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My First Summer With Grandpa and His Friend, Part

By J Richards

submitted October 11, 2000

Categories: Family Fun

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My summer vacation when I was 18 gave me the opportunity to visit my Grandpa for a week. Grandpa and his friend, Judge Wasson, were going to take me to the cabin for a few days of fishing. . I was late going through puberty and had no pubic hair yet; very slim and soft skinned.

When we arrived I went swimming while they showered and cleaned up, when I came in from swimming in the lake they were sitting around in their shorts relaxing, Grandpa told me to bring them each a cigar. I found myself staring at them as they lit them and smoked. My Grandpa’s called his friend Judge even though that was not his first name, but his title. Judge went to the bathroom and left the door open, I could see his giant cock as he peed, I tried not to stare but he caught me watching him. When he was done he walked over to me, clenching the cigar in his teeth; he took me firmly by the arm to my Grandpa and told him what I had been doing.

Grandpa pulled me over his knees pulled my britches down so my bare bottom was exposed and the sting of his hand made me flinch. Judge sat next to him on the sofa and placed my head in his lap; I could feel his swelling member press against my face as Grandpa spanked my bare bottom. Grandpa started to rub my pink butt, soothing the sting from his spanking, his fingers caressing the crack of my butt.

Judge pulled his shorts down and my face was nestled in his thick pubic hair, his hand holding my face against him. Grandpa reached under and found my small boyish cock, holding and stroking it, the roughness of his hand on my smooth hairless groin was wonderful. Grandpa’s mouth touched my sensitive bottom, his tongue sent shivers up my spine, his hands pulled my cheeks apart and his tongue touched my virgin hole, I gasped in delight, scared, but unable to stop either of them. Grandpa picked me up and laid me on my back on the table, his shorts fell to the ground and I saw his big cock, the foreskin completely covered the head.

When Judge returned he had a rubber bladder with a hose on the end, Grandpa held my legs up and apart, Judge put something on my hole. It felt cold as he worked it inside of me, he pushed the end of the hose in me, it hurt at first, but he was gentle. He released the clamp and the warm water rushed inside of me, they told me to relax and hold it in. After a while the told me to go into the bathroom and release it, Judge came in and put me in the shower, and washed me, my eyes constantly staring at his big uncut cock. He dried me off and took me to the bedroom, laid me on my back and tied my hands to the corners of the bed.

Grandpa came in and knelt over me, still smoking his cigar, his cock poised just over my lips, some thing was leaking out of the end. He told me to open my mouth and started to push his cock in, the taste of the liquid was salty and it was slippery, I open as wide as I could but only about half of his big cock could fit. He told me to suck and to keep my teeth out of the way, his hips moved back and forth slowly, I thought I was going to choke as he pushed it deep into my mouth.

Judge reached under me and put more of the lube on my little hole, working slowly his finger pushed inside of me, my cock was so hard and I was so aroused that I came as his finger slid in and out of me. Judge took my cock in his mouth and the sensation was so good that I was instantly hard again. He added another finger, this time it was even more painful at first but as I was able to relax it became a wonderful sensation. Grandpa took my legs under his arms; Judge put a pillow under my butt. He stood on the side of the bed, watching Grandpa fuck my mouth and lit a new cigar.

Then I could feel something pushing against my tight, virgin hole. My screams of pain were muffled by Grandpa’s cock, as he pushed inside of me. His easy stroking and slow entry made the pain change to pleasure as he started to fuck my hairless ass. Grandpa stood up and left, Judge holding my legs up and apart so he could get his cock all the way inside of me, his thrusts now change to hard and deep, his balls slapping my still pink ass as he rammed deep in me.

When Grandpa returned he sat in the chair and watched as his friend fucked me for the first time. Judge started to groan, biting down hard on his cigar, his cock grew even bigger inside of me, he thrust his hips harder and harder shoving every bit of his cock inside of me and then his body tensed and he grunted as his hot cum erupted out of his cock. Grandpa lit his cigar as Judge pulled out me, watching me, he grinned as he stroked his big thick cock. He turned me over and pulled me onto my knees and knelt behind me, his cock pressed against my cum filled hole.

Judge sat in the chair and watched as Grandpa shoved his cock in me. He fucked with slow deep strokes at first then hard and rough, his balls making a slapping noise as he rammed forward. Judge moved in front of me and pushed his cock into my mouth, telling me to be a good boy and suck it clean for him. His cock tasted salty and was covered in cum as he pushed more and more of it into my mouth. I could feel Grandpa’s cock getting bigger and bigger as he fucked me hard and deep, he grunted and panted as his cock pounded me like a jackhammer.

He cried out as his cum shot out filling me with his hot silky cum. My cock was so hard from all the stimulation and the taste of Judge’s cock and the wonderful full sensation Grandpa gave me that I came again at the same time Grandpa did. Grandpa slipped his cock out of me and he pushed a plug in, telling me it would keep me loose so that later when we went to bed he could sleep with his cock in me all night. I was untied but not allowed to dress.

Later that night when it was time to go to sleep I was put between Grandpa and Judge, Judge put his cock in my mouth and told me I was going to suck it until he cam, Grandpa pulled the plug out of my hole and pushed his thick cock back in me. Grandpa fucked me very slowly as I sucked the Judge’s cock. Soon he grabbed my head and pulled it down onto him, forcing his cock into my throat. His hot cum filled my mouth. He told me not to let any of it drip out! Finally, I was able to swallow all of it, and afterwards it left a yummy taste in my mouth. Grandpa fucked me hard until he came, then held me against him as we dosed off for the night.

I was wakened by Grandpa’s cock fucking me again, my ass still full of cum from the prior night. He did not last very long, and soon his hand stroking my cock had us both cumming again. He held me tight against him afterwards. He whispered in my ear that he was going to give me a special surprise. The sensation of his hot pee shooting in me was more than I was ready for and I came again, my tight little hole squeezing Grandpa’s cock as he pushed out the last bit of his hot pee.

He eased out of me and told me to go to the bathroom and release it. Judge came in and took me into the shower with him. After he washed me, he dried me off and told me to get dressed--we were going fishing. Afterwards, we would come back to the cabin for some more fun. But that’s chapter two.