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my dream come true with my teacher

By jon hug

submitted May 5, 2000

Categories: First Time

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This is a true story of my own personal experience that happened last year, with my teacher. Let me tell you about it.

I knew he was gay, everyone did. All his art pictures were of naked men. He was a tall, average built and white man with golden curly hair. He was in his mid forties. My first sexual thoughts of him was in our art exam where he came to school wearing a thin white shirt, with the buttons open till his mid chest. It was my first glimpse of his chest, completely hairless but reedy tanned. I noticed two nipple budges through his shirt and kept on the look out all day to see what they looked like under that sexy shirt. That day I was the only student in class with him so I sat next to him pretending to discuss my project with him. He was positioned so that I could get an excellent view of his nipples. I immediately grew erect, and I could see him eyeing my crotch. I was so horny all day in class I wanted to fuck right then and there.

Finally I had graduated from high school, and I had lots of free time to myself. I decided to go visit my art teacher and hope to god he'd make a move on me. He was really happy to see me and yet he seemed very surprised. As I entered his house I got an immediate hard on. His hair was messy and he was wearing a yellow sleeveless top with baggy pant on. As I had never been with a man before I didn’t know how to make the first move so I tried turning him on, by pretending that a man had showed me his prick in the streets as I made my way here. He seemed to have gotten into the conversation but I quickly changed the subject to how hot I was. He suggested for me to take off my shirt and I did, I noticed him staring at my nipples but he was obviously not sure I was gay for him to make a move on me.

I then told him I wanted to see his bedroom and we sat on his bed. I complained again how hot I was and he told me that I should take my jeans off. I explained how I would love to but I would feel embarrassed if I was the only one in my underwear. So he took his shirt and pants off too. We were finally both in his bed lying down with only our underwear. I told him to touch my chest to see how hot I was. He placed his hand with his index finger right on my nipple, it started to get hard and I purposely kept rubbing them to get to see his hard-on rise from his white boxer shorts.

My prick was fully erect by now but I was sitting in a way so that he would not notice anything. I could finally see his circumcised dick through his boxer shorts as it was getting harder by the minute. We were both nervous but if finally popped the question "do you want to touch my dick"? His facial expression was that of relief and he answered "yeah".

He grabbed my 7.5inch dick and pulled my boxers over them. He started to massage my dick and he told me to play with his tits. I was so happy as I got to touch those pink, big and very long nipples. I started to play with them hard, licking and biting them at the same time as he was masturbating me. After 5 minutes of this I reached down at his semi-hard dick, I placed my hand down his pants and I could tell he was really enjoying me.

He pulled his underwear down and got on me and we began to rub our dick on each other, I was so close to coming, but I got him off of me, I wanted my time to last longer. He started to wank me ageing play with my nipples till they got dark and erect. I came right on the spot, my cum splashing all over his bed.

I was so confused and I left right away. I didn’t go back to him till last month, this time we got right to business with me playing with his big nipples through his shirt.