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Licking Bryan

By Billyboy769

submitted June 21, 2001

Categories: Arm Pits

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Bryan was the new guy at work. He was still shy and feeling out his new position in the workplace when I first made casual conversation with him. After talking to him for a while, he seemed to loosen up and had me laughing at his witty sense of humor. I was a manager at the retail store where we both worked and he was a salesperson working his way through school. He was 23 years old and I was 30. Bryan had subtle good looks. He was definitely a handsome young man with an awesome, not overdone, physique. He had bleached his hair blonde although he was naturally a very dark brunette. He had a pierced ear and a tattoo peeking out from under the sleeve of his shirt. It worked for him. The more I looked at him, the more attractive he seemed to get.

One night after closing, we were working on a project that required us to move a large fixture. During the process, Bryan removed his work shirt to reveal the awesome sight of his young torso wrapped only in a thin, tight wife-beater style undershirt. I was taken aback for a moment, drinking in the sight of this young stud. After regaining my composure from this momentary distraction, we continued to move the fixture across the floor. Most of the time Bryan had one arm raised up above his head, grasping the large fixture at the top, revealing to me a great view of his right armpit. This only turned me on more and watching his muscles strain through the fabric of his shirt became almost unbearable. My dick was so hard at that moment I was sure he was going to notice. He didn't, though.

After we finished moving the fixture, we both sat down on the floor to catch our breath. We were the only ones left in the store at this point. Looking at him breathing hard and wiping the sweat from his brow made me come up with an idea to spend more time with this hot young man.

"How about a beer after we get out of here?" I asked. He said, "That sounds really fucking good right about now.” "Great,” I said, "let’s go.”

We left the store and went to a local chicken wing joint and split a pitcher of beer. We were making small talk and we were really getting comfortable with each other. He talked about his girlfriend who had just left him and about his schooling and how hard it was to work and study for his classes at the same time. Just regular conversation. I noticed he shaved his arms and brought that up as a new topic. I asked him why he did that and he said he liked the way it felt. "Besides, a lot of guys my age do it, too,” he said. I told him I thought it was cool and asked him if he shaved all of his body hair. He told me he did with the exception of his armpits and his pubic hair. "You shave your chest?” I asked. He said, "Yeah, it feels really cool.”

He lifted his shirt as he said this, rubbing his chest and revealing his worked out pecs and his delicious looking armpit again. "Wow, that looks cool," I said before thinking about what I was saying. He just looked up and said "Thanks," with a grin on his face. He caught me staring at his exposed armpit and lightly ran his fingers through the fine hair under his arm before lowering his shirt back down. I was embarrassed and he knew it, but it didn't seem to phase him at all.

After we finished the pitcher, he asked me if I wanted to come back to his place for one more. I said, "Sure," and we drove in separate cars back to his apartment. As soon as we were in the door he stripped off his shirt and went to the fridge for a couple of beers. He handed mine to me and plopped down on the couch next to me. After taking a sip of his beer he leaned back and put his hands behind his head and asked me if I needed anything else. I said I was fine. I looked at his body and finally got up the nerve to ask him why he didn't shave his armpits and did shave his chest. He said he liked the contrast. At that, he grabbed my hand and rubbed it on his chest. "Feel how smooth that is?" he asked. Then he dragged my hand across his chest to his armpit and said, "And this is not smooth.” He let go of my hand but I let my fingers linger, rubbing and caressing the warmth of his exposed underarm.

He just looked me in the eyes and let out a slight moan as my fingers explored his hairy pits. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back as I leaned forward and took his right nipple into my mouth and kept playing with the hair under his arm. I licked his chest and felt the stubble on my tongue as I inched my mouth closer to his raised arm. I kissed and licked his biceps and slowly let my tongue replace my fingers in his delicious armpit. I was overcome with lust as I licked and sucked the hair under his arm and I let my free hand slip down to his crotch and undid his pants. He wasn't wearing any underwear and I pulled his cock from his jeans and started jerking his meat while I continued feasting on his armpit. He was writhing on the couch and biting his lips as I pleasured his body with my tongue and my hand.

He suddenly grasped the hair on the back of my head and pulled me away from his pit only to move my lips to his and engage me in a passionate kiss. I then moved my lips from his and stared at him in the eyes for a moment. I saw consent in his eyes and slowly I licked my way from his stubbly chin down to his hard cock and started sucking up and down on his throbbing prick. He was pre-cumming a lot and I savored every drop he gave me.

I looked up and saw he was giving his best effort at licking his own armpit now as I slid my mouth up and down on his cock. I felt his dick get harder and sucked him faster as I felt him start cumming in my waiting mouth. After swallowing the first two spurts of his delicious cum, I held the rest in my mouth and grabbed him by the shoulders, positioning on his back with his arms above his head. I put my face over his right armpit and slowly let his cum drip from my mouth into the hair under his arm. He looked me in the eyes again as I lowered my head and started lapping the cum from his armpit again. He watched me do this and licked his lips as I raised my head and again kissed him deeply with the essence of his cum and armpit on my lips. I jerked off as I was kissing him and came all over his shaved chest. I bent down and licked my own load from his chest and he wasted no time in pulling my lips to his to taste a second helping of hot cream from my mouth. We kissed for a few more minutes then I cleaned up and left him there, spent, on the couch.

I saw him at work the next day and we said nothing about the night before. We just talked about work and other insignificant things. I figured last night was a once in a lifetime event. But then at lunchtime, Bryan came into the breakroom, we were the only ones there. He looked me in the eye and stuck his fingers into the sleeve of his shirt and rubbed his armpit. He then put his fingers to my lips and said, "Thanks for last night.” I licked his fingers as he withdrew them from my lips and I knew we would be spending a lot more time together outside of work.