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Me, My Dad, and His Three Brothers


submitted November 22, 1999

Categories: Family Fun

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I had just turned 18, and for my graduation my dad and my uncles were all going to take me on a nice camping trip. Just the guys you know. The day after graduation I went to a local porn shop and bought a new magazine and thankfully when I got home no one was there. I walked into the house and automatically locked the door behind me and started towards my bedroom. When I got up their, I quickly opened my new magazine, their were so many beautiful men in there, all with great bodies and nice hard cocks. I was at full attention in no time.

I stripped down and began to beat off to the magazine. Just as I was about cum, I heard someone coming up the stairs, but I was in such ecstasy that I completely ignored it. Just as I reached ejaculation, my Uncle Mike walked into my bedroom door, my cum had just shot into the air when he walked in. I was surprised that he didn't leave, he just stood their watching me. When I was done and I had recovered, Uncle Mike said, well I'm glad that you inherited the family cock. He asked me how big it actually was. I told him about 7.5in, he said that isn't a bad size, but you still have a lot of growing to do before you'll be up their with me.

I asked him how big he actually was, he said about 9.5in, I said theirs no way. He said let me prove it, Uncle Mike unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them, surprisingly he wasn't wearing any underwear, he started to pull them down and I guess I was a little close because when it was released from the jeans it slapped me right in the face. It was the biggest, most beautiful cock that I had ever seen. It was great, I asked if I could touch it and of coarse Uncle Mike said sure. I through all of my inhibitions out the window, I guess I figured since he had saw me cum all over the place that everything was pretty kosher. I started to rub the big mushroom head cock, and up and down the shaft, I guess I kinda got lost in it because I had forgotten all about it being my uncles cock, I automatically started to suck the head of his cock. I bobbed up and down on his luscious cock for a good while, and before we knew it he was grinding his hips into my head and holding the back of my head, fucking my head like you would never believe, and all of the sudden I felt the first splash of his wonder cum hit that back of my throat, stream after stream after stream, it kept coming. I tried to swallow it all but I guess some of it ran out the side of my mouth. Uncle Mike took care of that really quick though, he reached down to kiss me and licked what was left off my cheek and gave me the most passionate kiss I have ever had from anyone. We both just laid down on the bed and regained consciousness.

"The Camping Trip"

My dad, my Uncle Mike, Dan and Steve were all sitting around the campfire drinking and catching up. They were all pretty toasted. I joined them after my shower and I guess Uncle Mike had one too many because he told my dad that he raised the best cock sucker this side of the Mississippi river. My dad just kinda looked at him, he said is that so? I said I'm guilty, I thought for sure my dad would kick my butt, but he didn't instead he told me to show him what I could do and boy did I ever. We both got naked and were laying on the ground, my dad sat on my chest and had me suck his cock. It was the greatest moment of my life, having the cock that made me in my mouth was awesome.

I guess my other uncles got kinda turned on because before I knew it my uncles were naked and standing around me. Uncle Mike had a bottle of ky in his hand and I knew what he was going for. Dad and Steve came up to both sides of me and told me to give them a hand job. As I start to jerk them off, my dad starts fucking my mouth like their was no tomorrow, all the while Uncle Mike is lubbing up my ass. I wanted it so bad that I couldn't take it .

Uncle Mike finally put it in and starting fucking me fast and hard. We went on for a good half hour to an hour. Everyone was moaning like crazy. All of the sudden my dad pulled his cock out of my mouth and came all over my chest and neck and face, then I could feel Dan and Steve getting close, by this time dad was off of my chest and just standing watching, all of the sudden Dan and Steve started to grunt and moan and both of them sprayed me with their hot juice. All over my chest.

Uncle Mike took his time and actually got me off at the same time as I was getting closer as he was giving me a hand job and then he pulled out his cock and we both came on one another. He collapsed on me and we laid their panting, trying to catch our breath. My dad turned to me and said that he did have to give me credit I was the best cock sucker he had ever seen. Uncle Mike said that I had the tightest ass he had ever had and that I knew what to do with it. From the look on Uncle Dan and Uncle Steve's face, I could tell that they were pleased.

"What happens when the guys go on a trip to NYC?"

Part 2- to be continued