moment decision, but I decided to let him have his chance with me.

Looking around to make sure Ross wasn’t around, I held very still, spreading my legs letting Rex mount me. It was a joke at first as he scooted closer to my ass, and I had to laugh when he put his front paws around my body. But when he entered me, it felt kind of funny. Still letting him go at me, I was surprised at how great it felt and I was getting a hardon. I liked being fucked by that damn dog! Suddenly, I realized his knot had tied us together.

I was now scared and I began to panic. Trying to move away from him, all that I could do was drag him behind me. We were really locked together as his hips moved in a staccato rhythm pushing that cock up my ass. Then I saw Ross standing there laughing and watching us. Giggling he said, “…just to stay still until Rex was finished fucking his bitch.” I was mortified, kneeling there on my hands and knees with this giant Black Dane fucking my ass. To make it even worse, the rest of the dogs had smelled my scent and were circling around--waiting for their turn to mount me. He stood there nodding approvingly at what I had done. I began to realize Ross approved my being a bitch for his animals. Finally Rex dismounted and Ross told me to stay down so the other dogs would have their chance at my ass. He seemed to like watching--and I loved getting fucked.

I knew that after seeing me getting fucked by his dogs, Ross would decide to use me as his kennel bitch to service his dogs. One by one, he would let a dog in my cage. The dog would advance sniffing me and then mount me. I kneeled there with my cock was hard as a rock. When a dog had satisfied himself, Ross would let another dog in. Every time on of the hounds would screw me and tie, as soon as I felt him cum in me, I would get excited I would shoot my load. When I had finished servicing the last animal, I crawled out of the cage. I had spent my morning servicing the dogs and I hoped this was now going to be a daily chore for me. When we got to the house, he rummaged around and finding a wide leather collar asking if I wanted to accept the position as . It would be my sole responsibility of caring for the kennels and keeping the dogs happy.

The following week when we had a new dog dropped off for boarding, I commented the beast was just coming into heat. Letting my coveralls slip down, I got on all fours and we began the mating sniffing. Ross watched in fascination and after I sniffed at him and he sniffed me he mounted me working his cock into my ass and going like crazy, began to hump my ass. It was seconds later I proudly told Ross he had tied with me. Walking around, he told me we were going to use that great looking ass of mine to improve business. Lowering my eyes, I was ready for his command eager to obey his every wish. I wanted to show him how responsible I had become. He led me into the house and taking he into his room, said I was one hot bitch and he wanted my ass. Thrilled with his approval of me, I was able to show him more that just fucking and I took that rod of his deep into my throat. We lay there all that morning and as he used me I finally felt loved and fulfilled. I knew now how to use my body to please men as well as dogs now.

We fell into this wonderful peaceful life. I would go about my duties at the Kennel and after supper I would sit at Ross’ feet and we would talk, play cards or just watch television. At dusk we would go to bed and I would make love to him. I had everything I wanted now I’d ever wanted. Most importantly, I was home with my lover. I had just finished up early at the kennel and we had just finished lunch when we heard the sound of a car on the gravel driveway. Suddenly, we heard this loud rapping on the kitchen door. It was the sheriff who had come for me. I heard him asking Ross if he thought I had been worth the effort to try to rehabilitate. Ross asked if any of the other boys were coming to evaluate his ward. Murphy said it would take a few minutes for them but about five that had the most trouble with him wanted to see if this conversion worked or they were sending his ass to the pen. Then he reminded Ross he had to be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt.,

Then saying all the boys he had given such a hard time to wanted to see that jerk asshole that gave them so much trouble. None of them thought he would ever be any good to any one. Looking me over he blurted out, “That tough little punk sure looks different without those black curls of his. He sure isn’t a ladies man now.” Then squinting and looking closer he added, “That fucker hasn’t got any hair at all! Did you even shave his nuts?” Sitting there with my eyes downcast, I waited man for Ross to tell me what to do. Ross told me to show the man my body, and now standing, I undid my straps and let my coveralls fall to the floor. Standing there naked he said I was as bald as the day I was born. Giggling, he said we should wait for the others, but if he wanted proof of my obedience he led the Sheriff over to me, telling him to ask me to do anything. Turning to Ross, the Sheriff said I could lie and fake any answer and that wasn’t proof that in just sixty days I would be a whole new person.

As I stooped to pull up my coveralls, Ross told me to stay naked, telling the Sheriff again to ask me to do anything and I would obey him. I heard the sound of a zipper, and Murphy told me to get on my knees and service him. Kneeling before him, he put his hard cock on my lips. Ross then told me to blow him. I took his cock in one gulp, eagerly wanting to show him how obedient I was. I worked him until I could feel his balls tense and then let him slide deep into my throat, worked his shaft until final I had his load. As I licked and sucked his last drops of cum, he was giggling, telling Ross he really did change me around. I was really something else again. Just then, the Sheriff’s men arrived and hurried in. They just stood there looking at me naked, on my knees and Murphy’s still hard cock in my mouth.

Murphy called the men over telling them he wanted to show his new reformed fuck up. Then saying I was now one damn obedient kid and would do anything they asked me to. Then asking if any of them wanted to get there nuts off, they could have their choice of fucking my ass or getting sucked off. I did both well. Giggling, most of them just wanted a blowjob saying bitchboy had always been such a pain in there butts it was going to be a pleasure ramming their cocks down my throat. Laughing, the men lined up and I took them one at a time and as they forced themselves down my throat and shot their wad. I would thank each one of them for letting me service them. Looking at that line of cops with their cocks hanging out, it looked like one big rack of Texas beef and my mouth began to water. They all had had the same intention of jamming their cocks down my throat and getting their revenge for all the trouble I’d caused each and every one of them.

The men were really gun-ho, saying they wanted to come back often for more--maybe even for a fuck next time. I heard Murphy tell Ross that he and the boys were all glad they made the deal to give me to him as his Kennel keeper. Then he said I was now off their official records, and listed as completely rehabilitated. That meant the boy now was free of all legal obligations. Ross could now do as he saw fit with me. The law had been satisfied. Looking at Ross, I knew I wanted this to be my way of life from now on. I was in love with Ross and my duties were now clear.

As the officers began to leave, Murphy told Ross the boys would be dropping out from time to time for blowjobs or a good fuck. Ross just patted my head saying we were always home to the good men of our police department.

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Leather Man

Jun 12, 1998

I'd just left Makielski's art store after picking up my art supplies and suffering sticker shock at pre-stretched canvas prices. I'd have to go back to stretching my own canvas, --at least until I started selling more of my work and making more money. Putting the canvas in back with some of my other paintings, I pulled out of the parking lot to get my goodies home. Still thinking... read more


Apr 07, 1999

It was blistering hot that summer day and I was sitting on the porch of that rundown little farmhouse I felt like white trash. Sunday afternoons were the pits. I’d just graduated from their hick little high school and was glad to be done with those jerks. They were even happier to get rid of me, telling me I was the most disruptive student they ever had. Now I was eighteen and... read more

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