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My Fantasy To Rape A Cop Comes True

By Roger

submitted July 5, 1998

Categories: Cops

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What a turn on! There I was, only eighteen years old, and a hunky macho cop tied up and waiting for me on the bed! Now, suddenly, I knew the time had come to initiate myself into the mysteries of hot sex!

The young cop was fully awake now and knew what was going to happen as soon as he saw the expression on my face! He was thin and well built with gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair. He couldn't have been more than 25 years old. Great big corded muscles strained as I moved up towards his bound naked body. He was totally captive; his wrists tied to his ankles; his elbows to his knees. He was splayed wide open, his maleness fully exposed, as he stared at me with stunned shock as I climbed onto the bed and reached forward to touch his hairy body!

As a preliminary warm up to what I had in store for my young cop, I decided a few smacks across his ass with my hands helped remind him who was in control. The thrashing he received made his creamy soft butt start to glow red. His taut frame vibrated under my fingers; shimmered in shock and dread as my little hand connected with his feverish skin! The great, muscular frame throbbed as I began to caress his body! His eyes were wide in horror as my hands explored his body; moved through the thick chest hair and followed the contours of his muscles! I searched into the hidden places! Under the hairy armpits! Around the bull neck! Below and into the firm buns and the jungle in the valley of his cheeks. And then, upwards towards the ultimate zone of privacy!

Slowly, I worked my way down the tender flesh between his calves, fondled his heavy pendulous balls, and then slipped my fingers into the forest of his ass hair! You should have seen him react when I did that! I enjoyed watching his face show fear and trepidation as I came back up again and moved closer and closer to the big cock that hung low between his open legs.

What a cock he had! It was thick and heavy with a moist purple head! His heavy balls hung low. The equipment was big and inviting, although despite their size, almost lost in the thick blonde jungle which exploded at his groin! It was that tangled forest of blonde pubic hair that turned me on at that moment. His crotch was so different from my virtually hairless pubic area. It made him look like a real adult! And he was my prisoner! The young cop was mine! He was probably twenty-five years old and weighed about one hundred and eighty pounds! I was just eighteen and was barely a hundred and fifty pounds. But that didn't matter! In this situation, I was the dominant one!

I moved my hand up into that mass of blonde hair, even as I felt him cringe at my exploration and resist my touch! My fingers swept into that tangle despite his reaction and a thrill of dominating power swept through me! I moved my hand deeper into his crotch and felt the smooth silky skin of his big, brown shaft! It hardened at my touch.

Without pausing, my fingers wrapped around the base of the cock and lifted it up towards me. Hot dog! I was holding the cop's prick in my hot little hands. He gazed up at me as I began to milk him. Wow! I was jacking off this macho cop. Hell, by the time I was through with his body I'd have emptied a load of cum down his throat and have plowed his big virgin ass with my big hard cock.

I got between his legs and ran my fingers up and down his hardening cock. Under my touch it was expanding and moving up and out! I slipped my hands through the hair around the crotch, and then moved up and down over the forbidden man meat once more! What a turn on! He was helpless as I played with his body! Explored his secret places! My fingers handled the hardening staff as it stood up more and more, He groaned! There was nothing he could do! I was the master and he was my sex slave! I watched his face as I dominated him!

They continued their explorations. There was no part of his hairy cock and balls I hadn't handled by now! I got close and stared at the man meat, so different from my own eighteen-year old wand pointing between us. He groaned again! He was hard as a rock now and I slipped down between his legs and brought my face to his big man cock! I smelled the scent of his adult crotch! I licked the tip of his big head and tasted his precum. With a whimper, I engulfed his raw head! He groaned as my mouth surrounded as much of his adult cock as I could manage!

He collapsed under the sudden stimulation as his body went limp and I used the opportunity to slip my hand underneath his balls and using some of my spit drooling down his cock, I covered my index finger and plunged it into his big studly man ass!

He groaned as my slick finger stuffed inside him and reamed his vulnerable hole! Every muscle in his body seemed to strain in thick cords as he reacted to my invasion of this previously virgin passage. I stuffed it deep inside him and then began plunging it into him at a furious speed as he cried out in horror as his vulnerable body had to accept my finger fucking even as I continued to milk his cock with my mouth! He collapsed under the double stimulation at his cock and ass hole! I was in heaven! Here was a macho cop below me and I was dominating him with my young body! I was finger fucking him and giving him a blow job! His body belonged to me and I was going to do everything to it I wanted!

