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MuscleMan Meets His Match, and Then Some

By Derek Flex

submitted July 27, 2000

Categories: Super Heroes

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The Ultimate Superhero– MuscleMan Episode Two –

MuscleMan (a.k.a. Brock Garrett) entered the dark chamber. He stepped into the blinding beam of light. Suddenly, two powerful arms grabbed MuscleMan’s wrists from behind, and held them behind his back. MuscleMan resisted and tried to break free. But he realized that the man holding him was much stronger than he was.

Was this possible? For the first time in his life, MuscleMan experienced a new emotion: fear. MuscleMan didn’t think it was possible that a man actually existed who was stronger than he was. The man behind him chuckled. He moved close to MuscleMan and pressed his body against MuscleMan’s back side. The man nuzzled MuscleMan’s neck and began whispering into his ear, occasionally inserting his tongue into MuscleMan’s ear and licking lustfully.

“Thought you were the strongest man on earth, huh MuscleMan? Did you enjoy forcing bodybuilders to worship your muscular body while you raped them?” The man breathed hard. “Well, now its time for a taste of your own medicine.” The man chuckled again. “I am SupremeMan,” he whispered. “You will learn to worship ME just as you forced countless men to worship YOU!”

SupremeMan took both of MuscleMan’s wrists in one hand, freeing his right hand. MuscleMan tried to break free. His mighty arms bulged to unreal proportions as he strained against SupremeMan’s grip. But his gargantuan arms were unable to break free even from the one-handed grip of SupremeMan. SupremeMan chuckled again. “Not quite strong enough MuscleMan?” MuscleMan’s heart began to race as he contemplated what might happen next. He nearly began to tremble with fear.

SupremeMan moved his right hand onto MuscleMan’s shoulder. He was still standing at MuscleMan’s backside. He slowly began to tear the fabric from MuscleMan’s gigantic body. MuscleMan closed his eyes as SupremeMan removed his suit. Striated fibers of muscle rippled across MuscleMan’s immense body as he tried to resist SupremeMan’s advances. But his efforts were in vain. Soon, MuscleMan was totally nude, his superhuman body vulnerably exposed to the evil, lusting eye of SupremeMan.

SupremeMan began to feel the bulging muscles of MuscleMan’s arms. He continued to bind MuscleMan with his left hand, while he felt him out with his right hand. The thick slabs of meat grew under SupremeMan’s fingers. SupremeMan began to sprout an erection under his pants as he fondled MuscleMan’s enormous muscles. The definition was unbelievable. SupremeMan was extremely stimulated by MuscleMan’s powerful, massive, defined body.

MuscleMan couldn’t get a very good look at SupremeMan. He was forced to face away from him. And the light was extremely bright in his eyes. But he could tell that SupremeMan was taller than he was. He was obviously much stronger. And from the way SupremeMan pressed his body against the backside of MuscleMan, he deduced that SupremeMan was extremely muscular and lean.

SupremeMan continued to move his hand over MuscleMan’s fantastic body. He caressed MuscleMan’s broad shoulders, his inhumanly thick pecs, and his obscenely defined abs. And finally, SupremeMan’s huge hand made its way down onto MuscleMan’s limp but fantastically developed penis. MuscleMan winced as SupremeMan violated his private area with his seductively muscular hand. SupremeMan nuzzled his chin into MuscleMan’s neck as he looked down to watch the show. Slowly, SupremeMan began to stimulate MuscleMan’s penis. It grew as SupremeMan fondled it. MuscleMan’s heart raced as he tried to resist SupremeMan’s erotic touch, but SupremeMan was simply too much for MuscleMan. Within a minute or two, MuscleMan’s huge dick was fully erect. SupremeMan caressed and tickled it. Precum began to drip down the wide rod as it stuck up into the air.

SupremeMan began to masturbate MuscleMan. MuscleMan groaned. He had never experienced a touch so powerful, so erotic. SupremeMan’s muscular hand was unbelievable. His gargantuan arm draped over MuscleMan’s upper body. It was fucking huge! MuscleMan estimated that it had to measure a good 27 inches or larger if SupremeMan were to flex it for him. The sheer size and definition of SupremeMan’s arm was nearly enough to make MuscleMan cum.

