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My Best Friend's Dad

By Story Teller

submitted October 25, 2000

Categories: Mature

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1- If you don’t like big, hairy, older men this story is not for you.

2- Enjoy the wildest fantasies but in real life protect yourself and play safe.

Growing up gay in Italy in the sixties was not exactly easy. Due to the social pressure and mentality one had even problems admitting being gay to himself. Sexual encounters were casual, clandestine, unsatisfactory and ultimately unpleasant: you didn’t have sex with a man because you liked him but just because you were ‘lucky’ enough to stumble into another one ‘like you’, whatever that meant.

Things were even worse for an eighteen year old like me who was attracted to big, hairy, balding men who could be my father or even my grandfather. I thought I was a total freak and didn’t dare to speak with anybody about my preferences.

All my homosexual experiences amounted to three or four casual encounters in public toilets and at the movies, a guilt-ridden young man jacking off other guilt-ridden men on their way back to their wives and kids from work.

I soon dropped it and started fooling around with girls in the company of my best friend Max. We were really best friends and did everything together. In his company everything was easy and relaxed, we liked the same music the Beatles, yeah, yeah yeah…), same movies (old classics), same sports (we were both good swimmers) and couple of times we even shared the same girl.

No, I was not attracted to him sexually, maybe in twenty years, but not as it was: no young swimmers for me, but our friendship filled up my time completely and I almost forgot my homosexuality and my longing for big hairy dads.

I was even dating a girl quite regularly and things seemed to be on the track to ‘normality’ when the car crash happened: I don’t remember a thing except I woke up in the hospital; with bruises and bandages but no broken bones.

Max was seriously injured.

His parents lived in another town and he stayed with an aunt during college terms so I had never seen them before. They came to visit Max and me at the hospital and it was all so emotional, we all cried and didn’t speak much, but with all the pain and sorrow I couldn’t help noticing that Max’s father, Carlo, was all I had ever dreamed a man should be. He had been a power lifter in his youth and now at 50 he was a big, heavyset man with a barrel chest and solid gut, bald on top and what was left of his hair closely cropped.

It took me ten seconds to decide that I was in love with the man and to forget I was supposed to overcome my freakish tastes, so when he said I should go and spend the summer in their seaside cottage to help Max get through all this mess I said yes before he finished.

Of course I didn’t even dream to have sex with my best friend’s father, but the idea of having that big bear around me half naked for a couple of months made my legs rattle, thank God I was lying in bed and didn’t need them at the moment, and I could hide the hard on that was raging under my blanket as I started having the sleaziest fantasies just in front of him.

That summer, Max spent most of his days in the veranda overlooking the beach, he still couldn’t walk and I helped twice a day with his physiotherapy. The rest of the time we spent reading, playing board games and talking.

I also spent hours swimming and my smooth body was the color of honey (I never get darker than that) and when I took off my Speedos it was like I was wearing another pair under them, painted white over my buns.

Unfortunately Mr. Carlo Del Buono, Max’s father, also wore Speedos: always! I think he slept in them and just got up like this, he practically wore nothing else for the two months we stayed there. He spent the day working in his studio whose big French windows opened onto the veranda, he usually had a quick lunch with us and then went back to work until sunset when he would walk to the beach and have a swim before a cocktail and dinner. Sometimes we went out to eat in a nearby ‘trattoria’ and that’s the only time he wore something: a short sleeved shirt and shorts.

The man drove me crazy, I knew by heart every single hair of his body, and that’s to say a lot, he was covered in a forest of thick fur, salt and pepper on his chest and gut and dark on his shoulders, back and legs.

His genitals must have been huge, the Speedos were stretched to the limit, and actually the elastic band was pushed back by the ‘contents’, leaving an open crack out of which lots of public hair overflowed.

On top of the hairy hills of his man tits, big pink nipples protruded almost obscenely, jutting slightly downwards, and in the middle of his gut the hairy dark hole of his navel could have accommodated half my hard cock.

We glanced at each other, not openly, but after a few days it was obvious we were observing each other.

One day that Max was out with his mother for his therapy, I was reading in the veranda and I cast a glance in the direction of Mr. Del Buono’s studio and there he was staring at me, we looked into each other’s eyes and my hand went of its own will between my legs. I was getting stiff and I felt I was being totally crazy but I kept looking in his eyes while I touched and stroked my genitals. He was sitting behind his desk but I could tell from the motion of his arm that he was also stroking himself.

It was a long, long time before I averted my eyes. Finally realizing what had happened I blushed and returned to my book.

"My cock is hard it sticks out of my Speedos", I heard his voice say, "what about you, son?’

"Er- uh- yes Mr. Del Buono, I seem to have a stiffy, I’m sorry", I managed to reply.

"A raging hard on I should call it," he went on, "why on earth should you be sorry, boy, you’re young and healthy and these things happen to us men> Why don’t you get it out, it must be uncomfortable to be hard inside those tight Speedos, look, mine came out for itself."

And with this he stood up behind his desk showing an enormous fat cock sticking out of his sky blue Speedos and throbbing against his hairy belly.

"Mr. Del Buono?…", I started.

"Yes, son?"

"I’m not sure this is the right thing to do, you’re Max’s father and you’re…"

"An ugly hairy older man", he said, looking more distressed than I was. His hard on was almost gone although his cock was still peeking out.

