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Milking Michael Owen, Part 1

By Mike's Main Man

submitted May 16, 2001

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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Josh Wolff sat all alone in the Tampa Bay visitor's locker room, long after the rest of his teammates had cleared out, and was feeling a bit down. Wolff left with a left foot injury after being tackled from behind by Tampa Bay's Craig Demmin. He had the injury treated with an ice pack and watched the rest of the game from the bench. Wolff, who only last week had scored the only goal for the United States in a victory over Costa Rica, today had scored on a 20-yard free kick as Chicago beat Tampa Bay 1-0. His mind raced back to his three-year collegiate career at the University of South Carolina; he scored 21 goals and added eight assists for 50 points in 43 games and led the Gamecocks to two straight NCAA Tournament appearances. Josh was a talented forward who has exceptional goal-scoring instincts; the recipient of the first-ever Chevrolet Male Youth Athlete of the Year in 1998. Yes, this 23 year old phenom from Stone Mountain, Georgia, seemingly had it all. Still, this 5'8", 160-pound blonde hot muscle stud and premier US striker was looking to the future.

Josh just about jumped out of his skin as from behind he felt the touch of two hands, one on each of his bare shoulders. As he spun around, he was surprised to see that he actually recognized the intruder; it was his long time idol Michael Owen.

"Michael, what the hell are you doing here?"

Josh had met Michael once before when he was over in England. Liverpool, Michael's team, was playing Josh's favorite team, Manchester United. Liverpool and Michael got the better of United that day, and Michael even outperformed the United's star, David Beckham.

"Hi Josh. I was on a few days’ leave from my team and I was supposed to meet a friend here in Tampa. Bill Davey, the bodybuilder, had worked out with me when he came over to London, and said he wanted to see me. He didn't show up. When I saw you get injured during the game, I decided to come back to the locker room to make sure you were OK. Injuries are sometimes hard to deal with. Is your wife with you on this trip?”

"No she's not. Gosh, Michael, that's nice of you. Actually, I was feeling down and not looking forward to going back to the hotel. The team likes to party after every win, and I am a bit wasted from the rough schedule I've had to keep, playing on both the Chicago Fire team and on the US National.”

"Then just come to my hotel. It's quiet and we can get to know each other better," Michael insisted.

It wasn't long before the two were relaxing in the room when Josh just blurted out, "Michael, I know that Bill Davey fucked you when he was in England."

Michael turned a bright shade of red and responded, "How do you know that?"

“After Bill came back from England, he contacted me. He invited me to his place for some body building training and ended up force-fucking me. He called me your ‘American twin’. Now that I have been around you a bit more, I can see why. We have the same color eyes, hair, and are about the same size and build.”

Michael approached Josh, and began to run his hands all over Josh's well-defined chest. As Josh lay back onto the couch, Michael leaned forward and his tongue began to lick the chest he had just felt up. Josh gave out a low moan that got even louder as Owen's experienced tongue worked its way into Josh's ear. Finally, Michael was inside Josh's mouth with his warm moist tongue and the sweet taste of the Liverpool lad's saliva got Josh really hot.

"I can't believe we both have been fucked by Bill Davey," Josh said.

"Yeah, he had a great body, but was a little shy in other areas. Not nearly as endowed as Becks."

"So, you and David Beckham get it on?" Josh inquired.

"Not as often as we used to, but I didn't sneak off to America to talk about the past."

"Michael, aside from your meeting with small-dick Davey, why are you here?"

"I came here because Bill said what a good fuck you were and I wanted to find out for myself."

"No way, Michael. I mean you are drop dead gorgeous, but there’s no way my American butt is going to be bottom to your English noodle."

Will Michael have his way with Josh, or will the Yank get the upper hand?

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