SupremeMan’s arm bulged and danced as he continued to masturbate MuscleMan. How MuscleMan wanted to feel that arm! He strained against SupremeMan’s grip, making every effort to break free. But now his desire to break free wasn’t because he wanted to escape, it was because he was consumed with lust! He thought he would die if he couldn’t run his hands over that fucking meat-packed arm! But all his efforts were useless. SupremeMan held him tight. MuscleMan’s eyes widened as he lusted after the powerful, bulging huge arm of his captor. The muscle fibers of SupremeMan’s arm seemed to dance under his tan, but almost transparent skin. The thick slabs of meat bulged and puffed with every excruciatingly slow pump of SupremeMan’s hand. SupremeMan continued to seductively masturbate MuscleMan. MuscleMan was more excited than he had ever been in his life. It felt as if his rock-hard penis would explode under SupremeMan’s erotic grip. MuscleMan was ready to ejaculate. But now, the torture really began.

Just before MuscleMan reached climax, SupremeMan let go of his dick. It stuck into the air, all alone. MuscleMan’s hands were still bound behind his back by SupremeMan’s left hand, so he was helpless to move his hand to complete his orgasm. MuscleMan writhed in unreleased agony. “Please, don’t stop,” he whimpered. For some reason he was unable to complete his orgasm, even involuntarily. In the past he had been able to ejaculate, almost at will, even without touching himself. But now, SupremeMan seemed to have some kind of power over MuscleMan’s sexual functions.

SupremeMan chuckled. “You beg me for release MuscleMan?”

“Yes,” MuscleMan whimpered. “Please touch me.”

SupremeMan chuckled again. “I’ll touch you. Yes, I will. I’ll touch you in ways you never imagined you could be stimulated MuscleMan. But not just yet. I want to watch you suffer in sexual agony. I want to see you lie helpless before me, begging me to service you.” SupremeMan brought his hand close to MuscleMan’s aching penis, but he didn’t touch it. “You will submit to my supreme body, MuscleMan. You will worship my muscles with every fiber of your own muscular, but comparatively weak body. And you will service me. Your own thick, milky cum will fill me and bring me great pleasure. You will find that you are able to produce more milk than you thought possible. And it will all be deposited inside of my supreme body. Your instrument will become my plaything.” SupremeMan’s penis tightened as he contemplated MuscleMan filling him with jizz. The thought of MuscleMan inserting his muscular dick inside the rock-hard gluts of his ass made SupremeMan’s heart quicken.

SupremeMan fondled MuscleMan’s dick briefly, then let go. “And my supreme semen will engorge your massive body as I pump you full. You will beg me for sex. You will beg me to insert my massive rod into your ass. Yes, I will let you return to your world. You will someday force men to worship your body once again. But at my whim I will call you back and you will service me. You will always come back and worship me. And while other men lust after you, you will always be haunted by the realization that there is someone better than you. You will always know that those men would choose me over you, if they knew of me.”

SupremeMan released his grip. MuscleMan turned around and looked for the first time at SupremeMan. He was fucking phenomenal! He wore a black sleeveless, skin-hugging suit. He was about six inches taller than MuscleMan. His proportions were much larger than MuscleMan’s, if that were possible. MuscleMan grew weak as he gazed upon SupremeMan’s mega-enormous body.

“Now, bow and worship,” SupremeMan said as he began to tear off his clothes. MuscleMan fell to his knees in amazement as SupremeMan began to expose his throbbing, striated muscles. Within seconds, SupremeMan was totally nude. His muscles were beyond big. They were indescribable. And his definition was beyond belief. It was as if he had NO bodyfat! SupremeMan’s 27-inch waist accentuated his unearthly fucking huge shoulders. His pecs were the largest mounds of meat imaginable. They were striated and defined to perfection. And his arms! They were bigger than MuscleMan could have imagined in his wildest fantasies! The individual heads of his biceps and his triceps were clearly visible even as they hung at his side. MuscleMan began to tremble as he continued to examine this Supreme Being in front of him.