"Oh no, you’ve got it all wrong, Mr. Del Buono, I like you very much … I like you too much in fact," I mustered my courage thinking it’s now or never and I looked at him almost defiantly when I said: "Mr. Del Buono, I am gay, I like men and I like them big, older and hairy, the more the better. I tried to hide things even from myself but this is the truth and I can’t stand it anymore to hide and to have you around like this, and I think I should leave and go back home now, I’m sorry…"

As I spoke he walked up to my reclining chair, oblivious of his semi hard cock sticking out among that mass of thick pubic hair. He planted himself in front of me, actually towering above me; legs spread wide, hands on hips.

"Are you serious Luca?” he said to me, "What would an attractive young man like you do with an old hairy fart like me? Yes, son, I am gay too, but I never hoped anybody like you would even look my way and you’re telling me you’re hot for me."

He shook his head and smiled. "I had a few encounters before, but I never thought I could have a young man to touch and suck and…."

"Well, you have him", I interrupted, "Mr. Del Buono, you can do whatever you want with me but I am not experienced, except for my wild fantasies…."

Yes? Tell me son, what are your wild fantasies? I have some of my own, you know, dad can be pretty sleazy."

"Ok daddy", I jumped at the game, "get off those Speedos and show me your big cock and balls, show off those big nipples topping those hairy man tits."

As I spoke I slid down my Speedos and showed him my naked body, my throbbing erection. He straddled the chair rubbing his hairy gut for me, cupping the big hairy mounds of his pecs with his hands to show off his huge nipples. His cock stuck out of his Speedos up to the deep, hairy navel like a scepter, the thick foreskin now completely retracted to show a perfectly shaped cock head dripping precum down the fat hairy pole.

"Daddy wants to show you all his big body", he said as he got rid of the Speedos and towered above me straddling across my recliner. The huge hairy balls dangled heavily above my face while he crouched slowly, spreading his furry ass cheeks with his hands.

"Do you like dad’s balls son? See if you can find my asshole in this forest of fur, because you need to lick it and slurp it well lubed before you can fuck it."

"Yeah dad, sit on my face, give me your balls to eat please. Let me fuck your asshole with my tongue … slurp … yeah, I love your big hairy ass on my face, dad."

"Aaaaghh, yeah … twist these nipples while you slurp dad’s ass, ooooh, yeah, harder please son. Good boy, keep on eating my ass while I go down on you."

I felt a warm wet ring slide down my cock all the way to the balls: my new dad was giving me the blowjob of my life while I slurped his asshole, I was in heaven.

"Oh dad, I love it", I managed to say between slurps", my face buried in his ass while he sucked my cock.

"Mmmmpph, grunt, yeah boy … I want all your cum … grunt …I want all that comes out of my boy’s cock, fuck daddy with your tongue … aaagghh, so good, cum in daddy’s mouth, hmmm … slurp … and then dad wants your piss too."

I was in seventh heaven as he kept thrusting his ass against my face and rubbing his hairy belly and his cock against my smooth chest, all the time sucking my cock. His ass smelled faintly of soap from the morning shower, but that did not cover up the slightly musky, warm odor that belongs between a man’s legs. I enjoyed the incredibly tender texture of his pucker, hidden in the thick hairy dark forest.

Mr. Del Buono kept spreading his as cheeks further with his hands for me: "Lick that ass, boy, fuck daddy’s hole with your tongue."

He thrust his ass against my face, "Oh yea Luca, eat it and I will eat all your cum and then you’re going to piss in daddy’s mouth and all over his hairy body." With this he went down and swallowed my cock again, grunting like a bear and sliding his huge hairy cock - all lubed with his massive precum leak- against my body, impaling himself on my tongue as if he were riding a cock.

It was too much for both of us, we soon started increasing the rhythm and we could only moan and grunt, our mouths too busy to talk and I couldn’t control myself any longer: I released a blast of cum into the mouth of my best friend’s father. Mr. Del Buono grumbled greedily and swallowed it all while I kept licking his big hairy ass, unable to stop the frenzy until he turned around and towered above me with his huge hairy pole throbbing and dripping precum.

"Daddy is ready to shoot boy, do you want it? Look at your hairy dad all naked for you, ready to eat dad’s load?"

As an answer I knelt in front of him, cupping his ass cheeks with my hands to pull him closer to my mouth. I started lapping his huge balls and then looking up in his eyes I swallowed his cock head, licking it around the ridge and inside the large piss slit. He was twisting his nipples and looking down at me as I nodded without taking his cock off my mouth.

"Aaaaghhh, here … it … ccuuummms", he growled, "eat dad’s cum, can you take all of this load boy … aaagghhh", he kept pumping and pumping his sperm into my mouth a if he hadn’t cum in months.

"Pfff, that was too good", he finally managed to say, more to himself than to me.

"Did I shock you Luca? Have I been too rough?"

"No, er- dad, that’s what I’ve been wanting all my life, and I liked this dad and son play."

"Then I will be your father whenever we are alone, and you are my son who will give dad cock to suck and cum and piss to eat and drink."

"Deal! As long as I can have the same from you, dad."

"Of course son, let’s go have a shower now before the other come back, show me how much you can piss."

And that was the best summer of my life.

I will appreciate your comments and feedback about this story, tell me what turned you on an what you would like to develop more


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