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Me, Dad, and His Friends

By GoodBoyCA

submitted November 22, 1999

Categories: Family Fun

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I used to have sex with my dad and older brother. My parents split when I was 3.. my older brother went with my dad.. I stayed with my mom.. can't remember when, but I used to watch my dad strokin' his dick (we walked around his house in the nude.. he said that's what real men do)

After seeing that a lot, he knew i was totally interested in what he was doin'.. and he used to ask me to help.. it took a few times.. but he showed me how to stroke his dick right he used to play with my little dick.. but I couldn't shoot spunk like he could yet.. Then he asked me to put his dick in my mouth.. it was really hard.. the dick looked huge to me... and after several times.. he kept begging me to swallow his spunk.. one time he didn't warn me and shoot it in my mouth... it was very salty and I was hooked.

It wasn't until sometime after that my by brother and I figured out we were both playing with dad.. and after that.. we played together... my dad finally found out (although we kept it a secret).. and then we all played together.. (I still couldn't shoot yet.. but my brother could)he used to ask me to suck my brother's dick, and play with each other.. and he'd just watch while he stroked his dick..

My dad used to watch the games on the weekend.. drinkin' beer and strokin' his dick (not to beat off.. just kinda strokin' it all the time..) anyways.. one time.. he asked me to suck his dick.. and he pissed in my mouth.. I spit it out.. but he slapped me and told me to drink it.. said to help dad out 'cause he didn't want to go to the john.. so I did it.. after that.. he had me drinking his piss all the time.. when he got home from work.. or when he just didn't want to go to the john.. after a couple years.. I was finally able to shoot my wad (found out whacking off by myself).. and then my dad wanted to suck my dick all the time. he made my brother suck me all the time.. (he didn't want to as much as my dad tho.. he wanted me to suck him off)..

Then one time.. my dad asked us to jack off in front of his friend.. we were kind of nervous, but his friend was pretty cool.. so we did.. he came over a lot, and sometimes brought friends my brother didn't always like to hang out with us then.. but my dad used to tell us what to do.. to play with each other, or suck each other off (he used to videotape it).. and after a few times.. his friend would jerk off with us.. then ask us to suck his dick.. dad said we should do what his guests said (except for one time when he tried to stick his dick in my ass.. nobody did that to me)

My dad never forced us to do anything we didn't want to. I was gettin' off on a regular basis.. it was cool to have sex anytime I wanted it. it was nothing to be ashamed of.. my dad had all kinds of pornos.. and lots of homemade stuff.. wish I had some of those now I used to go over to my dad's friends house all the time.. there would always be parties there. I should write more about those experiences.

My dad's friend Chuck came over the most often. The first time Chuck saw me jack off, my dad and him were drinking beers and kicking back in the livingroom. My brother was out with his friends. I was very young at the time, and used to get into pestering my dad when his friends were over. So any ways, I was running around like most boys do, trying to break into the conversation, and my dad started getting bothered. He took off my shorts (which was all I was wearing) and spanked my butt right there in front of Chuck. Chuck laughed, and asked if he could spank me too, so soon I felt Chuck's hand spanking and feeling my butt. Neither of them were really spanking me hard, just kind of teasing me.

Then, my dad started playing with my dick (which was about 3 or 4 inches then) and told Chuck that I got a boner from having my ass played with. Chuck and my dad told me to jerk off for them, to show them how a man treat's his dick. So I got up on the couch between them and started stroking my dick and playing with my little hairless balls.

Soon, Dad and Chuck were touching my balls and thighs, and rubbing my dick as I played with it. Then Chuck took his dick out of his pants, and it looked huge! He started spitting in his hand and slowly stroking his dick. There was lots of prejizz on the head of his dick (I love that stuff.. my dad has a lot of it too) and he was just stroking it up and down slowly while strings of jizz were forming between his hand and the head of his cock. My Dad also pulled his dick out of his shorts and started beating off with all of us.

Dad told me to be nice to our guest and suck Chuck off. So I bent down and took as much of Chuck's cock into my mouth. It tasted really great, but I couldn't get very much of it in. Chuck moaned, but kept telling me to be careful with my teeth and to open really wide so I didn't bite his dick. Soon Chuck came in my mouth, and told me to eat it. So I swallowed it down.

Dad came on my face, and then took his cock and smeared it around my face and into my mouth making me clean the spoo off his cock. Chuck let me whack off on his dick, but I couldn't shoot cum then.

Another time, Chuck came over and brought another boy over for me to play with. Chuck told me it was my job to make Tim feel more comfortable. So Tim and I went and played in my room for a while. Soon, I was showing Tim my dick, and showing him how to stroke it like men do. After Tim and I played for a while (Tim was having lots of fun) my dad and Chuck came in the room, but there was another guy with them. (I can't remember his name, I think it was Mike or something). Dad introduced us, and told Tim not to be embarrassed about being caught naked playing with our dicks.

Chuck told us they liked it and for us to keep going. My dad and his friends sat on my bed while they told us things to do. Chuck told me to take Tim's dick in my mouth and make it feel really good. They kept asking Tim how his dick felt. Then my Dad told Tim he should try sucking on my dick. Tim wasn't very good, not nearly as good as my Dad or Chuck was. The guy that came in was already stroking his dick under his pants, but I knew what he was doing.

Dad asked Tim if it would bother him if they took their clothes of and played too. Tim said no. So they got undressed and started playing with their cocks. Chuck told me to suck on Tim's asshole, but I hadn't tried that yet. I licked it, but Chuck told me to stick my tongue in it, and get it really wet with my spit. Then he told me to stick my finger in.. Tim was jacking off all during this. Then Chuck got up and went into the bathroom and got some Vaseline. He came back and put it on my dick.. it felt so good I thought I was going to die.

Then he put some on Tim's ass and put his finger in it. Tim said that hurt, so Chuck took his finger out. My dad told me now to put my dick in Tim's butt very slowly. So I did, and soon I was fucking Tim's ass in and out in front of the guys.

Then my dad's other friend go up and stuck his cock in my face and told me to suck it. So I started sucking him off, while my dad tried to get Tim to suck him off. Tim tried, but like I said, he wasn't very good at it. Soon Chuck wanted some of Tim's mouth too. Mike shot in my mouth and my dad started trying to stick his cock in Tim's ass.

Tim squirmed and said it hurt, but my dad went really slow. Chuck came in Tim's face, and my dad shot his wad on Tim's back.

It was a lot of fun. We played together a few other times after that.