He lay on the bed, whimpering at what I was doing! He was totally vulnerable and he knew it. His head snapped back and forth as the stimulation of my mouth and finger drove him wild! His protests and cries of anguish and deprecation only excited me more! It suddenly would be a pleasure to hear his protests, and suddenly I reached up and pulled the jock strap out of his mouth even as my cock was hard as a rock and standing up and ready!

"You motherfuckin' sonovabitch....!" he screamed.

I pulled off and sat on my heels. I looked him square in the eye and grinned as I pushed my finger as deep inside his body as it could possibly go! I then spread his big heavy legs and pointed my cock towards his hairy hole. "No!" he screamed. "Yes!" I replied and prepared myself for the ultimate fantasy! Fucking, against his will, this straight hunky macho cop with my cock!

"No! No! No! No!" he cried over and over as I placed my dick into position. The thick hair in the valley between his man cheeks tickled the little head of my dick. He kept whimpering over and over the one word "No!" as I felt my young spear bounce against the elastic entry. My eyes glowed with eagerness as I looked down at his hairy, spread body. It was covered with sweat as the muscles strained impotently at the ropes that bound him! He tried to pull away as he felt his my dick push into the slot of his entryway.

"Now!" I cried as I prepared to mount him! "Now!" I yelled again as I thrust forward and felt the tight ring of muscles resist as he strained against my intended invasion. I gritted my teeth as I looked down on his giant, bound and tied, hairy body and pushed as hard as I could against that resistant opening.

"No!" He cried again.

"Yes! Dammit!" I yelled as I held onto his big hairy body and pushed again. This time I felt the tight little hole spasm under my pressure, tighten again, and then suddenly give way as I pushed my cock inside his extremely tight ass.

"Arrrrrrghhhhh!" he screamed as he felt my dick pry open his ass and penetrate into his hungry interior; separating the walls of his hole and grating against the sensitive sides which shimmered around my invading, fat little dick!

I was doing it!! I was brutally raping a cop! His muscles strained as my spear invaded his hidden depths and came to rest within his passage! I was buried all the way inside him! He knew it and there was nothing he could do about it as I looked down at his conquered body and said evilly, "Now I'm gonna use you like the cunt you are!" And with those words, I started to fuck the big macho cop below me! Fuck him! The words exploded through my mind! FUCK! FUCK! I was in heaven as I felt my cock move in and out of the tight, warm, moist passage that belonged to me now!

He screamed and shouted and cursed as I plowed his man pussy! But I didn't care! The more he protested and cursed and resisted the better I liked it! I was the master and this bound cop was my slave and I wanted him to resist! It made the sense of power all the more intense!

I pushed back and leveraged myself onto his body by extending my arms against his pecs. I pinched his tits as I continued to plow into his tight hot asshole! What a sight he was! He lay there as I fucked him; every muscle straining, as I slipped in and out of his hungry man cunt! Despite his cries of protest, his own cock was big and thick and heavy and hard! It flopped against his stomach, jerking rhythmically every time I plunged home. I threw myself on top of him, taking his big body into my arms, enjoying the feel of his hairy chest and stomach rubbing against my own smooth frame! His hard cock pushed against my tender stomach as his heavy balls scraped against the top of my kid cock time it came out of his asshole!

His cries of protest had ceased now. Instead there was only the constant whimper of a totally conquered male. He was totally mine now as I fucked his manly body. My body was hairless and over thirty pounds less than his! He was more than 4 in. taller than I was, too! But I was the master here! And I fucked him and fucked him and fucked him! The steady rhythm of my plunging into his hungry asshole seemed to go on forever! He was silent now! Accepting what was happening to him! His hard cock showed that he was more than just accepting! But I didn't care whether he enjoyed it or hated it! As long as I got to fuck him royally and dump my load of cum up his stud ass And when I finally did cum inside him as I held onto his big hairy body for dear life and clamped down onto his man tit, I felt his cock trapped between our bodies jerk and spasm and send a load of cum spewing between our bodies! It was the final submission!

I replay the video I made for friends who don't believe I had the nerve to rape a cop. I seem to earn there respect after they witness what I did.

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