SupremeMan’s legs were powerful hunks of muscular meat. The musculature was unreal. And his abs seemed to beg to be touched! They were eight mountains of striated, bulging muscle! SupremeMan’s face was a powerful combination of muscular strength and lusty handsomeness. MuscleMan was especially drawn to SupremeMan’s face. His powerful neck flared out and down to his bulging traps. SupremeMan was the most erotically gorgeous man MuscleMan had ever beheld!

SupremeMan’s penis was growing. He liked to watch MuscleMan lust after his colossal body. SupremeMan’s cock kept growing as he stood motionless before his adoring waif. The muscular shaft of beef throbbed as it rose into the air. MuscleMan wanted to touch it, but he restrained himself as he watched it grow. His mouth dropped open as he was overcome with astonishment at the sheer size of SupremeMan’s genitals. His dick was nearly as thick as a baseball bat. MuscleMan began to tremble again, as he thought about the pain he would endure as SupremeMan raped him. He knew his ass, for all of its rock-hard muscularity, would be pulverized if that thing were forced inside his rectum. He shuddered at the thought of the pain. The rod kept rising, almost bouncing as it grew with every heartbeat of the superhuman Goliath who towered before him.

Within seconds, SupremeMan had reached full erection. His cock glistened as its 20 inches seemed to push into the air. Precum began to bubble up and dribble down the steel shaft. MuscleMan recoiled as he was filled with a strange combination of lust and envy. He propped himself with one arm as he knelt before SupremeMan. He was uncontrollably attracted to SupremeMan. But at the same time he was totally intimidated by him.

SupremeMan began to pose. He brought his arms up and hit a double biceps. His gargantuan guns burst with mind-boggling size and shape. MuscleMan’s heart became weak as he saw the incredible development displayed before his lusting eyes. SupremeMan slowly twisted his forearms, moving his thumbs toward his face, and then away. His biceps bulged with lean muscles as he did this. MuscleMan’s penis was throbbing. He lusted after the mammoth arms of SupremeMan. They put his own arms to shame. MuscleMan’s dick ached to find release. MuscleMan began to rub his dick, hoping he could bring himself to orgasm. But the rubbing just made his penis fill with more semen. It tingled with painful throbs. MuscleMan couldn’t bring himself to orgasm. SupremeMan was somehow preventing it. MuscleMan groaned in agony. Every fiber in his body lusted after SupremeMan, but he was unable to do anything about it. It was sexual torture.

SupremeMan continued to flex in front of MuscleMan. He pointed his arms to one side and began a side biceps pose. This was the pose that MuscleMan loved to inflict on other bodybuilders. It always seemed to bring them to an uncontrollable orgasm. Now, the tables were turned. SupremeMan began to erotically flex his mammoth guns as MuscleMan watched, awestruck. The thick, lean bicep meat bulged as his arms slowly contracted and retracted. SupremeMan opened his mouth slightly and licked his lips as he shot his 27-inch arms into dizzying displays of powerful muscle. He was the ultimate poser. He slowly and seductively flexed his strapping arms and virtually whipped MuscleMan into a lustful frenzy. MuscleMan steadied himself on one arm once again as he weakened at the unreal sight of SupremeMan’s arm mass. He gasped as SupremeMan flexed his mighty guns.

MuscleMan’s dick throbbed in unreleased pain. SupremeMan smiled as he tortured his prey.

SupremeMan moved both hands behind his head and exhaled. His arms looked like they would crush his head as they grew beside his ears. SupremeMan’s definition increased as he exhaled. His abs danced with muscle.

MuscleMan was overcome with lust. His cock was drenched with more precum than he thought was possible. He touched it once again with his powerful hands. His fingers sloshed his precum. His massive arms swelled as he tickled himself, all the while gazing at the astoundingly erotic muscles of SupremeMan.

Suddenly, MuscleMan spurted a huge, long squirt of milk into the air. His penis burst with a powerful shot of jizz. He groaned as his dick released the most powerful burst of cum he had ever shot. It hurt, he shot so hard. But the pain was a blissful release of his pent-up semen. The release was the most erotic, painful, blissful experience he had ever had. He wanted to shoot forever. He yelled. His blast of jizz shot up onto SupremeMan’s abs and chest.

