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My Bellybutton Exam

By bellydoc

submitted May 4, 2000

Categories: Doctor

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I am a twenty-one year old athletic guy who lives in New York City. I have well developed pecs, arms & legs. My abs are not six packs, but their trim and soft at the same time & my bellybutton sticks out of my tummy about 3/4 of an inch.

I scheduled an appointment with a new doctor a few weeks ago just for a check up. I changed insurance companies with my job at the beginning of the year, and consequently had to find a new doctor.

The day of the appointment, I sat in the waiting room, which was near empty because my appointment was after work, and it was nearing the end of the doctor's visiting hours. As I sat there, I felt a little nervous at the thought of having to be examined by a new doctor. I was very comfortable with my old one. Finally, a nurse, who told me to undress completely, as she handed me a gown, called me into an examining room. She said the doctor would be in very shortly. Great! I thought. Now I'm gonna have to be naked on top of everything else.

When the doctor knocked and came into the room a few minutes later, I felt butterflies in my stomach. He was gorgeous, about 35 years old with a great build and a great smile. He introduced himself & asked if I was there for any particular problem other than my check-up. When I said no, he nodded and told me to hop up on the table. He did the usual exam (eyes, throat, chest, lungs) & then told me to lie back. He said, "Now I'm gonna feel every inch of your tummy. Try to relax." He lowered my gown completely bearing my dick. He began his abdominal exam. His hand felt so gentle as he made slow circular movements over my entire belly with his hands. At one point I felt the palm of his hand over my very sensitive outie bellybutton. I felt myself start to get hard.

Through the entire abdominal exam, which lasted about 12 minutes, he asked "Does your tummy ache when I press here? How about here?" I tried to keep still, but his hand on my belly felt so good. When he saw my belly muscles tighten, he said, "Is your belly tender right here?-I think we should rub it." He rubbed my entire tummy in a gentle clockwise motion for a few minutes.

Next he slipped his finger over my outie and swirled it. My cock began to throb. He then pressed it in really deeply swirling his finger inside. "I need to examine your tummy button very thoroughly. Don't be embarrassed if you get erect or even ejaculate. I need a semen sample anyway." He then pulled the button out and squeezed in between his fingers. I noticed he was sporting a tent through his lab coat as he noticed the pre-cum oozing from my dick. "Does your tummy button feel sensitive?” he asked as he continued to swirl and push it in. He then bent down and licked it probing it with his tongue. I felt like I was gonna pop a huge load as his tongue pushed my button into my belly and then as he sucked it back out into his mouth. In between he would probe it with his fingers. I squirted a huge load onto my belly and his hand.

He told me to stand up and continued the same procedure with his fingers as his other hand reached down to stroke my cock and balls. Both my bellybutton and cock were as hard as rocks. I unzipped his pants and unbuttoned his lab coat & noticed that he had cum in his briefs. We both moaned at the site of his fingers all over my extremely erect outie button & we both popped another huge load out at the same time. He licked the cum off my button as I lay back on the table & told me that I would probably need to come in for a follow up visit. I'll see him in a month for some more belly play.