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My First Bareback

By Doug

submitted September 11, 2002

Categories: First Time

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I met John about a year and a half ago in a gay chat room. We chatted for a few sessions, exchanged pictures and finally decided to hook up.

I’m a married guy, 43, have a stocky, wide-shouldered build, hairy chest, and a thick 7” cut cock. John is single, taller than I am, slim, with a hairy chest, and a very nice cut cock that’s about the same size as mine.

Our first encounter was mind-blowing. When I called him on the phone for directions that night, we were both already pretty worked up and we already decided what we wanted to do when we got together.

When he met me at the door of his place, he was already naked, with a condom-covered hard-on just like we had planned. We hugged for a second, but never said a word to each other. He took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

While I quickly stripped, he was lubing up his cock. I lay down on my stomach and within no more than 2 minutes of my arrival, he was inside me. We still hadn’t said a word to each other, and the only sounds filling the quiet apartment were his grunts and groans of satisfaction as he pumped his cock in my ass.

Finally I could tell he was getting close, and I told him “fuck my mouth.” He came out of me and pulled the condom off. I rolled onto my back; he straddled my chest, grabbed the headboard and slid into my mouth. A few minutes later I suddenly discovered John’s special “gift”: the biggest cumloads I have ever seen! The first spurt was very nice, but then the porn-sized load just kept cumming, and I could feel his member vibrate with every ejaculation.

He pulled his cock out, and I still hadn’t swallowed. With my mouth full of his semen, I swallowed only after I’d jerked a load onto my belly.

Ever since that night we’ve been getting together about twice a month for the same sort of hot fun.

Now, I’ve been getting fucked for years, and always with a condom (for obvious reasons), but recently whenever I would jerk off, or when we were together, all I could think about was John releasing his cum inside me. So last week I decided to give him a surprise.

We started out the same a usual, with him giving me a nice long passionate fucking. Then as he stood up so we could switch positions I got down on my knees in front of him and rolled off the condom. Of course he thought I was going to finish him with my mouth like always. Instead, I looked up at him and said, “Condoms are for fucking. I want you to make love to me.” Then I dropped the condom, lay back on the bed and lifted my legs in the air. He looked puzzled for just a second; then he smiled, pulled me to him, and entered me. I lay on the bed, stroking my hard cock and watching the pleasure on his face.

As his strokes became stronger, more and more intense, I knew it was going to happen soon. Suddenly, he groaned and pressed into me, hard, and for the first time in my life, a man ejaculated inside me. I told him to stay inside, and feeling the warmth of him inside me, I quickly jerked a thick load onto my belly.

A little while later, we were watching TV under the covers. Right in the middle of our conversation, he surprised me by taking my hand, and putting it on his hard cock. I smiled, rolled over for him, and he mounted me.

He has a mirror in his room, and I watched: Only our heads and shoulders were outside the covers. His head was facing away as he lay on top of me, and it was so hot to see the covers moving up and down with the motion of his ass as he stroked inside me. It took a long time, till I felt his arms tighten around me, and heard him groan as he reached orgasm.

He rolled off and after I stroked my second load of the night, we both fell asleep.

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