SupremeMan, astonished, brought his hands down. He held one hand up in the air and made a fist, while turning his wrist, as if he were shutting off an imaginary spigot. His biceps and triceps bulged as he did this. Immediately MuscleMan’s orgasm was stifled. “I WILL DECIDE WHEN YOU CUM!” SupremeMan bellowed with a resonant yell. MuscleMan fell to the ground in agony as his orgasm was forced to cease. He writhed in pain, his massive body jerking as he tried to continue ejaculating. But it was not to be. SupremeMan smiled. “You will NOT ejaculate your semen into the air. When you are in my presence you will only deposit your milk into ME,” SupremeMan said loudly. “Now. Stand up, you pathetic wimp.”

MuscleMan found the strength to stand. SupremeMan moved close. The two men touched, their warm pecs pressing against each other. SupremeMan towered over the muscled superhero. His huge arms made MuscleMan’s 24-inch guns look like a teenager’s. His thick pecs put MuscleMan’s to shame. SupremeMan danced his pecs and his chest began to massage MuscleMan’s chest. It was so powerful and erotic that MuscleMan almost fainted. SupremeMan smiled as he watched MuscleMan grow weak at the touch of his seductive pec massage. MuscleMan’s neck thickened as his head tipped back. He closed his eyes and moaned. SupremeMan was totally turned on by this. MuscleMan was so HOT as he swooned before the titanic, muscled sex-god.

“Feel me,” SupremeMan finally said.

MuscleMan, helpless to resist, moved his strong hands up onto SupremeMan’s gargantuan shoulders. SupremeMan moaned slightly as MuscleMan began to feel his awesome body. SupremeMan’s penis began to drench MuscleMan’s chest and abs with precum. MuscleMan’s own dick paled in comparison. He was embarrassed to place his penis next to SupremeMan’s powerful rod. MuscleMan brought his hands down SupremeMan’s gargantuan shoulders and stopped them on his arms. Those ARMS! Finally, he was going to be able to touch those huge fucking arms! He trembled as his hands moved over the rippling mass of muscle. SupremeMan smiled once again as MuscleMan caressed and squeezed his relaxed guns. MuscleMan’s fingers continued to tremble as they experienced the rock-hard muscle that composed SupremeMan’s triceps. SupremeMan rippled his arms under MuscleMan’s helpless touch. MuscleMan moaned as his hands seemed to be muscle-fucked by SupremeMan’s flexing arm meat.

SupremeMan was really enjoying this. With MuscleMan’s hands still on his arms, he raised them up and began flexing his biceps. “Holy fuck!” MuscleMan gasped as SupremeMan’s warm biceps grew beneath his fingers. They continued to expand. The mountains of prime muscle bulged and kept growing. MuscleMan was overcome. He had never felt anything so strong, so ultimately powerful as SupremeMan’s unbelievable arms. His hands grew weak as they moved over and around the arms. SupremeMan expanded and contracted them. His mighty guns muscle-fucked the fingers of the worshipping superhero.

SupremeMan lowered his arms. The two men moved closer, to feel each other’s powerful bodies. SupremeMan was extremely turned on, being next to MuscleMan.

SupremeMan bent his legs and crouched down a little, placing his towering penis between MuscleMan’s thick quads. Instinctively, MuscleMan began to flex his quads, giving SupremeMan an extremely erotic sex massage. SupremeMan straightened his legs and he lifted MuscleMan off the floor with his steel-strong cock. MuscleMan gasped as SupremeMan lifted him up, supporting him only with his dick as it stuck out behind MuscleMan’s gluts.

SupremeMan nuzzled his mouth next to MuscleMan’s ear and whispered “Ride me.” The two men embraced and began kissing. MuscleMan nearly went into convulsions as SupremeMan’s tongue penetrated his mouth. They ran their hands up and down each other’s muscular bodies.

SupremeMan had finally found a man whom he could enjoy without killing him. He tipped his head back in sexual bliss as MuscleMan’s huge body rode his throbbing dick. MuscleMan whimpered as he began kissing SupremeMan’s neck. He moved his lips down to SupremeMan’s nipples and began sucking. He was like a puppy, digging for a bone. He couldn’t control himself. He sucked and kissed SupremeMan’s nipples as he massaged the colossal dick between his legs.

If SupremeMan would let him, MuscleMan would have been in an eternal orgasmic state. His penis burned to be released from this sex torture.

SupremeMan’s powerful arms lifted MuscleMan up and set him on the floor. SupremeMan’s steel cock pointed up. So did MuscleMan’s. SupremeMan turned around, his lats flaring as he faced away from MuscleMan. He bent over and placed his hands on his knees. His rock-hard gluts flexed in front of MuscleMan. Instinctively, MuscleMan moved toward the most beautiful, muscular ass he had ever seen.

SupremeMan turned his face toward MuscleMan and grinned a huge smile. “Fill me,” he said. MuscleMan wasted no time in placing his throbbing penis between the muscular gluts of SupremeMan. SupremeMan bent lower, to give MuscleMan a better angle. His glory hole opened and invited the stiff rod inside. MuscleMan groaned as his meat slipped inside the warm, muscular cave. It was tight and inviting. SupremeMan began to flex his gluts. His muscles seemed to pull MuscleMan in farther. The muscular cock slowly crept in farther, farther. SupremeMan continued to masturbate MuscleMan with his ass muscles.

MuscleMan began to scream for release. This was the most excruciating torture he could endure. His engorged penis ached with the pain of ten unfulfilled orgasms. MuscleMan began to flex his body into contortions of painful muscle. He screamed again. “Please! Oh, I beg you! Please let me cum! I can’t stand it any longer!” He nearly began to cry as his mammoth body cringed in pain.

“You want to CUM?” SupremeMan said loudly. “YOU WANT TO CUM!?” He laughed. “I’ll let you CUM! You’ll cum like you’ve never cum before!”

Suddenly, inside SupremeMan’s cave, MuscleMan’s penis exploded with the most violent burst of semen imaginable. MuscleMan screamed in painful bliss, while at the same time he was horrified at what was happening to his mighty penis. He jerked violently and yelled unintelligible gibberish as he emptied himself into SupremeMan. Every muscle on his powerfully built body writhed in pain as he tightened himself to shoot more jizz. It kept coming out. MuscleMan had finally been allowed to release. It was the HOTTEST orgasm he had ever had. His muscular body pumped SupremeMan full of his milky-white jizz. His penis throbbed with each sensational ejaculation. The orgasm continued for many minutes. MuscleMan was in absolute heaven. He worshipped the mammoth sex king in whose ass he deposited his semen.

It seemed like it should end now, but it didn’t. He just kept on squirting. MuscleMan’s eyes soon widened as he realized that he was producing more milk than was possible. And the powerful orgasm wouldn’t stop! He was unable to pull his dick out, too. He just kept pushing harder and harder on SupremeMan’s gluts. The semen continued to flow hard. MuscleMan began to tremble as he shot into SupremeMan’s ass. “Make it stop!” he began to say. “I need to stop!” he began to yell.

SupremeMan just smiled and continued to pull the semen out of MuscleMan, massaging MuscleMan’s ever-stiff rod with his rock-hard gluts.

MuscleMan weakened more. He felt all the energy being sapped out of his muscular body. Within a minute, still jerking violently, he was near exhaustion. His eyes began to glaze over. His monumental muscles seemed to be as weak as sticks. Only his penis remained stiff. Every other muscle on his body became limp with weakness.

Finally, SupremeMan released him. MuscleMan’s dick slipped out of SupremeMan’s ass. He fell to the floor in agonizing pain and exhaustion. SupremeMan stood above the limp superhero and smiled. He bent down and effortlessly picked up the limp body of MuscleMan.

He carried him over to a horizontal bar that hung above the two men. SupremeMan lifted MuscleMan into the air. He took MuscleMan’s hands and placed them on the bar. His hands were spread wide. MuscleMan hung in the air, his arms fully extended, and his feet just a few inches above the floor.

“Pull yourself up, you wimp,” SupremeMan commanded. MuscleMan summoned some strength and did a wide pull-up, bending his head forward and raising his thick shoulders level with the bar. SupremeMan stepped onto a low platform and positioned himself in back of MuscleMan’s body. His mammoth, stiff dick was just between MuscleMan’s large quads. SupremeMan nuzzled his dick farther between MuscleMan’s legs. MuscleMan’s arms and lats bulged as he held himself up. He grimaced in pain as he was forced to keep himself in this raised lat-spread position. He groaned as he realized what SupremeMan was doing.

“Now, my little muscle stud,” SupremeMan grinned. “Just see what happens when you loose your strength. Your body will slip down onto my waiting, stiff cock. I will penetrate you with such powerful thickness that you will writhe in pain. My dick will pierce your rectum and very likely cause severe damage.” SupremeMan chuckled. “Then I will have the orgasm I have been waiting to have for years. I will fill you with my semen until your pathetic, limp body can hold no more. When I am done, there will be more of my jizz in your body than there is blood.

MuscleMan groaned. “No. Please.”

SupremeMan just waited. He stood motionless as he patiently waited for MuscleMan to helplessly lose strength and lower his ass onto the steel rod waiting below. His penis rested between MuscleMan’s huge quads, just below his ass hole. His precum ran down MuscleMan’s legs.

Minutes passed. MuscleMan strained with every amount of strength he had. SupremeMan’s erection stiffened as MuscleMan fought the inevitable. SupremeMan was totally aroused by MuscleMan’s superhero back and arms.

Finally, MuscleMan began to tremble. His body jerked with fatigue. He began to move lower. SupremeMan’s arousal was at its highest. He almost began to cum even before MuscleMan’s ass met his dick.

Finally, MuscleMan’s gigantic arms could hold him up no longer. He slowly lowered himself down onto the baseball bat-sized rod that was between his legs. SupremeMan’s penis head separated MuscleMan’s gluts as he dropped lower. SupremeMan grabbed MuscleMan’s legs and spread them apart as the superhero moved lower. MuscleMan groaned loudly as his ass was pierced by the log that SupremeMan used to fuck him. SupremeMan held MuscleMan’s legs wide and slowly directed MuscleMan as he lowered. MuscleMan screamed. SupremeMan grimaced as his stiff cock tore into the muscular ass meat. MuscleMan began to flail as he screamed in pain and horror. His rectum ripped as SupremeMan’s meat inched its way farther up the tight shaft. Blood from MuscleMan’s torn hole began to stain SupremeMan’s rod and balls. MuscleMan could feel the penis move up his rectum. It began to penetrate deep into his body. He could feel it shove his intestines high against his stomach. His whole abdomen ached as this massive foreign object violated it.

SupremeMan was so turned on by raping this muscle stud that he could control himself no longer. He let go of MuscleMan’s legs and stepped back, tearing MuscleMan’s hands from the bar above him. MuscleMan hung helplessly, supported only by SupremeMan’s cock, once again. MuscleMan screamed in agony. His entire weight was held only by his rectum. The pain was excruciating.

SupremeMan began to ejaculate. He groaned loudly as he came. “Fuuuuuck, you muscleHUNK!” he yelled. His dick jerked violently inside MuscleMan’s abdomen. Shot after hard shot began to fire into MuscleMan. The sensation was at once painful and erotically pleasant. SupremeMan moved his arms up and began to raise MuscleMan up and down on his dick. MuscleMan hollered with each lift. He screamed with each lowering. SupremeMan continued raising and lowering. His gargantuan arms effortlessly bulged as he raped the superhero.

Then SupremeMan lowered MuscleMan all the way down and left him there as he continued to ejaculate inside. SupremeMan flexed his body as he ejaculated. He hit pose after seductive pose as MuscleMan hung on his squirting cock. This went on for quite some time. MuscleMan began to feel bloated. The milk was quite filling!

After a while, SupremeMan was done. He bent his legs and lowered himself out of MuscleMan. MuscleMan stood erect as SupremeMan slowly withdrew his iron beam. As he popped the lip of his penis head out of MuscleMan’s bleeding ass, a huge burst of semen gushed out of MuscleMan’s hole and drenched his legs and the floor. It sounded like a fountain. It was the enema to end all enemas. MuscleMan writhed in pain as the jizz mixed with blood and stung his wounded rectum.

SupremeMan was fulfilled. MuscleMan was nearly dead. For the next few days, SupremeMan nursed MuscleMan back to health. He didn’t want to lose him. MuscleMan was his new sex toy.

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